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[RiaIM] Chapter 4.2 Auditioning and entering in the cast~

Proofreader: Little Cheerydandan (KoFi)

Translator: bluedreamsfairy? (KoFi)


The youngster on the stage wasn’t aware of it. To one’s surprise, there was a little bit of sweat on his forehead. Who knew how he did it, but in this moment, his condition perfectly corresponded with the script’s plot.

“After ten whips, get away from my room. You aren’t allowed to leave for a month!”

“Chen Er was humiliating me. He said that I was a good-for-nothing, he said that I was a pillow with an embroidered case {n}!”

{idiom 绣花枕头, outwardly attractive but a worthless person}

“What, could it be that you aren’t a good-for-nothing? That you aren’t worthless?”


“When are you going to lead Chu family’s army on battle? When are you going to be our Chu family’s real man?!”

Those words were like a heavy hammer, ruthlessly hitting Chu Chen’s stomach. In the director’s team and the screenwriter’s eyes, they only saw the slightly bent waist of the youngster suddenly straightening up. He turned his body, and step by step, he consciously walked away. His steps were slow and a little unsteady, but he tenaciously refused to look back.

The holographic image of Chu Song behind his back tightly closed his eyes, and clear tears fell down.

Right here, the old butler should have begged: “Eldest master, you didn’t have to”, and as a result, Chu Song gazed at Chu Chen’s back, “I’m eighteen years older than him. I watched him grow up. I will have to be ahead of him by a step sooner or later. When I die… what would he do?”

The lighting of the stage was extremely average, not taking notice of any shadow. But Director Wang held his brows together, looking towards the upright back of the youngster with a meaningful gaze. Lastly, he kept silent.

Why did this youngster bend his waist slightly when he started? Because he was being whipped by someone!

Why, in the end, did he erect his back? Because he was obstinate, because he was stubborn and he didn’t wish for his brother to notice that he was in a difficult situation. He believed that he has never been wrong!

Compared to this youngster’s acting, the previous auditionees were practically like Dong Shi imitating Xi Shi’s frown {n}.

{idiom 东施效颦, mimicking while making a fool of oneself}

When the genuine Chu Chen emerged, those inferior plays paled in comparison. They were incapable of passing off as a rich kid, with the tough heart of Chu family’s young ruffian, and also the future ruthless general of the nation!

The afternoon sunshine was hotter than the morning. Zhou Hehui had been waiting outside for more than an hour. Finally, Chu Yan came out from the corridor. He examined the youngster from head to toe and then his gaze stopped on the youngster’s calm and steady expression.

Zhou Hehui knitted his eyebrows and questioned: “You weren’t scolded?”

Chu Yan looked at him surprised: “Zhou ge, it turned out that you weren’t that confident in me?”

Zhou Hehui brought Chu Yan towards the park ground, saying: “Since you weren’t scolded, then this role is yours.”

Zhou Hehui’s tone was undoubtedly firm. There wasn’t a little bit of hesitation, as if he was stating a fact.

Hearing what he said, Chu Yan didn’t bat an eyelid and smiled. Although he took off the costume of that second Chu, he didn’t remove the make-up. Therefore, his already extremely exquisite facial features, outlined by the make-up artist’s skillful hands, were right now even more solid. Under the setting sun, it was dazzling.

“Zhou ge, you should know Li Zhetian, right?”

Chu Yan’s question made Zhou Hehui pause. He was slightly dumbfounded: “Li Zhetian, I know him. What’s up with him?”

The youngster sorrowfully shook his head. He sighed and continued: “Truly a pity. Zhou ge, I met him in the audition. I’m afraid that your expectations were for nothing. Half of the funds for《Bloody Battle》were invested by the Li family. Presumably the role of the second male lead will fall upon Li Zhetian’s head”

While he complained, Chu Yan’s expression was as if he was at a loss. It seemed like it really was a pity, but there wasn’t even a little bit of regret in his downcasted eyes. On the contrary, he was holding back as if he was waiting for something.

After hesitating for a short while, Zhou Hehui didn’t disappoint Chu Yan and confirmed with a tone of certainty: “Rest assured. Even if your acting was worse than his, as long as you weren’t bad, this role will be yours.”

After getting in the car Zhou Hehui sent Chu Yan home. Before leaving, he still told Chu Yan not think about it too much. If the company wanted someone to boost, then they will definitely boost him. They wouldn’t care about Li Zhetian.

Chu Yan was still convinced that Tiansheng wouldn’t put Li Zhetian in its eyes.

But he attentively watched at Zhou Hehui turning away. Chu Yan’s smiling lips suddenly disappeared. He controlled his eyes, quietly gazing at the floating car’s behind.

If Tiansheng wanted to fight over the role for Chu Yan with Li Zhetian…

This proved that for Tiansheng, his position definitely wasn’t low. Compared to offending Li Zhetian, at least boosting him was even more important.

He simply narrowed his eyes and pondered for a short while. Chu Yan made a low laugh, temporarily tossing those ideas behind his back. After he returned home, what Zhou Hehui said had been right. In the evening of the same day, the 《Bloody Battle》 production team sent him an invitation, indicating that they would sign a contract with Chu Yan within three days. He was going to play the second male lead Chu Chen in 《Bloody Battle》 , and after a week he will officially enter the cast.

Everything advanced smoothly. After seven days, Chu Yan, together with Zhou Hehui, arrived when the crew was already on the fourth day of filming 《Bloody Battle》. When they stopped walking, at first glance, they noticed the swaggering and arrogant Li Zhetian sitting in the middle of the crowd.

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