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[RiaIM] Chapter 5.2 Chu from Chu family, Chen from xingchen (stars)

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Warning: This part contains slight acts of violence. Read at your own discretion.

He raised his long and narrow phoenix eyes and closely fixated this young and righteous small soldier. There was no fluctuation on his exquisite fair face. After no less than ten seconds, Chu Yan smiled and opened his thin lips to spit out those words: “You actually really want to die. In this case I will help you succeed, all right?”

Some slight change, it immediately made a self-opinionated military second generation ruffian even more realistic!

The AI Script pictured Chu Chen as a well-known nasty playboy who could only bully Nie Zheng by flaunting his power, absolutely unable to shake this young soldier. But right now, Chu Chen really turned into the Heaven’s favored dazzling sun {and son}.

You could say that his stubbornness didn’t change and that he was haughty, however you couldn’t deny that he was the leader of the nation’s younger generation. He wasn’t willing to enter in the army, but no one could wipe out his talent and ability!

Director Wang blankly stared at the scene on the screen. He just wanted to shout ‘pass’ when Chu Yan unexpectedly moved again!

His taunting smile slowly vanished. His gaze deepened, he approached the young soldier with an indescribable look and whispered: “Do you know how my name Chu Chen is written?”

This sudden situation {n} stupefied Li Zhetian who couldn’t guess any answer. But he lowered his head to scrutinize the youngster’s fierce gaze. He didn’t know why but he shivered. He consciously shook his head and replied: “I don’t”

{the author made a mistake, writing qian (handsome, pretty, ask for help, old son in law) and not qing of qingkuan (situation, circumstances). The characters are pretty similar}

When the sunlight shined, it was as if the youngster’s elegant and handsome face snatched all the lights away. He brashly observed the soldier in front of him, his black hair softly fluttered in the wind, his uniform was firm as a mountain.

His voice was filled with recklessness of the young people, full of domineeringness of the military second generation.

He continued: “Chu from Chu family, Chen from xingchen {n}.

Small soldier, before you are driven out by Chu family, you’re allowed to know my name.

My name is Chu Chen”

{the stars, stars and constellations}

After ten minutes the shot ended, Li Zhetian was gloomily sitting in his own lounge, silent with his head hanging down. His agent already departed on the second day of filming and only left a small assistant to look after Li Zhetian. Now, how would that small assistant dare to provoke Li Zhetian’s constrained rage, he could only stand at one side.

Li Zhetian having his private lounge was pretty good, Chu Yan didn’t have this kind of treatment. On one hand Tiansheng spared no effort to win resources over for him, but on the other hand there was a baffling flavor of suppression, as if they didn’t want to boost him.

Chu Yan and the other supporting actors were all resting in the public staff room. Zhou Hehui was browsing through the AI Script that he has prepared for Chu Yan. He carefully searched the scene where Chu Chen appeared on the stage and watched it. After that he raised a question: “Why didn’t you act according to the script I provided for you?”

At this moment Chu Yan was reviewing the script and getting ready for his next play. Heard what he said, he was flabbergasted and turned his head: “I acted according to your script. Zhou ge, even Director Wang said that my performance wasn’t that bad”

A certain minor actor sitting nearby: “…”

Not only it wasn’t that bad! After that scene was finished, Director Wang was so happy that his eyebrows almost danced okay!

Listening to the youngster, Zhou Hehui’s face darkened. After a short while he continued: “In the AI Script I elaborated for you, Chu Chen didn’t disdain Nie Zheng that much, therefore he didn’t report Nie Zheng. Even more he wouldn’t speak with Nie Zheng in that way, and also, he wouldn’t solemnly tell Nie Zheng his name. You didn’t follow the script I gave you”

Chu Yan’s beautiful face showed a smile and then articulated: “But Zhou ge, who said I was following your AI Script? I was acting based on your hardcopy”

Zhou Hehui: “…”

Let’s temporarily ignore Zhou Hehui’s endless gloomy mood. He has produced one Movie Empress and three first-tier actors, this was the first time he came across someone who would act according to an hardcopy!

Even if he has produced a Movie Empress, but he would regularly take a look at the hardcopy and mainly referring to the AI Script.

Zhou Hehui suddenly recalled: “Could it be that you didn’t watch the AI Script I gave you?!”

When this sentence fell, Chu Yan stopped smiling and then replied: “I did”

Zhou Hehui: “… How many?”

Chu Yan pondered for a short while: “One or two episodes?”

Zhou Hehui: “…”

You call it watching?!

If it were not for Chu Yan’s previous performance which was truly worthy of praise, and which moved Zhou Hehui, or else he currently really wanted to swing his sleeve in anger and walk away, refusing to take the little actor’s path!

Chu Yan naturally noticed the huge changes on Zhou Hehui’s face, but he simply stared at him meaningfully and didn’t explain himself. In the eyes of this showbiz’ world, the AI Script was the actors’ Holy Bible/Confucian Classics. Zhou Hehui’s belief that he {CY} didn’t prepare the play well was reasonable.

But the truth was often in the grasp of few people’s hands, facts speak louder than words {n}.

{interesting idiom, 事实胜于雄辩}

Wait for him to stand on the top of the entertainment circle, and after shutting up all the people by using his strength and status, this world will know: artificial intelligence has never been able to substitute humanity. Only mankind could understand real feelings.

Since this scene, Chu Yan and Li Zhetian’s rivalry shows gradually increased. The onlookers didn’t perceive it, but Chu Yan did. Li Zhetian was interested on suppressing him, even trying to seize his limelight in the play.

This action of taking an egg to break the rock was truly pitiful!

Whenever the tragic Li Zhetian thought he could use his superb acting skills to make Chu Yan unable to play, he was always the one being yelled at. Being driven beyond the limits by Director Wang, the one finally being scolded was always him!

After a millenium, the shooting equipments and settings modernized. The speed for shooting movies/dramas sped up by quite a lot. One month later, more than half of《Bloody Battle》was already filmed. The final result wasn’t far off, only the camera lens were left to be replenished.

The production team switched place and continued to shoot. After two days, they finally reached an extremely classic scene between the protagonist and second male lead.

In the early morning, Li Zhetian woke up very early and arrived in his own lounge. Very carefully he viewed his own AI Script, he even took out the hardcopy and proceeded on reading it. He undoubtedly wanted to ferociously crush that small actor who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth {note4} down.

{note4: idiom 不知天高地厚, exaggerate one’s ability}

However on the other side, Chu Yan was sitting between the staff members pacing back and forth, and closed the thick novel《Bloody Battle》 .

The scene they were going to shoot today, was the ‘Chu Song killed in battle, Chu Chen’s temperament transformed’ scene.

From today onwards, Chu Chen won’t be the sloppy and arrogant Chu family’s second young master anymore. The Chu family was willing to go through fire and water {note5} for the nation and to fight a bloody battle. From the oldest generation to the youngest one, in the end Chu Yan was the only person left.

{note5: idiom 出生入死, willing to risk life and limb}

Henceforth, he will carry the heavy burden of Chu family’s loyalty to the country, turning into the Chu family’s pillar.

『Bloody tears, in the end someone became the time’s abandoned child. In the Chu family, he grew up through a bloody martyr. He got up from the death of his beloved Chu Song. When he was the only one left in this big house, his body was all hurt, but not a drop of tears. He stood up and picked up the Chu family’s flag/ensign {n}.

“I am Chu Chen, Chu from Chu family, Chen from xingchen!”』

{sigh, I am not that good in poetry whatever, in fact I overlooked many unnecessary words here. This is the original 『在血泪中,终有人会成为时间的弃儿。他在褚家一代代烈士的鲜血中成长,他从禇松尸骨无存的噩耗中站起,当这个硕大的宅院只剩下他一个人的时候,他浑身是伤,却没有一滴泪。他站了起来,拿起了褚家的那面旗帜。”我是褚辰,褚家的褚,星辰的辰!”』 }

Author has something to say:

It is said that you actually don’t care about xiaogong {n} éi_(:з」∠)_

{gong, top}