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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Nanshan’s eye sockets are deep, but his eyes are very shallow.

When he said this, his dark eyes were faintly anticipating, looking forward to the panic that was derived from it, and there was nothing but persecution.

Sometimes silence is better than sound. Without persecution is the biggest persecution. Chu Yi just looked at it and felt that he was out of breath.

Suddenly he was lying on his back on the grassy yellow ground, and the earth was full of lingering earthy smell, as if there had been a haze that turned from light to darkness all year round. Only the lilac flowers that bloomed just on his face. A slightly sweet fragrance like illusion.

Chu Rong did not answer Nanshan’s question, but asked first: “Since you can’t go out, why do you still need someone to teach Chinese?”

Nanshan was silent for a while: “I hope that one day the people can leave here, look at the outside world, take a subway that runs faster than horses, fly to the sky, and try to eat, This landscape is too small, and it will always look tired from generation to generation. “

Chu Huan: “What to do?”

“I don’t know, think of a way.” Nanshan said, and then he added, “Maybe I can’t help my life until I die, but I think I can always give others time, a little hope, or something else. What clue. “

Chu Huan refused to believe in “accidents” and “miracles.” Nanshan disagreed when he heard what he said, so he casually asked, “Even if you die, there is no hope?”

Nanshan paused. It seemed that he heard a Chinese vocabulary of uncertain meaning. After considering it for a while, he looked back at Chu Huan eyes and seriously asked: “Isn’t hope referring to something in the heart? Will it? “

Chu Huan was shocked.

Suddenly he didn’t want to correct Nanshan’s mistakes, nor did he want to tell him that the words “hope” could be nouns or verbs, with different usages and different meanings … because he thought it was really beautiful.

If that’s the case, people probably won’t lose hope, right?

Chu Huan eyes, looking directly at the sky that began to become obscure because the sun was sinking. After a while, he said, “Sometimes, things are too difficult. People don’t see the possibility of success, of course. You will be disappointed. “

“Yes,” Nanshan said, “but even if I can’t succeed, wouldn’t it be nice if I figured out this possibility?”

Chu Yan was speechless.

If you are finally incapable of turning the tide, at least you will find the vitality in the first place?

He was suddenly touched in his heart, suddenly fainted, and couldn’t help but tempted: “Do you want to stay with me?”

Nanshan was stunned by his sudden inquiry.

As soon as Chu Huan words escaped, he immediately regretted it. He felt that he had asked more of this, and felt more affectionate.

Even if a person’s face is as thick as a city wall, it is always embarrassing to be affectionate. He barely squeezes out a smile in the unexplained drowsiness of Nanshan, and is about to hit a haha ​​to embarrass himself Passing by, I heard the other party say, “The main reason is not this.”

The corner of the mouth raised by Chu Huan was not stiff, the smiley pattern in the corner of the eye was gone, and the smile became a bit bitter.

…… Sure enough, it is still affectionate.

In fact, just a little bit, Nanshan nodded.

The idea of ​​”Chu Huan will stay forever” suddenly made him feel an inexplicable joy in his heart, and he would be attracted by people from the river, as if it were his fate left in the blood of his mother.

But Nanshan hesitated for a moment, but still held back. He remembered that when he and Chu Zhu talked about this topic several times, Chu Xu would bypass it lightly. So for no reason, people probably don’t want to stay?

Nanshan awkwardly picked out the appropriate words and tried to organize it into a reasonable paragraph: “After the shock period has passed, the mountain gate will be reversed, and we will enter a very difficult time on the side of the gate. This is what we said ‘Winter’. Actually you should find out that we do n’t have the concept of ‘Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter’. We don’t seem to be cold when it is the coldest, and not too hot when it is the hottest. It ’s just that when I heard you, you guys I will use the term when the leaves fall out in winter-in ‘winter’, you will find that Mutai is actually not very fierce. It is dangerous here. Your body is too weak. It will be safer to accept the blood exchange ceremony. . “

Too weak … too … weak …

Chu Huan has not experienced the bitterness from the cognition of “I am really passionate about myself”, and Nanshan spared no effort to give him a knife.

That’s great.

Chu Huan froze for a long while, and said in a stupid voice: “Then I can become copper skin iron? Three heads and six arms? Wearing underwear? Or suddenly with tops and piercings in straw skirts?”

The signal that Nanshan was always off-track, at that moment, he unexpectedly met Chu Huan and he unexpectedly heard the sour taste in Chu Huan words.

“I didn’t mean that, some said you are terrible, but your health is really bad, generally this kind of injury,” Nanshan explained with a stab wound on Chu’s arm, rudely, “we will rest for a long time Healing, it takes a long time for you to take the medicine, as if the blood flow is not endless, do you not feel it? “

Feeling your platelets are too scarce?

Chu Huan raised an eyebrow: “Yeah, I’m a faceless person who can face a branch.”

Nanshan was stunned first, and then the expression of bad things was found: “How do you know? Who told you?”

Chu Huab obliquely slid him for a moment, and suddenly he clasped Nanshan’s elbow and lifted him back. Nanshan did not take any precautions against him, and did not hide away by mistake.

Chu Huan tilted his head slightly, and suddenly grinned, “Are you afraid of itching?”

Nanshan: “Uh?”

Facts proved that he was scared. Chu Huab locked his joints and pressed him to the floor and squeaked. The patriarch’s sad and solemn sweep swept the ground, avoiding sparkles, out of breath, and fearing the injuries on Chu Huan arm. 

A crisp cry came from the bare treetops not far away: “Yeah, Lynx fight!”

As soon as Chu Zheng looked up, she saw Hua Guduo covering her young fellow’s mouth, and fled without looking back.

Chu Huan: “… unlucky child, your whole family is lynx.”

Nanshan was surprised: “You understand me? I thought it was Ankara Yiyehu.”

Chu Huan shrugged and let go of Nanshan.

Nanshan didn’t get up, only his fingers moved slightly.

Suddenly, the harmonica hanging from his waist gave out a long, layered groan. Chu Huan looked at Nanshan’s wrist lying flat on the ground and choked.

With the flick of his fingertips, under the command of Nanshan, the invisible air flow continued to flow into the fine stomata of the imported piano, and a series of stiff, but consistent, precise notes floated out.

Nanshan: “This is what my dad brought for his blood transfusion, and he passed it to me.”

Chu Kui immediately remembered that near the county station, Nanshan beckoned the RMB, which was pinched lightly, and then thought of the wind arrow that the mad dog Mutay growled by the river.

This is even different from bullets. They are silent, with inestimable power and precision.

Nanshan can use it to play a gentle tune, but of course he can pierce him without warning.

Chu Huan silently for a long time, sorted out his messy placket, and sat down.

He rarely looks so positive. In Nanshan’s impression, Chu Huan is a person who is easy-going and almost a little bit lazy. He is lazy, passes everything, and is less curious and less serious.

Then he heard the rare and serious Chu Yan said lightly and clearly, “No.”

This answer exceeded Nanshan’s expectations. He almost did not respond, and asked subconsciously: “Why?”

“I can’t do your condition.” Chu Huan crossed his arms across his knees, touched his arms, and found that the smoke was gone. He was probably treated as a harmful item by Nanshan, and he reluctantly retracted his hands. .

“If I know for sure that I will die tomorrow, or next month, even if I speak a little longer, and I will die in a year, then I promise you nothing more, but how long is a person’s life? Maybe I will come tomorrow After some surprises, I quit the food after a quack, and I may live as a tortoise king. I do n’t know what will happen in decades. I do n’t know what will happen in the future, of course. It’s impossible to give you a lifetime commitment, and it will lie to you. “

Nanshan did not mutely.

Chu Huan “As for whether it will be frozen, am I still normal? When you find that I am abnormal, drag the black guy and give me a sip. It ’s nothing. Although I am very fragile, but As long as you don’t rush to the point, you can’t bite me with two mouthfuls. “

Although Nanshan didn’t show anything on the spot, he looked sad and lost, just like in the county town where Pingshui met at that time, I heard that the long-awaited support teacher refused to come.

“Nanshan,” Chu Zheng called him softly, “The river is my home. The home is fine now. I don’t need it for the time being. It’s hard to say in the future. Maybe my wife is flat and never needs me. But once If there is anything or any call, I will climb back even if I crawl-it is not that I don’t like you and the people. If I can, I hope to turn you all out, understand? “

Nanshan lowered his head: “We have a border that cannot be reached, but there is no limit to you. In fact, even if you promise now, you will repent in the future. Once I leave the border, I will not catch up with you.”

Chu Huan smiled: “I know.”

Chu Huan patted the hay on his body and stood up: “You saved me and took care of me. It is my friend. To friends, there are some things you can joke about, and some things you can’t joke. You have to be clear. -Such a solemn promise, like an IOU for borrowing money, cannot be signed casually. “

Nanshan looked at him deeply.

Chu Huan thought about it, and added another sentence: “For other occasions-for example, when I praise you that you have good taste in clothes, you can just listen to it without taking it seriously.”

After he had spoken, he stepped back to the cave.

Nanshan: “Why go?”

“Go and see my predecessor again,” Chu said. “By the way, see if those rifles can be used.”

Nanshan followed him all the way back to the cave. Chu Huan asked him to light up with a torch for himself, then bent down, carefully opened the clothes of each veteran, checked their numbers and names, and recorded personal information one by one.

Nanshan asked, “What are you doing?”

Chu Huan: “You can’t let them live here without seeing anybody dead or dead. I’ll write them down first. After I go out in the future, I will try to find my family and report them to the funeral.”

Nanshan: “Reporting a mourning means telling someone that someone is dead.”

Chu Huan: “Yes.”

“But they are not dead,” Nanshan said.

“Why isn’t it dead? In my opinion, it’s dead,” Chu said. “They don’t have consciousness or thought here. They are just a body … or a corpse, because for some reason there is no decay, there is no metabolism. life.”

Nanshan thought about it, “It doesn’t seem to me.”

Chu Huan: “Huh?”

Nanshan said, “In my opinion, as long as there is no death, even if you have nothing, you are alive.”

Chu Huan looked back at him stupidly.

Nanshan explained with a good temper: “Maybe we move less here and far away from you, and everyone thinks differently.”

“No, I think you’re right,” Chu Huan said without hesitation of Nanshan’s words. “You’re right, chatting with you can make people feel good for a long time, and many things suddenly open up.”

He was talking and suddenly smiled. After copying the information of the last veteran, Chu Huan said, “If I can take you back, I must sell you to a sports goods advertiser. You just say to the camera ‘ Anything is possible ‘, that’s it. Advertising costs are booming. “

Nanshan automatically understood the “lens” as “shooting right away” and quickly embarrassedly resigned: “No need, just shoot, no money-go, I invite you to drink.”

Chu Huan smiled, “then, then no need.”

Nanshan wondered, “Why, don’t you like to drink?”

Chu Huan covered his stomach: “I don’t want to be an ashes.”

After a long translation in his brain, this sentence ran out of Nanshan’s boundless reflection arc, and he laughed for a long time.

The two walked together towards the courtyard of the clan’s house. At this time, the twilight was already heavy, and the bone lights everywhere in the clan were very obvious. Chu Huan suddenly remembered: “Yes, if I can, can I see your father? ? I still want to talk to him about some questions. “

Nanshan looked dark.

“He died when I was young, and I have no impression of him.” Nanshan said, “He … I told you to hear it, mainly to let you know more clearly, it is best not to mention him in the clan, especially It is in the presence of the elderly. “

Chu Huan raised his brow slightly, feeling gossip.

“He deceived the clan and my grandma. After gaining strength through the blood exchange ceremony, he always wanted to abandon us.” Nanshan stared at the ground. “The reason why he didn’t leave immediately was for the gatekeeper.”

The goalkeeper was full of treasures, and Chu Huan heard this, and understood it.

“He secretly killed several gatekeepers, hid in the cave over there, packed their bodies in various strange bottles and jars, collected the blood together, and found these along the way with them. , I heard that the previous gatekeeper patriarch almost turned his face with my aunt because of this. “

Chu Huan: “… what about later?”

“Later, my grandmother killed the whole family with him.”

Such a messy housework, Chu Huanwas really inconvenient to evaluate, and had to say, “Well … your mother is really a female hero, what’s that name? Oh, you can take it down, love and hate clearly.”

“She is dead, too.” Nanshan said softly. “Our mountain guards value commitments, and the marriage contract is one of the heaviest vows. Unless another person dies, there is only one person in his life. Death. Since she killed someone with my dad, of course, it is impossible to survive alone. “

Chu Huan: “…”

Why didn’t anyone tell him that there was such a ferocious custom? Fortunately, I didn’t agree!

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