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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 28

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Little Disclaimer/Warning : My translation will never be perfect because Chinese and English are not my native language. 

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About the change of the name my dictionary have maybe put me in the error between Chu Wan/Chu Wang except it’s was Chu Huan/Zhu Huan (so please forgive me for this little error) 

And by the way I’m sorry for the wait of the Chapter but I had my anxiety back for a while. 

Chapter 28

The elders thought for a moment, maybe they couldn’t think about one or two, and they couldn’t show their omnipotence. They lost some face, so they dismissed: “Who knows, maybe you are a freak.” ”

After that, he went out and did not take the torch. Among these three people, there is only one person who needs to be illuminated in a dark place.

Chu Huan: “…”

His old man still knows what is called “freak”, and his vocabulary is not small.

However, he will also self-deprecating. When he looks at the face of the elder’s goat, his heart is balanced. In the eyes of a goat, probably all human beings are freaks.

Nanshan slammed and coughed: “He is old and has a bad temper.”

“I can see it. It is generally bad for others. It is especially bad for me.” After pondering for a while, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is it so irritating?”

Nanshan: “Probably because you look good and speak very well.”

… Is it difficult to be old things like to be scary and talkative? That’s the end of the egg, it seems that only Xiaofang can become his heart.

In fact, in this context, this sentence will be very slick, but when it comes to Nanshan, there is a bit of a bit of an important editorial, and it’s completely forgotten before being run by the old goat. Depressed, comfortable for a while.

He licked his nose: “…I found that you are really exaggerating, subtle and nice.”

Nanshan: “My father is also a person over your river. I have heard the elders mention it a few times. His feelings may be a bit like you. The elders probably turn their anger to you. Don’t go. Go in my heart.”

In this sentence, the amount of information is slightly larger. I found that my own generation has been treated, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed, but I think again… Since it’s Nanshan’s father, it’s accepted.

“As for your question, I am not sure,” Nanshan said cautiously. “But I have a little guess that this happened to have something to do with my father.”

He Take the torch that was hung on the wall by the elders: “Okay, let’s go out and say.”

The repressed caves and the people who solidified in the past made him feel very uncomfortable.

He walked all the way to the outside – according to Nanshan, he is now trapped in the Yi people?

He still can’t accept the saying that the two sides of the river are “two worlds”. Although he failed from a small geography, he still firmly believes that the earth is round.

However, his limited common sense has no way to explain the non-dead and non-living people in the cave.

He is a very self-conscious laity. He does not have the habit of looking at the stars and thinking about philosophical problems. His imagination is always beyond the one-acre three-point land in front of him. He is a boring man.

So at this time, he couldn’t think of what it would be like to be “solidified”.

If the elders say that they are true, they do not realize that they are “slowing down”. Is it now that they are not aware that they have solidified?

For the veterans who are solidified in the cave, suppose that one day they can recover, will they feel that they are only a blink of an eye, the whole world has already smashed the sea?

The two walked out of the cave silently and returned to the family.

The fog is scattered, and the clothing over the sky is the Zhaoyang warm sun and the Lang Lang Qingtian. The clouds are scattered and scattered, and they are not enough to wander in the distant foothills. It is a paradise that makes people suddenly and cheerfully.

However, the Taoyuan was full of uneasiness, and the patrolling and severely-stricken men did not say it. Even the horses running all over the country on weekdays felt the mountains and rains. They spontaneously followed the horses and gathered near the villages. And sometimes watched with vigilance.

He looked at the big white horse that was almost trapped in the river with him, so he blew a long whistle, and the white horse passed the humanity. He remembered him when he passed by, and heard the whistle. Run over to him.

Its legs are still awkward, and the wounds caught by the “mad dog” are still not good, but Liangzhu is Liangzhu, and it looks like it is terrible.

The big white horse hangs his head and licks his hand and spoils it.

The spring elder sister who was working in her own yard heard the movement, turned to see the two of them, and put some hands on her body with some restraint, screamed and greeted, then took the axe and continued to work. At first, she thought that she was in Weichai, and when she came closer, she found that there was a row of “mad dogs” lying on the ground in her house. All of them were dead, and the elder sister of spring was just one axe, and they smashed their heads.

“Mad Dog” is invulnerable. Only a little place on the neck can cut in. The spring man carries a skilled worker’s neatness, and uses his foot to slam their bodies. The axe blade cuts at their weaknesses, cuts a standard, does not need to aim, Never go wrong.

I didn’t know how to evaluate this situation for a while, and I was so upset that I couldn’t help but admire Xiaofang’s heartfelt admiration.

In the spring, I rubbed my hand on the sweat on my forehead, and my face turned red. I felt that I couldn’t speak well, so I was a little embarrassed to explain to me: “No, just… just roll.”

The trick is to piece together the words that spring has to express from the sporadic words: “Is the neck fixed, the axe will cut the blade?”

Spring is a woman who is eager to learn, and her face is stunned and she immediately recites it several times.

She began to speak Mandarin in the middle of a small monster separated from the corpse of a corpse, and she suddenly had a natural and ferocious life.

“Mutai’s brain and blood can be used as medicine,” Nanshan explained next. “So separate treatment.”

I remembered the bowl of unidentified drowning that the elders gave themselves, and suddenly there was a dish: “What is it?”

“The brain pulp made of ointment or powder can stop bleeding quickly and heal the wound. You have seen it, which I used to apply to your wound.”

… Fortunately, it is externally applied.

“What about the blood?”

“Blood is, blood…” Nanshan’s look suddenly looked a little strange, uncomfortably swallowed for a while, the ear roots a little red, and finally adopted an implicit statement, “Well, blood has other uses.”

His eyes fluttered, and he immediately got his heart, but he saw that the patriarch was so cramped that he suddenly felt itchy and wanted to slap him. He asked innocently: “What is the other purpose?”

Nanshan: “…”

Two people had big eyes and a small eye for a moment. Nanshan was red-faced by the brazen old hooligans. Originally, Mandarin was said to be unfavorable. In anxious, he forgot his words, his tongue and teeth. It’s hard to break up and cripple each other for a long while, and then he swears out: “Why do you ask so much? You don’t understand – I, what did I just say?”

In the heart of the heart, holding the word “do not understand”, the smile is bright, but on the face, he is replied with a message: “You said that my business has something to do with your father.”

Nanshan caught the steps and quickly fled: “My family later found a way to let outsiders stay.”

The two sat down under the big white stone that was lectured at the time of the week, and they listened calmly and quietly, and did not interject.

“After that time, every year when the river access is opened and the two sides are connected, we will send people to look around. It will gradually start to contact people on your side, but it is said that there is not much contact at the time. Second, in the early years, there were not so many people on your river. If you want to go far, you can meet a few scattered mountain people, but we can’t go too far.”

“If the shock occurs in the period, our people happen to be outside, I am afraid it will be the same as several guests of the year. And in addition, we have borders. In the county town where you came back last time, I tried many methods. I can’t cross there, there is a transparent wall for my family – so you said that I had to ask me to fly to your home last time… I am afraid I can’t.”

He heard some kind of embarrassment from his words: “It doesn’t matter, I asked my friends to send photos in the next day. You looked at it as if you have been there. Later?”

“Later, my dad came. He went alone to the river and was very hurt. When the grannie saw it, he was asked to bring him in.”

When I glanced at it, I heard the key point.

This is a wilderness ridge, and it is close to the border. In the early years, there was almost no smoke. Nothing would come alone here. The identity must not be much simpler.

“He has been injured in the family. Grandma always likes him very much, but winter is coming, the shock period is coming, he must be sent away, and he tells the truth to him. He listened very interested, although he went away, But without going far, I lived on the other side of the river. He grabbed a lot of hares on the other side of the river and gave them a number. The Yi people fed them different things. As a result, the year when the shock period arrived, All the hares on the other side of the river, without exception, all ‘solidified’, except for one, it stole the ashes of the goalkeeper.”

I thought I was wrong: “Wait, what did you say? What is it?”

Nanshan is very accustomed to say: “The gatekeeper – the gatekeeper is the person who rode the snake in the middle of the river that day, and they have eaten their ashes.”

When the scalp was blown up, I suddenly felt that the whole person was a little bad: “When did I eat it?”

Nanshan: “The wine you invited for the first time, remember? The bubble is there.”

Chu Huan: “…”

Compared with the ashes, the five poisoned wines that were originally thought to be simply weak and delicate.

Nanshan saw his expression like a lightning strike, remembered the cultural differences, and patiently explained: “I know that on your side, when people die, they burn or bury them underground. We are different here. The gatekeeper is a student. They will die before they are old. Their bodies are very precious. After they die, they will be split into various drugs. Nothing is unusual. Are people not going to return to heaven and earth?”

I looked at him badly and didn’t feel comfortable with this naturalistic explanation.

Although it is said that whether the burial is eaten by microorganisms or the burial of the celestial beings is returning to the world by returning to the food chain, it does not mean that he is willing to play the role of “microbe” and “vulture” in it!

For this gap between the three views, Nanshan no longer explained, continue to say: “But later found that only rabbits can do this, replaced by larger animals, such as deer, wild boar or something, it will not work, he is on the other side I lived and lived for many years. After countless trials and repeated attempts, I finally found a way to get people on the other side to enter our side. We call it ‘ceremony’.”

Chu Huan: “What exactly does the ceremony mean?”

Nanshan: “It is a blood transfusion.”

In the mind of the brain, the possibility of “hemolysis of blood transfusion between different blood types”, “the medical device is poorly infected with blood diseases” and other scientific common senses emerged, and then realized that Nanshan said that “transformation” may be understood by himself. Not much the same.

 “Who is the blood?”

Nanshan said: “The gatekeeper.”

Although he still has doubts about the concept of “gatekeeper”, at this time, he has already had a deep admiration for it – this race is simply a great old ginseng, and it is a treasure.

Chu Huan: “But what do you say about me?”

Nanshan: “The blood of the gatekeeper is the only antidote to Mutai’s wind poison. You have already drunk.”

So at the time, by the river, the one that Nanshan poured into his throat was…

In less than a year, he actually had eaten the ashes and drunk human blood. Now he is beginning to doubt whether his usual diet materials in the clothing industry are normal, and he will not mix in the steamed brain. Flowers, “baked human liver”, “explosive chest muscles” and so on?

After many years of obedience to the law, it has become a Hannibal inexplicably. Can the life of the life be ups and downs?

The throat of the cockroaches moved hard, and there was a wave of acid reflux in the stomach.

“But the dose of detoxification is different from the amount of blood used in the real ritual. Seeing what you are now, and the state of the blood-changing ceremony should be completely different, so I guess it is likely to be with blood. The role of the “wind poison” of mutual gram, but what is the use, how long it can be useful, I can’t say.”

This time, I heard his meaning outside the string.

“You are persuading me to accept the ceremony.”

Nanshan: “You look.”

He took the small bottle from his waist and pointed it to a grass that would die in the ground, carefully pouring a few drops on the grass.

Then, under the horrified gaze, the dry grass turned green and tender from the roots at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the dry branches gradually spread out, and a small lilac flower appeared at the top, standing in a dead end, standing out from the crowd. Showing the vitality that comes from the face.

It is that kind of… It initially attracted the undressing of the shackles, and made him feel the vitality of dreams and sorrows.

There are only four words in the brain – dead wood springs.

“This is the ceremony.” Nanshan said.

His eyes daringly turned away from the weeds. He heard his voice suddenly tighten: “What is the price?”

“The outsiders who accepted the ceremony are different from us. They can no longer be restrained. They can go back to the river at any time while they are connected. This ceremony will use a lot of blood. This blood is wind poison. The only antidote, you should be able to understand, how precious it is to us, my Guardian family and the goalkeeper have had a bloody relationship since ancient times, can use each other’s bodies, but never allow them to start when they are alive.” Nanshan said “The person who accepts the ceremony must make two oaths.”

“First, accept the blood contract between the Shoushan and the goalkeeper, and you can’t hurt any of the gatekeepers because of what you are trying to do.”

“Second, stay in the family forever, never leave us half a step.”

Nanshan stared at his eyes: “Would you like?”

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