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[RiaIM] Chapter 6.1 Chu Yan: don’t make the same mistakes, understood?


All the micro-cameras were completely ready, all the cameramen reached their positions, awaiting to start filming.

After turning on the lightning, Chu Yan was already at the shooting site and waited for three minutes. Li Zhetian arrived late and was in a bad mood.

There was a reason why Li Zhetian didn’t like this main lead role Nie Zheng. The male leading role’s birth was mediocre, from a small soldier step by step he climbed up by leaning on the merits.

To get merits one must fight, right? That male lead everyday must be buried in mud, there was blood on his whole body and he had to go through challenging experiences. Not handsome at all!

For example, presently Li Zhetian was changed into a special effect make-up and costume. On his cheek there was a mottled and hideous bruise, the clothes were extremely shabby, covered in bloodstains. His face was black and blue, as if he has just recently escaped from battlefield.

In fact, it was truly like this. The enemy launched a surprise attack, the whole army didn’t immediately react. The moment when they were almost annihilated, general Chu Song ordered his close guard Nie Zheng to lead small troops on riding spaceships and break the enclosure from one side. Together with the last captains who survived, they piloted the entire ship, while the other people protected them with their lives.

When Nie Zheng came back, he turned his head around and witnessed some fleets being hit by cannon balls. A ferocious explosion. Innumerable wreckages splattered everywhere in the outer space, forming beautiful flowery fireworks, illuminating this dark vast space. 

When Chu Song died, even the bones couldn’t be found. Everything scattered in the outer space, eternally floating.

After Nie Zheng cried loudly with agony, he took the last batch of troops to break through a tight encirclement, and ultimately returned in the homeland. The first thing Nie Zheng did after returning, was to find Chu Chen. He gave him a heavy beating and then handed him the deceased letter over. 

Regarding the grandiose and imposing description of the conflict in the novel, Chu Yan has also watched the past filmed fleet wars. Director Wang was extremely happy to spend lots of money to rent small-scale airships and search for a big warship. In the outer space on the screen occurred a real fierce battle. 

Interplanetary movies of a millennium ago were wasted lavishly. It was necessary to use special effects for it to be successful. But nowadays in this world, interplanetary movies were actually the easiest to make. If you wanted to film an ancient costume movie, you had to rent an ancient costume studio planet. If you wanted to film a Republic of China movie, you had to lease a Republic of China studio planet. 

— — That’s right. In this era of entertainment explosion, there weren’t studio cities anymore, instead, many studio planets emerged.

Although Chu Yan didn’t know how much costed renting a studio planet, but he admired Director Wang waving his big arm and boldly buying some airships. And he heard the vice-director recommending to ‘lease a studio planet’ with a stingy expression. This contrast, presumably renting a planet was extremely expensive. 

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“Retouch the make-up. This scene is quite significant. If we can take it in one go then it would be good”

A visagiste was in the process of freshening Chu Yan’s make-up. Zhou Hehui was standing by one side and warning repeatedly. To be a qualified agent, he already had a thorough grasp of the novel 《Bloody Battle》 a long time ago, in addition he came up with a first-rate AI Script. 

Any person was aware that, the second male lead’s most important scene was this one: ‘rebirth after sorrow’ scene. If it was well performed, it would absolutely be of great benefit for the character. 

“Even though you don’t like to watch the AI Script, but it’s about time to advise you to still take a look” on the other side of the shooting site, Li Zhetian was being retouched too while watching the AI Script’s images. Zhou Hehui glanced at him and then continued: “After all this scene is a borrowed play. If you are able to pass in one time, you will also save Li Zhetian from handling the play”

Chu Yan possessed a face which was extremely suitable for make-up. That visagiste just casually specked him a few times and the retouch finished. Hearing Zhou Hehui’s words, he lightly sighed and reassured: “Zhou ge, several days ago I’ve already examined the AI Script. This time be at ease”

Zhou Hehui didn’t know what to say. He scrutinized Chu Yan’s serious and solemn gaze, kept silent for a moment and then nevertheless agreed. 

On the other side, when less than a minute was left for the shooting to start, after being retouched Li Zhetian motioned his hand to call his own small assistant over. That small assistant immediately trotted over and listened to Li Zhetian’s question: “Are you sure that his AI Script was stolen?”

That assistant searched in the pocket, took out a refined AI microchip and complacently smiled: “Li ge, yesterday I took advantage of him shooting a scene to seize it away. Rest assured, when that fellow noticed that the AI microchip disappeared, he tried to find it for a short while. Wanna see?” 

Li Zhetian’s face darkened: “Why on earth should you show it before a big crowd? Hurry, put it away”

The two were muttering. Li Zhetian told the assistant that, after they began filming this scene, to destroy this AI Script right away. 

The Chu family towered the empire for more than two hundred years. From the first established general to the today’s remaining Chu Song and Chu Chen, they experienced trials and hardships, enduring, generation after generation, the leader’s question and inspection.

Chu family’s precept was: the last drop of blood for the motherland! 

Chu family’s rule was: treason, execution! 

Chu Chen’s parents passed away when he was three years old. Father Chu died on battlefield and his mother was excessively depressed, in the same year she left the world. Fortunately at that time Chu Song was already 21 years old, he continued to look after his younger brother, reviving the family. 

Once a reader asked 《Bloody Battle》 ‘s author: in this civilized book, Chu family all paid so much because of the nation. Then why each and every one still goes through fire and water to keep this family, each and every one goes through water and fire in battlefield? 

The author responded in this way: “In this world, inevitably there will be noble people and vile people. The vile people betray their country to save their life, the noble people sacrifice everything for their country. The majority of us can be regarded in the middle, maybe we will never be able to understand them, but even less we will be able to question them”

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