Shan He Biao Li Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

He didn’t move, he couldn’t leave Nanshan to leave alone, and he wouldn’t rush at the time when he didn’t know the ins and outs, so he kept watching.

Nanshan turned to switch to his own language, ignoring the giant python, and said to the “water ghost” on the snake head: “You come down.”

The water ghost squats and squats, “I don’t understand what you are talking about”, sitting on the ground, and indifferently bearing the hatred of the other party’s wife.

The water ghost looks like a ditch, and it doesn’t work. If someone says “down”, he will have to go down. Moreover, I am still in front of this outsider.

But compared with people, the animals are very honest. After hesitating, the snake slowly lowered his head and sank into the water.

The water ghost face is suppressed, the face is more white, the smell is more and more heavy, and the top of the head is like the essence.

He is the object of hatred that he wants to burn.

The water ghost suddenly snorted and jumped up from the snake head, crossed the Nanshan Mountain, and rushed to the past.

Nanshan raised his hand and crossed the patriarch’s scepter. The stick was stuck on the neck of the water ghost. The card was smashed and inchy. The face of the water ghost suddenly changed from white rice to mosquito blood. Nanshan palm slammed tightly. The water ghost fell backwards, and the giant cockroach quickly held him up, so he didn’t let him lie down and drink.

After a few steps, the water ghost reluctantly stood still. He bent down and coughed fiercely.

The snake swayed his tail uncomfortably, and the river was a series of undulating ups and downs.

Nanshan looked at him with a blank expression. He grabbed the poisonous snake on the horseback and took a pat on the horse. He said to them, “It’s okay, let’s go, these days. There are just a few things in the family, and the class stops for a few days.”

Make sure he is flat, and then he turns the horse’s head.

Until they walked out for a while, they could still hear the water ghost rushing to Nanshan with his unique voice: “You actually bring outsiders! Have you forgotten one?”

Nanshan’s voice is much more soothing than his impatience: “You don’t have to worry about it.”

The water ghost violently thundered, and he said a lot of things in his voice. He said that he was speeding enough to have two hundred miles. He was so proficient in the language of the clothing, this time he really couldn’t understand.

Going a little further, not only can’t understand, but I can’t hear it. When I get to the foggy place, I don’t see anyone before or after, and the sound is like being blocked.

When they walked away, Nanshan leaned down and touched the head of the giant sigh and sighed: “Go.”

The “water ghost” stood in the water and trembled with anger.

Nanshan gave him a look and added some tone: “Ruger.”

The water ghost named “Ruger” jumped angrily to the body of the giant: “I see you are crazy!”

After that, he drove the giant python and swam away quickly.

Nanshan stood alone in the middle of the thin river for a while. After a while, he turned and looked in the direction where they had disappeared. His entire leg was soaked in the cold river, but he didn’t feel cold. It’s just that the fog is too big, and he’s confused in his heart.

At that moment, Nanshan suddenly remembered the words he had read in the old magazines he brought, “Looking at the world”, as if it was quoted by the person who wrote the article, listening to it, it was from their first Knocked down in ancient poetry.

“Heaven and Earth” Nanshan knows, but what is called “Yuyou”?

Asked, the ancient poetry appreciation class on the early days was returned to the teacher as it was, and he said that he did not know clearly. He just told Nanshan according to his own understanding: “It may be a big, very broad meaning.” It’s so big that people can’t do anything and they can’t do anything.”

Although the river has not yet passed his waist, it is not very large and wide, but at this time, Nanshan has already felt “young.”

The little snake slowly climbed his shoulder around his arm, and the wood bird was still in his mouth.

“This time the door opened so early, I am afraid that ‘the other side’ can’t hold it.” Nanshan reached out and grabbed the snake head and asked himself, “What should I do when I get there?”

The little viper made a “squeaky” sound, and then it might be that he couldn’t come up with any constructive opinions. He spit the bird on the palm of Nanshan and gave him a gift to comfort him.

Nanshan lowered his eyes and pinched the little bird with a big head and looked at it for a while. He took a slap in the head of the little viper: “If you don’t understand anything, it will add chaos, hehe.”

He did not take the snake to return to the wind to exit the way, just head down, silently step by step and went back.

If you look back at this time, you will be scared.

There are some unusually crowded settlements in the deserted people. The top of the branches is covered with big scary raptors, and several giant pythons are wrapped around the trunks, slowly squirting the letters. It was unusually gloomy, like a big pot on the top of the head, which was brewing a storm with lightning and thunder.

Many people who are as pale seem to have emerged from the ground overnight. They stand quietly behind and are distinct from the people of the clothing.

There are men, women and children in the clothing group, and there are only young men and women 

Lug sat on the high, erected snake head, staring at the Nanshan not far away.

Nanshan, under the watchful eyes of everyone, bent down calmly and carefully wringed his wet legs and hair one by one.

The little bald man ran over and did not have a bit of eyesight. He asked Nanshan regardless of the occasion: “The patriarch, where did the king  go?”

Nanshan said: “Go out, I asked him to do something.”

The little bald worriedly asked: “Is it back?”

Nanshan listened to this and sorted out his own movements. After a while, he rushed to the bald head and waved: “Come here.”

As the former idol of the little bald head, the patriarch was still a little appealing. The little bald man was summoned to the past with joy and joy. He lifted his foot and hugged the thigh of Nanshan. He looked at the Nanshan smirk and laughed. Tiancheng’s flower idiot.

“He will come back in a few days.” Nanshan touched his head, then he glanced around, and in the eyes of the public, he asked the little bald head. “If one day he wants to leave us, you want to Go with him?”

The little bald is too small. He has not developed a heavy concept about his hometown, his native land, his loved ones, etc. In his opinion, whoever he likes to go with is the logic of the righteousness. Hearing Nanshan asked, he did not hesitate. Nodding, loudly gave the answer: “Think.”

From the time Nanshan asked the sentence, the Luge face on the snake head is not generally ugly.

Nanshan didn’t look at him, cocked his little bald chin, and then asked, “Why do you want to go with him? Don’t you?”

The little bald man gave his finger to count: “Because the king gives sugar to eat, I like him when I give it to sugar. Whoever I like the most, whoever looks best, the king of the king is the best, my grandmother said. I grew up to be the best looking person to be a wife!”

Nanshan’s slight glimpse did not make a “big man” evaluation of this naively “invulnerable” reasoning.

But as he spoke, the little bald himself wrinkled his sparse eyebrows. He couldn’t help but put his hand into his mouth and bit his hand unconsciously: “But if I go with the king, I can’t see my dad and grandma. And I can’t see the patriarch.”

Nanshan: “Yeah, what do you do?”

The little bald frowns for a long time. Finally, his young brain found it difficult to find the best of both worlds. The little boy thought about it and forgot that this was just a hypothesis. He took it seriously and rushed to bite his finger and bite Nanshan pants.

But even if he bites a hole in Nanshan’s trousers, it still doesn’t help, and the little bald can’t help but sorrow from it. “Wow,” he cried.

The little bald mom hurried forward and took a solemn and ancient ritual to Nanshan. He gave him back before the dead child licked his nose and shed tears.

He asked coldly: “Nanshan, what do you mean?”

Nanshan turned to face him: “This year’s ‘door’ seems to be early.”

He gnashed his teeth and said, “You don’t want to transfer the topic – just bring an outsider into the family. Do you have anything to explain?”

Nanshan calmly and erected the patriarch’s scepter on one side, and the jade with the big fist in the top was washed with water to reveal the lustrous luster.

“One day we completely fell down here. I hope that the people will not go nowhere. They have crossed the river. If they can say the people on the other side of the river, they can rely on selling things or helping people to do things for a living.” Nanshan said, “So I am looking for someone. Teach us to talk, is there any problem?”

“Fart,” he was interrupted him sullenly. “For decades, the mountain guards, I have never seen the patriarch of your cartilage head!”

The “clothing family” means “Shoushan people”, and the symbiotic with them is “gatekeepers” who follow the same way of life and guard the same land and secrets.

Nanshan is not in a hurry and is not angry: “The Shishan people who have been in the early generations have not faced the problem of ‘fallen’.”

Someone whispered: “Then you must guard the mountain and die with this place! Are you afraid of death? Coward!”

Nanshan was silent.

He looked around his people – the little bald head was still eating, and the flower bones had a pair of beautiful eyes that were exactly the same as her mother… They had children who didn’t know anything, some girls who didn’t have time to marry, and when they visited I am thinking of a young man with a Chinese word, and an old man who just wants to spend his old age.

They are different from the so-called “gatekeepers” in front of them.

Although the gatekeeper has a close relationship with the Shoushan people, they are very different from each other.

The gatekeepers were created by the “doors.” They were born with no fathers and no mothers. They had never experienced a ignorant childhood. Opening their eyes in the world is such a long-lasting appearance, and when they are old Decline, the same people will send him to death according to the rules.

The life of the “gatekeeper” is not real at all. At the end of the day, they are like a wormed trousers or a rotten corn borer.

What are you talking about with them?

No need, it doesn’t make sense.

Nanshan’s face faded, and he said with a little politeness: “The life and death are all things we guard the mountain people, and it’s not enough for you to come.”

Fingers broke into the scales of the giant clams. The giant clams ate and trembled fiercely. The upper body was lifted to half, and it was reluctantly suppressed. It carried and did not dare to move.

The atmosphere between the two people suddenly became fierce, and the two sides stood up and pressed, and even the raptors and giants did not dare to scream.

I don’t know how long it took, and suddenly there was a cry crying behind Nanshan, breaking this suffocating confrontation – a little guy who was born last year, was frightened.

Nanshan’s gaze finally moved, and he gathered his eyes and sighed lowly: “Let’s go down, everyone will get together for three days a year, let’s not waste on quarreling.”

He paused, and the fingers of the snake were slightly loose. For a while, he sloppyly took the position. It was down on this step. He said: “This year’s ‘door’ opened half a month earlier than in previous years. You are better prepared, and we have recently observed that ‘there’ is going to be a day, it’s the last two years.”

Nanshan underestimated the location: “Thank you.”

He finished, turned back and waved, holding a jar of wine in his hands in the spring, her little daughter spent a piece of handmade pastry on her head and walked. 

Lug looked a little slower and patted the head of the serpent, and the python docilely fell.

Lug first smashed half a piece of cake from the flower-shaped plate, and took a sip of the ritual, then extended his cold hand and pressed it on the little girl’s head. Another “gatekeeper” came up behind him. I took the plate in my hand.

He took over the jar of wine in the spring, and took a sip on the jar. He also handed it to the person behind him. He softened his eyebrows and politely said: “Spring sister.”

In the spring, he smiled at him, and like every adult, her smile seemed to have hidden concerns.

Every year when the autumn and winter come, the gatekeepers and the Shoushan people have a few days of gathering together. According to reason, the cloaking people will take care of them.

The song and dance began in a repressed atmosphere, and gradually eased down. People quickly found familiar intimacy.

Nanshan took the two altars to the side of Ruger and handed them to the altar. He looked at the sun that had sunk and whispered: “You can rest assured that even if I want him to stay, he will refuse me. Before winter, I will send people away.”

Ruger glanced at him and silently held up the jar of wine and touched it on the wine jar in Nanshan. The two men each took a sip of wine. Although no one spoke, it was reconciled.

It was already dark, and a few scorpions who had stolen the wine slept in the open space, and the vocals were still not stopped.

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