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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Title : is actually ‘handsome’ and it’s enough

The black light bonfire found a snake with a triangular head in front of his house, and his mood was a bit unspeakable. He has never had a small animal edge, but all the animals that have a different way of living will basically hide from him spontaneously. Finally, there is a snake that is chasing him, or a cold snake.

Don’t ask for anything else, just good to come to a warm animal?

His voice and footsteps were at the same time. Nanshan immediately looked at him with his gaze. At that time, he did not know if it was the illusion of shackles. The snake seemed to be unable to help himself when he looked at Nanshan.

The tail of the little viper that was shocked by the accident shook, as if he wanted to escape with his tail, and found himself innately lacking, no place to clip. It had to put itself tighter, and spit the letter, the movement of the head up and down, quite a little nod.

He slammed the glasses and thought: “The snake is fine.

“The next moment, his powerful reason jumped out and replied: “No, I am more nervous.

“Although this cognition makes him a little unacceptable, his sane reason is still trying to convince himself.”First of all, the snake is myopic, it is impossible to recognize people.” He thought rationally, “Secondly, it is so delicate, a small head, but also a large piece of venom gland to fill it, the rest of the place Let’s put down ?”At this time, Nanshan raised his hand and stopped him behind him. Then he leaned over and smashed the talented snake. I saw the handsome patriarch with a sullen face, like a twine, and ruthlessly groaned, not caring about the dignity of the thing as a poisonous snake.

The blue-colored snake attempted to escape and failed, and he was caught in his hand, and there was no intention of attacking.

Nanshan whispered a warning: “Let me see you disturb him, I will cut you into three things.”

He is talking about the Yizu dialect, although the voice is light, but the tone is extremely strict. The viper listened, and quickly stretched his body into a straight long stick. He was very devotional and even thoughtful.I finally couldn’t help but ask: “Are you talking to it?”

Nanshan immediately threw the poisonous snake into the grass next to it. The little viper was as big as a scorpion, and immediately plunged into the grass at the speed of lightning. For a while, a head emerged from the grass, and Nanshan did not intend to catch up. This was a wandering battle.

Nanshan: “It can understand, it’s don’t bite.”

In other words, is that a pet snake raised by someone in the family? Then, is it all trained to do all kinds of things?

This is not impossible, it must be through the world, no wonder.

I was a little grateful, because the words of Nanshan proved from the side, he was just a little ignorant, and there was no hallucination.

When he repaired the patriarch’s scepter for Nanshan, he sent the person away. Usually, if Nanshan had the opportunity, he would definitely stay with him for a while. He was full of curiosity about everything on the river. The car is running fast. This kind of ghost problem can be studied with great interest in an afternoon. It is a living “100,000 why.”

But on this day, Nanshan was almost in a hurry. He sent him to the door. He saw many young men from the clothing group, intensively patrolling the family, and several strong women. The cat was swaying on the roof and playing with something. By the unusual moonlight, they saw that they had big and small bows on the roof.

His imagination is poor, and the first reaction to the dark and violent alertness of the divorced people is whether there will be a beast disaster.

However, immediately, I remembered the scene of Hua Bian Duo and Xiao He Ban Zai Boar, and rejected this view.

Is that a territorial dispute with other ethnic groups?

It stands to reason that it does not seem to be at least, and at least these days, ascending to the future, there is no trace of the presence of other ethnic groups nearby.

Can’t it be illegal for foreigners to enter here?

That’s true, it’s not something that a tribe’s people need to worry about.He took a variety of unreliable guesses and lay down on the bed. He took his gun from the small box on the bed and put it on the pillow. It wasn’t against anything. It’s just a little nervous, the gun is He can hypnotize and calm down, just like a child’s teddy bear pillow.In the middle of the night, the Yi people lived in a quiet place, only in the middle of the mountain forest or a night or two, and suddenly, the firewood door of the small courtyard was gently pushed Opened, this movement immediately awakened the owner of the house.


The divorced family is not stealing chickens and dogs. The tribes are working together to share the fruits of labor. The innate conditions are abundant and the resources are abundant. People are so hungry that they are so hungry. The personal prestige of the patriarch is enough to serve the public. In a way, it was almost realized in advance.

Who will break into other people’s homes in the middle of the night?

He slid silently, facing the door, his eyes opened a slit, but the breath was still gentle and long, it sounded like he was still not awake, and the finger on his side pinched the pistol.

By shining an unusual moonlight, he saw his door latched.

The door latch of his door is the old-fashioned wooden strip stuck in the groove. At the moment, the wooden strip is moving slowly, just like an invisible person is opening the door from the house.”Gata”, the door bolt fell, the door was pushed open, and a faint suffocating night wind came in from the door, and saw a “person” in front of the door.

Five or six-year-old children are so tall, their heads are small… No, no, that’s not human.

I saw that the thing suddenly opened his arms, and the translucent shackles were stuck to the body under his arm. It looked up and showed his face in the moonlight. It seemed to lead the neck, but he did not hear the sound.

But the bell hanging on a big tree at the door of his door rang, seemingly something was moved.

The bell was after he stayed, and one day someone hangs when he is not there. He thinks that the child is naughty, usually has a little breeze, and the small bell is also slamming in the local area. It is very nice, he will not care.At this time, the bell was attacked at a high frequency, and it was a sharp, shrill vibrato, like a warning.

The things at the door suddenly unfolded behind the cockroaches and flew over to the cockroaches. At this moment, a black shadow suddenly flashed and stopped in front of the black shadow. When he reached out and grabbed it, he pressed it to the ground.

The sly ear involuntarily moved a little, and he heard a “Kara” sound.The neck of something was broken.

Everything happened in the light stone fire, sitting on the bed halfway, the hand pressed in the quilt buckled on the trigger, his finger was tight first, then another loose, except that he showed some kind of no It is as calm as a mountain.

The black shadow that just broke a neck and looked up, it was Nanshan.If he loosened his finger on the grab, he smelled a bloody smell.

The air is cold and humid.This can’t be an illusion, and the illusion has to be gradual, not so real.He slowly reached out and took the portable flashlight placed on the bed. On the way, Nanshan grabbed his wrist.

The temperature of Nanshan’s palms came, and he said, “Don’t look, it’s already dead.”

Chu Wan: “What is that?”

Nanshan was silent for a while and replied: “The beast that came in, wait a moment, I will clean up for you.”

When he finished, he threw up the things on the ground and strode out.

He put on his clothes and sat on the bed halfway. Even though he didn’t have the ability to read books in the middle of the night, his night vision was absolutely not bad. Even if he didn’t turn on his flashlight, he saw the creature lying on the ground with only a little moonlight.

It was something he had never seen before, the body was a humanoid, but his face was covered with hair. It was the same needle of a wild boar, with shiny scales on his body, prominent sternum, and under his arms. Transparent, such as hang gliding, is likely to fly.

When Nanshan dragged it away, its nails hung on the ground and made a metal-like collision, showing the hardness.

I don’t lack the experience of the wild, nor have I ever been to the zoo. However, this animal is completely beyond his knowledge.Unknown animals, unknown plants, and children with great strength.His gaze turned to his door—and how did the bolt at the time fall?

At this time, he heard Nanshan talking to someone outside and said something. Then, there was a sound of water in the yard. It seemed that someone was washing something. After washing for a long time, Nanshan gently pushed the door in.This time, Nanshan did not say anything, but walked in quietly and came. His hands and face were washed, his body was cold with water vapor, his hair was a little wet, and he stood in front of the trampoline for a while. He finally took out two words: “Sleep.”After that, Nanshan sat on the ground against the bed in the back, sitting in the direction of the door.

Nanshan is not a bad word, just asking him to organize a wonderful Chinese, always a little beyond the scope of his ability.

He wanted to say “Don’t be afraid, I am here,” and then swallowed it back. Nanshan said that he had made several mistakes in the afternoon. Before the voice was exported, he couldn’t help but carefully scrutinize it. For a while, so hard work pays attention to the inadequacies of this sentence.

Yes, although it is “fragile”, it is not a child. Such a “don’t be afraid” is not respectful.Since he can’t say it, he has to use his actions to express himself.

This clumsy and thoughtful look fell into the eyes, making him feel a soft heart.I moved in and patted the hard bed board: “Come up.”Nanshan did not refuse, turned over and lay up. There are several sweet-scented osmanthus trees near the patriarch’s house. Nanshan often gathers people to meet and discuss some things. The body naturally sticks with extremely light and light flowers and drills into the nostrils. It made him feel a little happy at the time.

In order to be in danger of his own fucking, he has provoked a topic.

“Hey,” he licked the shoulders of Nanshan. “Just, that big guy, can meat eat?”

Nanshan: “…”He seriously considered it for a long time and answered: “No, the skin is too thick.

“In the face of this daunting spirit of eating goods, Nanshan remembered the unspeakable look of the medicine. He felt that he was too worried, so he did not hesitate to give him a sincere appreciation. “You are a fierce mammoth.”

This time, he learned to express in Chinese.

I am more indigested: “Call – let’s say ‘brave’ is good? I thank you, and there is no need for Mao Zedong, I am not fierce to that extent, in fact, ‘handsome guy’ is enough. ”

In the language of the Yi people, in fact, “fierce” and “brave” are indivisible. Both are derogatory words. It can be seen that although this nation is friendly and enthusiastic, it has a wild aesthetic of blood and blood.

Therefore, Nanshan asked very incomprehensibly: “Ferocious and brave is not the same?”I thought about it: “…”Brave” sounds handsome.

“This sentence contains a complex synaesthesia, beyond the understanding of Nanshan, but this time, he did not do too much entanglement, just turned over, facing the embarrassment, said to him: “Winter is coming This year we crossed the river for the last time, went there to sell things, every time I took people, there is something in this Hui family, I can’t walk, can you do it for me?”

This requires an abrupt, perhaps to support him, or perhaps to protect him, and think about it – Nanshan as a patriarch, should have his own considerations, he is an outsider, try not to trouble people

Then, I quickly agreed: “Well, I will go and see if there is any small instrument to sell, bring you a back.”

He promised, Nanshan suddenly relieved, and had a chat with him: “Send me again? Why don’t you give me something you don’t want?”

“The things you sent are too expensive. I have given you some gadgets.” I remembered the big jewel, and I still had a lingering fear. “If your stone is jade, it will be worth the salary of my whole life.”

However, if it is outside, I will accept it as a result of corruption and accepting bribes.

Nanshan didn’t understand what was “corruption and accepting bribes”, and he didn’t understand what was “scrapping”.

He explained with one glance: “Then we are different from you, we give everything the same.”The divorced family is like living in a paradise. There is no concept of wealth. I just wanted to organize the language to explain to him. I heard Nanshan added: “If you are my friend, you will come from afar, I will ask you to drink. A jar of wine, if you need it, my life is yours, you say ‘expensive’ things and ‘unexpensive’ things, there is no difference in my opinion.”

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