Shan He Biao Li Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Maybe a person who is tired of a certain life, when he knows that he is about to leave, will give birth to a bit of masochistic love–not to mention that he is not tired of the clothing.

After returning from the river, he no longer went to the woods every day. No one except Nanshan ignored him. His sense of presence in front of the tribe suddenly became higher.

In the past, I really didn’t like children and small animals. He saw the little scorpion and detoured. He heard that they were two big laps.

But one day, when he stood in front of his window, he looked up and saw several small things like a bat hanging a row on the treetop, stretching his neck, and thought he was quietly peeking, and it was miraculously Not annoying.

He couldn’t help but think of his childhood when he was a cat. The heart said: “This little girl will have a lifetime, will they still have a clean time in their lives?”

The reconnaissance company on the rushing tree rushed to raise the beckoning. The neck of a group of small scorpions stretched from a curl to a turtle. You twisted me and punched me. I licked you and pushed each other. Not willing to move first.

In the end, the little bald head took the lead and took a piece of sugar and jumped down from the tree.

The reconnaissance company, like the dumplings, jumped down the tree and threw back a tree and grabbed a handful of sugar. When one gave it, they sent the group of scorpions away.

Of course, there are also not so good to send, such as small bald.

The little bald greedy is not enough to swallow the elephant, after eating the sugar, but also remembering the person, he thought very carefully in the place for a moment, decided that the thick skin is the first cornerstone of a person’s success, so he is not ashamed and tired. On one side, the two arms were opened.

I was so scared that I took a step back: “Why? You are not holding it?”

The little bald clearly verified his thoughts: “Hug!”

Like a mine, he took a half step forward, kept a safe distance from the little bald, lowered his voice, and tried to tell the little bald man with his half-baked cloaked words: “A gloomy old man To a passionate friend of children, this distance is very far away, do you know that there is ground to the sun, I am just getting started, you have to give me time.”

I don’t know if he was pronounced or not, and he didn’t say it clearly. Anyway, the little bald listened at all and was unmoved, clenching his arm with his attachment.

When you see Xiaozhi, it doesn’t work, you have to move it with emotions – and hand out a piece of sugar: “Eat, eat yourself and play, hehe.”

What are the children who are so good in the wild pigs? The little bald took the sugar, not only did not move, but also rushed to launch a big move: one hugged his thigh.

The magical little viper didn’t know where it came from. When he saw this situation, he decided to follow up with it. He quickly climbed his trousers and wrapped his other leg.

Chu Wan: “…”

He carried the weight of “human and nature” on his two legs, and it was really difficult.

He had to use the action of carrying the explosives bag, carefully holding the little bald head and sending him back to his parents.

For the actions of his unlucky child, the child was extremely shy, and in the face of the cockroach, he picked up the little bald head and smashed his ass.

When the shackles were not seen, the shackles slipped away, and the little serpent poked his head out of his shoulders and cast a sympathetic glimpse in the direction of the crying and crying mother.

The little bald head is like this. At the beginning of his life, he tasted the “true love is scum”, and he was stunned.

As I passed through a small hill, I met a group of grazing young men who had fun together, and their voices of farting and farting were sent by the wind to their ears.

No matter how simple and kind, there are always one or two unfortunate people who are usually bullied by everyone. Obviously, in the men’s circle of the Yi people, the whip is the “pea bean” in “eat, sleep, and play beans”. .

Several people surrounded the whip in the middle, and the whip was blushing in the blushing neck: “When I was on the other side of the river, I lived with the King of the King for many days. When I settled the account, I still helped him! He also said that I It is his brother.”

Others swear: “Blow it!”

A young man screamed at the chest of the whip: “You said that you are his brother, then dare you call him a drink?”

Whip: “I…I…”

“Oh, I saw him! You go. – You are not saying that he is your brother, then you will come when you raise your hand!”

“And then blow!”

“That is, if you blow a big cow, don’t you go to the other side of the Weihe River? The mountain has gone.”

“We still go to class with King Dawang every day. You can’t even say good things to others, but brothers.”

The face of the whip rose red, and he stunned the other people, suffocating, and striding toward the scorpion.

But his courage went all the way, and when he arrived in front of him, he basically had no leaks. He lowered his head and confessed to the front of the sin. The two hands were nervous. The ground is full of trouser legs, and the face is filled with despair when the middle school students who fail the foreign language meet the foreign teachers.

Full of evil tastes, he found a little “man-made” in his reaction – even though he was not a teacher, he felt more like a director.

 “Whip, what about me?”

The whip was stuttering and blushing to stop at the intersection: “I…I…drink…drink…drink.”

… I always feel that he is crying.

Sakamoto wanted to make a whip. Looking at the young man’s embarrassment, he was not very embarrassed, so he reached out and took his shoulder and said with pleasure, “Go, let’s go.”

The whip didn’t expect it so easily, and it was shocked to stand in a place of a coffin board – not only him, but all the older bears and children all over the place were dumbfounded, like a collective body.

I touched my nose and didn’t know how noble and cool I was.

A group of young people were too embarrassed to talk with each other. In the end, they pushed and pushed, and unanimously decided to throw the whip out. The whip did not stand in two steps and came down on one knee.

He sat down on the small soil slope and naturally lifted his legs. He said, “Children, no new year, no money for the lucky money.”

Under the nervousness of the whip, he didn’t understand it at all. He felt that he was pushed out by his companion. He was grilled on the fire under the crowd, and his mind was a mess.

After scratching the ear for a long time, the whip only found a sentence: “Big… King Wang, you…you were in your home, but also put the horse?”

I don’t change my face and say, “I don’t let the horse go, I hunt.”

Everyone did not understand, and quickly whispered to the people around him to inquire what he had just said, talked for a while, figured out what he said, and showed an expression of disbelief.

One of the guys said aloud: “Hunt a rabbit?”

The talking boy’s baby face, it looks like sixteen or seven years old, the name is “shocking thunder”, he simplified it, called him “two kicks.”

“That is called ‘bunny rabbit’, not ‘hunting rabbit’. The word in the province is saved in Chinese.” I helped the glasses and consciously a little bit of the meaning of the people’s teachers. He said, “I mainly play wild dogs. In case they bite people, it can be said that they are special dogs.”

Only then, the second kicker pulled the whip and whispered in the language of the clothing. “Don’t believe how?”

The whip guides: “I don’t know each other.”

The two kicks whispered twice, feeling that I had mastered the word, so I said loudly, “I don’t know each other!”

The grazing boys quickly formed a temporary language study group, and it was a big discussion. After five minutes, they all gathered up the firewood and discussed the meaning of the sentence.

I saw the face of the two kicks turned from obscurity to embarrassment, and finally jumped up in anger and slammed the whip.

When Nanshan and the elders came from afar, they saw that the tribes had learned the skills of the Erlanglang, and they were so strange and colorful that they were sitting around, and there were some wonderful ones standing on one side. The leg touched the ground, and the other leg was lifted hard on the knee, and the golden rooster was independent.

The men of the detached family seem to be over-spirited. Whether they are standing or sitting, they must be straight like a bell.

Such a squatting squatting to sit there, and relying on what kind of action to lift the Erlang legs, the natives do not.

They will never learn to be lazy and absent-minded about “people are here, God is there.”

The elders glanced at him and said to Nanshan: “Is he not mixed with the tribes before?”

The elder is an old man, dressed in a mitten-like costume, a large pocket on his chest, stuffed with various fruits, and a large g-gab is born.

This person usually does not want to go out of his life, but most of the time is not seen, that is, the mountain guards came, he did not personally show up, and finally Ruger went to call him when he left.

When I came to the Yi people for a few months, I only saw the old man.

Nanshan’s attitude towards the elders has always been close to the respectful person. He looks at the eyes of the elders, and his mouth reveals a little smile: “It may be boring.”

The elders took out a fruit from the pocket of his chest. When the skinny hand slammed, he took the thing in half and looked at the broken heart. His mouth smashed down into an arch bridge: Biting.”

Nanshan regained his gaze from the cockroach: “Well?”

The elders said that the mulberry said: “Some things are like this fruit. Looking at the beautiful, I opened it and saw that it was not opened at all, or bitten by insects.”

Nanshan frowned: “What do you say? He is not.”

The elders threw the rotten fruit aside, and dug out two bunches of wild strawberries with scorpions from the dudou, threw them into a string of Nanshan, wiped them with their hands, and stuffed them into their mouths.

The elders glanced at the harmonica of the Nanshan waist and said vaguely: “Why do you know? Because he gave you a few gadgets and sent you a few books?”

Nanshan did not say anything.

“You have dealt with a few outside people? You don’t even remember your father. He was that year, too…”

“I just know.” Nanshan suddenly exported the elderly.

He suddenly found that he did not like others to question, whether it was Ruger or the elderly, Nanshan decided to simply and rudely end the topic, so he said: “I am angry.”

After that, he went to the water’s edge and washed the strawberries. He left the elders on one side and walked over to the embarrassment. He did not shun the flowers in the face of the elders.

The grazing boys saw the patriarch coming, and immediately disappeared. Nanshan handed the tender wild strawberry to the cockroach: “Please eat.”

“And this?” His eyes are bright – he doesn’t like to eat fruit. He just likes this kind of red, green and watery plant. “You are a feng shui treasure, winter is not cold, summer is not hot. ?”

“That is because it hasn’t arrived in the winter yet.” Nanshan said, “Do you like us?”

I nodded without hesitation.

Nanshan then asked: “Do you like me?”

Chu Wan: “…”

Although he knew that Nanshan was only due to differences in language and culture, some words were unsatisfactory, but because of his ghosts, he was inevitably guilty and almost caught himself.

Nanshan saw that he didn’t answer, and he was a little nervous. He had a straight waist with a straight posture.

When I said it, I couldn’t help but evade the main contradiction and turned a corner: “You like it so much, who doesn’t like it?”

Nanshan heard the reluctance in his words, and his heart lost in a moment.

Silence for a long time, he asked sullenly: “If you like, why not stay?”

He looked at him with a bias: “If I want to go, do you want to go outside with me?”

“Think,” Nanshan replied calmly. “But I can’t leave.”

Knocking up his hair and pinching his hair on the tip of his finger: “Then I am almost like you – although in our case, I am not as important as you are, just a small person, but if anything needs I am going to do it, I still have to go right away, do you understand?”

Nanshan gave him a deep look.

He patted his shoulder, stood up and pointed at the harmonica at his waist and said, “Don’t hang that thing on the belt, stupid is not stupid? The pants are falling.”

Nanshan held down his hand on his shoulder.

“You… if you want to go…” Nanshan’s voice was a little hoarse. “Before winter, we will seal the mountain here, and you will not go out.”