SFAM – Chapter 12.1: Cousin

Hey everyone…here’s my first work continuing Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage from where it was left off. Happy reading!

Although Chen Shishi is but a sophomore, she is quite skilled in doing things. No matter how trivial the matters were such as pouring tea, cleaning up the tables, counting her technical abilities made Mi Qing suspect that she has been trained in Shadowless Foshan

(T/N) Shadowless Foshan or Fut San – a Guangdong style of lion dancing.)

“A total of three hundred and fifty-two, the checkout counter is there.” Chen Shishi asked Mi Qing to take the guests to the cashier, and left to clean up the table. A guest who is next to Mi Qing is a regular customer there. The first time seeing Mi Qing, it is inevitable to be a bit curious: “Beauty, are you a newcomer?”

Mi Qing smiled and responded: “Yes.”

Her smile with her brows bent was so sweet that the guest felt his heart instantly softening: “It’s truly a waste of talent if you continue staying here. It would be better if you change jobs and come to me.”

Mi Qing seemed to have heard a joke. She was about to answer when Lin Jingrong came over: “Boss Dai, today is Mi Qing’s first day at work. Do you want to dig corners?’

When Boss Dai heard who was speaking, she responded with more familiarity ringing in her tone: “What is this lady boss talking about, I may dig other’s corners, but I would never dare dig in yours.”

Lin Jingrong laughed: “Boss Dai, you are so sweet. I told you before, I’m not the lady boss.”

Boss Dai followed suit with a mischievous and meaningful smile: “You’ll be, sooner or later.”

Mi Qing, who was standing at the cash register, blinked. After receiving the payment with the cashier, she went back to find Chen Shishi.

For the period she has left, Chen Shishi has already packed the table and Xiao Dezi welcomed a new wave of guests. Chen Shishi left the guests for Xiao Dezi to entertain and took Mi Qing to a corner for a break.

“There are more and more guests here at noon.” Chen Shishi leaned against the wall behind her and massaged her hands.

Mi Qing did not expect the shop to be so busy at noon. Although she didn’t do much, she was exhausted just by standing till noon. She glanced at Chen Shishi sideways and whispered somewhat gossipy: “Do you know what Rong Rong Jie has to do with Boss Xiao? I’ve heard a customer calling her the lady boss.”

“Oh, this. Rong Rong is not the lady boss. It’s just some acquaintances trying to poke fun by pairing her off with Boss Xiao.” Chen Shishi whispered back then leaned closer to Mi Qing, “But maybe one day, it will come true.”

Mi Qing gently raised a brow and made no further comment.

Chen Shishi sized her up suspiciously, the light in her eyes shining even more gossipy than hers just a moment ago: “Do you like Boss Xiao?”

Mi Qing was shocked by her assumption and almost palpitated: “Don’t talk nonsense, who likes him? I am not a masochist.”

Chen Shishi’s curiousity was roused even further: “Could it be that the boss is seriously S?”

Mi Qing found this descripition fitting, but added: “Seriously stingy, a serious jerk.”

“Hahahahaha, what a sly stinky jerk.” Chen Shishi laughed heartily, “But let me tell you, many people like Boss Xiao, from the clerk to the guests.”

Mi Qing thought of the several female high school students she met at the entrance of the shop today, who were blinded by Xiao Gu’s face, and pitied them.

“Waiter, pour some water over here.” A guest on one of the tables beckoned.

Chen Shishi immediately went to them: “Coming!”

Mi Qing followed closely behind her. She barely breathed the whole noon. It was not until almost 2:00 that the store’s customers gradually disappeared.

Mi Qing was about to collapse so she sat directly down on a chair. Chen Shishi handed her a packet of unpacked biscuits. It’s a biscuit stuffed with chocolates and strawberries: “Do you want to have some?”

“Thank you.” Mi Qing took a piece with one hand and massaged her leg with the other. “Are you not tired?”

Chen Shishi chuckled: “I am used to it. I’m actually work in another convenience store.”

Mi Qing blinked in amazement: “Are you in a hurry to earn money?”

Chen Shishi answerd vaguely: “No, I’m not.”

“Then what are you working so much for?”

Chen Shishi answered: “I just like making money, as simple as that.”

Mi Qing: “…”

She took a bit at her cookie and looked at Chen Shishi: “Won’t it delay your regular classes?”

Chen Shishi shook her head: “No, I’m only here at noon or at night. I’m only a part-timer at the convenience store and my shift isn’t that long.” As if a happy thought suddenly crossed her mind, she again laughed: “Moreover, hardworking students are unlikely to be so unlucky.”

Mi Qing: “…” What the hell.

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