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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

The flower-bone hands raised the patriarch’s scepter, and even ran to catch up with Nanshan. The sharp scorpion yelled: “The patriarch! The patriarch!”

Xiaofang rushed to her: “Whoever let you out, roll back!”

The flower bones came out from the mother’s womb and dared to scream with their relatives. The wind that ran over came with an imposing war.

“I am twelve years old!” she announced loudly. “I am not with the little sisters, I can keep the mountain.”

Nanshan took over the scepter, and there was no swearing, but she frowned slightly at her: “Go back.”

To put it bluntly, Nanshan’s children in the family are very patient and gentle in their temper – at least they are more patient than they are, and they rarely speak loudly to them. However, compared to the slap in the face of his old father, the patriarch, a slightly unpleasant look, can always better shock those scorpions.

The flower-bone pair of gaze on the Nanshan Mountain, the original three-foot-high arrogance was reduced to a large Martian, and then smashed, she carefully looked at his face, not at all dare to let go, toes and feet in the original The ground was rubbed for a moment, and the gray head and the face went back and forth.

At this time, the fog that originally floated in the entire colony of the clothing group was not driven away by anything, and it should be artificial by some means. The white mist that was driven away was smashed outside the village of the tribe, forming a quadrilateral shape in the sky. At first glance, the village seemed to have a chaotic wall.

All the children under the age of four in the family were concentrated in the courtyard of the patriarch’s family. A circle of adults headed by spring was kept on the periphery, and everyone was sharp.

Spring is methodical, the command is determined, for a time, the people in the clothing group are in the hustle and bustle, the dog is calling, the birds are screaming, and the horseshoes are coming from afar. The animals are busy with each other and tremble. Collapsed together.

“How can it be so fast? How can it be opened when the fog door is opened? Is there anything wrong with the gatekeeper? Why is there no warning at that?” Xiaofang quickly followed behind Nanshan, and the problem was repeated. There seemed to be a machine gun in his mouth. Suddenly, he stepped in his footsteps, as if he had thought of something, and his voice slammed into the back of Nanshan. “Well! The patriarch, the king of the king?”

Nanshan strode in the direction of the foggy city wall, and kept on foot: “Nothing, I have already sent him away.”

Xiaofang didn’t react: “Go… Going? Where are you going? I thought he… He would…”

“Leave to accept the ‘ceremony’?” Nanshan stopped at the border of the foggy city wall. He turned his head and silently followed his mountain and immediately handed him a torch. The beating flame reflected in the calm side of Nanshan Qingjun. On the other hand, he paused and went on to say, “Zhu Hang and I said that he will not stay, so I did not mention him with the ‘ceremony’.”

Xiaofang smashed a pair of extra-large eyes into a ball: “You… didn’t mention it?”

Nanshan squinted at the dense fog, his face looked dignified. At this time, the departure from the early morning was left in his face, and this thing was raised. Nanshan even had some luck: “Fortunately, he went enough. It’s so happy, if it’s slower, I’m afraid…”

“But how can you mention it? The patriarch, the good thing about the ‘ceremony’ is that people on their side can’t imagine it. Why didn’t you tell him? If he knew, maybe he would be willing to Stay, you don’t always think…”

Nanshan gave him a faint look. Xiaofang suddenly trained and automatically snorted, and it looked no better than his 12-year-old daughter.

The long hair of Nanshan’s horns fell a small amount from the hair band behind him, hanging on the wide and strong shoulders. He gently touched the sticky head of the scepter, and then micro I squinted and re-slid it.

He took the big green gem in his hand and carefully collected it after a while. Then, Nanshan used the torch from the mountain to point the scepter.

The patriarch’s scepter did not know what the material was made. At the top, there was a group of cold and frosty flames. The fire was like the aurora on the ice, with the chill of the secluded and mysterious.

I saw that the light was getting stronger and stronger, and soon, it infiltrated into the dense fog. In the mist of the mist, the cold fire was like tearing the lighthouse of the dark night, and the white fog was lightly and alone. A lot.

This is probably the only thing in the entire family that can penetrate the fog.

“I told him to seduce him to stay, and then let him be like my father?” Nanshan whispered in a silent light.

Xiaofang is speechless.

Nanshan hangs his eyes and seems to be breaking this page: “Don’t say anything later.”

During the speech, the horses in the family finally ran back through the thick fog. Xiaofang’s eyes swept away, and suddenly he asked with some doubts: “Strange, patriarch, your white horse king?”

Nanshan: “I let the dragon ride away.”

Xiaofang was shocked: “What? Then… that just happened to catch up with this time, how should it come back? The words will be closed, the passage to the river has been turned away, what can it do if it can’t be found?”

“If you don’t come back, you won’t come back.” Nanshan handed the scepter with the flash of fire to the mountain. “It won’t come back. The horses will choose a new horse king. What kind of heart do you follow?”

The mountain is like holding a holy fire, holding up the scepter with both hands, and there are already ten women waiting for one side. Each of them holds a human bone in their hands. These bones seem to be thicker than ordinary human bones. The bone is also extraordinarily thick, and the middle of the bone cavity is almost solid, with a uniform phosphorescence on the surface.

Dashan put the fire on the patriarch’s scepter on the bone held in the hand of each woman. The end of the bone was also followed, and the light that could penetrate the dense fog came out, but the glory floated on the top of the bone. Not like fire, it looks more like an illusion.

The women put each bone on the edge of the white fog wall and solemnly pay tribute to those bones with ancient rituals.

In this way, all the trees, mountains and rivers in the fog have regained a looming shadow.

There was a creepy roar in the distance.

Nanshan: “Tell everyone, from now on, a group of ten people, formation patrol…”

“The patriarch!” His words had not been finished, and he was suddenly interrupted by a woman’s hoarse voice behind him. The woman ran to him in front of him and gasped. “The patriarch, the patriarch…”

Nanshan reached out and grabbed her arm. So she didn’t let the woman’s knees soften and squatted directly in front of him: “What’s wrong?”

The woman said to him with a crying cry: “Ankara Iyer is gone!”

“Ankara Iyer” is the name of the detached family who looks very good in the bald head. It is translated into Chinese more than the original name. So the trick is not remembered, so I have to give myself a nickname for self-sufficiency. Called ‘Little Bald’.

Nanshan grabbed the woman’s arm and tightened her hand: “What time?”

“Morning, early in the morning…” The woman almost collapsed. At this time, the patriarch was like a skeleton of her heart. She could only rely on the strength of Nanshan’s hand to hold it up. She repeatedly endured the tears in her eyes. Going back, she has a hard time. After ten years of marriage, there is only a child with a bald head. How can I not worry?

“There are one less pigs in the house, but the pigsty is inserted. He must have released a ride and closed the pigpen himself… He, he usually likes those stupid things. Play together,” the woman’s nails caught in her own flesh, screaming violently in her chest. “The patriarch, you said where he will go? Will he already…”

Nanshan’s brow was so tight that he took over the scepter that Dashan handed back: “Call a few people to follow me, hurry.”

In the river, a bloody throat was swallowed.

The monster has been tilted down, and the stinky blood splashed the white horse. He raised his hand and pressed his ear, while relieving the tinnitus, while observing the monster in the water at a close distance – this shallow river was just able to pass the monster. The body, it can never be an animal living here.

This kind of monster is unseen and unheard of, and it is unlikely that the place is on the side of the river.

Then it should be… from the side of the clothing.

Are they raised? Or what did they encounter?

And if it is launched from the clothing industry, does it mean that they have misunderstood it, and it should not be far from the other side.

He observed that these monsters rushed toward him in the direction of the current, so they are now the most sensible choice to go up the same.

The bloody smell in the water may attract other things, they must leave as soon as possible.

The white horse seemed to think through his mind. Under a command, it immediately spread the hoof and quickly passed through the water.

At this moment, he heard a low whistling sound. He looked down and looked down. The little bald man was lying on his shoulder and whispering in a row. He seemed to have just reacted. His friend has never The way and he went on.

The little bald head and death for the first time, he was at a loss, but it seemed to be vaguely aware that when he was not able to naughty, he just clung to his clothes – the people would not wear this. A soft and cumbersome shirt, as if it was broken, it is already his only dependence.

“Your parents still don’t know what to do.” He suddenly said.

He obviously didn’t talk very much in the tone of the child, so he could not understand or accept it. He regarded the three or four-year-old nephew as an adult and said to him in an equal way: “You are patronizing your own waywardness.” Have you thought about this problem?”

This time, the little bald did not laugh at his accent. He heard the blame in the swearing words, felt the unprecedented grievances, and looked up at the tears.

Suddenly, a horse pulled the reins, the white horse was caught off guard, the front hooves leaped high, and the long horses were erupted. The sound of the water suddenly enlarged, and the three monsters were only big and straight. they.

He calmly stabilized the horse and said to the little bald head: “Have you seen this? I don’t know if it is a mutated crocodile, maybe it is running, maybe it is in the river – how do you judge yourself? Have the ability to cross the river alone?”

The little bald scared and twitched.

Zhu Huan: “No crying.”

This time, he did not pretend to be fierce, nor soft words to exhort, but the tone of the plain spit out three words, the little bald immediately succumbed to his own tears, did not dare to scream.

Crouching on the horse, lowering the center of gravity, constantly adjusting his angle, and saying in the little bald ear: “Since you are not capable, why should you do it?”

The little bald nest was in his arms, and he whispered quietly: “The King of the King…”

Zhu Huan: “Don’t be spoiled, I ask you something – what else do you have to be spoiled?”

A monster leaped from the water and slammed into the blood basin.

Holding the child, the whole person has stood up from the horse, and the spike in his hand has almost become an embroidered needle with a needle and a needle. The pen is like a dragon-snake, a slap, a forward, and then he is fierce. As soon as the ground was retracted, the white horse flew out decisively, and the giant tooth of another monster passed by him, and he only collided with him.

I want to lick my ears, but I have no time to take care of the bear children in my arms. I have to suffer from this sonic attack duo.

He took a deep breath, skillfully shifted his attention, eased the pain in his chest, and said that he did not forget to say harshly to the little bald head: “You are not a hero, you are called a trouble, you know?”

At this time, the white horse has inevitably ran into the third monster, and the monster bite and smashed.

The monsters are connected to the cold weapons.

The spike was smashed from the upper jaw of the monster, a fistful, no dissatisfied space, and its head was instantly worn, and it was turned over in the air. Three hundred and sixty degrees fell, just sitting back on the white horse’s back.

The little bald head has been stunned

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