SFAM – Chapter 14.1

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Chapter 14: Birthday

After the store opened, Mi Qing didn’t have much time to look at her mobile phone. She finally managed to escape at noon. She returned to the locker room to change her clothes and took out her mobile phone for a look.

She frowned as there was still no reply so she sent another private message. “Are you there?’

A reply was sent shortly this time: “Sorry, something came up just now. Uncle Mi’s personality, you should know best. He is too stubborn. This time, you escaped the arranged marriage, but he kept it secret from the outside. This shows how angry he is. Persist for a while longer, I will notify you when the time is right.”

After reading the text message, Mi Qing sulked and stuffed her phone back into her bag.

As soon as her partner in crime quit Weibo, Gu Zhen next to her approached her, shook the wine glass in her hand, and swirled the red liquid gently: “Who did you send a message to? Huo Li, have you made a boyfriend?”

Huo Li smiled and put the phone back in her handbag: “Miss Gu has no boyfriend yet, how dare I have a boyfriend?”

Gu Zhen’s exquisite eyebrows were raised slightly, and the corner of her honey-colored lips evoked a dazzling arc: “Who says I don’t have a boyfriend?”

Huo Li laughed: “That’s right, Miss Gu just doesn’t have a fixed boyfriend.”

Gu Bao, who was sitting next to her, laughed and inclined his head at Zhou Yiran beside him: “Yiran, do you have a girlfriend abroad?’

Zhou Yiran held up the goblet in his hand, the long sharp outlines of his finger bones under the light, appeared more smooth and elegant: “I didn’t have the time.”

“Tut tut.” Gu Zhen glanced at his hand and took a sip of red wine from his own glass. “Worthy of being a pianist, you can have fun playing the piano with these hands all year round.”

“Pu, sister, don’t scare young master Zhou.” Gu Bao grinned and patted Zhou Yiran. “So you’ve been too busy to even have a girlfriend? Poor you~ But you are back home now. You shouldn’t be that busy, right? I’ll take you out for fun next time.”

Gu Zhen knocked his head: “What fun? Do you think everyone is as bad at work as you are?”

Gu Bao rubbed the place where he was knocked, and glared at Gu Zhen in dissatisfaction: “Why, isn’t communicating with girls a job?”

Zhou Yiran was amused by the siblings. He looked around and asked, “Right, why don’t I see Mi Qing?”


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