Shan He Biao Li Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Title : Gently puts your hand into the quilt

You may have fallen out of the psychological shadow. At the moment he fell into the horse, the wandering between the coma and the sobriety awake in a strong stress response.

Taking advantage of this moment, I was shocked and recollected: “Have I jumped again?”

Then he didn’t think about it, he just sighed and fell into a conscience.

Although his left half was not half-length, he still fine-tuned his position as much as possible to prevent a decent death from falling off his neck.

However, he soon found himself thinking more, because Nanshan did not let him land, took him full of care.

The palm of Nanshan is warm and stable, which can give people a strong sense of security. However, this kind of security does not comfort the mood at this moment. He is very depressed and cannot accept the way he plays in front of Nanshan every time. Such a hero.

The stigma worn by the twigs has not been cleaned yet!

Several ethnic groups “hula” rounded up, Xiaofang’s expression was extremely grim, I don’t know how a bear is like at the moment, anyway, from the expression of Xiaofang, it feels like he is going to drive the crane west – this The big brother stretched out a hand with a slight tremor, and went to explore the breath.

He struggled to lift his right arm and swayed his wrist softly: “There is still gas.”

The tribes blew up the pot and heard them whispering in a whisper.

“How can he still move?”

“But the patriarch is not saying that he did not accept the ‘ceremony’?”

“What the hell is going on?”

Nanshan couldn’t bear it, and gave a low voice: “Shut up, noisy?”

The tribes were silent immediately.

Nanshan pulled a wound that had been lumpyly wounded into blood. The wound was cut down by a knife, and the flesh and blood were blurred, and the original shape was almost invisible.

Nanshan frowned, and immediately took his arm and licked it on the wound.

When I was shocked, I told him that there was absolutely no distracting thought in Nanshan. It was as rational as a boat, and soon drowned in the less sensible Wang Yang. His inner waves and waves and a thousand words gathered together and became a stupid. “He, he, he, he, he killed me!”

This kind of satyr-like sorrow quickly made you feel a little embarrassed – very unfortunately, he is such a gentleman who thinks he is a villain.

As if to avoid suspicion, squatting and moving, eagerly pumping his arms out with half of the uncoordinated body.

Nanshan clasped his hand, and he used a lot of effort, and he couldn’t feel it in the numbness, but he saw the blue veins on his back being stretched.

Nanshan’s face was so ugly, he almost glanced at his anger and said coldly: “What do you want to slay?”

The little bald father took his own bear child in one hand and worriedly came over: “What hurt? How?”

“Wind injury.” Nanshan said, he untied a small bottle from his waist and handed it to his mouth: “Open your mouth.”

He was almost stunned. He thought it was a herbal medicine. As a result, the liquid at the entrance was warm, stinking, and with a special rust smell – it was a blood!

I still don’t know what blood is.

“Swallowing.” Nanshan grabbed his chin, and his strength was not at all polite. He almost forced the blood into his throat.

His unusual rudeness suppressed the anxiety, and when he was bleeding, he was almost anxious. The beautiful eyes seemed to have caught fire, and the long hair that fell between the rushes was covered.

Then Nanshan will feed, he will swallow.

Hey, this world name…

The next moment, Nanshan grabbed his shoulder with one hand and asked for his knee in one hand.

I read what this movement meant. I suddenly woke up from the sorrowfulness of the love affair. He quickly reached out and supported the ground. He cleverly avoided Nanshan’s intention to directly pick up his force: “Hey…etc. Wait, that, what, I, I…”

Nanshan interrupted him: “I don’t like it? Then I can carry you back.”

He firmly rejected the proposal. He spurned his vanity and climbed up with the last strength.

Sadly, the beauty is closed. He recognizes it anyway, but the subject is a “hero”. If it is replaced by a “bear”, is that still true?

The hero was so top-heavy and crumbling, Xiaofang saw it, and immediately rushed over with his eyesight. He intended to serve as a crutches, and the red heart that served the people was nailed to the place by Nanshan.

Nanshan silently placed the arm that had not been injured on his neck, and then extended a hand, squatting behind him, protecting him vainly and not touching him.

There was nothing wrong with it, even though his doubts in his heart had already been asked by a blue cat.

But at this time, he was holding it all by his chest. For fear of a mouth, he vented that breath, and he had to press on the doubts and walk away.

Soon, he was numb to the left arm without a slight feeling as if the lock was solved, it should be that the toxicity is subsiding.

But this is not a good thing, numbness is a little retreat, the wound is near, like a million ants, the itch is broken, gradually spread from the wound to the whole body, everywhere, especially in every joint between his joints, let People almost want to roll.

Every time I walk around, the bones are as if they are being smeared by countless bugs.

The purple-black blood began to surge from his wounds, and the cockroaches had been unable to take care of it. The blood that flowed out quickly dyed the sleeves of his shirt, and ran back and forth along his hand.

His face became more and more ugly, and his body was getting more and more cold sweat. Even the windbreaker jacket on his body was soaked.

It’s just a detoxification treatment. I didn’t expect it to make such a big move. I’m afraid that the heroin withdrawal response is just that.

The awkward body maintains the rigidity of inertia. At first glance, I don’t know that he is standing on the ground.

This situation is almost shocking in the eyes of other people in the clothing industry.

The people present knew what the detoxification process was. Some people even unfortunately experienced it personally. Even if they have not experienced it, there is always a chance to see the experience of others every year. The scenes of the iron-clad men mourning and rolling on the ground are The shadow of the hearts of every migrant.

It is said that some people are uncomfortable, and they use their heads to hit the wall. In the past, there was a person who killed him in life.

There was a illusion of near death, unconsciously reaching out and bumping into the things he got—he just caught the bald patriarch’s scepter.

The top of the scepter was still on fire, and Nanshan was afraid of burning him, so he gently opened his fingers.

The knuckles of the cockroaches are not prominent. It is not the kind of hand that will kill the ring. It is rubbed by the rough scepter. The ring on his hand suddenly falls off and falls on the ground. When I got to a stone, I heard a “jingle.”

At that step, the footsteps of a deep footprint suddenly went up, and the pupil suddenly shrank: “Hey… patriotism.”

His voice was hoarse and low, and the head and tail were almost contained in his throat. Nanshan did not hear it for a moment: “What?”

Zhu Chuan : “The ring… ring…”

The little serpent saw the machine very fast, and immediately swam over, and took the ring that fell on the ground, and spit smugly to Nanshan.

The Platinum Ring is warmed by people’s body temperature, as if it contains some kind of unspeakable cherish.

Nanshan remembers that when he chatted with him, the other half raised the role of the ring with a joke. He paused and took the ring and handed it to him.

I immediately held it in the palm of my hand, as if it was not an inconspicuous circle, but his soul.

Nanshan looked at his subconscious reaction, stayed for a moment, and then did not know what to think of, the expression suddenly dimmed.

Xiaofang saw his footsteps pause and turned back inexplicably: “The patriarch?”

Nanshan responded with a sigh of relief, and then he lowered his eyes and left the arm that had been imaginary behind him. He took his back and took him back to the family with half-holding and holding him. I have my own home.

I don’t know if it is a human illusion. The fog at this time seems to be not so strong.

Xiaofang distressedly took the big white horse away to deal with its large and small wounds. Nanshan sat down at the bedside. He looked at the ring and held the ring tightly even if he was unconscious. The hand suddenly covered his hand as if he wanted to open the other’s finger.

However, this is only a vain action, and Nanshan has not been put into practice.

His shoulder suddenly slammed down, loosening the power of his fingers, and finally, he just gently stuffed his hand into the quilt.

Then Nanshan watched the cockroach and started to stay for a long time.

Waiting for you to wake up again, it’s already a day and a night.