SFAM – Chapter 12.2

Chen Shishi pulled a chair and sat down opposite her. She lowered her voice and whispered: “Let me tell you a secret. The convenience store I’m working for is in the vicinity of Gu Xin’s family house! He fled to the convenience store once when he was chased by his fans. When he came, I helped him out, so he asked me out to eat curry rice!”

Mi Qing blinked quickly as if desperately sorting out the story: “Gu Xin?” The name rang a bell.

Chen Shishi looked at her with her eyes wide in disbelief: “You don’t even know Gu Xin?” She exclaimed. She flipped her phone out of her pocket and typed some words on the search engine and then handed it to Mi Qing: “That’s him! He’s a famous singer!”

The man on the screen was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of low-rise jeans, with several tiny silver stud earrings on his ears. The eyeliner on his eyes were more conspicuous than she had ever applied on, but that made him look cool. Mi Qing thought for a spell, then nodded as if she has called to mind a clue: “Does he sing rock ‘n’ roll? There’s also this classmate in our class who likes him very much.”

Chen Shishi was pleased to say: “Are you sure! My handsome Gu has also gone red abroad!”

Mi Qing was honest: “My classmate was also Chinese. In fact, almost half of the students in my class were Chinese.”

Chen Shishi: “…”

Mi Qing sensed her mood plummeting rapidly and coughed, then shifted the topic: “Did you just say that he invited you to eat curry rice? So are you two close?”

When asked, Chen Shishi was even more depressed: “No……I don’t even know his phone number.” She hang her head down and stayed silent for a few moments. Suddenly she jerked up in renewed glowing spirits: “But I have his WeChat!”

Mi Qing thought to herself, getting a hold of his WeChat, doesn’t that work better than a phone number? Then she saw Chen Shishi showing her his WeChat public account.

Mi Qing: “…”

Although it was a public account, Chen Shishi was still perfectly satisfied: “This public account will post news of Gu Xin from time to time and some of his selfies! And he has set up an automated response, so you can chat with him!”

Mi Qing: “…”

Sorry, she can’t understand where the fun of chatting with a robot was.

However, Chen Shishi is obviously impassioned: “Although Gu Xin is very cold in reality, but the replies on his WeChat are super cute.” As she was speaking, she keyed “me me da” (muah) on the dialogue box. A response immediately came from the other party “muah ( ̄3)(e ̄)”

Mi Qing: “…”

Chen Shishi cheerfully clarified: “My goal is to test all his automated replies!”

Mi Qing kept silent for a while, stood up and headed upstairs. Chen Shishi called behind her: “Where are you going?”

Mi Qing didn’t turn around from beginning to end: “Change clothes and run to the bank for a credit card, I must process my financial affairs.”

“Oh……” Chen Shishi’s voice was a bit muted.

By the time Mi Qing finished applying for a credit card, it was almost three in the afternoon. Thinking of her work which would resume at five, she decided to go home and take a break, and also do some retouching.

As soon as she entered the door, she froze.

There is a strange man in the living room, playing with the husky.

“Hahaha, Xiao Tian, have you grown fatter again?” The man hugged the husky closely, while the other barked continuously seemingly in joy.

Mi Qing thought that this man must be acquainted to Xiao Gu, otherwise, the husky wouldn’t be so affectionate to him…. But didn’t some people say that huskies normally don’t recognize their owners?

….. No way.

When Mi Qing was hesitating whether to call the police, the man finally took notice of her presence. Too engaged playing with the husky, he probably didn’t hear the sound of the door opening. Now that his whole face was presented before Mi Qing, she was stunned.

After he turned to face her, Mi Qing finally got a load of his appearance. This face…. Where have she seen it before?

Isn’t he Chen Shishi’s male god, Gu Xin!

Cold sweat almost seeped out of Mi Qing’s pores. She’s entirely clueless as to why Gu Xin would appear in Xiao Gu’s home.

And Gu Xin who was staring back at her stilled for a while, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number: “Hey, why is there a woman in your house?”

Mi Qing: “…”

At this instant, Mi Qing’s brain was already filled with scenes of a bl novel with thousands of words. It turned out that this dog wasn’t left behind by Xiao Gu’s ex-girlfriend…. but by an ex-boyfriend.

After Gu Xin’s phone call, Xiao Gu rushed back. He glanced at Mi Qing who stood rooted by the door and asked: “Shouldn’t you be at work?”

Mi Qing pursed her lips: “It’s my break now. Can’t I come back to sleep?”

Gu Xin saw a gap and stuck in a needle: “Why is she sleeping at your house?”

Mi Qing: “…”

She felt that this misunderstanding had to be cleared up immediately. Looking at the current situation, the two seemed to be still in cohabitation: “Uhmm, don’t get me wrong. I am only a tenant here, and my relationship with him is pure.”

“A tenant?” Gu Xin’s eyebrows rose in tandem as he looked at Xiao Gu with interest.

“Let’s talk about that later.” Xiao Gu walked a few steps into the living room and then pointed to Gu Xin for Mi Qing. “Let me introduce you, this is my cousin, Gu Xin.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Calling him brother would be too heavy…. Eh, cousin?

She strayed away from the point apparently reflecting on something else: “He’s named Gu Xin and he is your cousin. So you were named Xiao Gu, not because your father’s last name is Xiao but your mom’s surname is Gu, is it?”

“Poof, you guessed it.” Gu Xin didn’t wait for Xiao Gu to answer, he took the lead and rolled on the floor. “It cracks me up every time I read his name.”

Xiao Gu: “…”

He glanced at Gu Xin and bent over to caress the husky at his feet: “I really don’t know where the person who named his dog “Xiao Tian Quan,” got his self-confidence from.”

Mi Qing’s eyes flickered, so was the name Xiao Tian Quan originally given by Gu Xin? So is he Erlang Shen?

Seemingly reading the silent question beneath Mi Qing’s eyes, Xiao Gu confirmed: “Tiantian is his dog.”

Mi Qing: “…”

In that crazy way, indeed…it’s his dog.

  • Erlang Shen – a popular Chinese God with a third-eye on his forehead.
  • Xiao Tian Quan – or otherwise known as Howling Celestial Dog, is Erlang Shen’s faithful dog, a mystical Hound which has the ability to attack and subdue Demons


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