Shan He Biao Li Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

The county seat is a place where fart can be used to slap the heel, and a small one can see the end from the beginning.

They came out of the “Ken Dang Chicken” and inevitably passed the bus station at the time of the visit. At noon, the passenger flow reached the local peak. Several guides wearing Little Red Riding Hood have calling their Tourists keep up.

The tourists are like a flock of sheep that can’t be caught together. They are free to disperse when they get off the bus, they walked exhaustedly, they looked around for toilets, and they took pictures of the rugged roads of the county.

Hey, I don’t know what is good about this backcountry. This may be a unique ceremony for tourists.

Nanshan and Xiaofang were shocked by so many people and consciously avoided the road.

What is “a vast territory and a large population”? A little taste of the two children from the mountains to see the tip of the iceberg, it is estimated that they are enough to see a year of experience.

Nanshan was afraid that people would encounter cockroaches and consciously stand in front of him, while curiously pointing at the tourists and asking: “What?”

I was annoyed when I saw people, but in the face of Nanshan, he did not take the troubles out of his heart, but said lazily: “Travel.”

Nanshan and Xiaofang looked at him together, and the two pairs of eyes were as curious and unclear as they were.

“…is just running from a distance, climbing a mountain – just like that mountain, climb up and play.”

Still do not understand – the people of Dashan may not imagine, climb a mountain, why do you want this kind of battle.

He paused and chose a more easy-to-understand way. He slowly lifted one hand and made a move to his mouth: “Eat–“

Then he returned and patted Xiaofang’s stomach: “Full–”

Finally, I grabbed the palm of my hand and made a  gesture: “Support.”

Nanshan and Xiaofang suddenly realized that they used the envy and an inconceivable gaze to look at the passing people.

At this time, a girl walked up to them, holding a “stand-up” in her hand, and she took a watchdog who was lying on the side of the road.

The “click” slammed the attention of the two people around him. For a moment, the imaged photo paper was spit out. The little girl pinched in her hand for a while, the dog’s photo was clear, she ran back. Take it to my companions, the two of them have been watching her back.

Subsequently, Xiaofang stunned and walked forward, bending over to observe the dog on the ground. The dog looked up at the shirtless man and calmly shook his tail, indicating that he was still alive, not being attached to the paper. The countrymen don’t have to worry too much.

Xiaofang immediately ran back and forth, and rushed to Nanshan to report the New World he discovered. The report was full of joy and dance.

His gaze fell on the totem of Nanshan. He could see that it was a fierce beast. He was not a folklorist. He didn’t know which family was worshipped, and he had never seen such a pattern.

Judging from the attitude of Xiaofang to Nanshan, this long-haired handsome man seems to have a high status in their local area, and is likely to be the relative of the patriarch or patriarch.

I know that in addition to the 56 ethnic groups in the usual sense, there are actually some countries in the country that cannot identify and identify ethnic minorities for various reasons. (Note : In China there are so many ethnies that we don’t know all of them because some are really small for count) Nanshan may be one of them.

He asked Nanshan what family they were, and got an answer that could not be matched with Chinese characters. The pronunciation is similar to the Chinese language, which is slightly more complicated than the Chinese pronunciation. What is the meaning of the name “clothing family”? Nanshan himself did not know whether it was too clear or inconvenient to answer. He only gave him a plausible explanation, as if he was a “mountain person”.

Nanshan knows some Chinese, knows more words than he can say, has money, knows how to buy things, knows the face value of money, and it is obvious that there is no communication with the outside world. However, this exchange must not be deep and not universal. Anyway, in such a small town, he sees everything fresh, as if to maintain an image, can not be like a small  jumped up and down, but his eyes are always full of enthusiasm.

Is it because the traffic is inconvenient, so do not go out often?

And the strange herbs they bring – especially the white powder, if it really stimulates cell activity, it spreads to the outside, how many people are crazy?

At this time, Nanshan turned back and handed a hand to him, indicating that he was holding himself, and bluntly said in an unfamiliar Chinese: “The river is good here.”

I couldn’t help but look at him with a slight look. What does “river is good here” mean?

Then, what Nanshan remembered, suddenly bowed his head and said: “If our children… primary school students come here too, it’s just fine.”

He told him that “primary school students” (note : elementary school) are “children” and he immediately remembered these two words, although there may be some deviation in understanding. When Nanshan said this, there was nothing to complain about, just as if he had some kind of unreachable embarrassment, because he couldn’t reach it, and he seemed a little envious.

If he complains, he will probably understand it very well, but after all, it is a matter of others. After he has finished understanding, he will not touch it.

But Nanshan’s little envy didn’t know how, like a blunt little knife, and he did not lightly stroke it in his heart. The second time he came up with the thought: “He just wanted to Finding a person who can teach Chinese, how difficult is it? Or I can go.”

The thought flashed past, and the gaze swept over the bustling crowd and the station where the bus was parked. Once again, he shook his head and thought, “What do you think?”

He still has a lot to do, the little devil is arrested, how can he finish the interrogation of the devil?

How do you listen to the complete confession and see what those people are going to end?

He still wants to go back and find a reliable doctor to take a look, adjust the state, and if possible, go back to work…

He also wants to see if the little boy is a boy or a girl.

When I think of these things, when I drifted to the horizon, I was crushed in the same place. He looked at Nanshan and patted him on the shoulder: “Wait for me for a while.”

After that, he took his simple cane and walked in the direction of the tourists.

Nanshan glimpsed, did not worry, immediately followed up, but he understood the phrase “here in this”, so he has something to do, not very tight, just not far from the nearest Later, I watched the cockroach go to the little girl who was just taking the picture, and looked down at her with her head down.

When others spoke, Nanshan felt that he should not go too close, so he waited on the side of the road. Suddenly, he saw a person who was lowering his head and squatting at the intersection, and spread a large piece of paper in front of it, filled with words.

What is this doing?

He doesn’t understand. In fact, there are such people in places where there is a little bit of excitement. Generally, there are young people with hands and feet or students in school uniforms. They have a piece of paper in front of them. They go out to meet thieves at home, or they have nowhere to study. Clouds, sitting on the ground to ask for money.

Nanshan went over and squatted down in a near-researching manner. He read the story of the swindlers word by word and carefully. After reading the reasons and seeing the last “seeking twenty yuan to make the toll”, he silently I found out a piece of RMB with a whole amount in the pocket. After carefully checking the face value, I took out a twenty-dollar piece and did not throw it in the other’s bowl. Instead, I stretched my arm and handed it over. .

The liar was a young man, and he looked at the man in front of him who was dressed up to behave in a whisper. He hesitated for a moment, almost almost conscience.

However, as a liar with professional ethics, his conscience is always limited. The person is only a meal, and he is thankful to accept it.

I bought it from the little girl, and he had the skills to communicate and spend money. The girl finally gave the rest of the box of photographic paper to him.

When he bought it, he saw the scene of Nanshan’s delivery of money, and suddenly he was a little worried.

This friend’s character seems to be filled with the glory of the Virgin, and some of the meaning of the Buddha’s light shines. It looks like an aura of skin, how can it seem a little lack of heart?

I am a bit worried that he will be trafficked if he is not careful.

He waved his hand at Nanshan, and he was on the side of Nanshan. He used the blue sky of the bustling as the background, and he photographed his surprised expression.

I sent the photo to Nanshan with the camera I bought.

Nanshan was almost scared. This thing is obviously rare for him than the 1971 version of the Xinhua Dictionary. His face suddenly picked up a very thin layer of red. Some of them were sneaky and sneaked all the way. Hey.

I don’t know, I’m dragging my injured leg and walking on the crutches in front of me. It may be because of the pain and itching of the wound. I feel that I am walking a little.

Nanshan and they lived in the guest house for more than a week.

When it’s okay, Nanshan will put a dictionary, listen to the words and correct the explanation one word at a time, read it during the day, and silently remember it again at night. Nanshan’s face was about a pair of eyes, and he never turned on the light in the middle of the night. It seemed that the darkness did not affect his vision. He asked him why he didn’t turn on the light and got an astounding answer—the pure Virgin Friends are afraid of wasting the electricity of the hotel.

After a week, the gunshot wound on his body healed incredibly.

Maybe it’s the time that I need to leave them. . At this time, Xiaofang is still a big bear who can only shake his head and can’t communicate. Nanshan has been able to do some daily communication with his meager foundation and day and night efforts.

“I have to go back, can’t leave too long.” Nanshan listen and he did not ask how the wounds came from the beginning to the end, but asked seriously, “If you are in danger, can you?”

I vaguely remember that when Nanshan used the dictionary to talk to him for the first time, he also mentioned the word “risk of the distant road”. I don’t know what the minority brothers who have never been to the far end have made up the world brain outside. He couldn’t help but smile.

Nanshan thought about it, bent down, and found a knife like a dagger from the ankle. He solemnly handed it to his hand: “I didn’t bring anything, only this, it can open the wind and resist all enemies. ”

Can resist all enemies… I am afraid I can’t pass the security check.

He took the dagger in his hand and smashed it. The iron guy was heavy and unappealing. However, looking at it, it seemed to be bloody, with a heavy killing atmosphere, which was not seen by the experts.

Nanshan leaned over on his forehead and then straightened up to mobilize the new Chinese: “take care, friend.”

After that, he gestured to Xiaofang, and the two picked up a simple bag and left.

A few days later, Xiaofang has already regarded him as a good friend. He has gone back three steps and is very reluctant.

He sent them two steps, and he couldn’t see anything on his face. However, when he sent Nanshan to the door, he suddenly opened his mouth without warning: “Do you want to ask the teacher, to teach Chinese?”

Nanshan’s footsteps were a must, and he turned back in disbelief.

“I can teach this, let’s go.” He said in an understatement, “I may have to go to the county to buy something, you wait for me for a long time.”

I don’t know how he would make such a convulsion.

It seems that Nanshan has a back, and he does not want to know that there are a little girl who is a child but we don’t know if she want to be one man or one woman.

“It was originally, what is the relationship between men and women and me?” Until they walked down the street, they were still pondering, “I am not giving birth.”

Suddenly, Nanshan took hold and asked: “I gave him money. He is still there, is it lost?”

Looking back, the daring is the liar that happened that day.

He knew it well, but he still patiently and silently listened to Nanshan’s description of the nonsense written by the liar on paper. Then he calmly replied: “If he does not leave, he will live on that.”

Nanshan stayed: “Why?”

“The liar, understand it?”

He spread the hand of Nanshan and wrote a word of “cheat” on his palm: “This read ‘deception’ is the meaning of telling lies to others, for money.”

“For money, it is fake?” Nanshan’s brow wrinkled, as if he could not accept such ugly things in the world.

He sighed and suspected that he was about to go to a real paradise.

When he bought the daily necessities and came out of the small supermarket, he saw Nanshan standing on the side of the road and staring at the liar on the other side of the road. I wonder if it was his illusion. He suddenly felt that Nanshan had some kind of killing. .

At this time, I saw what the Nanshan fingertips seemed to pop up. The distance between the swindlers and the forehead was accurately located at least seven or eight meters apart. Then he made a “grab” action by hand.

I felt a strange airflow and I was passing by. Then, the banknotes in the beggars were caught by the wind without a cause, and they flew up and down.

The liar quickly reached for the hand. He just climbed up halfway and suddenly fell down on his chest. His eyes were like goldfish, and he was stunned.

The twenty yuan farthest flew straight into the hands of Nanshan.

Pupil tightening – how is this done?

Nothing at all!

As if to perceive the gaze, Nanshan turned his head and gently whispered: “I will not die, he should not be biased… well, deceiving money.”

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