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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

According to Nanshan’s interpretation of the translation in the cloud and the mist, the “shock period” that Chu Kun understood was a period of instability.

In those days, the location of the Liyi people was like a seesaw. When you saw the world, you saw the world, and when you were in the middle, you were not next to each other. It was the shaking of the little monsters that suddenly appeared and exited collectively. It’s over.

During these days, Liyi people sometimes could  see flowers in the mist, sometimes thousands of miles in the wilderness, sometimes one Park, and sometimes Walden Lake. In short, they are erratic, revealing a puppet that will change the day.

Among them, the patriarch’s scepter and the human bones burning silently around the settlement were not extinguished day or night-it is said that the bone was the thigh bone of the gatekeeper.

Chu Huan now feels that those places guarding gold mines and jade mines are really weak compared to the people guarding mines like Liyi people.

At this time, Chu Huan was basically immune to the words “gatekeeper”, and it is not surprising that any parts that came from them were really like that.

Even if someone told him that the gatekeeper had no father or mother, it was born through mitosis, and he felt he could accept it.

Of course, at this time, Chu Huan, who had little experience, did not know that he had even guessed it.

However, the unbelievable patriarch’s scepter made Chu Huan puzzled.

After a continuous burning for many days, there is no short “wood” even an inch. Is the thing still wood?

Is that fire still fire?

In order to verify this, Chu Huan secretly poked the flame on the patriarch’s scepter when he was not paying attention, and was burned out with a series of tragic blood bubbles, so he believed the true identity of the flame.

When the vibrations are frequent, the elders who are hard to find fairyland usually have to come out from time to time to turn around. His attitude towards Chu Huan is twisted, and he is at first prepared for it. He thinks that his mind has something in mind. It is definitely not a good thing. Then, he was not pleasing to the eye and wondered what rhetoric he had used to confuse the patriarch. He actually asked the patriarch to disagree and leave him. Finally, he heard that he dared to refuse the blood exchange ceremony. The elder finally did not know him. What a hell of behavior out of anger.

Chu froze at Nanshan and quietly said to him, “Can you talk to the old man? Every time he looks at me with that look, I think his eyes are flashing ‘You’re a fool’.”

Nanshan diligently learned the tongue: “Stupid … stupid …”

Chu Huan interrupted quickly: “You don’t need to learn this sentence, just come out of your mind and quickly forget it.”

Nanshan was able to comprehend-as the study progressed, he now understands more and more things.

Nanshan: “Yes, I always wanted to ask, how do you usually call your best brother there?”

Chu Min recalled it carefully, combined with his life experience, gave him a very grounded answer: “slut.”*

* Translator Name : When I have do the translation it’s was one of name I had searched for one good sentence. 

After a few times of meditation, Nanshan remembered, and yelled at Chu Zhu in an elated voice: “Slut!”

Chu Huan: “…”

He thought he was just “fairly good”. He didn’t expect the progress bar to be dragged to the end. He had become the “best” without knowing it. Now he was overwhelmed. He really didn’t know how to correct this mistake, but he was secretly glad. Thanks for not saying “grandson” just now.

And the thing that made him silently panic is still behind-Nanshan as a qualified patriarch, of course, never keep it in private. Before long, he shared what he learned to other people.

From then on, the indestructible “King of Kings” became a kind of “slut”.

In the early evening, the eldest sister in spring called out tenderly and kindly in the distance: “Bad-people-eat!”

The children talked in private, and felt that “brothers” could not bark, and it was inconvenient to use the same name as their elders. In order to show special respect, they pioneered and invented and coined a word called “Big King”.

Every time the crisp child’s voice shouted “Big King” echoing in the mountains in unison, he could make Chu Yanhu’s body startle.

But this is not easy to stop, because if others call him by respect, he can pretend to be modest and decline, but other people just express closeness, can he pretend to be noble and indifferent to keep others away?

This story is probably the so-called “cause of sin.”

As well as the folk saying, “People are cheap and have their own harvest.”

At first, the white fog of unknown composition and monsters that appeared everywhere only appeared once every three or four days, and then turned into a day or two. In the end, the Liyis were immersed in the thick fog at almost every moment. Office.

In the spring, they took out the complete poison sac from the crazy dog ​​Mutai’s throat, reinforced it with leather on the outside, and let Chu Huan hang it on his waist, and provided him with a small bottle of detoxification blood.

If he finds something wrong, poke him with a knife and poison, then pour some antidote.

Men are sharpening their weapons and stepping up inspections, women are even more busy. They have set up large and small bows on the roof trees, and have to deal with various corpses under the guidance of the elders, making them strange. Weird drugs.

Then slaughter the livestock, grind the noodles and make bread …

There was a feeling that the soldiers and horses were moving ahead.

The original carefree atmosphere within the clan suddenly changed, and the large white stones were no longer used for class. As long as there was no fog, the clan people would fight there, playing real swords, no vagueness, and sometimes seeing blood, but Even if it was overdone, no one held revenge, sometimes the eyes of both people turned red, and after drinking one, they drank a bowl of wine. After a while, they went back to shoulder to shoulder.

This is why Chu Huan really felt the resilience of the Li people, such as the weakest horsewhip. Rumors of the rivers and lakes said that his specialty was arithmetic and not hands-on. It was really weak, and every time he came up and jumped twice, he would be cut out by his companion, often crying and crawling underground.

However, people cried and cried, seeing the bone wound ten minutes to stop bleeding, and began to scab for a long time, almost a day or two to grow well.

During this period, Chu Huan basically had little to do.

Because he could have left, in order to send back the lost child in the clan, he was trapped in the clan, so the little bald father deliberately ran to him in front of him and offered him a hairy one. Fresh boar legs, patted his chest and promised him that as long as he still has a breath, he will never let the “good bitch” lose a piece of hair.

“Good slut” was speechless, and barely squeezed an ugly smile, believing his kindness.

On the second day when the entire Liyi tribe began to soak in the thick fog, Chu Yan saw Xiao Fangyu holding Dashan to the patriarch’s yard, and Dashan’s thigh was scratched away, revealing two deep bones The wound and the medication process were painful.

“Crazy Dog” special effect brain paste was applied to the body. Although the effect was very good, the process was really not friendly. Several people pressed him to prevent the young man from rolling on the ground.

“Mutai scratched,” Nanshan pressed to his knee, “where have you been?”

“One, Yamaguchi, is hidden under the water, and we haven’t seen it.” Xiaofang said, “Oh, yes, patriarch, there is a gatekeeper.”

The gatekeeper’s letter is always carved on the stone in a very retro style, and it will always be an empty graffiti. I don’t know through which channel it came. After entering the period of shock, the tribe will send someone to the mountain pass to see it. Look, look for stones with no lettering.

Chu Huan saw a circle drawn in the middle of the stone, surrounded by deep dents, showing a certain rule, which should be artificially pierced. Anyway, Chu Huan could only read from it that “rice dumplings are filled with black sesame” This one message.

Nanshan and the tribe are looking dignified-they don’t know how deeply they want to reach such a tacit understanding.

At this time, Chu Zheng hadn’t figured out the symbiotic relationship between the mountain keeper and the gatekeeper, but he considered himself an outsider, so he glanced back and looked away, preparing to avoid it, and accidentally hung himself on the branch Rescued his aspic.

As soon as he turned around, the little bald dad took his shoulders and said firmly, “Good bitch, you want to stay.”

Chu Huan: “…”

Little Bald’s father was called “Hard Pillar”, so he rushed to this.

The mallet is usually not good at studying. After a long while, nothing was revealed. In the end, I used my mother tongue: “You are not an outsider.”

Chu Huan smiled wryly, “I can’t be an insider either.”

But since others have stayed open, he has not been hypocritical-anyway, because of their conversations and various strange nouns, he cannot understand them.

“Go and ask the elders,” Nanshan took the stone, “Look how long is it? Then ask everyone to come and gather, leave one for each family, and take care of the animals and children.”

The elders heard the wind, but instead of entering the door, they turned around a wooden pole in the clan’s house yard.

Chu Ye didn’t know what had happened at this time, but he looked at Nanshan’s expression and seemed very grim—but the behavior of the elders was a bit grim.

He walked back and forth around the wooden pole with a word, like a big jumping god, probably finished the five Olympic rings before carrying his hand, pretending to be tricky to Nanshan, “Tonight.”

At night?

What happened at night?

At this time, the patriarch’s scepter hanging on the wall uttered a “buzzing” groan, the rhythm was almost ambush in ten sides, swift and precipitous, and a sense of murderous gas was leaked for no reason.

As more and more people gathered around Nanshan, they talked eloquently.

The mallet was beside him and explained to Chu Min the password on the stone: “The circle represents … the dot represents … the guardian means … surrounded … the situation is urgent.”

Chu Huan looked at him unknownly—the plaintext was written in a foreign language, and he didn’t understand a word.

The mallet scratched his hair in confusion and muttered, “My son says you understand.”

Chu Yi said with a kind affinity: “I can only understand everyday things …”

With this opening, the mallet immediately died, and because everyone around him was very serious at this moment, he did not dare to laugh boldly and had to shrink himself into a ball.

Chu Yi was helpless, and he really had his father, but he had a son. When he was studying language, he was really afraid of encountering this kind of product. To the point where there is no gunshot, otherwise change to a thiner face, I am afraid that the shadow will fall for a lifetime, and this mouth cannot be opened.

Chu Huan didn’t hear his mockery and asked calmly: “Are things like Mutai surrounding us?”

The answer from the mallet this time Chu Min understood, and he said, “No, Mutai’s master.”

Chu Huan was taken aback. In other words, in addition to the gatekeeper and the mountain guardian, is there anyone else in the world … or any other intelligent race?

He had unknowingly accepted the setting of “the other side of the mountain gate” during the period of shock, and accepted it faster than he imagined-still wanting to study or not serious, and the materialist worldview did not stand firm.

The mallet continued heartlessly: “The elder said that our gate was about to turn to the other side tonight, and the gatekeeper reported that Mutai’s master was already under the gate, let us be careful.”

Chu Huan quickly asked: “Where is the gate? What are you going to do?

The mallet eagerly tried to flex its muscles: “Of course it is war!”

Chu Huan : “…”

So the custom here is, do wars have to be as inspiring as the festival?

However, when Chu Huan looked around, he found that everyone else’s attitude was normal. It seemed that there was only such a mallet in the whole family, so he was calm and calm.

Nanshan dispatched troops urgently without panic, as if it had gone through countless times.

Soon, the entire Li family was waiting.

Chu Huan was astounded to find that this is the real “all people are soldiers”. Everyone over the age of fourteen or five has all brought weapons and hard body armor, and even children who are ordered to run away are holding special Knife and fine spear.

When the crowd gathered, Huaguduo took a few older children, each holding two altars of wine and fish in, filling the bowl of people’s hands.

This time, the wine did not have that strange smell, and it was not strong. The entrance was even slightly bitter.

Nanshan held a wine bowl in one hand and his patriarch’s scepter in one hand. The flame at the top was like a huge gem, reflecting his features like an eternal idol.

In the spotlight, he stood on the high platform and seemed to think that it was unnecessary to say anything, so he took up the wine bowl and drank it, and then smiled slightly.

“We will be back next year,” he said.

The liyi people cheered loudly, and the drink poured into their veins like courage, like a brave oathmaster, and a chilling farewell.

Chu Yan stared at Nanshan’s smile in the corner, and suddenly looked forward to what they called the incredible world.

However, this is always the case. When he is in the crow’s mouth, destiny will certainly not bear his heavy trust, and it will certainly make him do more than sing.

When he hopes something is good, everything will always be very different Chu Huan soon discovered that there is absolutely nothing to look forward to in that world.

In the evening, Chu Huan felt the agitation from the depths of the earth.

If he had any feelings, he suddenly looked up, and the fog over the Li people suddenly split into two paths, spreading out, revealing the washed night sky, and the two rounds of the moon that were originally in the clouds.

I saw that the one that was originally bright in the two rounds of the moon faded, but the darker one gradually became brighter. The moonlight was like a waterfall, shining pale and indifferent everywhere, and then they began to move at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Finally, the two moons merged into one.

At this moment, the dense fog cleared.

He heard the whistling sound of an unknown beast from the distance, and he looked back at the sky, and suddenly found that the valley where the Liyi people lived came to a mountain somehow. The original river came together and became surrounded by mountains. In the lake on the mountainside, the giant eagle hovered hovering overhead.

At the foot of the mountain is the dense “crazy dog” Mutai, with hundreds or thousands.

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