SFAM – Chapter 13.2

Mi Qing was skeptical that they could really eat this early.

In the evening, Chen Shishi was away so Mi Qing followed Lin Jingrong. At 6 o’clock, the store reached its peak so Lin Jingrong was too busy to guide her. Fortunately, besides the string of people asking for signatures, there was no need for special technical workmanship, so Mi Qing got the hang of it real quick. It was just that the first time she had to clean up the table, she was still mentall unprepared.

Although Xiao Gu told her that she could get off work at 10 o’clock in the evening, some of the guests came to eat at 9:30, and they couldn’t finish their meals in half an hour. They had to wait until the guests were done.

When Mi Qing arrived home, it was almost eleven o’clock. She was so tired that she fell on the bed and felt no energy to take a shower.

Lying down for a while to ease her muscles, Mi Qing got up and simply wiped her face and planted herself back in the bed. Well, it’s no big deal not to take a shower for a day….. She reasoned out in a daze fell asleep unknowingly.

At 9:30 a.m. the next day, she was awakened by the alarm clock she had set on time. It was only when the alarm rang relentlessly for the second time that she extended an arm to shut it off, still with her eyes closed.

After the alarm clock was set off, Mi Qing soon nodded off again. At 10:00, her second alarm went off. After shutting it down this time, Mi Qing reluctantly reluctantly climbed down and went to the bathroom for a wash.

Xiao Gu has just walked the dog back and found that Mi Qing has yet to leave. He went to her room and peered inside from the crack left open at her door, and saw her by her dressing table applying make up.

Xiao Gu stood outside and watched her apply a foundation. He leaned against the doorway: “You’ll be late for work in ten minutes.”

Mi Qing was obviously startled by his voice. She looked at Xiao Gu behind her and hurriedly turned her head back: “I haven’t applied my eyeliner yet. I’ll be right there.”

Xiao Gu remained at the door and quoted unhurriedly: “If you’re half an hour late, it’s counted as half a day, and if you’re two hours late, it’s counted as a day.”

Mi Qing’s hand with the eyeliner paused and smirked: “…I will not go if I am two hours late. Anyway, it is equivalent to skipping work.”

Xiao Gu smiled at her: “Absence without valid reason, three days’ salary.”

Mi Qing: “…”

That’s why honest working people can never play with insidious capitalists.

She drew her eyeliner indignantly and after putting on her coat, she marched out. As she passed Xiao Gu, she snorted coldly.

Xiao Gu was unaffected, just drummed behind her: “In fact, you’re eyes are already big without makeup.”

Mi Qing, who was now by the door putting on her shoes, grumbled back: “Is that a compliment?”

Xiao Gu: “Cows also have big eyes.”

Mi Qing: “…”


She slammed the door and ran off speedily.

At 10:29:36, she pressed her fingerprint on the clock-puncher. Looking at the biometric reader displaying her name, Mi Qing breathed a sigh of relief. She changed into her uniform and groped for her phone on her body.

She was too tired last night so she didn’t even had time to surf through Mr. Tuzi’s Weibo. She didn’t know if she had missed any news.

Mr. Tuzi indeed had posted a new tweet at 5 a.m. in the morning. Although there were only three short words, it struck Mi Qing into standing still.

“I’m back home ^_^[Photo]”

Mi Qing’s phone in her hand almost fell to the ground. Her eyes widened as she stared at the photo. This photo was taken at C City International Airport as shown on the Weibo locator, and also the huge C City International Airport.

Mi Qing felt her heart thumping. So her Tuzi gege has returned to China?

She calmed her breathing that has gone awry and stuffed her phone back into her bag.

Tuzi gege has returned to China, but she is now in A City, here…. serving in a shop as a waitress.

Thinking of her current situation, Mi Qing was like a deflated leather ball. She fumbled for her phone in dread, found a friend’s Weibo, and sent a private message: “What’s going on? Does my father show any signs of softening?”

She waited for a while at the door of the locker room, but didn’t get a reply, so she had to go downstairs to prepare.

The store wasn’t officially open yet at this time so everybody was busy organizing the shop. Lin Jingrong gave Mi Qing some bamboo sticks and asked her to practice making a skewer. Calling to mind Chen Shishi’s shadowless Foshan, Mi Qing practiced with enthusiasm.

She was accompanied by a young man who looked too young and didn’t seem old enough have graduated from high school. Lin Jingrong was watching next to them. They were not good at chatting. The schoolboy was impetuous and accidentally scattered the bamboo sticks to the floor.

Lin Jingrong commented on the side: “How can a man’s hand be so stupid?”

Mi Qing: “…”

Rong Rong jie, saying such words to this young boy, do you think he can really understand?

Of course, her situation wasn’t promising either. Although she hasn’t dropped a stick on the floor, her speed was too slow. Even she herself couldn’t stand it. Lin Jingrong looked at her for a while and asked: “What’s wrong with you? Why are you so distracted?”

Mi Qing froze then smiled: “I’m not.”

To prove that she really wasn’t, she sped up the movements of her hands, and accidentally, like the boy just now, knocked the sticks to the floor.

Mi Qing: “…”

Rong Rong Jie shouldn’t say it, how can a woman’s hand be so stupid.