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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Title : Seduced your parent’s wife

You have a lot of old injuries on your body,” Nanshan put down the medicine bowl. “This is the medicine that the elders take for you. It will be better to drink this.”

The probe looked at the so-called “medicine” – to say that this is a bowl of drowning, it is estimated that the pigs have to rebel.

He wrinkled his nose and smelled it, deeply feeling the dark cooking talent that passed through the blood of the clothing group.

Oh… except for the big sister of the spring.

Before holding it, he held his breath and adjusted his mental state. However, he still underestimated the lethality of the elder. Because of such inhumane abuse, his entire tongue went on strike. A bowl of water on the side, the big mouth was poured down to suppress the nausea, and then weakly asked: “I… Did I seduce the wife of your parents?”

Nanshan replied with a serious answer: “No, the elderly wife has been dead for fifteen years.”

When he finished, he probably felt that something was wrong. After thinking about it for a few seconds, he returned to the smell: “Are you just kidding?”

Chu Huan “…”

Nanshan carefully reminisced, carefully analyzed the context and searched for memories: “I understand, what you just said is ‘killing the father and hating the wife’?”

After a series of complicated understandings, he finally showed a smile.

I Lively laughed at the taste of passing through.

I am very helpless.

He felt that he had been lying for a day and a night, and he had basically recovered his strength, so he climbed up.

Because the clothes on his body were not ready at the time, the tribes took off for him, and after repairing and cleaning, they were stacked on the pillow. His eyes were basically naked. I hesitated for a moment, and quickly evaluated my body in a short time. I felt good about myself, so I opened my quilt with confidence and did not avoid Nanshan. I pulled the clothes and slowly set it on my body.

“How to wear a shirt in the most handsome position”, this was once a major research topic in the period of adolescence.

This caused Nanshan to think about cleaning up the medicine for him. At this time, he suddenly felt that some could not look directly, and when he looked at his eyes, he moved away from his sight.

“Since the child is sent back, then I have to go.” He said while buttoning the shirt, “You guys… what is that called? Druid?”

Nanshan eye view of the nose and nose said: “Mutai.”

“Well, that’s the name, what does the name mean?”

“It means ‘the monster of the wind.'”

Chu Huan : “The crazy monster? The mad dog? Hey, no matter what, anyway, it is going to happen. Why is it so serious? Where did they come from? Are there natural enemies? Will it cause casualties?”

“Yes,” said Nanshan, “every year will die.”

 “Why don’t you ask for assistance from the local government or the garrison?”

Nanshan: “No.”

Chu Huan: “Why not?”

Nanshan seems to be sitting there to organize the language, trying to explain it, and finally failed, so he stood up and said to him: “You come with me.”

Nanshan took the raft to a cave away from the settlement.

The elder who wore the apron was standing at the door and looked at it with a look.

His eyes were full of spies, which made people very unpleasant, and his eyes frowned slightly, but he was limited by the code of “respecting the old and loving the young”. He felt that he could not easily see such an old thing that the loess was buried at the top of his head. Just politely nodded and said hello: “Elderly.”

The elders ignored him, but looked at Nanshan, his mouth squatting down, his movements sluggish, and his pocket on his chest made him look like a turtle with his shell in front.

“You are the patriarch, I can’t control it, you decide it yourself.” He said, taking the torch from the hole and taking the lead.

Nanshan pulled a hand, and as he followed the elders, the beating flame illumined the cave, and the sly eyes turned carelessly, then suddenly condensed – he saw the wall of the hole Hanging a rifle.

It was a rifle covered with traces of the years.

Nanshan took the gun off his hands and handed it to him. He looked at him carefully for a moment and whispered, “Five and a half.”

Elder: “This is a weapon that can kill a beast at a great distance.”

Although he has never heard awkward lessons, he can speak a strange, but fluent Chinese.

He politely corrected: “We usually call it a gun, a rifle – if it is convenient, can I ask where it came from?”

The elders took out a small piece of grass from the dudou that didn’t know what it was. Put it in his mouth and lick it, like an old goat with a bad temper: “Nanshan was not born yet, even his grandmother was Just a few years after growing up, the fog on the day covered the land of the tribe, which was the first night of the shock period.”

The old goat’s words are confusing, and I have to interrupt: “Sorry, what period?”

Is this saying that the earthquake is high season?

The elders glanced at him and seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied with his ignorance, but because of the presence of the Nanshan patriarch, he spoke to his mouth and swallowed it back.

“Yesterday is the first day of the shock period.” Nanshan explained next to him, “The elders, I didn’t have time to tell him – the first fog every winter is a warning, and then it will enter the shock period in about a few days. Once in the shock period, the passages in the family and outside will be disconnected.”

A misty water: “Is it a literal meaning?”

Nanshan can’t understand the meaning of “literal meaning” and other meanings. He thought about it. Some words don’t mean to explain: “The meaning of ‘disconnected’… ‘disconnected’ means that the outside world no longer exists. You understand?”

He shook his head – not at all.

The elder raised two fists: “There is a world on the river side, and there is a world on the other side of the river. We live here. You live there. Before the shock period, the two sides of the river are connected together. At the beginning of the period, the middle passage was broken. No one can now get the river, because the other side of the river is no longer your hometown, but ‘nothing.’

Is this what people say?

Nanshan said: “You just walked into the river just before the start of the earthquake, so even though you almost lost your way, you finally came over. If you walk into the river after the start of the vibration, you will find yourself crossing the river very quickly. But there may be only a large barren hillside on the other side of the river, you can’t come back to us.”

Chu Huan: “…”

Nanshan patiently asked: “Is this illustrated?”

The elders are discouraged, impatient, and so responsive.

Looking at the embarrassed goat face of the elder, he nodded with a smile and said, “Probably understand a little, you continue.”

At the same time, I thought: “I understand the egg, where is this?”

The elders said in the words: “On the eve of the shock period, people on several rivers strayed into the river and lost their way. At that time, there were ethnic groups who just stood guard in the river and brought them in. – My ancestors had people on the other side. The record, but it has always been a legend, until that time, our generation of talents really touched.”

This period has been heard. From the age of Nanshan, his mother may have been born in the 1950s and 1960s. If the elders said that these people were from her youth, they also carried rifles with them… Will it be a soldier who lost his way because of various reasons during the self-defense counterattack?

“I have always been a guest from the clothing industry. I have had a distant visitor. I should stay in the family for a while, but the shock period is approaching. It is really inconvenient for the family to stay, so the patriarch at that time – Nanshan Mom, I prepared a gift and decided to send them away the next day. The elders narrowed their eyes and looked at the distant places. “But I didn’t expect that the ‘vibration’ was too urgent, and this time, too. It seems that every time someone enters, the time we enter the shock period will be shortened.”

“The wines of the tribes were not awake, they were forced to confront the enemy, and the group of Mutai appeared on the land. The guests were shocked first, and then they drove them with the one you held in your hand.” The elder said And sighed, “Every year ‘Winter’, my mountain guards will have many warriors killed, or the first time I saw such a powerful weapon, but…”

The elder said, walking with the shackles into the cave.

The fire illumined the cave inside, and suddenly it was amazed. A coolness climbed up along his spine. He saw several men in the cave. They were sitting or standing. They were in different shapes. The old military uniform in the military pavilion looks like a group of incomparably fine wax figures.

He looked at the people in amazement, then carefully raised his hand and opened the clothes of one of them. The clothes were sewed with the name of the person and so on. He found that he thought it right, it was indeed the veteran of the year. .

I couldn’t help but reach out and talk about the person’s breath. After decades, they didn’t breathe, they didn’t have heartbeat, they didn’t rot, the skin was still soft, and there was still body temperature… like time stopped suddenly. For a moment, the air condensed into an invisible amber around them.

“In the thick fog, their movements are slower and slower, but they are not natural. But they can’t feel it at all. I shouted at them in horror.” The elder pointed at a soldier, and he kept his movements back. The expression seems to be somewhat puzzled. “Then people watched as they slowly solidified.”

The sound is dry: “What does ‘solidification’ mean? These people… is it dead or alive?”

“There is no life and no death,” Nanshan said. “You think that when the shock period begins, the world of ‘the river’ is not the same, so the people from the river are of course ‘non-existent’, since They don’t actually exist, what is the difference between life and death?”

I got a goose bump on the spot.

For a long time, he only found his voice: “You mean that the ‘presence’ of these people has been erased.”

The elders nodded. “We tried a lot of methods. When the ‘winter’ year passed, the rivers and the banks reconnected again. We used their bodies to send them to the river, but they were crossing the river. In an instant, these people suddenly disappeared from our horseback. The people of the horse were frightened and rushed back to report, but they re-visited them at the beginning of these people’s ‘solidification’.

In the same place, keep the same state.

They can’t go out anymore.

The cave was quiet and the brows were tight. For a while, he said, “I am also an outsider. Why am I still standing here?”