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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 22

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Little Disclaimer/Warning : My translation will never be perfect because Chinese and English are not my native language. 

So I translate like I can with all what I can do between MTL, what I understand and also dictionary with me. 

I translate this because I love this novel and for my freetime so when I have time I translate. 

About the change of the name my dictionary have maybe put me in the error between Chu Wan/Chu Wang except it’s was Chu Huan/Zhu Huan (so please forgive me for this little error)  and also for some moment where I wrote country except it’s was county.

And by the way I’m sorry for the wait of the Chapter but I had my anxiety back for a while.

Chapter 22

It’s nothing to abduct a snake. Even if this snake looks like a pet in Nanshan, I’m not sure how to price the bacon for two yuan a pound.

But this does not mean that he can safely abduct a baby.

I looked at the little bald head in front of the pig and played with the pig, and I was about to smoke seven times.

“Come here.” The seesaw started his face and said in a half-baked detached language. At the same time, he slammed his face with majesty. “How do you catch it? Is it a fight?”

The little bald listened, but instead of showing a little bit of fear, he laughed openly with his pig neck.

Chu Wan: “…”

This is the drawback of the dumb language learning. It will not be heard. Others are broken and their intestines are broken. They still don’t know what is wrong.

I tried to correct my pronunciation very hard, similar to: “Looking for… Zhao, Zhao… hit.”

The little bald is happy to roll.

“Forget it.” He was discouraged. He found himself unable to get up. He had to admit it. He first touched the pocket with helplessness and found that the sugar was left in the hut where he lived, and one did not bring it out.

“I really have no sugar,” he said as he spoke out the words as much as possible. He turned the outer pockets out and looked at the little bald head. “Really, don’t lie to you, go home, hey, I will send you.”

The little bald did not eat his set at all, and jumped and hugged his legs accurately.

He has become a skilled worker with a professional leg.

When the big pig saw it, it seemed to be trying to imitate it. He was placed in the same place with a murderous look, and he had to go to the air. The little serpent, with the power of a meritorious minister, climbed up to the shoulders of the ape, and looked down at the other species in the mountains. Of course, he was quickly kneaded by seven inches and threw it down. One side.

Hey: “Is it all you brought in, what mess?”

How should a snake go to stretch? This cruel problem is destined to be unsolvable, so it climbed to the arm of the little bald head with anger, and it looked a bit shackled.

He communicated with the little bald head, and felt that he had already practiced his oral English. The pig knight was still in the oil and salt, and his patience was finally warned.

So I didn’t say anything, just slammed the little bald head like a schoolbag and threw it on the horse’s back.

The big pig screamed twice and quickly smashed the scorpion to keep up.

The little bald head was very happy at first, and walking and walking, he found that the path seemed to be not right, biting his fingers and looking around with some doubts.

When he returned to the misty river, he finally realized that he had been sent away. The little bald consciously left home, sacrificed a lot, paid countless ingenuity, and pursued the trace of the snake all the way. Only finally touched the shadow of Chu Wang.

But he ran away with such joy and joy, and he was sent away without any reason. Is there anything more ruthless and unreasonable in the world?

The bald head was sad and persistent, and he struggled fiercely.

It is a pity that his struggle seems to be no different from a kitten. It is easy to suppress it. He has to use the killer and show his voice and burst into tears.

He whispered and said: “Cry and cry, is it a man? Shut up!”

The little bald took a deep breath, in order to reflect his pure temperament, crying out a series of bright wake up.

In fact, the more an adult’s attitude is so soft and hard, the more impermanent, the more the little blind man understands that he has no way to himself. The little bald head has no fear, and he is more and more energetic, and he is playing on the horseback.

I was struggling to stand on the side of the river full of white fog.

After this battle, he no longer wants to be a “deaf” of anyone – no matter what the childhood is.

Chu Wang: “Don’t cry, take me across the river, okay? I will take you to your mother.”

No one cares about him.

Chu Wang: “If you cry again, I will throw you this.”

Still no one cares about him.

I sighed deeply in the sky: “Zuzong, I beg you…”

He was helpless for a moment, seeing the bald head, this is the endless trend, and he turned to the little viper: “Do you know the way?”

After that, I laughed at myself and felt that I was a bit abnormal.

Who knows that the serpent climbed to the ground and slowly plunged into the water, a string of water that could barely see the traces, and it showed a green head on the water, rushing to spit the letter .

He Actually really know!

He immediately patted the horse: “Follow it.”

He took a zoo alone, and for the second time in the day he walked into the middle of a deep foggy river.

I never thought that one day I would lead a pig, a horse and a bear child. A snake would be a guide, and I would take the foggy road that could not be seen.

… Of course, he did not expect that this seemingly confident snake walked away and lost his way.

When the hour hand of the watch has gone through more than two squares, the headmaster realized his brain damage – he would believe in the IQ of a snake.

They were so trapped in the depths of the fog, the little viper uneasily turned a few laps in the water, and finally climbed up the trouser legs along the horse’s body.

Even the horse was anxious.

He confirmed with Nanshan that when he left, he could open the horse and he could find the family himself. In theory, the white horse should be able to cross the river, but what kind of road did the stupid snake bring? Turn the old horses of the road to dizzy?

The little bald had been crying tired, kneeling on the horse, his hands licking the shackles, screaming and crying, his eyes wide and his eyes were very blank.

Hey: “Do you know?”

The little bald man shook his head honestly.

He sighed. At this time, the compass function on his watch was completely ineffective. It seemed that he had encountered a disordered magnetic field, and the circle was turned into a waltz. In the white mist, he could not judge the direction of the sun. And only the cold river and the endless fog.

He couldn’t even tell where the fog was thinner.

Suddenly, when he was cold, he looked down and the little snake entered his clothes—the snake only posted on the human skin when it felt cold and could not withstand the biological instinct of the cold-blooded animal.

Soon, he also felt the temperature drop. He untied the windbreaker jacket and wrapped the little bald head wearing only the abdomen curtain into his arms. He shot the horse: “Go, don’t stop.”

The little animals seemed to know that they were in trouble, and the noisy ones closed their mouths. They didn’t dare to go out in the air. They held the reins vainly and carefully observed the surrounding environment while letting the horses find their way out. .

Suddenly, I heard the sound of the water suddenly becoming more urgent.

His back ridge was tight, his body was ahead of consciousness, and he felt instinctively dangerous. He suddenly slammed the horse’s belly, and the white horse was suddenly shocked. The arrow of the string was generally smashed out, only to hear a loud noise behind him, and then tore it. The heartbreaking lungs struggled, the water splashed, and when I looked back, I saw a huge black shadow in the river flashing past, and the pigs that followed the horse were gone, and the fine blood was flowing down the water.

The little bald slammed awkwardly, glaring at the shoulders of his shoulders, uneasily probed and looked at him. He pressed his head down with one hand and pulled out his own spurs with one hand.

“Hey–” he said, “Nothing, no fear.”

Suddenly there was a silence, and it seemed that the thing was looking for a sigh, but the bloody smell had already floated on the nose.

The white horse may be the horse king of the detached horses. It is calmer than any one that has been riding, but it is an animal after all. There is no way to hide its “war or escape” reaction like a specially trained person. It is clearly felt that its four legs are slightly squatting.

Suddenly, the white horse slammed back a big step. The huge monster suddenly emerged from the water, almost flush with the immediate sight. A hurricane rushed to the surface, and the snake in the arms slammed up the upper body, revealing that the snake was exposed. The subconscious attack action when scared.

The next moment, Li Feng rushed to the surface, almost thickened white fog, the thing looks like a snake, the body is covered with reptile scales, the body is stronger than the snake, more flexible than the lizard, has a flat face The mouth does protrude, and a sharp-knife-like fang is lined up in the mouth of the shoe, and the tongue is nowhere to be placed.

It bite down in one bite.

The whole person was almost on the horse’s back. The spikes came out from the most strange places, slammed the monster’s chin, and then he slammed his wrist. The three-legged army stabbed the monster’s skin. Under the thick scales, a shallow blood hole was drilled alive—when the big tooth had wrapped his back, he smashed the bloody mouth.

The monster ate a pain and snarled.

I couldn’t describe the sound. I only felt that the temple was tight, and the whole heart trembled. He held down one of the bald ears and pressed his other ear on his chest. As soon as the ground pulled the reins, the white horse walked up and rushed past the big guy from the side.

At that moment, the eternal glare of the three-sided spurs suddenly burst out of a strange arc, and the thick fog on the way also broke into the eyes of the monster.

The heart is hot and clean, and the spurs enter from the side of the monster and come out from the other side.

The monster dies with dying, the whole river and the fog are shaking, and I feel like I was attacked by a serious infrasound. His familiar, mentally weak headache suddenly surged up and almost disappeared. One black, the throat suddenly burst into astringency.

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