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[RiaIM] Chapter 6.2 Chu Yan: don’t make the same mistakes, understood?


Chu Chen didn’t comprehend the Chu family’s righteous cardinals. He didn’t love this nation at all, he just wished to nicely live his life along with the whole family. Therefore, even if Chu Chen’s military academy results were excellent, but he was always slovenly and unwilling to enlist in the army.

Until that sizzling hot summer midday. The sun was burning high in the sky, relentlessly dispersing the flames. Chu Chen was still at home, noisily having fun with a gang of scoundrels, when all of a sudden a ‘bang — —‘ was heard. The Chu family’s door was quickly kicked open.

A blood-soaked figure appeared by the entrance. The present people screamed and flurriedly ran away. Only one person, Chu Chen, was left.

The wounds on Nie Zheng’s body were mostly healed, there were still a few traces of blood. But it seemed he wasn’t aware of how hurt he was, step by step he advanced forward. He walked in front of that handsome youngster, he looked down at the other person with eyes filled of bloody tears.

Before him, Chu Chen’s face was unruffled. He wasn’t angry neither was frightened, he just calmly stared at this young soldier, embracing the wind.

Director Wang was studying Chu Yan tightly clenching his fist on the virtual monitor, and nodded his head in appreciation. Chu Yan’s back was tense, his whole body stretched like a string. Except for his unperturbed expression, there was already sweat sweeping out from his forehead.

This youngster was stern and elegant, wearing an upright uniform. He haughtily didn’t buckle the buttons, showing a nice-looking collarbone. This was completely the appearance of a spoilt son, playboy and unconstrained, because before him there was his big brother, who warded off all the wind and rain, so he {CC} didn’t need to worry.

The distinct contrast between his composed expression and his tense and trembling body made Director Wang more and more excited. Turning his head to observe Nie Zheng, his smile stiffened. But after hesitating for a short while, in the end he didn’t interrupt this play.

No contrast, then no pain.

In comparison with Chu Yan’s acting, Li Zhetian was truly too ordinary. But after all he didn’t make any big mistakes. Wait for the post-editing, they will concentrate the main cameras on Chu Yan. This scene was probably expressed extremely well. 

Nie Zheng was clenching his teeth, his face was bloody mottled. He loudly scolded: “Chu Chen! The general risked his life in the frontline, and you are here entertaining yourself, are you worthy of the general!”

His voice fell. Li Zhetian didn’t say anything further, he raised his fist to punch Chu Yan’s face.

That punch was swift and fierce like wind, the speed very fast. Its power wasn’t completely restrained and directly flew towards Chu Yan’s nose.

The director team over there cried out in alarm, even Zhou Hehui abruptly stood up from the stool. He took a step towards the shooting site, but not waiting for him to take another step, Chu Yan slightly moved sideways and blocked Li Zhetian’s arm with his hand. This movement was accurate.

Everyone was silent for a while. After one second, Li Zhetian awkwardly reproved: “What’s going on? I was acting finely, why did you suddenly stop me?”

The other people still weren’t reacting for the time being. The youngster in the middle of the shooting site frowned, and then interrogated with a smile: “I remember this part was wrong, Li Zhetian? If I didn’t block you, just now your punch would have smashed my nose, I might not be able to work for several days”

Heard what he said, Li Zhetian’s expression became rigid. He asked: “What are you talking about? I obviously know this was wrong, if you didn’t move, I would have immediately pulled back, did you know?”

Chu Yan squinted his eyes and didn’t utter a word.

On the other side, Director Wang was pursing his brows in a serious way. He searched for the kung fu/martial arts coach in the staff team. The other party vigorously shook his head and glanced at Li Zhetian with a strange look. Director Wang tacitly understood, realizing the other one’s meaning: that punch just now, Li Zhetian wouldn’t have possibly repressed the strength.

This meant that, assuming that Chu Yan really wouldn’t have dodged, then that Li Zhetian would have really broken his nose.

In Director Wang’s mind suddenly emerged some past rumors about Li Zhetian. Something like ‘bullying the small actors of the same cast’, ‘ferociously beating up actors he couldn’t stand while filming’… these things were most likely true. But nobody dared to divulge them, because Li family used money to suppress them.

Recalling those matters, Director Wang couldn’t help but feel cold, and exclaimed with a grave tone: “Li Zhetian, this stage was borrowed, be more careful, do you understand!”

Li Zhetian mumbled something. Very quickly they shot the scene for the second time.

This time was different from the previous one, just now Li Zhetian‘s fist was sure enough misplaced. He didn’t punch Chu Yan’s face. But one moment later, one punch just landed when the other hand fiercely flew towards Chu Yan’s belly.

Chu Yan’s belly was bound by a military belt. If the punch went here, at most it would absorb some pain and very unlikely there would be bruises.

In this world, they employed mini-cameras to make films. Director Wang exaggeratedly used more than ten mini-cameras at the same time, so there weren’t dead angles. Hence, from the start Li Zhetian has never concealed his actions, he openly gave punches.

But this time what made him disappointed was that, Chu Yan suddenly raised his hand to block his punch. Li Zhetian lifted his head, astounded, and didn’t expect that his gaze would fall onto a pair of deep eyes. The youngster slightly straightened his brows, quietly boring at him.

Those pupils were showing extremely detached and cold glints. While Director Wang was shouting ‘stop’, Li Zhetian heard the youngster sneering next to his ear: “A thing shouldn’t be attempted more than three times {n}, do you understand, Li Zhetian ?”

{idiom 事不过三, don’t make the same mistakes again and again}

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Not looking for trouble, then no one would be harmed. Pray in silenceXD

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PROJECT DROPPED (mainly because someone basically said my writing style sucks). Picked up by AVIS (she may not be able to post 1 chapter per week, but per month only):

Infinite Love Travel: Second Princess turning a Hybrid Bot

    Genre: Sci-Fi + Fantasy
    Synopsis: Lan Yutu has many things to do everyday. So many that they can be simply summed up with: living.

However, one day, after some strange happenings on the Earth, the people suddenly disappeared in the air. Only some youngsters remained.

The young survivors must pass some tests before having the chance to enter the Galaxy Kingdom’s Supreme Rank Tower.

But Lan Yutu has some other problems to solve first. Many questions to answer. Many mysteries to investigate.

After struggling a lot, she finally manages to become someone important.

But in the end, she has been tricked, and eventually reborns.


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