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Shan He Biao Li (Chapter 1)

Hello everyone,

This is @tigrasev and this is the teaser of my maybe future project.

I kinda want to translate some novels of Priest who wasn’t in English before.

I can’t promise it’s will be a fast translation, or the translation will be perfect (since I’m not native in English and Chinese) but I will do my best for translate this project.

Summary :

It was a special soldier who was killed by a brother (in arms) . After his last mission, he committed suicide. As a result, he did not die and encountered a foreign attack.

The appearance of the attack brought a feeling of regaining a new life. Later, two people started a big adventure through the mountain gate. During the adventure, the two fell in love with each other, and they died and died. They finally resolved the crisis and returned to the real world.


More context about the novel : The former agent chased the leader of the drug trafficking group, “The Big Ghost”. After the successful attack, he fell to the cliff and stumbled into a small country with a serious injury. In the small country, he met two strange people. After he healed him, he would be Brought back to the mountains and asked him to teach to the children in the mountains. I found that the children are endless and brave, and the mountain is also awkward.

The people headed by Nanshan, named “Shoushan people”, for most of the year, they could not step out of the “river” boundary to the world where ordinary people live.

The mountain guarded by the mountain guards has an annual reversal of the mountain gate, and around the “door” there is also a mysterious group called “the gatekeeper”, guarding the mountain and the holy water.

The day when he made up his mind to leave the mountain where the mountain guards lived, it happened the day when the mountain gate was reversed. At the end of the “door”, many unknown shadows were preparing to go out. In order to protect the guardian and the gatekeeper, Nanshan and the old guardian of the gatekeeper Lu Ge and Yu Yuanping, in the introduction, launched a strange adventure in the world of the door. 


Chapter 1

My family is not like a family.

His apartment is not small, but the layout is very different, there is no living room or balcony, there are one room and one bathroom, and an open kitchen.

The “kitchen” is a place where the refrigerator and clothes are placed, and there is no function of cooking.

The corner of the room have a single bed, the foot of the bed is nailed to the ground, one side is against the wall, and the sheets are covered with pillows.

At the other corner, there is a row of small sofas placed against the wall. The sofas are placed one by one on the ground. Each seat is stiff and equipped with a sofa-like back. The black lights slammed at night and they are like a group. 

It can be seen from this display that the owner of the house must be a freak.

In the corner of the diagonal with a single bed, there is a cat climbing frame, along with a cat rice bowl, a litter box, etc., and some fresh hair is faintly visible on it, apparently belonging to the pet’s site.

The activity space of  cats is very open. The middle is like an invisible Chuhe Hanjie. People and cats are different. No one cares who.

The name of the cat is called Big Mi. The name “Da Mi” is given by his father.

Before the name of the patriotic patriot, he always called it a cat.

In this regard, his childlike adoptive father raised the question: “You don’t give it a name, what do you call when you chat with it? How inconvenient.”

This kind of sharp question is always speechless.

I have to answer: “We don’t usually chat.”

He was very worried and worried: “You don’t even talk to cats, are you abnormal?”

He is a big man. He is sitting at home and chatting with a cat every day. Is it invariable?

No matter who is more perverted, anyway, “Da Mi” will become the new name of the cat. As for its former name, no one knows.

Big Mi was not originally raised. Three years ago, its former owner was detained for public service. Unfortunately, he had a scorpion, and he had no wife and no People living with him. He only left a  such a living thing

From the perspective of body type, when I brought it back with me, the age of Da Mi is not small. The eyes still working that have wee through the world, and it will look at people’s faces. By observing the words, it understands that this new food and clothing What the New parents do not like it. It’s lively, it’s all day long, and the range of activities is limited to the side with the cat climbing frame, rarely coming to the people’s site.

At two o’clock in the morning, the owner of the house was sleeping in bed – he was a bachelor, and his temperament was irrelevant. In terms of appearance, he was still impeccable.

In the darkness, Big Mi suddenly got out of the seam of the sofa and ran to the bedside with a catwalk.

Its meat pad was very light on the ground, like feathers falling on the snow, the footsteps were quiet, but it was close to the head, the man on the bed immediately opened his eyes, as if his face was not in mode like à radar.

Big Mi jumped and jumped to the bed of the cockroach. He put the man’s glasses on the bed with his paws and set it aside. One person and one cat looked at each other for a long time in the darkness. Big Mi slowly lowered his head, smelled the man’s finger, and gently rubbed it. Finally, it screamed softly and softly, like a twist and tear. sigh.

At the end of the day, Da Mi stood up, climbed onto the bed, and slammed into the top of the big wardrobe, and could not see it.

He lie quietly and does not move, he feels that the cat is dying.

What do animals before they die? It is not very clear. It is true that he has seen many dead people. In fact, people are also a kind of animals. When death is about to come, there will be a subtle commonality between the eyes of people and cats.

He and Da Mi lived together for three years. In the past few days, Big Mi suddenly began to inexplicably hunger strike. He changed it to several kinds of cat food, and failed to improve its appetite. A hospital.

The result of the veterinarian’s diagnosis is that there is no disease, but it is only the end of life.

It is too old.

He slowly turned over and looked up at the ceiling. Under the glimmer of the electric appliance in the house, the face of his glasses was pale and thin, as if he was not healthy.

This made it a while to stay, suddenly, his stunned eyes condensed, pierced the darkness, and shot straight in the direction of the door.

The next door, the doorbell rang.

Ken is coming in the middle of the night, probably only an uninvited guest.

Li Lisuo climbed up, his face was not sleepy, and he was not astonished. His pajamas were as flat as when he was lying down. After half a night, there was no trace of chaos. I don’t know if he was asleep for a long time.

He buckled his glasses and even opened the door without asking a question. It seemed that he had already known the identity of the person who came here – if it wasn’t that cold expression, he looked like he was greeted by the affair.

The passenger was at the door, only showing a chin with a sharp-cut shape and a stubble.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if he has a few arms. What matters is that the man has a gun in his hand and the gun is pointing.

Hey, he is not being moved. Is he being scared?

The one-armed guest buckled the trigger, and the pistol made a sharp and short airflow…

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