SFAM – Chapter 14.3

Father Mi’s brows wrinkled sharply. He really wanted to vent his anger, but after a pause, he only countered stonily: “Our family has only one daughter. Our family business will be handed over to her sooner or later. Of course, I have to help her find a reliable husband!”

“Can the boy from the Song family be trusted? I took a good look at him and saw that he has soft skin and tender flesh, he’s more like a pretty boy.”

“You …” Father Mi glanced at her and turned away, “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“You don’t want to talk to me?” Mama Mi sneered. “It’s Qing Qing’s birthday in two days. How are you going to tell the Song family?” She walked upstairs again with her head high.

Alas, she doesn’t know how Qing Qing’s going to get by on her birthday.

Mi Qing’s birthday wasn’t too bad … It was quite fulfilling.

The shop has always been busy and it caught up with the weekend, everybody has practically been too confused and disoriented. Even Mi Qing who has yet to master the skill of counting bamboo sticks had no other choice but put a bold face because she simply has more work than she could deal with.

Fortunately, the guests knew she was new so they were patient with her, waiting for her to count slowly.

It was really past 11:00 when the work day ended.

She changed into her clothes and took out her phone. She opened the screen and glanced at the time. In 53 minutes, her birthday would be over.

Reminiscing about her past birthdays, she had a lot of classmates and friends who gathered to celebrate it. And when she was at home, the family would also help her host a birthday banquet. But now……

Nevertheless, don’t think about it, forget it. The more she thinks about it, the more she’d be miserable.

She feels that the most important thing to do now was to find Xiao Gu for her overtime pay.

When she left the Chuan chuan Store, there were hardly any people visible outside, only the orange street lamp lengthened Mi Qing’s shadow extra long. Fortunately, the shop was very close to Nancheng Garden, otherwise she’d never go home so late.

The corridors were also quiet. Mi Qing took a deep breath downstairs and ran all the way up to the seventh floor speedily. She was relieved to see that Xiao Gu’s apartment door was open.

Although she refused to admit it, she was really afraid of climbing the stairs alone at night.

Assuming that Xiao Gu and Husky were asleep, she opened the door lightly and tiptoed inside only to see flickering lights in the living room.

She frowned inexplicably, took two steps forward and glanced inside.

… Xiao Gu and Husky were sitting face to face on the long table in the dining room, having a candlelight dinner.

It was really a candlelight dinner. The flickering lights were from the three-headed European candlestick on the table.

Mi Qing: “…”

The picture was so weird she was stumped for words for quite a while. She decided to turn a blind eye on it.

“Wang!” Husky, who was squatting on a chair, barked at her to highlight her sense of existence.

Mi Qing turned her head, her mouth twitching as she forcibly squeezed out a laugh: “I… I won’t bother your dinner.”

“Tiantian, get down.” Xiao Gu suddenly spoke, and Husky barked again. He jumped off his chair and run towards Mi Qing wagging his tail.

Mi Qing looked at the Husky who was blocking her way, sipped her lips, and looked up to Xiao Gu. Xiao Gu cocked his head on one side to meet her eyes, paused before asking: “Are you hungry?”

“What?” Mi Qing arched a brow and looked at him pensively.

Xiao Gu stood up from his chair and headed for the kitchen: “You’ve been at work till now, have a midnight snack.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Wait, what was that? She hasn’t offended him in the last two days, has she? Although she was planning on asking for an overtime pay, it was only a thought. She hasn’t had time to put it into action yet.

She thought about it for a while, but finally gave in to her empty stomach.

She’s really hungry, and the staff members have eaten dinner early. Although it was sumptuous, after working busily the whole evening, she feels hungry now.

As she walked over and sat in the position where Mr. Husky was sitting earlier, Xiao Gu came out of the kitchen just in time to see this picture: “I kinda have this illusion that Tiantian suddenly became human.”

Mi Qing’s facial muscles twitched: “Aren’t dog eggs male….”

Xiao Gu tickled his lower lip and put the bowl of noodles in his hand in front of her: “Eat.”

Mi Qing looked down. Although it was only a bowl of noodles, it sells fantastic. It has a lot of ingredients, with balls of eggs and tomatoes and beef patties!

“Wow, it’s so appetizing!” If there’s anything worth admiring about Xiao Gu, it’s his culinary talent in changing something rotten into something magical.

Xiao Gu pulled out the chair and sat across from her: “Eat while it’s hot, or else the noodles will turn soggy.”

“Oh.” Mi Qing picked up her chopsticks and rolled a mouthful of noodles swallowed it in one breath. The flavor was heavenly, the noodles were glutinous and the rolls were somewhat like ramen.

She savored the small bowl, while Xiao Gu watched on the other side. It must be due to the candlelight set up, her face appeared even more beautiful. Mi Qing swallowed another mouthful of noodles then looked up at him: “Why were you kind enough to cook me noodles?”

Was it that he went to inspect the shop today and found that she was working extremely hard?

Xiao Gu answered concisely: “Birthday.”

Mi Qing froze and looked at him blankly.

Xiao Gu added: “Isn’t it your birthday today?”

Mi Qing pursed her lips slightly and replied, “It’s my birthday, how did you know?”

Xiao Gu replied matter of factly: “I have seen your ID before.”

Mi Qing froze for another second. The day she arrived, he did ask her for an ID card.

She doesn’t know why, but she suddenly felt moved. She blinked hard and buried her head in order not to let Xiao Gu catch a trace of it: “You’re making too much of it, but only managed a bowl of noodle? I thought there should at least be some western food.”

Xiao Gu leaned gently on the back of the chair and looked at her. “I originally made crepes, red wine steak, and creamy potato soup, but you came back too late, so I ate all of them.”

Mi Qing: “…”

Just stop mentioning them if you’ve already gobbled them up, okay!


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