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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Title : The body of the body, bid farewell to the holiday on the grave 

In the middle of the night, the patriarch’s scepter was set aside. It seemed to burn and burn, and the flame was always on, and the wood was never short.

The flame that glowed out of the light was like a huge night pearl.

Nanshan was sitting on a simple chair with his arms on his forehead. His brows were slightly wrinkled, and the long, curled eyelashes occasionally trembled a little, and the eyebrows were unremarkably colored.

After a while, I found myself occupying the bed of Nanshan.

He first tried to move his left hand and found that the feeling of poisoning and numbness had basically faded, but he still couldn’t lift his strength.

I changed my posture, stretched my sore limbs, and briefly reviewed what happened before. The result is that it doesn’t matter. The more I ponder, the more I can’t lie.

At this time, he was eager to find someone, and thoroughly asked about the cause and effect.

This is not to satisfy curiosity. You need someone to prove that he is not crazy.

However, despite the suitable candidate for Nanshan, he fell asleep, and he struggled for a while. Finally, his heart was desperately defeated by Nanshan’s sleeping face. He pressed his anxious thought and did not have the heart to bother.

I closed my eyes with exhaustion and decided to go back. I would like to look at the psychiatry anyway.

He found that he has now developed to the point where he can’t believe his own cognition.

When I thought about it, I unconsciously went to the ring of my hand. I didn’t expect it to be empty. He had a heart-throwing moment. I didn’t know where it came from. I suddenly turned and sat up.

It wasn’t until I found the “playing you play” in the quilt around me, and I took a sigh of relief and buckled it back on my fingers, as if I had touched the straw.

After doing all this, licking his dry eyes, he couldn’t help but self-examine. He felt that his dependence on foreign objects was a bit abnormal, and it seemed to be very suffocating.

So he was so depressed and for a moment, barely raised his spirit, regained the optimistic spirit of the revolution, and comforted himself: “Forget it, after all, it is the relic of the old man, I am safe to keep it.”

At this moment, one hand reached over and stuck his forehead.

Nanshan was still woken up.

“It’s still hot.” Nanshan said, give the sputum a bowl of water, “Drink, drink and sleep for a while, you are a fever caused by poison, and tomorrow, it will almost retreat.”

Zhu Huan: “What poison?”

Nanshan: “Mutai.”

The word “Zhu Huan Stay”  

It must not be the kind of strange species that has appeared in recent years, and the way of thinking that is brought across the river. The dark monster is here, probably the same as the “grey wolf” and “white rabbit”. concept.

They are extremely fierce, and after a short fight, they can still have any natural enemies, and they act extremely fast. Even with a gun hunter, in such a high-speed movement, it is difficult for a person who has not been trained to hit it. Moreover, it is hard to say that a folk-made soil rifle can penetrate its scales and mane.

But how many such fierce wild animals suddenly appear in the country, how can anyone still know?

Nanshan: “We all listened to… .”

Zhu Huan asked: “Who?”

When Nanshan waited for him to finish the water, he gently pressed his shoulders and let him lie down again.

At this time, Nanshan’s gaze couldn’t help but pause on the ring on his hand. After the pause, he converges and looks at him: “The boy who sneaked out, the people are very grateful, waiting for you to fever, he Parents want to come and thank you.”

“No thanks, it should be,” he waved his hand. Then he asked his own concern. “Is that little bald head smashed?”

Nanshan: “I always give him some lessons, but rest assured, after all, it is still small, and his family has a sense of proportion.”

As a kind-hearted people’s teacher, I heard this and immediately appeared on the surface to reveal the anxiety of the gardener.

Of course, face life is a face, his complex inner world is not very kind, always screaming: “What size? What must be swearing, at least crying for three days.” !”

Later, he was once again fainted in the roaring inner world.

Nanshan stood by the bed and waited for his breath to be steady. He gently held his hand and opened his palm.

This is a pair of Swen’s slender back, but the face is terrible, and there are heavy shackles between the fingers. The palms are covered with fine scars, and the palm prints are also mixed into a mess.

His lips were cracked, and the cold moonlight passing through the window swept over his chin. There was an old scar on his neck that somehow left, almost severing the blood vessels here, leaving A treacherous dent.

Nanshan reached out and tried to touch it. However, his hand stretched in half, and he did not know what he thought, and he retracted silently.

He unconsciously rubbed his finger, pulled the quilt, and walked out lightly.

Xiaofang was waiting at the door, and sometimes looked into the room and saw Nanshan coming out, and quickly stood up: “The patriarch.”

At this time, except for the water, the fog has completely disappeared.

It is the cold moon and the ridge.

The woods that have fallen into the leaves are not covered by white fog, and at this time there is a certain kind of night-time sorrow.

The bones around the whole family are still in place to act as weird street lights. At this time, it is three nights, but the people are still patrolling in a rigorous manner. In addition to the footsteps  they were silent.

Nanshan whispered: “Does the gatekeeper have news?”

Xiaofang was busy taking out a stone from his pocket. I saw someone carving a knife on it. Someone on the tip of the knife used a thumb to smear a piece of blood. Just like this, a sense of urgency came.

Knife and blood, this will not be “quiet and peaceful” in any civilization.

This is the warning of the gatekeeper.

“Look,” Nanshan put the stone in his palm and pointed to the moon in the sky. Xiaofang looked up at his gaze.

At this time, there were two rounds of moon hanging in the sky, one round was brighter, and the other round was dull, like the reflection of the moon in the water.

“The second shock may be in these two days, telling the spring, preparing more food, and letting the soldiers grind their swords. This year will be a hard battle.”

Xiaofang nodded immediately. He lifted his foot and walked. He took two steps and didn’t know what he was thinking. The footsteps were a little bit: “That… King Wang…”

“Nothing.” Nanshan said, “I have already woken up once.”

Xiaofang was taken aback: “What? Nothing? But the people on the other side of the river have stayed with us for a long time, not necessarily…”

Nanshan: “Hey – a little noise, fell asleep.”

He turned to look inside the room, and then lowered his voice and said to Xiaofang: “I don’t know.”

Xiaofang couldn’t figure it out, so he didn’t want to, so he didn’t want to. He said with great emotion: “I have never seen anyone who knows poisonous blood still standing back. He… Hey, no matter who, it is a man anyway. I like him. The patriarch, now the mountain is closed anyway, he can’t go out, or you talk to him, let him stay?”

Nanshan was slightly fascinated. For a while, he sighed lowly: “I will try.”

After Xiaofang left, Nanshan was seated at the door. He took out the harmonica that he had sent, and in the place where the night and the moonlight met, he blew a small tune.

A little embarrassing.

It’s a matter of hours after the high fever of the cockroach has completely subsided.

The last time he blinked, he saw Nanshan in the moonlight, his heart was refreshed, and the injured soul was comforted. This time, it was not so good. When he blinked, he saw the flower peek at the patriarch’s window. .

Hua Biao Duo is stepping on her back on the back of her small class, trying to look inside, and staring at the screaming screaming, suddenly “squeaky” and shocked.

She said that she is not big, she said that she is not small, just knowing the age of her face, she went to the patriarch’s house to peek at the man, and was caught by others. The little face suddenly became red.

Hua Biao slammed down and screamed at her little follow-up.

I heard a whisper of “What’s wrong” at the corner of the corner, and I couldn’t help but have a headache.

After a little bald thing, he didn’t want to see any minors for a short time.

At this time, I didn’t know who screamed “the patriarch,” and I heard a mess of footsteps outside the window, and the children were scattered.

Nanshan stood at the door for a while, scared away the last probe to look back and look at the little donkey, and then walked in.

He saw him in a state of waking without fever and poisoning. He felt a sigh of relief in his heart. He felt that it was a stolen time. It seemed like a dream to start school. The child who was suffering woke up and found that his vacation was still The kind of ecstasy and happiness that remained for a few days.

This made his whole heart lighter.

He noticed that Nanshan had a bowl of soup in one hand and a basket of branches in the other.

There are fresh leaves in the basket, dotted with a few flowers… Well, most of them are white flowers, there are flowers in the cluster, there is a ham with a little style, and the ham is surrounded by a bunch of red wild strawberries, it looks like It’s weird and festive.

I have never seen such an unconventional package: “What is this custom?”

Nanshan: “You saved the children of our family, all the people gave you.”

I stunned it unacceptably: “Gift?”

Nanshan glanced at him with a puzzled look, as if he was asking “No.”

He thought it was a “final farewell” plus “a holiday on the grave to provide” one-stop service.

Still have to be happy.

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