Shan He Biao Li Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Title : Is shared with a beautiful man

For a while, he didn’t answer. Nanshan thought that he was already asleep. He picked up the corner of the quilt and pulled it to the shackle. However, he was caught in the wrist by a hand.

With a thin shackle between your fingers, with a little lightness.

A glimpse of Nanshan, the darkness made him notice that the hands of the cockroaches seemed to be a little different from what they imagined.

I suddenly wanted to drink alcohol. He understood the benefits of alcohol between the short months of the clothing.

When you are slightly stunned, the heartbeat will accelerate, and the blood will accelerate as soon as the fire bursts. He will feel that the whole person has come alive and has the spirit of running through the head and tail.

When he waited a little more and went up, he began to forget where he was. At this time, if he just stared at the glass, he would have the illusion that he was still young and Pengcheng was here.

In the end, it was drunk. At that time, there were joys, sorrows, joys and sorrows, and he was all left behind. He was as light as a feather and floated in the air. He could rely on this all the way. Sleeping a whole night without worry.

But I licked my lips and held back.

Tian Xingjian, people rely on self-improvement, since he perceives his dependence to escape, he should not indulge the senseless and shameful weakness in his heart.

Moreover, although Nanshan is lying here, I am afraid that most of the minds are connected to the outside. This night, the Yi people are all heavily guarded for some reason. Although they are inconvenient to inquire about the original, they cannot always take the patriarch. Desperate duty drunk.

He swallowed the alcohol addiction, but who knows the words has flowed down.

“I used to have a friend who was a little like you.” He suddenly whispered.

His voice is somewhat indescribably hoarse, and there is a bit like the sand blowing over the surface of the rock, with the roughness of the years. Nanshan involuntarily shook a little, slightly side of the side of the ear, feeling a little itchy root.

“He is also doing 100% serious work, even if it is a trifle to eat and wash hands – this is very similar to you, but it is only this,” he added. “You are a good friend, he is a jerk, Every time I meet, he will find someone to marry me.”

He said that he was not happy. Nanshan listened carefully and did not interrupt.

He paused and said, “Later, for some reason, he died for me, and I rushed to make this one.”

He said, erecting the middle finger and making a nasty gesture, but the fingers seemed to be crushed by the memories, and he was inexplicably unable to open.

Nanshan curiously followed the stroke: “What does this mean?”

Chu Wan: “…no, you don’t have to learn, it’s awkward.”

Nanshan licks his fingers, even if it is the middle and middle finger, he is extremely upright. Under the cultural differences, Nanshan failed to understand the true meaning of the truss from a finger. He retracted his hand and said to him. :”what is his name?”

His gaze gazing at Nanshan for a moment, and suddenly smiled: “Ferocious hair ball.”

Nanshan: “Not brave…”

I don’t blush and say, “Oh, in our case, it’s generally called ‘brave’, and the ugly is called ‘fierce’.”

Nanshan: “…”

He felt that his Chinese learning had encountered a new bottleneck.

The sly voice was once again low. If it wasn’t for Nanshan’s eyes and ears, he could hardly hear the other’s words.

He said softly: “Just I always think, what is the meaning of his death and my survival? I know that it is quite artificial, but people always have to live for what, right?”

He said, his fingers curled up and he became a fist, feeling that the ring engraved with “to tease you” was stuck between his fingers, as if reminding him of his personal commitment to nod.

“No,” Nanshan interrupted. “Why is the rabbit alive? Why is the eagle alive? Why is the squirrel alive? Why is the snake alive?”

Looking at him with a sigh of relief, Nanshan suddenly raised his hand and attached his heart to his eyes.

It may be the unique copper-clad iron bones of the clothing group. Nanshan, like everyone else, is never afraid of cold. Even if his palm has just been soaked in cold water, he can warm up quickly.

The thin eyelids felt the temperature of his palm, like the most blazing sun at noon, and the longest green leaves on the top of a plant, the most green leaves. It was the vitality that he had printed in his mind when he first saw Nanshan.

I couldn’t help but say, “Would you blow me that song again? The first time you saw you, the one you blow.”

Nanshan climbed up and took a leaf from the plant that had been transplanted into the house at the corner of the squatter. He put it to his lips: “This song is in your words, it is called the hillside after the first rain.” It is said that after the first rain every spring, the grass and the worms climbed out from the ground together.

Chu Wan: “We generally don’t have such a long name.”

Nanshan: “What should it be?”

He paused for a moment, and suddenly his heart flashed. He said, “Shock.”

In the late autumn osmanthus fragrance, a shocking minor.

The next day, when the outside was still dark, Nanshan quietly went up, and did not move, and did not blink, until Nanshan went out, “Oh,” he stopped for him, he slowly turned over. I looked up at the high gray ceiling without any drowsiness.

When I chatted with Nanshan the night before, I still remembered it. I didn’t mean to pay attention to it. But Nanshan’s voice seemed like a silk thread, firmly entangled his ears, turned to the left, and the right ear could hear, to the right. Turning over, the left ear can hear, it seems that it is necessary to try a hundred products, no taste is willing to give up.

I feel that I have figured out two dollars and want to buy a glass bead. As a result, people have made a mistake and gave him a diamond.

Earn a lot of money, and he was a bit embarrassed when he was happy.

I lay for a while, and when my mind slowly settled down, I got up and exercised as usual.

Before the dawn of each day, the dragons are all around the foot of the river, running about four to five kilometers, and then going to the forest to do a routine strength training, it is to loose the bones. So come back and simply rinse it out. It’s basically just dawn. It’s catching up with everyone’s activities. Spring will send him breakfast. Spring is Xiaofang’s wife, and she’s a little bit of a bear mother, even though she The method of educating children is slightly out of tradition, but the craftsmanship of cooking is well recognized in the family.

At this time of the day, I couldn’t meet anyone, but because there were a lot of patrols on this day, when I just came out, there were two or three vigils who saw him.

Xiaofang was squatting on a big tree in the form of a gorilla. When he saw him, he immediately greeted him with enthusiasm. He opened his voice without hesitation and shouted at him: “The King of the King!”

He screamed at this scorpion, and he could not wait for the ten-eighth village to receive the notice that “Dawangtian is not bright and will come to patrol the mountain.” Rao is a thicker face, and at the same time he regrets giving himself such a flower name. .

He is busy with a finger: “Hey-“

Xiaofang touched the back of his head and smiled. He jumped from the tree and jumped into the tree. He was mixed with several Chinese words in the language of the clothing. He said to the audience: “I went to.. . Get up and get some food for you.”

He grabbed him and stopped his harassment.

However, the movement of Xiaofang was still amazed by many people. A large group of vigils came out from all over the place, and they looked around with enthusiasm.

There was no way to run around the mountains in the eyes of the public. I had to pretend that I would shrink back if I had nothing to do. I closed the door and sullenly pulled up on the iron shelf in the room.

Halfway through the exercise, his window was gently buckled twice, squatting, jumping down, turning the wooden window up, looking around, not seeing people, but a snake hangs down and reveals A small face.

Chu Wan: “…”

No, how did it get back?

The little snake shook his head and swayed in his window, and probed the probe four times. It seemed that the horrible patriarch was not there. Then he dared to come in and tried to use the sinister triangle head to smash his hand. He was pinched seven inches again by lightning.

One thing I can’t understand – is this cold and sticky worm thinking that it is a lovable puppy?

The snake’s tail was still stalking and stalking his arm until he opened his mouth.

“It’s not impossible to come to my house.” He said with a language that he had never said before, he said that he was not proficient in pronunciation, so he said that he was intermittent, and he said one word and one word. I pulled your teeth.”

The poisonous snake showed that it really understood the human voice. When he heard this, he suddenly smashed and immediately began to put on his death and hang his tail straight.

After the jump from the cliff, I was a little sickly obsessed with the “life force” thing – if not, if he didn’t, he would kill the snake that constantly harassed him. Even if the dog bunny is taken, whoever receives a blink of an eye will see a snake running next to him. This backcountry, relying on horseback riding, really let it bite, where to get the serum?

Uncertainly, the snake was thrown out along the window.

The viper felt hurt and self-respected, and climbed silently to the tree at the door, wrapped around the tree scorpion, and went to pick up a nest of bird eggs.

But it’s probably like a sly heart–it doesn’t have much place in the skull to put aside the brain. The little venom didn’t take long to clean up the memory, lost memory, not only forgetting hatred, but also returning to the fart. I have a bird egg to flatter.

Chu Wan: “…”

There is a way to reach out and not smile at people… snakes, people are rushing to give gifts, and it’s not good to shoot them directly outside the window, but as a “fragile human being worn by a tree” He was very grateful to the raw bird eggs that the snake had. He carefully pinched the egg for a while and fed it back into the snake’s mouth.

The snake shook his head and enjoyed the deliciousness of the human world. He felt that he had some understanding of this human being. He climbed into the embarrassing room along the window. If he saw no objection, he would no longer try to wrap him around and swim silently. When I reached the corner of the wall, I was wrapped around a broom on the ground, and I placed the chin on the broom head. I didn’t bother to watch the morning exercise.

I shared a sleep with the beautiful man, completed the indoor exercise, and made a strange friendship between the beast and the beast… I felt that I had spent a meaningful day.

And this meaningful day has just begun.

After eating breakfast, “Glittering Cliffs” Dashan classmates came to him with another young boy. They took a few horses, licked a lot of things, flipped over and found out what was in the goods. There are homemade bacon, some pickled food, wine, and some small handicrafts of wood carving.

Men who usually graze or patrol in the mountains have a little craft in this area to pass the time.

The necessities of the clothing family are basically self-sufficient. I heard that Nanshan used to be a teaching teacher. He used to work in the county town. He didn’t know how much effort he made. Finally, he finally succeeded in making an application, and the by-product was He got a little bit of poverty alleviation for remote ethnic minority areas, but not much, but it is better than nothing. They send people out a few times a year, they can’t talk about what they are selling, they can earn some pocket money, they can buy some outside. thing.

Presumably, Nanshan passed, and Dashan went to the front and said to him: “We all listen to you.”

He lived like a foreign student who had just learned a few foreign languages. When he was prepared, he might have turned around in his heart. When he said it was exporting, the whole person was unloading the same ease.

However, it’s easy to finish and nervous, because I’m afraid I’ll answer, I’m worried that I can’t understand it.

Fortunately, when I was a child, I first learned the foreign language when I was a child. I was very familiar with his feelings. I could understand his feelings. There was no nonsense. I just patted the shoulders of Dashan: “Let’s go.”