RIAIM – Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7 Part 1: Why Must You Steal My AI Script!

After the second time-out in shooting, Director Wang shouted for Li Zhetian to come to the side, and in a grave and earnest manner, he spoke for a long time.

Half of the investment money for this drama was contributed by the Li family. The Li family’s power was great, tossing around a small actor had always been very easy for them.

However, this time, Director Wang spent a lot of effort on his own drama. He was very satisfied and pleasantly surprised by Chu Yan’s performance of Chu Chen, and this made him decide to speak up a bit for Chu Yan even in the face of his own interests so that Li Zhetian would not go against Chu Yan again.

Li Zhetian made two perfunctory sounds of “En.”, which could be considered an agreement. But as soon as Director Wang walked away, his expression sank, and he looked at the assistant beside him, “Did you really steal his AI script? Damn, does he really have such a good memory, such that he can act even without his AI script?”

The little assistant immediately sneakily hid the AI chip in his pocket into his palm, quietly passing it to Li Zhetian to take a look.

“Brother Li, I really took it. It’s really his.” After a pause, the little assistant defended himself: “Brother Li, I hardly see Chu Yan look at his AI script. Could it be true that he never uses the AI script to act?”

After hearing this, somehow, Li Zhetian’s eyes suddenly became cold and indifferent. He unconsciously trembled all over and slapped the little assistant’s head with one hand. He scolded, “There are still people who can act without relying on a script, do you think he is some great immortal?! Fine, fine, didn’t I tell you to destroy this thing quickly, why are you still holding on to it?”

The little assistant agreeably went to work as soon as possible. Not far away, the young man who had just been looking down at his hardcopy script raised his eyes quietly and glanced over at Li Zhetian. Then, Chu Yan’s eyes followed the direction of the little assistant’s departure for a moment, before lowering his head again.

The third time they began shooting, Chu Yan and Li Zhetian stood facing each other.

When the makeup artists helped the two of them do their makeup, Chu Yan smiled and chatted with his makeup artist, such that the other person couldn’t help but keep on laughing. Looking at this scene, Li Zhetian, who was being smeared with blood, gritted his teeth with hatred, just barely keeping from going up to give that fellow a punch.

The clothing you wear is so bright and beautiful, yet the clothing I wear is torn and tattered.

You dress up looking fashionable and handsome, you eat, drink and have fun every day, yet I have to be covered in blood and mud, laboring all day long!

This role of the secondary male lead was originally his!

Currently, the stills of “The Blood of Battle” hasn’t even been revealed yet, but the audience is already anticipating the identity of the secondary male lead!

——Li Zhetian was so angry that he no longer wanted to speak.

Just when this kind of envy and hate brewed to the deepest point, Director Wang shouted: “Start!” Hence, Li Zhetian didn’t waste time saying anything and went up straightaway to give Chu Yan a fist. But this time, he actually made use of positioning! When it came to the second punch, he was still making use of positioning and did not hit for real.

(“借位”, refers to a technique in acting/filming that involves taking advantage of the camera angle and actor’s positioning to fake scenes like kissing without actually kissing, or in this case, punching without really hitting.)

The third fist, the fourth fist…

Li Zhetian seemed to be acting very seriously. He made use of positioning when it was time to do so, and he said his lines when it was time to say them.

Even though his performance was much weaker than that of the passive “beaten” youngster in front of him when looking at the scene through the monitoring screen, Director Wang sighed with relief, nodding while thinking: Well, sure enough, the words he had just spoken were still useful.

The sudden change happened at this moment!

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“Chu Chen, you are not at all qualified to be surnamed Chu!”

When this line had been loudly delivered, the artificial tears in Li Zhetian’s eyes also flowed down at the right time. Following this, he should use a leg to trip him, then beat Chu Chen to the ground.

But at this moment, even Chu Yan did not expect Li Zhetian to suddenly raise his leg higher by a bit, and direct it towards his knee!

The knee is one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, it is the connection point between the thigh bone and the calf bone.

If someone kicks your calves and knees with the same force, then the result is definitely different. The knee may break as soon as it is hit, but the lower leg is a whole bone after all, and it would take quite some effort to break it with a kick.

This time, Li Zhetian actually grew a brain! Even if he really kicked Chu Yan’s knee, he could brazenly say: “Oh dear, I was careless this time, I accidentally raised my leg higher! I didn’t mean to kick you in the knee!”

In such a situation, even if it had been intentional, no one would be able to identify it.

Between lightning and flint, Chu Yan’s expression changed. Suddenly, he bent his waist and lowered his arms, folding his hands to block before Li Zhetian’s leg. How can a pair of hands block a leg delivering a ruthless kick? But in the end, at least there was a certain barrier that blocked the strength of the kick. The handsome young man flew to one side, flying a distance of three or four meters, before awkwardly falling to the ground.

Li Zhetian also didn’t expect Chu Yan’s reaction to being so rapid and was stunned for a moment. Then, as the villain, he prosecuted first: “Chu Yan, what are you up to this time? I acted according to the AI script, yet you are still not satisfied?”

(“恶人先告状”, a phrase that means, the offender will accuse the victim before he himself is found guilty.)

This time, even if the camera had shot the whole scene, Li Zhetian could be confident that he was in the right.

In the video taken by the camera, he simply raised his leg very normally to trip, just like how it is shown in the AI script. In addition, the martial arts instructor of the production team also said that Chu Yan had blocked it too early, and he could not see whether Li Zhetian would kick the wrong place. After all, it was also possible for him to change direction halfway.

But there was something that the martial arts instructor hesitated to say for a moment, yet still didn’t say: If Chu Yan didn’t react so early, then if Li Zhetian were to really kick his fragile knee, then this kind of injury would be irreparable.

Could Chu Yan’s intuition be so sensitive?

——The martial arts instructor thought about it, but he still shook his head, giving up on this idea.

How could he know, when Chu Yan had yet to become famous in his last life, he acted the most in various action shows. A thousand years ago, the entertainment industry didn’t have such good special effects production. All the martial arts performances were real, even the usage of positioning was lesser!

(“真枪实弹”, literally ‘real guns and bullets’)

As a minor supporting character, Chu Yan had to often suffer a beating, which made his body’s sensitivity become increasingly strong. Although it cannot be compared with those professional martial arts actors who had been trained since childhood, it was still much more outstanding than most ordinary actors.

But this time, it was Chu Yan’s first time being put in a difficult corner like this since he came to this world.

He stood up with a calm expression, though his palm was currently a little green from bruising—he had been kicked by Li Zhetian, so his uniform was also somewhat worn. In the face of Li Zhetian’s accusation, he didn’t refute for himself. Instead, he said “Sorry.”, then went to have his makeup fixed, waiting for the fourth shooting.

This kind of reaction caused Li Zhetian to have a head full of fog, only feeling as if he had hit a lump of soft cotton, unable to muster up any power.

Hence, Li Zhetian could only give up on his harsh words, then he began to prepare for the fourth shooting.

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