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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Title : has turned a heart into a cotton

When I grew up to this age, I didn’t know that he actually had a life of “water disaster”—he didn’t say anything, didn’t do anything, just made a bottle of innocent soy sauce from the beginning to the end, and it almost caused a The conflict between the two communities.

They first turned to the  town where Nanshan took him. They stayed at the local guest house for the rest of the night. They searched the entire town again and revolved several times. They finally confirmed that this great transportation hub station does not sell books.

The last time I was in love with the rare “bookstore” was purely accidental. I found that since they sent the old books, that they couldn’t sell to themselves, they turned their minds into a small food store. There is no word for the grass paper.

The simple local people have shown through actual actions what the “economic base determines the superstructure” – as the cornerstone, selling food is better than selling books.

There is no second bookstore here – no wonder that a broken Xinhua dictionary can become a treasure of the towns people.

However, he did not retreat. He found how do have a phone call and he contacted Pharaoh, reported his trip for the next three days, and met the other party. 

He has to hand over the gun.

After a long lap, I went back to the hotel where I stayed, and saw the goods brought by the big bags and one whip in the big bag.

Although Nashan usually has a class representative, but the invisible teacher who appeared in class and did not see the class immediately is not very familiar – not to mention language barriers.

He smiled awkwardly, hesitated, took out a small knife, cut a piece of bacon, and carefully handed it to him.

I slammed it into my mouth and walked in and asked: “How much is a pound?”

The whip shyly spread out two fingers at him.

Chu Wan “”Twenty?”

It’s quite affordable for these guys to do business.

The whip shook his head quickly: “No, two or two warehouses love…”

I suspect that I have got it wrong.

Nashang saw him staying, and thought it was the inaccurate pronunciation of the whip. He immediately helped to convey the meaning. He looked down from the small bag that he had carried out two yuan of change, and enthusiastically lifted up and said: “This, this. ”

“Two pieces? Two dollars a pound?” He slowly chewed the bacon and thought for a while. He didn’t figure out how to evaluate this sentence. At the end, he had no choice but to ask, “Are you both right?”

The two ignorant youths stared at him with their big eyes together, and the expression was so unreasonable that they remembered the big eagle that stood in a row that day.

When I pressed the temples, they ran over and went out. What happened to them for a long time was to buy and sell? What kind of dedication is this?

Chu Wan: “What about cost? Do you have no cost?”

The whip is really a skilled worker who has ran several businesses with Nanshan. He actually understood the word “cost” with high energy and rushed out with a finger: “Become a rush… just one piece.”

In the face of such a genius accountant, I feel deeply helpless: “…how to count?”

The whip is filled with patience to explain: “It’s salt, salt and… that black…”

He said, he stretched out his hand and turned to the ground.

Chu Wan: “Seasoning?”

The whip and the mountain madly nodded.

He turned and sat down beside the bed, looking at the two pure flowers: “There is meat? Is it artificial? Is it not a cost?”

The whip caught the hair inexplicably: “Meat? Raise yourself, yourself, um…”

Nashang quickly cooperated with the hand to make a stirring action, with the joy of labor on his face, and said with a smile: “I will give it to myself.”

I am speechless.

For a long while, he sincerely took the hand of the whip and said earnestly: “You are the master of the rumor that is well-paid, disrespectful and disrespectful.”

The whip half did not understand, but thought that he was praised, and his face was “red” and he was red. Like a drunk, he walked away with a deep foot.

The next day, the slap decided to take a car, and the two young men took the big bag and went to the tourist area together.

I observed the environment, then chose a position at the door, and directed the two children to stand up and put up a sign, writing “organic bacon, pure natural health and pollution, forty dollars a pound.”

Coupled with the “legendary old soup formula and beauty pickles”, and the “mysterious ethnic wishing wood carving” of the hip-hop two will protect the law, he efficiently built a simple native product counter.

The whip and the mountain were in a hurry, because the patriarch had told me to go out and listen to everything. They didn’t directly oppose it. They had to try to communicate with this unreliable king, telling him that it was not selling. Go out.

Suddenly, he made a big move that he “I don’t understand” and rebounded all other opinions.

Just as the whips were scratching their heads, a female tourist passed by and saw that her cockroaches had stopped. After a moment of observation, it was probably that the scent was poked. She screamed boldly: “Hey, handsome, look back!”

But within a radius of 100 meters, as long as someone calls a “handsome guy”, you will surely look back and smug.

Just listening to the “click”, the camera in the hands of the female tourist snapped him back to his face. The unrestrained woman said in a laughter of her companion: “A handsome guy, a real figure.”

I slammed the wooden sign in front of me: “Organic bacon, beautiful, taste?”

Whip: “…”


The two of them watched the goods they brought in less than a day, and they were bought by various friends. They realized what it means to be “many and stupid.”

When the money was collected, the whip’s hand trembled. He had never seen so much money, and his legs and feet were directly ticketed. He could not help but ask: “Is it possible to buy two rounds, two rounds…”

Chu Wan: “Bicycle? Yes.”

The whip tears in tears: “Is it possible to buy four rounds…”

There was a big bus next to it, and the whip pointed out: “That!”

I’m silent for a while: “It’s possible to get together and sell them together.”

Until the two of them found a place to settle down, the two boys are all dreams.

He and the two of them confessed that they had rented a broken pickup truck overnight, opened a mountain of Panshan Road, went to the nearest county town with trains, and rushed to the nearest prefecture-level city by train. Pharaoh was there waiting for him personally… He was greeted by a skunk that covered his face.

He put the gun down and listened for two minutes without a word. He turned and walked away.

The old king burst into tears: “What are you going to do?”

Chu Wan: “If you don’t have a business, I will leave first. I am in a hurry.”

Lao Wang : “What time is it to catch his mother!”

When he finished, he leaned back and sullenly, and took a long distance to look at it. For a moment, the old king looked slower and whispered: “Slim, but the face is not so ugly.”

Chu Wan: “Is it pure natural organic bacon, buy two pounds?”

He smirked his eyes and said: “Oh, since it is your flesh, give me two pounds.”

Chu Wan patted pants pocket: “Hey, look, just sold out, out of stock, there are two light plate thigh bones, do you want?”

Pharaoh: “Yes, take it off, I will take it home to feed the dog – the little rabbit scorpion, dare to spend your time.”

The two of them laughed together, and after laughing, Pharaoh saw the atmosphere was good, and he cautiously raised the topic: “When are you coming back to work?”

He stood at the door and paused: “Quickly – wait for me to stay for a few more months, and go back if I have enough.”

He is very meaningful: “You can leave it for more than three years.”

He smiled and smiled, and he said with a low voice: “Know.”

When I first entered the door, although I was in a hurry, I was in a hurry, my face was still wearing some tired colors, but Pharaoh saw a long-lost look from him.

However, as soon as the question and answer of the two sentences were repeated, the look of the cockroaches suddenly subsided, and in the blink of an eye it seemed to have changed back to the previous way of seeing no light.

He suddenly regretted and quickly found up: “In fact, it’s okay, let’s put it on vacation, how long it will take, how long it will take, no shortage of these two years, and stay steadfast.”

He smiled perfunctorily: “Nothing, life always has to return to the right track, then what… Is the child born in Xiaoxiaoer?”

Pharaoh sticks out two fingers: “Two.”

: “What?”

Pharaoh lowered his head and seemed to be a little embarrassed. He held a bare arm like a commander, and had a face of 2,580,000. He was a tough guy from beginning to end, and it’s not like a smirk like this. Matching.

Pharaoh’s big hand unconsciously snorted on the trouser legs: “Hey, the doctor said it was two, I… I became the grandfather of the two children.”

I couldn’t help but laughed out: “That’s not going back to earn milk powder.”

He Say goodbye to Pharaoh, beat a taxi, and rushed to more than half of the city.

He stayed at the bookstore for a whole afternoon. He hated not picking out every book and flipping two pages. This is too difficult. It was too boring. This illustration is too boring. There are too many illustrations. Nothing in substance…

I don’t think I’ve been so picky when I bought the casket for patriotism.

When he came out of the bookstore, the sunset was already red.

After buying the book, he squatted at the book of two and a half people and went straight to the supermarket next door. He saw that he wanted to buy something. He thought that the soil buns in the mountain ditch in Nanshan must have not eaten this. He had to take it back and taste it for him. taste.

When I thought of Nanshan eating with him, the kind of serious and happy expression, I felt that I could take back the food area of ​​the entire supermarket.

Finally, he took the book and ate, ran more than half of the city, found a musical instrument line, stepped on the point of fighting, and said a good word, forcing the clerk to reopen the locked half of the door. Go in and pick a harmonica for Nanshan.

When I left the instrument line with a new harmonica, my mood was almost brisk.

He involuntarily blew the “shock”, blew half, and found that his tune had run around the southeast and northwest, almost made up a pair of bars, so he closed his mouth very self-awarely, no longer disturbing the people.

Then he stood in the night with such a big bag, inexplicably asking himself: “What am I happy about?”

Suddenly, I found out that I was called by a girlfriend on the phone in the middle of the night to buy raw fried, and I was so beautiful that I was sent to the downstairs boy, and I couldn’t find the North. .

“What am I doing?”

He thought about it, put things down, freed his hands, and leaned on the side of the streetlights to give himself a cigarette.

He silently stared at the cigarette butt in the light, knowing that he would not stay in the clothing for a long time, otherwise he would not subconsciously “forget” to buy some daily necessities.

A detached family is like a dream of a floating life.

The arrival of Pharaoh woke him up.

No matter what secrets there are in their family, they have nothing to do with him. They will continue to live their own life, and he still has to go back.

As he promised to Pharaoh, he returned to his own track.

When I finally can do it for Nanshan, it is estimated that I will find a way to find another teacher for him – the real teacher, the kind that will teach the class.

His thoughts were originally “indefinite”, meaning nothing, and they were cut off early.

Moreover, I always feel that Nanshan is as clean as a blank piece of paper. The things of men and women are all afraid of being tainted, but what about these bad things?

A good friend, even if the rivers and lakes are no longer seen in the future, it is also a thought, there is no need to mention things, I have to think about it in my heart, say it hurts bad feelings, why bother?

He smothered the cigarette and threw the cigarette butt suddenly thought, when the new teacher came, don’t tell them what the “big king” means.

I took the train that night and left, and I didn’t have a rest in the county. I drove the pickup truck back. Two nights, he didn’t close his eyes and made an efficient round trip.

This time, going back, in the middle of the dense mist of water, there are no big snakes and water ghosts to stop them. Those carvings, those strange people, seem to be an illusion, even the shadows are gone, and the family has restored the past. The excitement and vitality.

When the fog in front of the eyes dissipated, I saw Nanshan sitting on the river with bare feet.

Nanshan seems to have heard the sound of horseshoes, and the far-reaching returning person reveals a clear smile.

I felt that my heart had become a piece of cotton, and it was soft, and the whole chest was covered with fluffy cotton wool.

The little travel that is not worth mentioning is exhausted and instantly becomes nothing.

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