SFAM – Chapter 14.2

The question silenced the people in the room for a moment. Gu Zhen knocked Gu Bao’s head again and took charge to answer: “Mi Qing, I heard she isn’t in good health these days. I have rarely seen her too.”

Zhou Yiran frowned: “Isn’t she healthy? What’s wrong with her?”

Gu Zhen shrugged, saying that she din’t know much about it. But Gu Bao lowered her voice and mysteriously whispered: “From the gossips I’ve heard, Mi Qing seemed to have run away from an arranged marriage.”

“Run away?” Gu Zhen frowned slightly, looking at Gu Bao opposite her, “Who is she going to marry? Who did you listen to? Don’t talk nonsense here.”

Gu Bao shrugged: “I don’t know if it’s true or not. Hey, why don’t you ask Huo Li, isn’t she in good terms with Mi Qing.”

Hou Li almost chocked on the wine she was sipping. She pondered for a moment before contributing to the topic: “She should be unwell, I haven’t seen her much this time.”

Zhou Yiran frowned inconspicuously and said nothing.

After the gathering of the several people, the two siblings of the Gu family had other entertainments and parted ways with Zhou Yiran at the door. Huo Li followed Zhou Yiran and asked him, “Yi Ran, do you have other appointments later? Why don’t we go for another drink?”

Zhou Yiran declined: “No, I just got back today so I’ll be having a meal with my family. Next time, I’ll invite you home for dinner.”

Huo Li was a bit disappointed but no longer persisted: “Well, next time then.” She waved at Zhou Yiran and walked towards her car.

Zhou Yiran also got into his car. When the driver in the front row saw him, he turned around and asked politely, “Master, are you going straight home?”

“En.” Zhou Yiran nodded. He took out his mobile phone, thought for a while, and dialed a number.

“Hello, Mi’s residence, may I ask who you are looking for?”

The one who answered seemed older, but she remained polite.

Zhou Yiran took a second before responding: “Are you Aunt Ming, I’m Zhou Yiran.”

The lady on the other end of the line paused, and returned with enthusiastically: “Is this the young master of the Zhou family? Are you back home?”

Zhou Yiran smiled and said, “Yeah, I just came back today. I heard from Huo Li that Mi Qing isn’t feeling well, so I took the liberty to call.”

Aunt Ming obviously hesitated for a moment before answering, “Master Zhou has been bothered. Miss is a little sick, but it is nothing serious. Master Zhou need not worry.”

“Oh, it’s fine.” Zhou Yiran held the phone in his hand and muttered doubtfully. “Then I won’t bother you any longer, goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Master Zhou.” Aunt Ming just hung up the phone when Mi Qing’s parents walked down th stairs.

“Who called?” Mama Mi asked.

Aunt Ming: “It is the youngest son of the Zhou family. He has just returned to China. When he heard that Miss is not well, he called to ask about her condition.”

Hearing the word “Miss”, Mama Mi’s face went dark, and Fahter Mi next to her questioned, “Did you say anything?”

“Don’t worry, sir. I know what to say.” Aunt Ming bowed to them and went to do her own business. Mama Mi brooded before looking at Father Mi, “Is there still no news about Qing Qing? Can’t you send a few more people to find her?”

Father Mi snorted impatiently: “Sending a few more people would spill the beans faster. If the Song Family catches a wind of it, where am I to put my old face?”

Mama Mi was riled and retorted emotionally: “Do you only care about your face? Qing Qing has been pampered and spoiled since childhood, when has she suffered a bit of hardship? Do you really have to marry her off just like that?”


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