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[RiaIM] Chapter 5.1 Chu from Chu family, Chen from xingchen (stars)


Chu Yan was slightly surprised when he saw Li Zhetian, but didn’t make any comment.

Afterwards he found out from the crew that, Li Zhetian got excessively angry when he discovered that he didn’t get the second male lead role. He ordered the director to change the person. But who said that on this planet only you Li Zhetian could enter by the back door? Under Tiansheng pressure, Director Wang couldn’t possibly replace Chu Yan.

In this situation, the furious Li Zhetian had to choose the role of the male lead.

Actually this coincided with Director Wang’s understanding: right now Li Zhetian’s popularity wasn’t bad, he looked very good, his stage performance was passable. Playing the role of the male lead was enough and to spare.

But Li Zhetian wasn’t willing to. This year who said that the male lead role would undoubtedly have more presence than the male supporting role?

Can’t you see how many male lead roles, because of the celebrity problem, were ferociously pushed down by the male supporting roles?

Naturally, Li Zhetian will never consider that his acting skills were worser than Chu Yan’s. After the broadcast his popularity wouldn’t be like Chu Yan’s, that was because the male lead role was too average, while on the other hand the male supporting role’s trend value was extremely high!

Therefore after Chu Yan has officially entered in the cast, Li Zhetian’s hostility increased, directly sending Chu Yan meaningful looks and making things difficult for him.

Chu Yan didn’t take those issues to heart. On the first day he came in the team to set the shape, on the second day the shooting finally began.

In this period of time, he didn’t know how much leisure Zhou Hehui was, to unexpectedly not care about the other actors under him, always specially being in charge of Chu Yan and following his work in 《Bloody Battle》 .

On the third day, at long last Chu Yan ran into the rivalry scene with Li Zhetian.

This was the first meeting between the male lead Nie Zheng and the second male lead Chu Chen.

《Bloody Battle》’s protagonist Nie Zheng was a small soldier. When his nation was in danger, he naturally stepped forward bravely, joining the third male lead Chu Song’s army. From a common soldier, step by step he became the nation’s outstanding general.

About the first encounter with Chu Chen, because of a meritorious service he was promoted by Chu Song to a personal bodyguard, and when he arrived in the Chu family he met this lewd big master. Nie Zheng’s conduct was fair-minded with stern righteousness, he naturally didn’t have any good feelings towards Chu Chen. The two didn’t fight neither became friends.

Thus right now in the middle of the shooting site, the ‘young rascal bullying the young soldier’ scene was taking place.

《Bloody Battle》 was an interplanetary film, the attires used were of this world’s regular clothes. Chu Yan was wearing a well-ironed, elegant uniform. Handsome, his appearance bright and refined. Just now he was sitting under the courtyard’s shadow with his legs crossed, eating fruits while pleasantly watching the youngster in the middle of the courtyard.

This completely was a villain essential scene embarrassing the protagonist!

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Under the scorching hot sun, Li Zhetian’s both hands were holding up two black and small parallelepiped weights, each side showing the number 200kg. This weight was a galaxy’s common work-out tool. According to the gravity response, one could raise the weight at will up to 1000kg.

Obviously, the weights in Li Zhetian’s hands were props, light as feather.

Being able to get the male lead role, Li Zhetian had some ability. While Chu Yan was plucking a grape to eat it, his face turned purplish red. It seemed that he was extremely angry, but continuously restrained his emotions.

Based on this world’s acting requirements, Li Zhetian could be counted as having skills. But examining this scene, Chu Yan was perfectly and calmly playing out his lewd young ruffian character, his gaze serene, not praising neither commending.

Nie Zheng’s indignation and tiredness expressed by Li Zhetian wasn’t bad. But he didn’t think that, how could a person still possibly glare at other people with great vitality after half an hour of carrying 400kg of weights? Look at this stamina, not going to join in the Olympics and win honor for the nation is truly wasting the nation’s resources!

Sure enough, 30 seconds after the shooting of this scene began, Director Wang shouted to stop.

Li Zhetian was being scolded for some period of time, while Chu Yan’s make-up was being retouched. Moreover, that female visagiste responsible for Chu Yan, was comfortably making jokes and talking with him. The small prop assistant was also handing him a bottle of water over with a smile. Her cheeks were blushing.

Li Zhetian: “…”

Damn it! Laozi {n} is basking under this big sun, that fellow is just flirting with beautiful women, eating fruits and conveniently ridiculing Laozi?!

{father, daddy. In this case ‘I’ or ‘I, your father’ used when angry, with contempt or arrogantly}

On the second time of shooting, the play smoothly progressed till the ‘Nie Zheng’s fury and resistance, throwing the weights before Chu Chen’ scene.

Li Zhetian and Chu Yan’s heights were about the same, but to reflect the male lead’s front figure, the staff purposely let Li Zhetian wear heightening shoes for this scene. In this way he could slightly look down on Chu Yan while increasing his momentum.

At this very moment, the bullied and humiliated soldier’s face turned red. Eyes wide open, he casted an angry look at the lewd young ruffian in front of his eyes. With an imposing attitude, he lashed out: “Second young master, I am general Chu’s soldier, not yours. If you want to bully someone, then it’s your business, it doesn’t have anything to do with me. I’m obeying general Chu’s orders, not yours!”

Li Zhetian’s lines efficacy wasn’t bad. Director Wang checked the effect on the virtual screen and nodded with satisfaction. But Director Wang’s gaze turned aside. When he spotted Chu Yan, he was suddenly surprised and was unable to cover his stunned expression.

In the ten and more virtual screens, no matter which angle, the youngster’s proud and bossy bearing was displayed vividly. Slightly holding his chin, with a scornful look, a sarcastic grin and a perfectly straight posture!

It seemed as if a military second generation young ruffian really appeared!

The handsome youngster possessed impressive family background. Since he was born he was fed with a golden tablespoon. Even when his parents prematurely died, his dear big brother has never made him suffer. He was the most qualified arrogant person in the entire galaxy, because he was Chu Chen!

Facing this petty and low soldier’s reprimanding, what would be Chu Chen’s reaction?

Based on the AI Script simulation, Chu Chen would glance at Nie Zheng with despise and sneer at this small soldier for indulging in fantasy. He could completely make the other person scram with just one sentence.

But now all the people on the stage were astonished when they noticed that, this youngster’s expression was totally different from the AI Script!


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