Shan He Biao Li Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Another young man who came with Dashan quickly took the horse and handed the reins to him.

This person is also impressed, looks a little like a little girl, treats people with anger, and is a bit embarrassed. He is particularly thin and has a name in the divorce family where both men and women are generally taller than others. Translated is a “long whip”…

I don’t know which “whip” it is, nor what high expectations his parents have placed on him.

It is said that the whip is the best in the family. Every time it goes to Nanshan to cross the river to sell things, although it can’t go a few times a year, it is a lighter road than other people, and his Mandarin is much more than others.

The whip shyly smiled and took the horse, and then he was urging: “Let’s hurry.”

He even said three or four times. In the impression, the whip seemed to be not an acute one. He found that the whip spoke while looking around at the end of the mountain and in the direction of the woods, as if there was anything urging him.

Dashan didn’t have a knife at the waist, his look was tight, and his movements were a little more urgent than usual.

The two people did not know whether they were intentional or unintentional, sandwiching the cockroaches in tandem.

I know that they are going to the market, I don’t know, and watching this intense and urgent atmosphere can also be a strategic retreat for them.

Three people and a few horses quickly walked to the foggy river. There was no woman washing clothes and no children playing with water on this day. Just as the forefoot of the fast-moving horse has stepped into the water, he heard a long and stern eagle coming from behind, from far and near, followed by huge wings as he crossed the air. The whistling sound.

The whip frowned and looked at the mountain and whispered, “Why is this coming so fast?”

Dashan shook his head and said nothing, just urging: “Go away.”

Looking back, I saw a large eagle descending from the sky, falling straight to the place less than ten meters away from them, staring at him with a double eye.

If it spreads out on both wings, it may have two or three meters in length.

But is this type of sculpture is not in the northeast or in Inner Mongolia?

When I didn’t have time to think about it, I heard a string of screams. As soon as he looked up, he saw that the big statues landed one after another in the rain, and they fell into a murderous square.

I looked around inexplicably, there is a raptor farm nearby?

His horse was somewhat frightened, his footsteps were chaotic, and his front legs were uneasily planed.

I tried to mobilize my own common sense of poor animals, and I have never heard of the saying that Ma is afraid of carving.

He was sweeping the strange carvings, reaching out and patting the horse’s neck and comforting, whispering, “I have done it, so stupid expressions, even if there is a strengthening, what are you afraid of?”

The state of the person also affects the state of the horse. The horse quickly calms down under his comfort, but it does not want to be surrounded by a group of sculptures for a second. If it is not slightly controlled, it may have to perform. “Said the son to escape.”

In the river filled with thick fog, the mountain spontaneously led the way, and the whip took his horse.

He quietly borrowed the glasses to open the signal receiving device on his glasses – when he was wrong, he secretly posted a signal transmitter on the mountain.

This thick fog is like a natural labyrinth. When people walk in, they will involuntarily lose their direction. It seems to contain some hallucinogenic ingredients, but the objects of confusion are divided into bloodlines. For example, the people in the clothing can be completely immune.

For such natural wonders, it is hard to be curious.

However, strange things happened. As the fog became thicker, the signal from the mountains became weaker and weaker. Later, it disappeared directly. At this time, the mountain was only half a horse faster than the dragonfly. The back is still in his naked eye.

His signal was blocked.

This thick fog wraps the colony of the clothing group into an independent small world. He picks up the glasses and wipes the lens covered with water vapor while trying to debug the equipment. He thought: “It’s a bit interesting. ”

Daddy, squatting on the back, he jerked back and saw a man in the middle of the river.

At this time, the fog has not reached the point where you can’t reach the five fingers. You can barely see the people in the water – male, long hair, hair floating in the water, like a large bowl of seaweed soup, that person The naked upper body is similar to the pattern on Nanshan, but the details seem to be subtle and different. The fog is soaked, and I can’t see where it is different.

His skin is almost white like the oriental, almost transparent, and the lips are more red, but everything is extremely counter-reversing, and the lips are red and white to a certain level, actually showing a little demon like just eating a dead person.

It’s not ugly to look at it, it’s not like a living thing.

After halfway through the river, I saw such a person. There was no poetic association between “there was a sorrow and a Yiren”. I only felt that there was a water ghost.

The whip and the mountain immediately grabbed the horse at the same time. The mountain whispered something. It was a cloak language that had never been heard before. They were a bit like when they called Nanshan, and they were not exactly the same.

He could hear that the young man’s tone was very solemn, but Zheng Zhongzhong was somewhat alert and did not have closeness to Nanshan.

If their name for Nanshan is “patriarch”, what does this mean?

“Previous patriarch”? “Dead patriarch”? “The patriarch from the underworld”?

“Water Ghost” is just staring at the cockroach, not snoring.

The whip and the mountain looked at each other. The whip stepped forward and explained their journey carefully. This time, I understood it. He said: “The patriarch asked us to sell the last batch of things before winter. Just… just about to start.”

“Water Ghost” does not look at the goods he gestures, raises his hand and asks, and asks with a voice that does not know whether it is “feminine” or “low-lying”: “Who is he?”

The whip honestly replied: “It is the guest brought back by the patriarch.”

“Guest?” The ghost’s scarlet lips suddenly hooked, and his smile was different from ordinary people.

When laughing, the upper half of the face is like freezing, the muscles are not moving, only the lips are hard to transform into a shape that is bent upwards, and the benchmark is to interpret what is called “skin smiles.”

Sitting on the back, the muscles were involuntarily tightened, and he instinctively felt the threat of the other.

The water ghost suddenly jumped out of the water, and he slammed the water, but there was no splash of water. Under his palm, the deep water seemed to be pressed by him by a huge undercurrent, even the horses in the water. It’s half a step back.

Although I don’t know how he did it, obviously, this is still a bowl of seaweed soup that can’t be taken lightly.

The figure of the water ghost flew quickly, and the lightning came to the front of the donkey. From the bottom up, he looked at the horse on the horse’s back. His eyes were like two holes that could not be seen at the bottom. The monks, the white palms seem to have some kind of metallic color flashing past, grabbing the sly legs.

At this moment, the horse was not back sooner or later, and the front hoof was raised slightly. When it fell, the horse’s head was gently turned to the side. It turned halfway in the same place. I avoided the paws of the water ghost without hesitation.

Everything is natural, it seems that only the horse is afraid of this person in front of him, spontaneously retreating.

He gently patted the horse’s head, and the friendly Swen on his face swept away, staring indifferently at the people in the water.

The whip immediately stopped in front of the donkey, and the mountain jumped up and rolled up. The two young boys were nervous. Hearing that Dashan called the other party, he increased his tone, but at the same time he lightened his voice to show respect: “He is the guest of the patriarch please come back.”

“Water Ghost” stared at him: “He is not good.”

The brows of Dashan were wrinkled.

“Get out.” The water ghost snapped, grabbing the shoulders of Dashan.

Dashan fiercely sideways, lifted his shoulders and pulled out his waist knife and slammed it toward the other’s wrist. The metal shell of the waist knife slammed into the white hand of the water ghost, and slammed hard.

Dashan’s waist knife had just been pulled out halfway, and the ghost had stopped the wrist at an incredible speed. After a fold and a push, the blade was pushed back and slammed, and slammed into the water.

The water sneaks down the shoulders of the mountains, and the nails leave five distinct blood marks on his shoulders. He leaps forward and reaches for his claws and grabs his shoulders.

The embarrassing horse once again took a half step back. The man immediately seemed to be slowly pulling out a dark “iron bar”. Somehow, he handed it to the paw of the water ghost accurately. in.

The water ghost instinctively joined hands and met in the midair with a smile and a smile.

Chu Wan: “How can I not be good, is your persecuted paranoia spread late?”

During the speech, he tried to lightly clip the horse’s belly. The horse stepped forward a big step. The handle of the whip in his hand seemed to accidentally hit the elbow of the other side.

The paws of the water ghosts involuntarily disengaged, and the “Pu Tong” sound fell back into the water.

This time, he was obviously irritated.

The water ghost took a step back, looked at the sly coldly, raised his hand and screamed, and blew a long, sharp whistle.

When the whistle came out, the whip suddenly changed his face, and it was too late to explain. Regardless of the ground, he took a whip on the horse. The horse was caught off guard, and the front hoof was pulled, and the small river flowing quietly Into a pot of dumpling soup, straight out.

The water ghost refused to let him go, and he did not carelessly crossed the whip and the mountain and chased it up.

This time, I didn’t feel badly surprised.

He didn’t know who the little white face that was half dead and dead, but only from the attitude of the two boys, it was judged that this person had a very close relationship with the Yi people, or it was a more important person from the Yi nationality. The people in the days have been very caring for him. Although the other side has been aggressive, he has retreated.

However, the years and experience have given him maturity and rationality. It does not mean that he has a good temper. When he was a child, he was a hooligan. The probability of growing up to become a model youth of Wen Liang Gong Gong was too low.

The horse was frightened again, and suddenly he was a little angry. He turned back and took out the short knife that Nanshan gave him. He planned to send a young mania and dry it on the spot.

However, at this moment, there was a sudden tremor in the water, and the horse screaming and slammed.

This time, it couldn’t be comforted anyway. The knees were soft and directly smashed down. If it wasn’t for squatting, it would almost fall down with it.

Wait, what is the tradition of fighting for foreign aid?

A stinking smell came from, only a loud bang, the shallow water was smashed in half by something, and a big head was poured out from the feet of the ghost, and he was lifted up high.

Chu Wan: “…”

Foreign aid is a giant.

Don’t say that you saw it with your own eyes, you never thought about it, a snake can be so big. Its body is not close together, the upper body is lifted, and a big man can stand on the top of his head.

The snake is a black cyan in the whole body. The mouth is covered with a fang-like fangs, and the mouth is stunned.

Suddenly I heard a small “squeaky” sound. He looked down and found a small head in the cargo bag with woodcarving crafts. The green viper didn’t know when the monks didn’t pay attention to the drill. Going in, it looked up and slowly swooped back. After a while, it put a piece of nailed wood bird on the head and swam on the horse, posing like a giant. The shape.

His new friend is so eager to support the game, he feels that he should express his gratitude, but at the same time, he has to admit that it is really a “disgraceful” specialty.

The water ghost rides on the head of the giant python, and looks at him in a condescending manner. His eyes are like watching a dead object. He suddenly makes a cry in his mouth. The snake immediately understands the command of the attack, and the upper body is sharp and straight. Then, The Thunder is too late to probe the bite.

At that moment, the short knife was inserted back into the holster on the thigh, and the hand was plunged into his arms and touched his pistol.

If you dare to rush to his mouth, you must be prepared to be shot with a shot.

The hurricane rushed to the surface, and suddenly, a sudden rush of Ye Di’s voice came as sharp as it was to tear the thick fog.

When the big snake biting down was like the body-fixing method, it kept the attack halfway on the spot and did not move.

The people went back together and saw one person wading through the water.


Nanshan Trail goes straight between the big snake and the dragonfly.

“Go,” he said.