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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 3

Hello everyone this is @tigrasev for the new chapter of Shan He Biao Li.

I can’t promise fast updates or translation since soon I will resume uni but I will do my best for update this one and Granting, I know my translation is not the best since I’m not English or Chinese Native. So some mistake can happen.

Chapter 2 is here

Chapter 3

In the early hours of the morning, I swept the ashes into a pile, and stepped on the stool and glanced at the big closet, where I found the cold and stiff body of the cat – it broke the case on his bed yesterday, it seems to come out and say goodbye.

I took my sleeves and squatted on the top of the dusty wardrobe, and I couldn’t tell what it was. Suddenly, his cell phone rang, and he took it and looked at it. It was a text message from a care worker: “Come on, come and say goodbye to me.”

The guy and the 50-year-old nursing lady did not have an improper relationship outside of employment. This piece of information that came out of nothing came from patriotism, and the old guy did not know how to touch the phone.

He took the army thorn and the gun and collected it. He changed a black suit, sorted out a simple bag, pulled out an old shoe box, put the cat in, and covered it with paper ash, leaving only a round slap. The head was exposed and buried under the big pine tree downstairs. Then he pressed the cap and pressed a taxi on the side of the road, reported the name of the hospital, and closed his eyes on the backrest of the car.

He is going to visit the patriotic. (Translator Note : Patriotic can be means about the Patriach of the family or one big person for the army) 

Well, the last one.

The patriot is a strange person, others say that he looks like a cross talker, Mr. Ma Sanli, so many people say that he is patriotic and become a fan of Mr. Ma Lao, nothing to listen to to the time Long, the mouth and tone together with the past, became a superstar face that can be faked.

The ward where he lived was a single room. After he entered, he returned to the door and was about to go inside. He was stopped by the old man who was thin and thin like a zombie.

Although the old man is hoarse, he has a slow and self-satisfied self-satisfaction: “Hey – wait, what about your line?”

My footsteps paused, and I took out a napkin from my trouser pocket. After the unfolding, I took a 30% discount and pulled a steel needle at the cuff. I bent it in a napkin and fixed it in the napkin. I quickly made it. A simple little white flower, don’t be in the neckline. He looked at the window glass and finished his black blazer. He completed the “grave” shape, and he walked to the bed of the old man.

Hey: “Mr. Patriot…”

He bowed his head and looked at his costume. He bent down and said to his adoptive father: “Is this not going to be a long-term resignation? Is it like a celebration?”

“How come it’s not like words, you should  live and celebrate and also die and celebrate.” Every time I breathe, the chest has a terrible sound, as if the lungs have leaked. He said with eagerness, “I don’t listen to whoever lives forever.” The words in your heart, then I am not a nail house? Where will my daughter-in-law be placed in the future?”

“Your heart is really coming to Japan. Your daughter-in-law still doesn’t know which lesbian’s belly is in it.” (Translator Note : About the fact that his sperm can be used for lesbian couple for have a child) He paused and compromised. “Where are you going to listen?”

The Patriotic said : “The section that succumbs to death.”

It took me half a minute to react to this “death and love belly”. He sighed and felt very melancholy. He tried to reason with patriotism: “Dad, it is for marriage.”

“Well, get married, get married,” he quickly surrendered and whispered to ask, “Who are you going to tie with?”

The  Patriotic said : “I intend to return you to the stepmother.”

I am completely convinced that the old father would rather die as a little white face: “Dad, I see your spirit, I will probably be able to reunite with my stepmother for a while, and I will borrow another 500 years from the sky.”

“I am calling back to the light.” He looked at him patrioticly and faintly, “Let you borrow? “

He moved and sat down next to his chair and whispered, “How can you not borrow?”

The patriotic smiles like a broken bellows, and the sparse eyebrows are picking up. ”

He decided to watch him for a while, brewing for a moment, and taking a look at the room and saying: “Mr. Patriot, can you come here to accept the sacred dying ceremony under the call of the prince?”

He replied with patriotism: “Who said no?”

Hey: “Would you like to leave this world around you… a world with a lot of people, say goodbye to it, stop seeing it, no longer love it, like throwing away a broken rag, in the days to come, whether it is peace or war, singing and dancing Ascending or devastating, always no longer care about it, forget each other, until the world forgets you?”

Yan Pai is quite dissatisfied with this sneaker, who is not slipping. He said: “Do you have any good words? Who is willing to fuck?”

I whispered softly and said: “Dad, I am afraid that you are not allowed.”

The patriotic listened, and made a moment of staying, he said: “Also – you open my … the bedside table, there is a box inside, give it to me.”

Yan Yiyan found the box that Mr. Patriarch called, and opened it, only to see that it was a platinum ring.

 “Is there a word, have you seen it?”

In the prime circle, the content of the landscape is engraved with the words full of artistic style – “to tease you.”

“It is cute?”

The patriotic nodded nodded: “Cute you play – I ask you, you… you recently, have you felt that way recently?”


The patriotic raised his thin hand and grabbed the shackles of his wrist: “There is no expectation of anything, no desire for life, how can you not be happy, headaches, and even lazy to do it…”

I was shocked by the pretense: “Dad, you have buried the loess in the top of your head. Can you not be so old?”

The patriotic turned a deaf ear, and the turbid eyes stared at him with enthusiasm: “Is there?”

The eyelids don’t say anything: “Absolutely not.”

The patriotic hand tightened tightly: “To tell the truth.”

This time, he was silent for a long time, the eyes behind the lens were not clear, but it was very dark, very heavy, and so long, he only touched the corner of his mouth and said scornfully: “Only occasionally, no one is stunned every day. ”

The patriotic spit a long sigh: “One time I saw you standing in front of the window, like the appearance of jumping…”

I laughed and said: “Impossible, it’s so polluting the environment, is it like I have no public morality?”

He ignored his jokes and stared at him without a word. For a long time, he finally lost his gaze in the eyes of the old goblin. He took the lead and removed his gaze. The smile gradually dispersed: “…that time. ”

The Patriotic: “Why didn’t you jump later?”

He replied: “The ‘two ghosts’ haven’t caught it yet.”

He couldn’t help but interrupt him: “You pull it down, I look up the dictionary. Isn’t that the meaning of the big wood pillar?”

“What’s wrong with the big wood pillar? The body is covered with a circle of mountains and rivers, and you can stand on the ground.” 

The corner of his eyes twitched slightly: “Dad, you have no place to play in this body, so you have to come to me?”

The world, don’t always think about doing your own things, it’s a hundred life and death, no one is now on your shoulders, you don’t always have to dig your own horns, if you can’t help it, go to the hospital to see, open If you order medicine, don’t be embarrassed, don’t die… ah? I won’t be in the future, no one will take care of you, hehe…”

I didn’t say anything, it seemed to be listening, and it seemed that I had made up my mind to be guilty.

He was very eager to look at him with a big heart: “Where are you going to go far?”

He nodded. “Well, after a few days, I will do something first.”

“What do you do when you are gone, and who is it?”

I paused: “The big immortal is dead.”

“Hey,” he said with a sigh of relief, “I am not guilty of sin. I am still tired of a little female cat giving me sensation.”

Taking advantage of his caged fate, I feel that it is a bit cruel to tell him the truth at this time, so the fact that Da Mi is a father-in-law is not mentioned, and the old man, who is a peach-colored person, has no illusions.

One old and one young were silent for a moment, and the strength of the old man yelling seemed to run out. He felt that his life was passing fast.

The sun swept through the window, it was a clear sunny day, and the patriotism said, “You… put the ring on.”

The first ring worn in my life, actually from my bald dad, I feel that this fact is a bit cruel, but he is obediently wearing on the middle finger.

The ring is perfectly stitched, and the word “to tease you” is as tailor-made as he is.

“I am dying.” The old man said, slowly raising his eyes.

At that moment, the old eyes met a young sight. The young man’s eyes were quiet, and when people looked at them, they couldn’t help but feel cool.

He converges to be lazy, and he sighs lowly: “Well.”

The Patriotic asked: “Can you live to seventy and eighty?”

He hesitated for a long while, and he replied cautiously: “I will try my best.”

The Patriotic question: “What should I do when I encounter difficulties?”

I seem to have listened to this question and thought for a while. Then, his face showed a sly smile: “You are cute”

“Okay, okay, it’s good…” the patriotic holding his hand swaying, as if he had exhausted his last strength.

Subsequently, his body suddenly jerked, as if the mind had already gone, no concern, even said a few “good” words, completely closed his eyes.

Holding the hand that had just crossed the border of life and death and not getting cold, he also closed his eyes. He seemed to hear the sound of the wind pouring into the house in the distance, and suddenly he fell into a gray frost. Come down.

“Okay,” he said to the inaudible person. “Goodbye.”

He felt the top-heavy openness, as if in addition to the two ghosts who had not yet arrested the murderer, in the world, there was only such a “good” word that fell heavily on him and fixed him on the ground under his feet.

 and his knife flew past his flesh. The color said: “I know it is very late. But you shouldn’t be so unprepared.”

I couldn’t help but just smiled. His mouth was a bit sharp. When he smiled, his eyes looked awkward. It was a bit bad. With a pair of rimless glasses, he was like a legendary coat of arms.

The collared beast slowly said: “Pharaoh, please lean back a little, look up at the shape of the moon, and then say ‘eggplant’?”

Lao Wang stunned. Immediately, he seemed to understand something. He took a small step back and sighed: “You are this person…”

I took out a plastic small beetle with a large fingernail from my pajama pocket. Like a toy phone chain hanging on a mobile phone, he turned the beetle’s wings open. I saw that it was a cipher.

The door made a soft sound, and Pharaoh’s ear moved involuntarily. He found that on both sides of the door, in the position where he was standing, the height of the throat, a very thin light flashed quickly. It’s was Over.

This made his throat roll involuntarily – the gadget could cut his neck when he was not aware of it.

“Kurro.” The crowd who was rushing to his cold sweat squeezed his eyes, and then turned around without any precautions, leaving the uninvited guest in the middle of the night a slender, but somewhat awkward back.

Pharaoh walked into the house, although his expression was very relaxed, but the muscles of his shoulders were tight. His eyes swept through the space involuntarily, and finally found a feng shui treasure. He waited for himself to sit down – it was a Separately placed in the corner of the single small sofa, people sitting on the top side of the wall against the wall, just outside the window through the curtain gap.

Even this is the 18th floor.

There was a dim bedside lamp on the bed of the bed, which was the only light source in the whole house, but the two had no opinion on the lighting.

This normal hospitality has made Pharaoh a bit of a “he is normal” for the illusion, so he is somewhat gratified. He squinted at the cat’s climbing frame at home and asked, “What’s there?”

“Baidong and tap water.”

The shit’s hospitality.

The old king coughed and screamed, and he showed his intentions: “I don’t care. I didn’t mean to come over to argue with you at this point. There is something to be done. You must tell you right away – the “little ghost” is not dead. It is said that he has entered the country. ”

Taking advantage of the action of the kettle, for a long time, lowered his eyes, and used the attitude of making tea too seriously and pour a glass of boiled water to his guests, and finished the shaking of the wrist, the water just happened and The cup of the glass is flush, not a drop, a lot.

“Come on, I am retired, I don’t have to go to the reception?”

Lao Wang said “Retirement can be rehired, and the devil is coming. Is the ghost still far away?”

He Gently place the kettle on the cushion on the corner of the table.

Lao Wang heavily leaned back on the back of the sofa, touched the cigarette case, and pulled out a point: “Hey, where is the ash bomb?”

He took a huge fruit tray from the coffee table and handed it to him. He pushed a few small apples together and made a place: “This.”

“Enoughly enough.” Pharaoh spit out a ring of smoke, habitually playing the ash, although nothing has bounced off, “The devil is clearly pointing at you this time, the two ghosts you know, both It’s a tortoise, I rarely come out, miss this opportunity, I don’t know if I will wait until the next year, I don’t want to see them both.”

He walked out of the cigarette case in the pocket of Pharaoh and gave himself a cigarette. The two men were silently facing each other across a fruit plate, rather than talking.

Lao Wang mentioned that it was a notorious international criminal gang in the first few years. All countries have different names. The country generally calls it “two ghosts.”

These two ghosts are full of poison and everything is in business. This is actually not a problem. They mainly funded a few terrorist organizations in abundance, which is the group of terrorists who are ready to bomb the building and blow up the bus to bomb the subway.

For this passer-by, wedding can’t remove the roots, and it will inevitably poison the afterlife.

Three years ago, after a long period of preparation and planning, several countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia finally launched a “ghosting” operation. Both anti-terrorism and arresting work were carried out simultaneously and simultaneously. As the most important part of the whole operation, he spent five years in the “two ghosts”. He personally abolished the “little ghost” and smashed the “big ghost” nest.

That “Ghost” successfully made the notorious “two ghosts” disappear in the international arena, of course, there are also shortcomings in the United States – the little ghosts did not die in one breath, and the big ghost ran away.

When bin Laden did die that day, the Americans were uneasy in the day. Now that the big ghosts are now dead, everyone will be restless.

He silently pumped a whole cigarette to the cigarette butt, and he stayed in the ash, and he slowly said: “Oh, well, then I will meet my old friends.”

He promised very happy, and Pharaoh was not surprised. The action of the ghosts was extremely fierce, and the sacrifices were countless. For three years, no one would think more like the two ghosts.

Lao Wang looked up and looked at his home again. He said that it was a house. In fact, it was just a house. What was the ghost of the bachelor who poured the ash into the fruit bowl, and the toe was also wanted.

The expression of Lao Wang’s official business, his face softened: “How are you doing?”

“It’s very good.” He smothered him with two words. The man stretched out the slender limbs like a lazy lion with the sun shining. Over-headed, looking at the direction of the curtains, as if he could see the night of the city through the thick blackout cloth, but refused to look at the eyes of Pharaoh.

When Lao Wang saw his perfunctory, his heart sank slightly and said: “What requirements can be put forward in life, the organization will certainly satisfy you as much as possible.”

His face smirked on his face: “I may still lack a wife.”

Lao Wang glanced at him: “No one told you about the media, and wanted the wife to go out and find it. I went to the house all day, and I can see you marry the cat.”

“Hey my cat is a father-in-law.”

He didn’t have no experience, and there was no way to communicate normally. Pharaoh like a big brother like to say: “Wang brother did not play with you, you are young, don’t be always bored at home all day long. After the event is over, I will recommend you to change jobs, find a lighter job, how about sitting in the office? You are so deep and simple, mentally easy to be depressed.”

A pair of hippie smiles that do not enter the oil and salt.

Pharaoh said the words to him. He couldn’t listen to him. He couldn’t help him. He sighed and left him a gun and a few box bombs. He patted his shoulder: “You… …oh, take care.”

The guest was sent away, and the whistle was blown to close the door. Then he walked back to the bed, half-squatted down, and reached down the bed. He groped for a small switch, a soft sound, and the bed edged out a small one. A small cover, there is also a password plate.

I didn’t put my head in it, it didn’t work. There is no number on the password grid. The order of each button is messy. I need to bring the date into a complicated formula. I know which key is and which number.

He has already lost the six-figure password, the bed is flashing, the bed of 50 cm thick is slowly split, revealing a horizontal and vertical toolbox with a sling next to the box , three ribs, grayish white, no trace of light on the blade, silent and hoarse.

If the password is wrong or attempts to violently damage the device, then the card will not be swallowed and the account will not be frozen. At most, the adult meat skewers are worn at the bedside.

After the box is opened, there are many layers, everything in it, all kinds of old paper bags, and ID cards.

It took a while for me to sort out the things inside. Finally, he took a photo from the bottom of the box.

The photo is a middle-aged man, holding a faceless little boy with a smudge on the back that can’t see the original appearance.

But I remember that it was not a smudge. It was a child written in a pencil. The time was too long. It had already been spent, and what was written?

Uh… it seems to be “Dad and me.”

At that time, patriotism was still so young.

He took the photo and didn’t know what was in his mind, sitting on the cold floor for a long time.

For a long time, the top of the closet was filled with a soft sound, like something hit the metal frame above, and then it came back, and he yelled at the side: “Da Mi?”

The only living thing in the house except him was the big microphone on the top of the closet and it did not answer, so he lowered his head, took out the army thorns, and then put all the other things into a torch.

He has a hunch that no matter whether he is dead or alive, he will not come back

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