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Chapter 14

Title : I think you are more precious

The impression of the children of the off-clothes is a word: wild.

One is to play wildly – they usually do not have to go to school or use a cram school, and they run wild in the wild all day long.

Another one is the character field – this typical case is Xiaofang, the flower-bone girl, the tip of the tooth is sharp, the wild boar is slaughtered, and the younger brother is crying.

Their childhood was wild and unrestrained, and they dared to let go in front of the patriarchs, but it was such a group of wild children that were collectively frightened by a slight earthquake.

The earthquake was actually only slightly shocking. A few minutes passed. It is reasonable to say that the southwestern region is in the Himalayan volcanic seismic belt (Note : The Character tries to understand where he is really, and near Himalaya it’s one zone seismic). 

The earth’s crust is somewhat hyperactive. As long as it is not a big move, it should not be swaying twice. What a rare thing, the children will forget, and the older ones don’t know what an earthquake is?

What makes it even more stunned is that when the local area trembles, these children look at the sky together with a quirky tacit understanding.

Is it related to some of their beliefs? Perhaps just as the ancients believed that the eclipse was caused by the moon eating the moon, did the Yi people think that the earthquake is related to what is in the sky?

So what is the right enemy on their faces?

Soon, I found out that there are more children than adult. At the evening, people came extraordinarily. I am very free to teach classes here. Basically, who is willing to come. Anyway, the classroom is open. Generally, young people from the clothing industry usually only come in half. Some people still have to work, and the rest are To go to the mountains, the fast horses raised in their families are used for this purpose. (Note : In some little city in China, generally the parents are in bigger city for work and leave grandparents with children in the hometown for school) 

But this day, the people next to the white stone suddenly doubled, and some of them were supposed to go to the mountains. These people have guys on them, but they are hidden in the pants and are not visible.

This little trick can hold others and can’t help but look at the eyes, but his eyes are swept away from the mountain patrol, just pretending not to know, and to start his Putonghua science lecture as usual. (Note : Putonghua is the name about mandarin) 

Even his assistant and patriarch, Nanshan, was exceptionally right-looking. He noticed that he had a scepter in his hand. He once saw it with Nanshan, and hung with a lot of cold weapons. The details of the seemingly gorgeous appearance are incompatible with those cold iron guys.

This form is larger than the content, and guessing may be a symbol of the identity of the patriarch.

“Shock – that’s it, the meaning of vibration, the earthquake, the ground is vibrating.” I remembered what he said, his voice, and added, “It is generally caused by the movement of large layers of rock in the ground, like the wind and It’s like rain.”

At this time, he heard the small follower of the flower bones under the whisper of the trousers: “It is not like the wind and rain, it is… the door is open.”

The word in front of the “door” is unheard of, and I don’t know what it means.

The boy quickly reached out to the hand of an adult and slapped the hand of the little boy.

Like ignoring the weapons of the patrolling people, I pretend that I didn’t hear the boy’s words. If I had to continue my topic without any problems, he obviously felt that after the boy said the sentence, the atmosphere on the open space was suddenly tense.

The class of this day was finished in a repressed atmosphere. Even the mountains that were put into the usual twelve points seemed to be a little absent-minded. The people of the Yi people did not stay and dance for a while as usual. They quickly dispersed silently. The little nephews who ran around were also sent home by their parents.

Nanshan walked over: “I will accompany you for a while.”

He responded with a bang. At this moment, a gust of wind blew away the thin black clouds in the sky, and he looked at the sky inadvertently, and his footsteps suddenly changed.

That is… the full moon is like copper.

Oddly, he couldn’t help but reach out and rub his own eyebrows. He clearly remembered that he was still a slender little crescent.

The moon is always impossible to blow up. Is that what he remembers wrong?

Illusion? Memory disorder? Or is his brain more powerful?

As far as the self-perception of jealousy is concerned, he feels that he can’t go crazy to that extent.

But if it is not his own problem, how can an objective natural phenomenon be explained?


Nanshan even called him several times, and he only came back to God: “Well, what?”

Nanshan carefully looked at his face: “Your face is a bit white, are you sick?”

His hospice-like look suddenly reminded me of the rumors he heard in the afternoon. He finally found a channel to divert his attention, no longer entangled in whether he had an illusion.

I looked at Nanshan with a bad look. I wanted to ask him if he was misunderstood and let Nanshan produce the wrong impression that “this person belongs to a species that can be stabbed to death by a tree.” Although he has long been tempted by his face, his personal image has been set aside, but… For some reason, I still don’t want my image in Nanshan’s heart to be such a hero.

Some bluntly smashed the topic of Nanshan, pointing to the stick in the hands of Guide Mountain, and asked: “Right, you are holding this thing today, is it something big happening ?”

Nanshan was suddenly asked. After a while, he hesitated and hesitated. He could see that he was not very convenient to explain the details to himself, but he was too honest and would not be rude. A set, is trying hard to think about how to speak.

“Yes,” after a while, Nanshan admitted, “You…hey, you have tried not to be alone.”

He looked at him, but Nanshan didn’t evade, but his eyes showed some kind of “don’t ask” information.

I immediately became acquainted with the fun, and no longer inquired about the goodness. The patriarch’s scepter of Nanshan boasted: “Is this thing topped with jade or jasper? Green is really bright.”

Nanshan said: “Good-looking?”

I Nodded. “Not bad.”

Generally speaking, it is only the two people who talk about the conversation with others. In fact, it is only the two people who talk and talk about the conversation. The people who are talking and the people who listen are not too far away, and rarely have other meanings, but Nanshan is obviously not an ordinary person.

Chu Wang “Good” two words have not yet landed, Nanshan’s fingers have buckled the largest jewel above the scepter, his slender fingers suddenly bent into claws, without saying anything, directly smashed the stone with brute force With one hand on the top of the bald scepter, one hand put the jewel in front of him, and said sincerely: “That is for you.”

Chu Wang: “…”

Nanshan held the stone in his hand and suggested, “I will wear a hole for you, you can hang it around your neck.”

Hanging a big jewel with a big fist on your neck? It will definitely play a pivotal role in promoting cervical spondylosis.

No, the point is – is this a gem? Not a big candy bar?

Hey: “No, no, I don’t mean this.”

Nanshan is confused and very confused: “Don’t you like it?”

I said with a little protestation: “…no, I don’t mean that.”

The two couldn’t communicate for a while and stood for a moment. There was a green stone in between. In the end, he had several meanings, and he couldn’t figure it out.

He smiled awkwardly and patiently explained in front of the cultural divide like the scorpio: “On our side, generally for no reason, everyone will not send such a precious gift to each other.”

Nanshan stared at him with his ignorant and beautiful eyes, and said without a word: “Why? I think you are more precious.”

I am speechless again.

He can swear to God that he has no intentional thoughts, but Nanshan seriously said that this is really not easy to hold, and he feels that his heart seems to be inexplicably jumped out. Going out to the ground, a bunch of garbled.

He opened his mouth for a long time, only to hold a serious face like a gentleman, and the voice said a little dryly: “On the verbal, we generally don’t say this… Hey, this will be said on special occasions.”

“Oh, don’t say that,” Nanshan nodded with a little bit of understanding and ignorance, saying that he was taught, but he was laughing and laughing. When he didn’t slow down, he asked again. “What should I say if I like you very much?”

He was slobbered on the spot and coughed up to death.

Nanshan was very confused and a little embarrassed to look at Xiaoxiao: “I said it wrong again.”

In his eyes, there was a glimpse of the light and the wind, and he felt that he had fully reflected his embarrassment. He fixed his mind, and his palms had a little soft tinge. He took over the scepter and gems of Nanshan—the original was inlaid at the top, and was smashed down by Nanshan without light and heavy.

I looked at it for a moment, and I remembered that there was a small box of 502 glue: “Let’s go, I’m going to give you a sticky stick, set it up well, what do you do?”

“Nothing, that’s useless,” Nanshan followed him, not paying much attention to it, showing a natural temperament. “If you can stay all the time – will you stay?”

When I heard the news, I hesitated for a moment, and when I got to my lips, I carefully recited it: “How do you say this? The world is impermanent, are you right?”

The questions that are not easy to answer, euphemistically turn around, most adults can also hear the songs and know the meaning of elegance, and most of them will not ask again.

However, Nanshan once again showed his extraordinary.

Nanshan blinked and asked: “Ah? What do you mean?”

After a moment of thinking, I thought about the wording and found that no matter how the wording was nonsense, I had to follow the way the Nanshan patriarch talked, and said like a great man, “… does not mean.”

“Oh,” this time was straightforward. Nanshan was silent for a while and nodded. It seemed a bit sad. For a while, he said, “I saw a book you wrote to me, called ‘ Airplane’, people can sit on it and fly to the clouds. Is there really a car that can fly to the sky?

Chu Wang: “Yes, I am free to ask you to sit and fly to my house to play.”

Nanshan: “Where is your home?”

“My family is…” The voice suddenly broke, and he was asked.

Where is his family?

He has no home, only a small apartment without a living room, and a property of patriotism that inherits from his name. The former also has a cat climbing frame that has not been picked up. The latter has been unoccupied for a long time. He is too lazy to rent out even rent.

That is just a house, a property, can you really call it home?

Nanshan smiled: “You said I don’t know, is it right? Right? I can’t go, can’t leave the family too far, but later… Maybe the children in the family will grow up and learn Chinese. I can go out with you to see the world outside.”

When he said this, there was a kind of embarrassment that people couldn’t bear to break. He swallowed the “outside world is chaotic” of the scenery.

He gave Nanshan into his small courtyard: “Come in, I will give you a sticky…?”

I saw a snake in the doorway, and the uninvited guest was like a watchdog, vomiting his tongue.

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