SFAM – Chapter 13.1

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Chapter 13: Returning to China

The husky was originally bought and raised by Gu Xin, but later, because he was too busy, he could only give him Xiao Gu, which earned them a nickname, “two single dogs together as a couple.”

Mi Qing did not linger in the living room and returned to her own room. Sinking in the bed, she casually searched for some news on her mobile phone.

After typing a word on the search engine, a bunch of resuts popped on the browser. she clicked into the first one and saw his personal information. Hey… C City? Gu Xin is from C City?

Mi Qing raised a brow in deep contemplation.

There’s indeed a Gu family in C City and they have close ties with her family. In fact, the same group of friends belong to their circles, but as for her family, she is more familiar with Gu Zhen and Gu Bao’s siblings. As for Gu Xin, she really has no impression, let alone Xiao Gu.

Even though they are all well-known family members in C City, therre should have nothing to do with each other.

Mi Qing waved away her thoughts and her eyes slid on the browser once more. She saw a picture of Gu Xin in the midst of lifting his shirt. Because he was facing the camera side, the camera captured the tattoo on his waist.

Mi Qing: “…”

These two brothers even have couple tattoos, oh no, brother tattoos, quite sentimental.

She zoomed in the big picture and carefully studied the tattoo on Gu Xin’s waist, which resembled a unicorn. Mi Qing blinked, is the tattoo on Xiao Gu also a unicorn?

Mi Qing tried to recall the picture she saw that night. When she failed to work out a clear picture of it, she set the alarm on her phone and left it aside to take a nap.

When she went out, it was already 4:30, and she happened to meet Xiao Gu on his way out to walk the dog. Mi Qing looked around the living room, but Gu Xin was no longer there: “Is he gone?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Gu tightened the leash around the husky and picked up his jacket on the sofa. “He’s busy at work and is only available once in a while. Fortunately, he still can recognize him every time.”

Mi Qing nodded approvingly. It appears that the IQ of this dog is not that bad. Xiao Gu pulled the leash, opened the door and looked back at Mi Qing: “By the way, Gu Xin being my cousin, don’t tell anyone else.”

“Oh.” Mi Qing put on her flat boots, went out behind him, and closed the door.”Since he is your cousin, let him endorse your shop. It’ll definitely attract a lot of his fans to the shop.”

Xiao Gu: “The store is busy now. There is no time to entertain his fans.” He gave it a thought and felt that Mi Qing did have a point. Since his cousin has worth for exploitation, why not use him free of charge. “If not, I’ll let him cut the ribbon for the new store.”

Mi Qing had intended to make fun of Xiao Gu, but she didn’t expect him to find it feasible. She couldn’t resist a smirk: “A famous singer who sings rock and roll cutting a ribbon for a store, poof, that picture is too beautiful.”

Xiao Gu looked at her sideways and asked: “Does it sound strange? Ding Meng is also a regular in my shop.”

Mi Qing: “….”

The Ding Meng she knows is also a singer. Some time ago, she has also witnessed that couple at a large-scale dog abuse on the internet.

A door on the fifth floor was suddenly opened, and a grandfather came out from inside. The grandfather saw Mi Qing and Xiao Gu from the upstairs, and smiled kindly at them: “This young couple is out to walk the dog.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Xiao Gu: “…”

The corner of Xiao Gu’s mouth pursed up a bit. He whispered to Mi Qing: ” “Grandpa Qiu is old and sometimes gets confused.”

“Oh……” Mi Qing smiled at Grandpa Qiu and walked past him while Xiao Gu pulled the husky to a stop and chatted with Grandpa Qiu.

The South City Garden is just a few minutes away on foot from Xiao Gu’s chuan chuan store separated by a road. Mi Qing covered the distance in no time and quickly changed into her uniform. It was only ten minutes before five, but there were already early guests sitting and waiting in the lobby.


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