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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 13

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Chapter 12 Here

Chapter 13

That day, he (Nanshan) was holding a wild fruit, holding a book, came to the woods to hide and do some  leisurely – Nanshan told him that there were beasts in the forest, let him stay as far as possible, but he didn’t care much, he anyway I feel that wild animals are very cute.

He found a tall tree and climbed up agilely. On the way, he encountered a poisonous snake entangled in a tree scorpion. The poisonous snake territory was suddenly invaded. He immediately made an instinctive attack and smashed his hand. The ground caught the seven inches of the snake, and when it was thrown away, it threw the people on the opposite branch and executed the forced demolition.

He have Put angry venomous snakes on the branches.

Then the monks occupied the snake’s nest, and found a place in the high place hidden in the jungle, sitting back against the big trunk.

Those books were bought in a small bookstore in the county town, which is said to be a “bookstore”. In fact, the main business is cold rice and fried potatoes, and part-time processing of old books and magazines. At that time, I was very anxious. I Did not read the content, directly packaged a wholesale. When the divorce family turned over, the expired magazine with paintings was left by Nanshan, leaving him with a lot of serious works.

For those who do not have literary cells, it is basically a hypnotic reading.

The content of the book itself has been confusing. Occasionally, I have to think about the hole in the hole of the mouse. I am tempted to connect the context for a long time. I just pass the time, I see it very slowly, I don’t care much. Sometimes I can read it, sometimes it’s just Staring at the skewed pages.

On this day, he just finished the wild fruit, and the shell had not come and threw it. He heard a movement from under the tree.

Hearing his ears, he felt that his voice was not right. He couldn’t help but look down and glanced at it. He was shocked and saw that there was a wild boar in the woods.

Don’t be afraid of wild boars, even if you are running against a tiger, you can’t do anything about it – the key is to stay there because there are two children under the tree.

One of them is Xiaofang’s eleven-year-old daughter, who has a haircut. Her hair is a self-contained family. Some people comb the scorpion and comb one or two. She combs three, left and right, and there is one behind the head. At first glance, Live like a black-painted elephant carrying a face, so I recognized her from a height.

There is also a little boy, who may be the bonsai of the 10,000-year-old small class. I remember that he is a tiger, and his age is smaller than that of a flower.

I dared not hesitate, immediately threw the book aside and slid down the trunk silently. I was an assassination expert. The place passed by was like a breeze blowing, and the leaves were not shocked.

When i came out, i didn’t have a gun. I had only a close-knit spur and a short knife that Nanshan sent him. They were all cold weapons. And up to a dozen meters, the wild boar can smell his taste, he must be fast enough, must be killed, must not let the wild boar have the opportunity to struggle or escape, otherwise the two nephews are in danger .

Chu Wang saw someone attack three time In the middle of the wild boar.

Lying in the trough, this dead bear child!

I had a cold sweat on the spot.

This wild boar is not too big. It is a hundred thousand pounds. I don’t know how to drop it. But even if it is not a giant pig in the wild boar, it still has a ferocious species advantage. Obviously, the human skull is not put in the eye. in. The wild boar revealed a sharp fangs to the little girl, and the path of the slamming had already been destroyed by her. He had to land and quickly change position.

At this moment, the little follower who saw the flower bones took out a handful.

He swallowed his eyes and immediately understood that for a long time, these two nephews were not accidents at all, and they were planning to catch wild boars here for a long time.

The wild boar skin is running thick and thick, and the untrained person may not be able to fight with a rifle. Xiaofang is a prostitute who dares to bite her female hero in the face of the patriarch, and she does not know that the sky is thick and bound to a certain realm. . (Note : It’s one expression that if he was one prostitué he would have do something to the female hero in one serie) 

However, the little friend was chased by the wild boar, and the boy  did not change his face. His feet seemed to be firmly on the ground. During the electric fire, the girl stepped on the tree and the wild boar almost hit the root. I had to brake a lot, and its movement was just slow. The boy had accurately grasped this fleeting opportunity, and the arrow hit the head of the wild boar accurately.

The cockroach hidden in the bush couldn’t help but want to make a sound for him.

At this point, the dragonfly has already circled the back of the wild boar. From this perspective, he can find the animal to be a roast suckling pig. Because he is sure, he has not moved for a while. He intends to see what the two nephews want to do.

The little boy’s hand is rough, the strength and precision are very limited, and the ability to use the tool to hit the head of the wild boar must have skillful technology and very stable psychological quality. From this aspect, this Boys are much stronger than most adults.

There is a feeling that these two children may not be pure and ignorant.

At the same time, the girl in the tree jerked her head and pulled out a spear hidden in the back of the tree. She jumped down in the condescending position and used her weight to straighten the spear. The neck of the wild boar.

The wild boar was dying. Under the giant earthquake, the girl’s spear broke her hand. She didn’t panic, calmly let go, and stepped back and stood still, yelling at the boy: “Hit its mouth, hit it. mouth!”

That is the words of the Yi people. For some time, when the students were taught Chinese, they always had Nanshan next to the translator. Although they have been acting carelessly, they still secretly remembered them one by one.

In an unfamiliar environment, even if the mood is relaxed, he will instinctively collect as much information as possible in the shortest possible time. Although he did not learn much, the words used by children are relatively simple. He can understand

… Of course, the foreigners are pretending to be completely incomprehensible. Otherwise, with the enthusiasm of the people of the Yi people, they may volunteer to form a group to teach him to speak.

The little boy immediately obeyed the command, quickly put another arrow, hit the same side of the wild boar head, and immediately re-smashed the wild boar that had just attempted to get up, and then he came to a very coquettish position, When it hurts to snarl, an arrow hits its throat.

Under the gaze of the cockroach, this big guy is completely dead.

He just sighed softly and felt a little unbelievable.

He finally didn’t show up. He looked at the little girl with a flower and gasped a few breaths and directed her little boy to follow the class: “One person drags a leg, you are there, I am here.”

The small followers did not dare to disagree, and the low-browed eyebrows picked up one leg of the wild boar. The two men dragged it away together. After two steps, the flower bones seemed to feel something, and looked back to the place where they were hiding. Nothing was found. She grabbed her hair and left with a little hesitation.

Once again, I have determined that this Yizu people must have their talents – the strong man like a tower, the children’s wild boar.

At this time, I didn’t go to the hour of class. I took the three-sided thorns and slowly walked out of the trees. Suddenly, the movement came from my ears. I looked up and saw. The poisonous snake that was demolished by him was rubbed and smashed, and he was holding a pair of sinister eyes and carefully looking at him.

Judging by the poisonous snake of a triangular face, it looks quite pretty.

I looked at it with no expression and looked at it for a while, and admitted my mistake: “Oh, I just didn’t make sense, you continue to lie on it.”

After that, he went around the path and left the clothing.

Far away, I saw the flower bones and her little followers dragging the wild boar into the river. Several women who were watering the river by the river saw each other and immediately jumped down and smashed the wild boar together. 

He said: “Look at your mother does not interrupt 

Unfortunately, he did not get what he wanted. Xiaofang’s wife saw the wild boar, but she did not yell at it. She also kindly touched her daughter’s three little cockroaches like a nose, and then let them play with them easily. They were too far apart and the language was not familiar. I only heard a sound, as if she promised to eat a pig’s heart at night.

He quietly regained his gaze and suddenly realized what it means to be “a hundred years of great education in education” and what is called “there are bears and bears.”

He bowed his head and walked through the crowd. Others didn’t bother to go forward. The adults were far apart, and they would singularly greet them with half-baked Chinese. The children would “hello” and spread out.

Walking in the middle of the open space where the class is going every day, sitting on the back against the big white stone, while flipping through the book, waiting for everyone to come.

Soon, with him as the center, about a radius of five or six meters, he surrounded a large circle of scorpions. They thought he couldn’t understand anything, so he did not evade his face and whispered. .

I heard the killing pig hero flower bones said to her follower: “My mom told me yesterday that the thing on the bridge of the king of the king is made of ice. Do you know that ice? It is white, opaque, so it must be very Thin, broken when you touch it.”

Hearing, I feel cool on my nose.

The little snot of the runny whispered to ask his “knowledgeable” big sister: “What is it for?”

Hua Duan : “I don’t know, maybe it’s good to look at it.”

This is, a three/four-year-old bald boy suddenly twitched his throat, and his voice screamed: “The patriarch is the best!”

 “Shut up!”

The little bald head ignores and continues to scream: “The patriarch is the best!”

The flower bones jumped up, grabbed the little bald’s fart, and dragged him off the ground and threw him away.

A circle of scorpions suddenly forced by this female slutty, all did not dare to grab the words, sit well, wait for the boss to express their opinions.

I couldn’t help but look up at her and thought that this girl would have a great potential in the future.

Flower bone: “Hey, he looks at me.”

 This eye suddenly saw the flower bones as a small wife, bowed his face and narrowed his neck, blushing to the root of the ear.

Chu Wang : “…”

He turned his gaze back to the pages of the book and insisted on being ignorant.

Just listen to the nephew over there and continue to arrange him: “The ring he wears on his hand, the patriarch said that he can watch the clock, is it true or false?”

There are so many news about the flower bones. I heard this and immediately forgot the horror of the talent. I quickly shake off my own knowledge. “Really, my mother said that it can’t be touched. The needle above is only as thick as the hair. It will be broken when it touches.”

The children were immediately embarrassed, only to think that this “river side” people are really everywhere.

“Sister, what else is it broken?”

The flower bones looked up and looked at him with a sneaky look. He was successfully deceived by his “I can’t hear or understand” clothes, so he said with no scruples: “There is no ‘big king’ can’t touch, The people on the other side of the river are like this, and there is no paper to be strong – when my dad followed the patriarch to pick him up, I saw that there was such a big wound on him…”

Hua Bian Duo stretched his hand and made a point. He said, “From the back to the front, the patriarch said it might be a branch.”

The children listened to the big surprise, and they turned their eyes to the hustle and bustle, almost sincere and fearful.

Chu Wang: “…”

Nanshan, handsome and handsome, but is it appropriate?

“A branch… can you poke this from here? My god, then I can’t touch it!”

The flower bones blinked: “You dare! It was the patriarch who came back to the ‘boundary’ and brought it back. It hurts to kill you!”

“That… he came out every night, is he afraid of the sun?”

“When it’s too much, will it be?”

“His hair is also very short. Is the hair too long and will fall off his head?”

“Can you still live if your head falls?”

Sitting under the stone, while carrying a shelf that is not as moving as a male god, he experienced the “death by the sun”, “falling his head by the hair”, “smashing the blood by the wind” and “sitting” On the stone, it was smashed into two by the stone…” The end of all kinds of dead and dead.

There are some complications in my heart.

At this time, the little bald who was thrown by the big sister’s head and bones finally climbed back and sighed back, and sighed with a sigh: “The patriarch is the best!”

Then the brave little brain powder was cried by the sly flower big sister.

A three- or four-year-old bare-headed beanie cried in front of himself as an adult… Even if he had just died in a thousand, he couldn’t look at it.

He had to lick his ears and stood up and walked to the little bald who was crying. The children saw him coming, and immediately disappeared as if they were enemies. They refused to let go, separated by ten steps. With a pair of ignorant eyes, I seldom look at this golden object that can be worn by a tree.

I don’t know how to marry a child, so I bent down and picked up the little bald head.

All the children looked up with his movements, and even the little bald heads forgot to cry. The expressions were the same: “Look, the pig is in the sky.”

I didn’t expect the little bald to deal so well, I didn’t have to cry when I didn’t have to lick myself, so I turned it over in my pocket, turned out the milk candy I bought from the county, and stuffed it into the little bald mouth. Put him down: “Okay, let’s go.”

The little bald man licked the toffee, walked a few steps in reluctance, and looked back at it, so he went back and forth in a step-by-step manner, and kept looking back.

I saw that he had made some determination as follows, and he heard that he was so arduous and announced his latest opinion on the world: “The King of the Kings is the best!”

Hello, this is a betrayal? It’s really a good seed of Pu Zhigao.

I still haven’t had time to laugh. Suddenly, he felt a tremor in his feet.


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