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Chapter 21

Title : All the banquets in the world) 

If it is in the north of China in the four seasons, it is generally in the middle and late November, and it has basically entered the winter. It’s a bit of a memory when you are away from the Yi people. It’s just a calculation. He feels that he is coming soon. The solar calendar year. I don’t know which set of calendars used by the clothing group. In terms of temperature, it is only the level of the early autumn. When I first came, I didn’t change much. I was afraid of cold and a thin windbreaker jacket. The kid is thick and strong, and he doesn’t wear anything. It doesn’t matter.

The leaves in the woods are still green, the grass is lush, and even the snakes have not yet hibernated, but it seems to be slightly cold when they are exposed in the morning and evening.

At that time, Nanshan mentioned “winter”, and he still felt a little unbelievable: “Fengshan? You are so south here, is it so cold in winter?”

Nanshan replied: “When the winter arrives, you will know.”

But when is winter coming?

If possible, he hopes that winter will never come, but he restrains himself from thinking so much, and delusion is aggravating painful drugs.

Just the 14th in the  morning after the day, as usual, when I was not bright, I got up and exercised, but when I opened the door, he stopped.

The fog that floated on the river had a big move overnight, covering the entire land. Looking at it, I saw that it was a distant view of the sky. The high ceiling of the family’s house was in the land. The white mist showed a little sharpness, and it was like a cloud.

The whole valley and the plains have become fairy and ethereal. People stand in it, and one foot seems to have stepped into the South Gate.

… This is very good, he has not had time to die, but he has already risen in advance.

I took off the frosted glasses, rubbed them with my cuffs, and then walked into the fog. The temperature didn’t actually drop, but the trees in the forest showed the traces of winter. They may have collectively made a big shackle, and they all bald their heads overnight. On the ground, a thick layer of frosted leaves was piled up, but in the air, only the dead branches that had been slaughtered were left, and they stood there in a row, holding up a heavy dead air.

I spent a moment in front of the familiar forest, and I realized it in my heart. This is the winter of the clothing.

He did not continue to go on, turned around and went straight back to his place of residence.

I don’t know if it is his illusion. I feel that the fog seems to be heavier than when he went out. So he touched the scene and realized the meaning of “closing the mountain.”

He went back to the house and cleaned up his luggage. In fact, he didn’t have any luggage. Except for the knife that sent the spike and Nanshan to him, everything else could be thrown here.

He sat on the icy bedside for a while, quietly and lonely before the dawn, stayed for a while, found a half pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket, and looked at it in his hand. Finally, I gave it back.

First, the smoky cigarette addiction is not too heavy. Second, he does not want to use nicotine and carbon monoxide to contaminate the green mountains and waters of the family.

…and in the county, Nanshan seems to have clearly said that he does not like him to smoke.

At this moment, a squeaking sound sounded, and he looked up and saw the little snake crawling down his bed.

It seemed to be cold, and quickly climbed over his arms and shoulders, straight into his arms, half-drilled, and hit the triangular thorns that were folded and hung in the windbreaker. Its movement suddenly hesitated, the little snake spit the letter, and tried it on the outer shell of the three-sided thorn, then quickly escaped, circled a large circle, bypassed the army thorn, and got into the sleeve of the scorpion. From the inside, a small triangle head emerged, and the probe looked at him.

Chu Wan: “I am leaving right away.”

The size of the snake head was larger, and it seemed a bit surprising.

But… how can a snake be surprised?

Chu Wan: “Come out, or I will take you away together.”

The little serpent hesitantly explored half of the body, the cold scales licking the back of the hand, but the body wrapped his arm tightly.

Chu Wan: “What are you doing? Are you going with me?”

The little viper screamed.

“No,” he reached out to catch it. “I have to buy you a mouse, and I am in trouble -“

This time, the sly snake smacked his sleeve and smashed the snake into a paper clip. The tail remained in the sleeves of the cockroaches, and he refused to come out.

He struggled with it for a while, and the blue veins on his hands were quickly pulled out by the little cockroach. He found that this was a snake skin dog plaster. If it was pasted, it would not be torn down. Finally, the heart was soft and thought: “Go by him, it doesn’t cost you to raise such a small thing anyway. If you look at it, don’t let it run around.”

So he was like this, with this chic bracelet, carrying a simple bag to go out.

When the door opened, the first thing was a glimpse – Nanshan had been there for a long time.

Nanshan held a white horse in his hand, and there were two bamboo tubes hanging on his neck. He could smell the wine from far away.

Two people stood outside the door, one stood in the door, and no one snorted at the beginning. At this time, it was really superfluous.

“You…” Nanshan’s gaze fell on the bag behind him, and his chin was stretched tight. For a moment, his throat was slightly moved, and he said lowly, “Go, I will send you.”

His long hair was tied up, he looked younger, and he wore that funny vest. The harmonica was still stupidly hung around his waist – just a belt.

When I saw Nanshan, the little snake that had been wrapped around my wrist and refused to go was soft. I said that I dared not continue to be a nail house, and I sneaked out and climbed away.

I unconsciously shrank my hand, feeling that the sleeves were empty and the wind was pouring in.

He didn’t have much nonsense, turned over the horse, and the white horse seemed to know the way. Nanshan didn’t have to take it, and it would follow him automatically.

Walking and walking, Nanshan solved the harmonica and blew it around.

When I was a child, I actually had a harmonica. I was patriotic and played for him. Unfortunately, the thing was lying in his drawer for so many years. He didn’t figure out which hole was coming out. Nanshan could already be like a flute. I have a variety of songs as skillfully.

Maybe music is something that depends on talent.

He is always careless, and he only concentrates on listening to Nanshan’s blowing.

Nanshan’s music has a rich and joyful sorrow and joy. It never hides a half-and-a-half-star cover. It is as strong as a sip of spirits. It’s a sigh of relief, and the internal organs are full of emotions. Still happy, I am indeed alive.

It’s not a dead body, nor a day.

The two had no words at all, and soon passed through the houses and fruit trees, and then Nanshan took the horse and took him through the river that was isolated and mysterious.

I couldn’t help but look back at the road, and I couldn’t see it.

The noise of the little scorpions in the memory became a page of auditory hallucinations. It flashed through his ears, bowed his head and saw the dark eyes of Nanshan.

He is so handsome, it is the only person who sees his life, and then he will be glanced at him, and he will be printed in his heart.

His eyes glanced through his lips, and he couldn’t help but stay for a moment. After a moment, he was noticed by himself. He was a little uncomfortable and turned his eyes away. He felt that he was so confused and thought it was easy to make mistakes.

He had to transfer his attention hard and bluntly, and turned his sorrow into a meaningless meaning: in a blink of an eye, he has been here for three or four months, and it is really time.

“Hey,” he said, stretching his hand and knocking on the shoulder of Nanshan. “Is the wine hanging on the neck of the horse? Is it wine?”

Nanshan took one of the bamboo tubes and unscrewed the lid. He took a sip and then handed it back to him.

Two people stood by the river. You took a bite of the wine in a bamboo tube and you didn’t have a bite. You touched the soft mane of the white horse and smiled. “Do you say that I am also drunk?” The drunk driving was caught once in us, and it was possible to get into the black house for half a year.”

Nanshan listened to his jokes and did not give a face. He neither smiled nor answered, but said bluntly: “I am very sad when you leave.”

Chu Wan : “…”

His smile faded, and he finally sighed, stretched out his arm, grabbed the neck of Nanshan, and took him to his arms.

The smell of sweet-scented osmanthus swayed from the illusion of his nose. He suddenly became a gentleman. He felt that since he had distracting thoughts, he should not be taboo, so he snatched and shot on the shoulders of Nanshan. Let go of him and turn over the horse.

“Looking back, I will scatter it near the station at the last time. Will I recognize the road and return it?” The white horse slammed and slammed the horse’s head and let it turn around Nanshan. Then took off another barrel of wine hanging on his neck. “This will send me, goodbye.”

After that, he gently slammed the horse’s belly and drove straight.

He walked calmly and calmly, but never returned.

Nanshan couldn’t help but screamed: “Hey…”

The back was facing him and waved far away.

There is a banquet in the world.

Nanshan always stood in the same place, and watched the white horse finally go away. When watching the image, it was the same, clean and without leaving the water.

“The words of the ancestors are not necessarily true.”

Nanshan heard a familiar voice behind him and said that he did not look back, just regained his gaze and looked down at his feet: “Elder.”

The elders came out of the thick fog, and the skinny face was expressionless, like an old monster who appeared on the scene.

“The holy book says, ‘There is a person on the river who can communicate the past and the future, connect the world to the end.’ Maybe there is, but the teacher you are looking for is not said? There are 600,000 people on their side. “”

Among the divorced people, the counting unit of “100 million” has exceeded their cognitive level. When the elders said it, they couldn’t help but pause, as if they were reminiscent of unimaginable figures: “They are men, women and children. Whatever looks like, you go to the ‘boundary’, only a little distance, just happened to meet someone, just bring it back, how could it be him?”

Nanshan bowed his head.

“I know what you mean.” The elder said, “You want to find a way out for the children, so I won’t stop you, but by an outsider, can you lead everyone? How small is this way? Like a hair in the fire in the night, you can’t catch it.”

Nanshan didn’t say anything, and he didn’t explain it. His eyes didn’t have many young people’s sharpness. There were mountains like the indestructible and inexhaustible.

He just turned and walked back to the river, and drowned back.

After leaving the sight of Nanshan, I was not in a hurry.

After crossing a mountain, he felt that half of the barrel of wine made him a little above, and he took a horse, found a big tree, and sat down to rest.

Later he simply decided to sleep under the tree.

This feeling is not sleeping, and it is awake by the rustling of the reptiles. This winter is not as cold as the north, sometimes it can reach more than 20 degrees, and there are reptiles in the wilderness. I didn’t have anything to drive insects and drive snakes, so I had to wake up.

As a result, when he blinked, he saw a familiar viper, who was shaking his head to the left and spitting in front of him.

Chu Wan: “…”

Knowing people, listening to people, and tracking the river through the foggy river…

He hesitated to grab the little snake and lift it to himself and shook it: “I said, are you really a snake?”

Then, he heard another rush of footsteps. He turned his head in amazement and saw a big pig running towards him.

That… pig?

The pig ran to him, slammed his brakes, and stood up with a fearless spirit that sent ham a thousand miles.

Then a small head was lifted from behind the pig, holding a row of small deciduous teeth, and a bright smile appeared.

Chu Wan : “…”

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