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Road of the King – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Time waits for no one

“… Ryun-chan, talking about the chopsticks in our hands, it also have a big origin. Long ago, our ancestors got it from the hand of a monster called Nurarihyon…”

At the dinner table, the family sat down and enjoyed the quiet time of the night.

Higurashi Grandpa picked up a dish and forgot to eat it, instead telling all kinds of stories.

In the eyes of Grandpa, every corner of the Higurashi Shrine has an old story. He has always liked to say these things, so he seemed to be very profound…

“…I heard that is a monster who can hide his presence, so that people can’t see it at all? Is it true, Grandpa?”

Ryun’s eyes suddenly looked bright and asked.


Liu Yun, not long ago, also found out that this world was also the world of Nurarihyon no Mago.

Nura Clan, the ruler of Edo, the biggest yōkai faction in eastern Japan…

The situation was worse than what Liu Yun expected…

“Ah?? It can hide?… Haha, hahahaha… I haven’t heard of it… no, that’s because I’m old, so I forget many things… Yes, actually, the dishes we eat today, it also has an origin…”

“Isn’t that what the aunt’s family sent?” Kagome interjected.

“Cough… that… haha, hahaha…”

The old man smiled and felt awkward.

Although he liked to talk big, Granpa was just an ordinary person.

The Higurashi Shrine had a long history, so there were many legends, some spells, and various books. But this old man, in fact, just likeed to tell stories.

“It’s really just plain vegetables.”

Liu Yun nodded. Then he tried to change the topic.

This was a very warm picture.

Kagome took a mouthful of food and looked at her brother:

“–that, Ryun-chan, you have been watching all kinds of strange books, even the ones about Onmyōdō… you really believe in the existence of Yin and Yang, don’t you?”

“Sister, don’t you believe?” asked Liu Yun.

“Of course I don’t believe it.”

“But is the Keikain House is in Tokyo? The Keikain House is a famous Onmyōji family in Japan. There is also the Gokadoin House, which is founded by the famous Abe no Seimei. Onmyōdō really exists.” Liu Yun’s tone changed, “And Grandpa has a lot of spells which are left since ancient times…”

“Those are fake. Unless Ryun-chan perform some Onmyōdō, I will believe…” Kagome said in unbelief.

“Ok, ok, I lost!”

Liu Yun was laughing and joking, but he didn’t think so in his heart.

I put the greatest effort in swordmanship, and secondly, it is Onmyōdō.

When his family was around, Liu Yun has never revealed these supernatural phenomena.

The existence of monsters…

The world of Onmyōdō…

About all kinds of things, he was tight-lipped. Especially for his family, because even if it’s said, it’s just making them increase their worries.

It’s better to stay in my heart...

“Then, Ryun-chan, when are you going to school?”, Kagome asked.

“I have taken time off. Going to school is a waste of time. The teacher said that I can go once a week, but he’ll check my homework every week.” Liu Yun said quite proudly.

“…I’m really envy, if I am so smart, then…”

“Hey, I also feel sad too. Haizz, why am I so smart… who can understand my wisom in this world…”

“–Mom, look at Ryun-chan, he became arrogant.”

“Sister, you bully me!”

“You, Ryun-chan, when did you become so bad!”


Liu Yun, Kagome, mother, grandfather, four people were dining together. A family dinner, warm and cozy.

This kind of warm, Liu Yun liked it.

But there is not much time to care about this…

Liu Yun pretended to be happy, so that others could feel at ease, but in fact, he was very anxious.

Time waits for no one.

Liu Yun was ten years old this year, and his sister Kagome was twelve.

Three more years!

Three years later, my sister is fifteen years old. At that time, the story of Inuyasha began!

    How strong can I become in three years?

    How powerful can it be?

    With these small arms and calves, can I bear the huge fists of monsters?

    Can I beat those powerful monsters?

    How can a human being compete with those big monsters with super bloodlines? Not to mention the collection of countless monsters, almost undead body!

    It’s not enough!

    Not enough time!

    There are too many differences!

    If I’m twenty years old, then I have the confidence to cope with everything! But in just three years, it’s not enough, too much difference! The body is not fully developed, this is a fatal flaw!

Liu Yun’s heart was extremely anxious, and he couldn’t take time to sleep… but his rational mind told him that it’s not efficient, it’s just counterproductive…

What should I do…

    How can I become stronger faster…

    The flow of time was very urgent.

In the past, Liu Yun cherished the time, but it was not so cherished.

Even a year ago, even while eating and joking with the family, Liu Yun was still thinking about the problem. reviewing the knowledge of various techniques in his heart.

Liu Yin’s spiritual powers was extremely powerful, and this may be the most proud thing for him. Rebirth, and traveling through worlds making his spirit very strong! At least fifty times stronger than an average adult!

The left hand drew the square, the right hand drew the circle; thinking about several things at once, and so on. For Liu Yun, it’s not difficult at all!

It helped him save some time.

For him, to become a little stronger, even 0.01%,even if it’s a trivial hope, he must do his best to grab it!

I will not give up a little hope…

    It’s always been the case, isn’t it?

“–Yes, sister, your favorite food!”

Liu Yun smiled, the smile on his face and the anxiety in his heart were completely separated.

A piece of meat with a crisp bone was given to Kagome, he made the expression of a younger brother waiting for a phraise.

“You are so good to me!”

Kagome smiled, her laughter was sweet and beautiful.

A natural beautiful, not stained with dust.

My sister’s bright smile, I don’t want her to have even a little depression or gloom. It’s my own… the most cherished smile…

“I have always been good to you!”

This is the best.

    Everything is handled by myself and I will do my best.

    For the sake of my sister, for the answer that I have been searching for…

    The cause of everything, the beginning of everything…

After the meal, Liu Yun went back to his room.

His tone was as happy as possible. At least, he wanted to be carefree in his family’s eyes.

After returning to the room, Liu Yun immediately put on a serious face, took out a book, began to study…

“Time…not enough!…not enough!…what do I have to do…”

“Tomorrow… No… The day after tomorrow… The humidity of the air, the illumination of the moonlight, etc… it’s the most unfavorable weather for monsters… In addition to the Jewel of the Four Souls, there is nothing I can use now. Although it’s risky, it is the only way…”

“There is no time to hesitate, I must become stronger as soon as possible!”

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