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Chapter 24

Title : Simply died in the beauty of the man

In many clubs, there are a number of horses with various auras. What kind of horses, purebred, pulled out and sold, or even a house, but the noble ladies in these horses are put together, about There is only room for a face that is longer than one.

This is the best horse I have ever encountered in my life.

The single-armed herbivore shuttles through monsters and dense fog. Its fear does not have to be declared in the mouth. He feels that the biological instinct is not so easy to restrain. However, fear is fearful, but the white horse is always not confused. It would never be surprised to be surprised, always vigilant, with a little discretion to follow the instructions of the horseback, and at the same time, it is also trying to find a way out by its own methods.

However, if you think about it, people like Nanshan, since they are giving away, must be the best.

The great white horse took off the monster like a snake-like lizard in the water, and walked forward for a while, and he heard the looming roar of the deep fog.

The dense fog in front of him made him involuntarily think of all kinds of biochemical pollution in horror movies. For scientific common sense, the only acceptable explanation is that these monsters have been polluted or radiated, and they have become abnormal varieties. .

With this in mind, the monster is nothing, but the little bald inhaled so much fog, will there be a problem?

“Are you not afraid?” whispered softly.

The little bald head and the little viper looked at each other and changed their face to tremble and shiver together.

He sighed: “Little scorpions…”

In this world, only children who don’t understand shit will be in the face of the danger of being unable to detect, so they will rise up in a big way to show that they have no scruples.

Anyway, no one expects them to take any responsibility.

Zhu Huan : “I understand now that you are so happy that you are also so cynical.”

The white horse’s footsteps are somewhat hesitant, and the same is true in his heart.

This experience is quite rich, and one person has already judged it. The direction of the buzzing is likely to be the clothing-offer on the other side. Now the whole family of the bald head is there… Hey, Nanshan is also.

When I think of Nanshan, my heart is involuntarily a little anxious. He felt that he didn’t have to see Nanshan again, but he had a few words to tell him that Nanshan is still fine.

Anxiety is like a wildfire in the heart, and the pounce is invincible, so it is difficult to hesitate.

But the wildfire burned his chest, but he did not burn his brain. Under the meal, he twirled his head slightly: “No, we will go back to the other side first.”

The great white horse knows, the little bald head and the little poisonous snake are puzzled by the whims of the adults. He suppresses the little bald head crying and shouting, and also takes them back to the family. How suddenly he turned back?

The big white horse followed the water and ran in the direction they came.

Nanshan is a family leader after all, is an adult, but the little bald is not, this annoying little scorpion skill points are added to the tree climbing and trouble, and it is impossible to carry him into the unknown danger.

He decided to send the little bald head away at the fastest speed, temporarily entrusting the villagers who lived in the mountains along the way, and then rushed back to the river to leave the clothing settlement.

“This time we better not get lost,” he unknowingly switched to Chinese and whispered, “I better have time.”

Otherwise, if something goes out there, is he responsible for raising this sceptical nephew?

He looked down at the little bald head and thought with a deep heart: “Then I will die there and give it to the beautiful man.”

Unfortunately, the plan has always been unable to keep up with the changes. The reason why “reality” is called “reality” is because it is always different from what is envisaged.

The white horse, which had been running at high speed, couldn’t catch the scorpion. The white horse screamed with pain. The front leg was soft and the footsteps were chaotic. It almost fell. However, it was probably remembered that there were still people in it. In the end, I still stood still desperately.

I saw the big white horse’s thigh caught a wound by something, and the fine blood flowed into the river.

The little bald eyes widened and said a word that he had never heard before, and he grabbed his mouth.

“Hey–” gazing at the wound on the horse’s leg, all the energy has been transferred to the ear.

At this time, he was very eager to have his hands not so fast, and the guns were not so positive.

An incredibly dark shadow suddenly burst from the water, and the white horse instinctively had to go backwards, and was dragged to the reins by the shackles.

The next moment, the black shadow slammed into the striated thorns of the scorpion, and the rubbing sound was like a sharp metal piece on the glass, which sounded in the depths of the dense fog, causing a creepy spurt.

The impact occurred in an instant. When you touched your hand, you already understood the difference between the two sides. He grabbed the little bald head in one hand and slid down in the direction of the side. The waist was almost bent into an arch bridge, if not his rush. The unloading technique is full, and I wonder if this sudden impact will break the triangulation thorn with his arm.

I saw it, and the thing that I rushed over was the little monster who broke into his place that night and was broken by Nanshan.

It is all hard nails and bristles like steel needles. There is only one soft meat on the side of the neck. The nails are not connected with the hard green hair. If he does not have old eyes, then remember, Nanshan is first buckled with five fingers. The side neck of the monster, and then by the power of the body to rotate, a hit and kill the neck.

Zhu Huan : “Catch me!”

The little bald immediately buried his head in his sudden arms, hugged him tightly, and smashed a hand, and the moment the monster pressed against his head, accurately buckled its neck.

He made claws and clawed, grabbed it in the short scream of the monster, and used it to sneak into the water from the air. When the monster fell into the water, he slammed the three-sided thorn, and slammed it into it. The flesh and blood.

The blood of the big group was full of fireworks, the monster dying and screaming, yelling at the mouth, and feeling a strange airflow. He remembered the bolt that he automatically opened that night, and couldn’t think about it. The body has moved one step at a time – he slammed sideways, blocking his head and neck and the child in his arms with his arms and left shoulder.

There was a sharp tingling on his arm, as if he had been pierced by a long needle, but the clothes were not broken at all, and he smashed a roll with a three-sided thorn, and he did not touch anything.

It is like a needle that is condensed in the air.

For a few seconds, I looked at the deadly monster and my perfect coat, and I suspected that I had a illusory illusion again.

But the snake wrapped around the little bald man suddenly straightened up against his arm and looked very nervous.

The next moment, the place where the sorrow was only tingling began to cool and numb. The feeling of being paralyzed quickly spread along his left arm, and he felt bad. He immediately slammed his sleeves and saw his upper arm. There was a stab wound on it, no blood, and the wound had turned black and purple.

What hurts, how come, I don’t understand it until this moment. He has lived for so many years. This is unheard of, but it is not the time for the test. He took the opportunity to stand up, clamped the handle of the three-sided thorn, temporarily blocked the blood flow, and then pulled out the short knife that Nanshan gave him, and opened his wound with a knife. The black blood rushed out, and after squeezing, he I sucked a lot with my mouth until the blood flowed back to red.

There was really nothing else in the body. Only Nanshan gave him a bamboo tube wine. At the moment, he had to die as a living horse doctor. He took the bamboo tube and then poured it on the wound.

The feeling that alcohol is poured directly into the knife wound is not strange.

It hurts, it hurts hot, but it is definitely not this kind of pain – it really broke into the bone marrow and broke into his mind, eroding the bones, with the small guest house in the county town at that time, Nanshan gave him the medicine. The feeling is exactly the same.

This bamboo tube contains medicinal liquor.

Can the medicinal liquor make drunk, and will it produce a more terrible chemical reaction with toxins? I have no worries, and he has been alive with a cold sweat. The sweat is quickly dried up in the cool mist, and the wolverines need not be mentioned.

The sound of the water was more and more anxious, and the white horse was hesitating for a moment. He suddenly turned his head and made a counter-current flow toward the river bank on the other side of the clothing. He swayed to stabilize himself, but he did not stop it.

Sometimes the instinct of animals to avoid disadvantages is sharper than humans, and there must be something that makes it feel terrible.

It was really the house leaking and it was raining at night. At this moment, I heard the sound of the water behind me suddenly becoming violent. He looked back and saw that the monsters with black bristles were chasing like three or four. Come up.

In the distance, there was a rumble, thundering general movement, and at the same time, strange airflow fluctuations came again.

He couldn’t see, hear, or tell. He could only use that point to walk in the instinct of life and death. The fabric was smashed and the sound of the windbreaker was opened. Cut through his collar.

The left arm seemed to have residual poison, and his left body began to become cold and dull.

It’s not a good thing to be on the upper body of this section.

Then, the second and third airflows followed, and escaped twice in a dangerous and dangerous way. On the third occasion, the black guy had already chased him to the side and rushed his sharp claws. Come on the face.

With a kick on his chest, the black guy flew out and suddenly opened his mouth to reveal the black hole in his throat.

Lying in the trough, this is another trick!

This time, the cockroach has been inevitable, because the angle is smashing, he escaped, and the invisible air arrow will hit the little bald head.

I can harden it again. I don’t know if I will become a zombie that can still breathe… or my numbness is passed to my heart and lungs. At that time, he is a zombie who can’t breathe.

In the light stone fire, he had to protect the little bald side while lifting the short knife in his hand in vain.

The amazing thing happened. The knife was sent out halfway. He actually had the feeling of “what is in his own heart.” His hand holding the knife was suddenly tight, and the force was cut, and the air was sharp, as if It was the “air” that broke into two pieces, one of which crossed the shoulder and the other hit the monster’s face, giving it a slap in the face, and a half face was sharpened. The wound.

This is the knife that can open the wind.

But before he came back from the cognition of “holding his own artifacts,” his white horse jumped and jumped over the bodies of suspected mutant crocodiles in the water – they apparently returned to the place where they were. Two “variant crocodiles” have been taken off and copied from both sides.

I haven’t even had the temper of my mother, and I have to drag my body to fight again.

The white horse screamed and walked through the two monsters with great fear. He smashed the nose and nose of a monster with a speed that was invisible, and he felt that he was not worried about the concussion caused by the sound of the game. It was on, because the other one picked up a huge head and ran into him.

I plan to fight with only one of my left arms, and hold a short knife.

At this time, strange things happened.

There seems to be some strange fluctuations in the white fog, and the knives are passing through the monsters, and the monsters are passing through him… as if it were just an unrealistic 3D image.

Or… ghost shadow.

The behemoth fell into the water, a little splash of water did not arouse, and several small monsters chasing after him seemed to evaporate from the air.

what’s the situation?

The people who rushed all the way and paused in the doubts and uneasiness of the extreme, the little viper suddenly slipped from the little bald head, and the one did not hold it. It had already plunged into the water, and several of the ups and downs disappeared. It is.

The roar of the distant disappeared unconsciously.

Until then, I discovered that the water here seems to be much shallower than it is.

Does that mean… they are going to the shore soon?

Everything is like a dream, but the cold sweat is still there, the sleeves still soaked in blood are still there, and the rigidity of the left body is still there. After twenty minutes, when the sputum has begun to have some difficulty in breathing, the horseshoe hit the land. .

His vision began to blur, and his ears gradually became unclear. He felt that he should be optimistic. For example, expecting the snake that suddenly ran away is actually going to call people… but given that it takes a road, they can take them. Lost in urine, he felt that he had a little delusion.

The monster that suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared has completely stirred up his insistence on materialism, and he can’t tell if he is still awake. Only the bald atmosphere does not dare to leave him in the ground. In the arms.

Suddenly, the little bald stretched his neck and seemed to see something. In the bursts of tinnitus, he faintly heard him call “Abba”, only to notice the vocals from far and near.

Squinting his eyes and trying to distinguish Nanshan, Xiaofang and his little bald father from his confused vision.

The snake was wrapped around Nanshan’s arm, and it was really going to find someone. After the 10,000-year-old worm, it was actually used.

Several men of the clothing group immediately surrounded him, and he said that he couldn’t hear anything. He used his last strength to hand the little bald to his father.

When he instinctively went to Nanshan, he discovered that Nanshan did not know when he had seized his left hand – his left hand was completely unaware.

Sakamoto wanted to come down from the moment with the strength of Nanshan, but it was just a move, and the foot stuck on the saddle suddenly became soft. He immediately planted it from the beginning.

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