Shan He Biao Li Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

There are many houses that are empty for various reasons, and there is only one house. It is only one side. It cannot be the side of the river near the forest.

Nanshan did not explain the reason, and he did not ask. Since crossing the river, he has always had a sense of reverence for this place.

Believe in your judgment when you have judgments, and believe your instincts when you don’t have a clear judgment—so you follow your sixth sense.

In addition, the girls are so hardworking, and they may go to the river to wash their clothes before they are still bright. A group of old and middle-aged women talk and laugh and make troubles. Maybe they are older than the square dancing old ladies. The power is still big. When you open the window and look at it, it is easy to see some restricted-level lenses…

You know, there aren’t too many flaws in the real world, and most of them belong to people who want to dig out the dog’s eyes.

If Nanshan doesn’t mention it, he won’t choose the river.

He rode his horse and made a round trip, and quickly settled his place of residence – he looked at an old house that was separated from the crowd.

It is said that the house used to be an old man. The life of the old man was as solid as a rock. He killed his wife and children, and killed his grandson. Finally, his grandson died. He looked at his own grandson and reluctantly bid farewell to the world. No one succeeded. Over time, his house was returned to the family, and now he was given a slap by the patriarch.

This place is full of high-end atmosphere in a single-family villa. I can’t help but feel a bit of a sigh of relief. He has been doing this for a long time, and at the end, he has only allocated a cat-like apartment. Half a day is not as spacious as the rural teacher’s staff quarters.

However, after entering the house, you don’t feel that it is extravagant. This house is really a vacant house for many years. The veritable one is so poor that the bats are too lazy to smash windows. The high-profile is not the same as the ordinary villas. The outside is a small second floor. When you walk in and look at the first floor, you still have a room without a hall… I am afraid that he will not be able to escape from the room. The standard of accommodation is up.

Oh, the life of the poor.

Looking up, you can see the cloudless sky through the skylight, the trees of hundreds of years… and the bear children of a volleyball ball on the big tree.

A stunned look – this height is close to six or seven meters?

The pair of children on the branches gaze at the captain, and immediately call the friends to accompany them. The wind is tight, and the one who leads the leader takes the lead. The end is the breeze, the fart is flying, the skill is very It’s got it.

He reached out and grabbed a tree underneath. He disappeared two times and disappeared. The remaining few were followed, lined up, and the first-order and first-order high-altitude jumping trees were all safe. Ground.

This monkey grows like a human being.

In daily life, you can do it very well. He can live in a place where he can live. On the contrary, Nanshan is afraid of wronging him. He quickly gathered a group of people to clean up his house. The ten shirts are sly. The big man stands in a row, and the living is a wall of people. They open their mouths in unison and squint, and they form a great white shark.

I personally realized the life of a young man who was “not touching the sun and spring water”. He stood by and did not get involved. Xiaofangshan ran over and shouted and took him to the flat of the head of the patriarch’s house. On, accept the welcome ceremony.

The welcoming ceremonies around the world have their similarities, and the basic elements are the four main points of “singing, dancing, drinking, eating meat.”

The custom of the divorced family is that men dance and women sing. The dance is extremely hot. In the blink of an eye, there are two kinds of dances in the world. One is “turning the circle” and the other is “squatting”. 

Tens of five big three thick men are squatting together, as if the earth is shaking, playing some kind of natural drums, the visual effect is almost shocking.

What do women sing? I don’t know, it’s estimated that there’s nothing like “welcome and welcome,” he just thinks that the sound is unusually bright, very penetrating, and the stagnation of the chest can’t be tempered. If it was pressed and smoothed, I don’t know who poured a bowl of wine in his broken bowl. This time, the wine went to the medicinal and suffocating, strong and strong, straight into the head.

Sinking in autumn, the sky is high.

In such a noisy occasion, the original was not afraid of it, but at this moment, although the people around him kept screaming, but as long as Nanshan did not open his mouth to practice Chinese spoken language, he would not understand it because he could not communicate, so he I found some kind of feeling that is almost “quiet and quiet”. The vocals are no different from the birds. There is still only one person in his world.

With Huang Yun Cangshan drinking, I feel quite comfortable.

Nanshan silently stayed with him. He was sitting here in the town. Others didn’t dare to be too arrogant. They naturally separated their sitting position from a small open space. Only Xiaofang stayed with the patriarch for a long time. Not too jealous, holding the sea bowl and running over, grabbed the arm of the arm in the eyes of everyone, and touched the bowl with him.

Hey: “Come, Xiaofang, do it.”

When he finished, he immediately said what he had to do, lifted up the wine bowl, and poured it into the mouth.

Xiaofang was not willing to show weakness, followed by a dry drink, as if drinking is so happy, let go of the scorpion and laughed, slamming out a slap with a tooth print.

At first glance, his movements, immediately hearted, tacitly hit him with a tacit understanding, the other side squeezed his hand, shaking hard twice.

Xiaofang yelled at her chest: “Alan 呜 -“

Looking at Nanshan, Nanshan explained: “Good friend.”

After that, Nanshan thought about it and couldn’t help but ask: “What do you call him?”

Hey: “Xiaofang.”

Nanshan: “What does it mean?”

拔 Pull up a flower from the grass and scrape it under the nose of Nanshan: “Flower, floral.”

Nanshan stared at the delicate flower, and for the first time, his face showed a very sci-fi expression.

Xiaofang probably thought that he was boasting himself, holding his shoulder and jumping again.

The young patriarch, however, looked at the guests who had come back from time to time – the man had a very neat short hair, and the lens on the bridge of the nose that was brighter than the crystal looked white and weak.

They are different from head to toe.

He is not the same as the “river side” people who have been in contact with Nanshan. Whether he squints his eyes and looks at an unknown place, he still lazily moves his mouth and smiles, all with the “river side”. People don’t have anything.

Nanshan doesn’t know how to describe it. In short, when he sees this person, he feels that everyone else in the world is simply at a glance. Suddenly there is no layer.

“Hey,” Nanshan said in his heart, unskillfully silently reading his name. “He is willing to come to a place where no one wants to come. It must be a very good person.”

I don’t know that I have unwittingly received a good person card, and his ups and downs of rural teacher career began.

The place where the class was in the open space where they sang and danced, the man in the family did not know where to find a huge white stone, and found him a black carbon rod. When needed, he could go to the stone. Writing on it, Xiaofang is next to the stone and very well trained. As long as the stone is full, no one will command it, he will rush to clean it.

It is a pity that this person erased the blackboard seriously, but the lecture was a little confusing. Sometimes the swearing words were not finished, and half of the cards were stuck in the eyes of the blind man. He was rushed to wipe it. At this time, he had to stop. Smiling and wiping the glasses, I really want to beat him, and I have worked hard to create a half-day image of Sven. It is not easy to do it – but there are always people who will do it. Another young man with a guardian look at Nanshan is very good at beating Xiaofang.

The young man called “what is more”. Listening to Nanshan translation is the meaning of “sparkling cliffs”. The idea of ​​the name of the Yi people is very embarrassing. Anyway, I can’t imagine how the cliffs sparkle. He fell once. The cliff was full of shadows, so the name of the people was reduced to “big mountain.”

Dashan is a young boy who is less than 20 years old, but he has grown up to be a tall man. He usually doesn’t talk and laughs. He sits awkwardly there, but he studies harder than anyone else, so he is particularly troubled by Xiaofang. Xiaofang snored and he flew over a sole.

Later, Dashan had developed a conditioned reflex that looked for things and threw Xiaofang.

Because in addition to Nanshan knowing a few words and saying a few words, other people are completely unable to communicate with the ape. Therefore, when the class is over, the patriarch needs to be on the side, and the words of the martyrdom are translated into the language of the clothing group. At that time, even the patriarch can’t translate, and the teachers and students must stop and communicate hard and repeatedly.

The students in the village include the whole village. The patriarchs can’t be assistants all day long. Adults can’t work all day long, so the daily teaching time is only in the evening. In less than an hour, the work is very easy.

The original welcome message was started with the “children”. As a result, the real child was not the mainstream composition of his students. The words turned to a sharp turn and became: “baby. ——”

Nanshan strives to teach others to be called “teachers”, but the pronunciation of the word “old” is probably not easy for beginners. Everyone learns badly and swears with a big hand: “What is the teacher? Calling ‘Dawang Dawang’ will do.”

These two words are simple, and once they learn, the voice of a “big king” suddenly rises and falls, and the whole clothing group becomes a flower and fruit mountain.

The face is serious and calm, completely inheriting the essence of Mr. Qi Aiguo’s “to tease you”. If nothing happens, from counting, so that after a few years, the simple and kind-hearted people of the Yi people think that “the king of the king” is The meaning of “teacher”.

A month’s time flies fast, and only the time of class every day will appear on time. At other times of the day, the dragon will not see the end.

In addition to sleeping, he rarely returns to his house, because when he looks up, he can always find a few bare-chested sneak peeks at his monkey child.

When he is not bright in the morning, he will get up and do basic physical training around the river. He doesn’t feel that he is the kind of self-satisfied person. He thinks his problem is likely to have physiological reasons, so he I set myself a schedule for my work and training. At the beginning, there seemed to be something in his body that prevented him from persevering himself. When the situation was bad, he would have a headache and he couldn’t wait to poke himself with a knife. At this time, he could only rely on 褚The ring that was patriotic to him reminded himself over and over again that he promised the old man’s promise.

Wait a little while, he will go to Nanshan for a while, listen to him blowing a flute or talking to him for a few days, I feel that I can take a lot of precious vitality.

Due to language barriers, in addition to the patriarch Nanshan, no one can talk to the singer, which indirectly makes the image of the patriarch even more brilliant.

When you can’t find it, the older child will lead the children, and enjoy playing a game every day – looking for the “king of the king.”

This is a fun adventure, even if they find it, they are not very good to talk to him, but if they really find it once, they can go back and boast for a long time with their friends.

It is a pity that, besides appearing on their own, the little nephews did not succeed in turning him out.

However, although he did not inquire about it, as time went on, the unusualities of the clothing group inevitably hit him.