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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Title : This is the power of …

When Chu Mao looked into the sky, he saw the sparrow hovering like a giant statue spreading wings, looking so small and insignificant, looking around, and there were countless mountains and steep cliffs.

The water flowing down the cliff is as thin as a cotton thread. The woods that have lost their leaves in the settlements of the Liyi people have grown into leafy ground again in a few moments, and they are covered by the wind. An angry green wave.

He looked down at a dark monster, his eyes could not reach the ground, he looked up at the sea of clouds close to Cangshan, and he could not see the top of the mountain.

The immeasurably large and empty eyes suddenly caused some kind of fear.

Between these inaccessible squares, the small building and the open space where the mountain guards are located seem to have become a small world in a tiny drop in the sea.

When Chu Huan saw Nanshan easily take everyone to toast, for a moment, he optimistically thought that the so-called “fight” of the brother mallet, but two people gathered together to fight, Shanmen turned upside down is another source of peach blossoms … just Maybe there are only a few bad dogs in the wilderness.

Until he glanced personally.

With only one glance, Chu Huan gave a different feeling to Nanshan smiling and saying “come back next year”.

Every time these mountain guards turn over, do they fall into this fierce fighting state directly from Taohuayuan?

How long will they stay here? Do you open your eyes and wake up every day and find that the front door of your house is blocked by a ferocious monster?

He didn’t know how the young man drank the bowl of wine with a smile, didn’t he find it difficult to swallow it like choking in his throat?

The “mad dog” Mutai seems to be taller than what I saw before, and Chu Zhu carefully looked at it and found that “mad dog” was riding a kind of one meter high … well, little creature.

Their backs are bent like a circle drawn by compasses. It is no wonder that the gatekeeper wants to replace them with circles. The whole life is very “flat”, like being rolled by a rolling pin, this little creature sits with his legs open and sits on the neck of a “mad dog” As the wind blows, there is a danger that it will face the wind, so the legs crossed in front of the “crazy dog” neck are tied into a buckle to prevent it from falling.

Looking away, the “mad dogs” who carried their masters seemed to collectively wear a shameless scarf around their necks.

I don’t know what others think. Anyway, with Chu Yi’s limited common sense, he can’t imagine that the noodle-like legs can support upright walking.

The flat man seemed to know when the mountain guards would appear. A sharp and hoarse whistle was sent out from the crazy dog bush, like a screaming war drum. The valley blessed the whistle, and the echo gradually strengthened like a big wave. He was so mad that he trembled with the earth.

Chu Huan knew that he should not be fooled at this time, but he had no idea what to do about it except to do it for himself.

To this day, the feeling of “i must be dreaming” once again emerged from the bottom of his heart.

A hand grabbed his arm suddenly, Nanshan said shortly, “Come here, don’t leave me.”

The pull of his hand was so amazing that Chu Huan was almost dragged by him.

At this moment, Xiaofang turned her head and yelled at Nanshan loudly: “Clan! How come they are here, the gatekeeper brothers at the foot of the mountain?”

Nanshan took a deep look at him and said with a pointed finger: “Let the elders get ready.”

What are you ready for? Chu Ye didn’t understand, Xiao Fang understood.

Xiaofang, a man with thick branches and straight leaves, usually does n’t know what the eyesight is. It was originally a little two hundred and fifty, but at this time, only a look and a meaningless word, he understood the meaning of Nanshan. The cow’s eyes suddenly turned red. He widened his eyes, and seemed to want to glare that little bit of tears back, so he showed a dazzling look.

After Nanshan finished speaking, he raised the patriarch’s scepter high, and the little poisonous snake climbed up along the scepter. The triangle’s head stood at the top, opened his mouth, and swallowed the flame on the scepter.

In addition to bird eggs, its recipe is a omnivorous snake.

The cold flame disappeared out of thin air, revealing the scorched and thick wood core of the scepter.

Nanshan: “Arrow.”

Xiaofang yelled like a sleepy beast, roaring loudly: “What are you doing? Let go! Let go!”

Between the words, the arrows flew down the cliff, mostly small dense arrows, sometimes mixed with a large javelin-like arrow, when the sky weaved a dark cloud covering the sky.

At halfway, all the arrows suddenly violated the laws of physics together, paused in the air, and then accelerated suddenly like fuel.

The sharp metal cleaved the air and rushed out at the enemy like a bamboo.

It’s like … there is an invisible accelerator in midair!

Accelerators are very effective, and countless “mad dogs” and flat people around their necks were penetrated or set off by Arrow Rain relentlessly. Three or two “crazy dogs” rushed up as if they were inaccessible to the sword, and they could be worn as candies by a large javelin-like arrow.

Even the thinnest small arrow that can be easily broken with two fingers can be inserted directly into the rock of the mountain wall.

Chu Huan twisted his head sharply, and felt Nanshan trembling as he grabbed one of his hands, the sweat beads flowed down his forehead, and the wet long hair stuck to the chiseled jaw.

He asked in shock: “This is … the power to change blood?”

Nanshan heard, his mouth slightly twitched, he wanted to say, “Are you sorry?” But at the moment, Nanshan was alone, carrying thousands of bows and arrows, unable to distract himself, so this sentence was only silently asked in his own heart.

Chu Ye did not wait for him to answer, but thought for a while, then said to himself, “Miracles-those who have such a special function can also be killed if they are killed, which makes the hall too powerful It’s really a man. “

Nanshan: “…”

He glanced helplessly at Chu Yi, feeling that he still had too little vocabulary and could not evaluate it.

Nanshan held up his scepter again, evoking another wave of overwhelming arrows. They washed the mountain slope with the sound of crackling bowstrings, and the enemy’s body remained on the mountain slope, like a large, solid ripple.

Although it was Chu Li ’s first experience with the cold weapon battlefield, he stood by and looked cold. He felt that the place where the Liyis were located, leaning against the ridge, was an easy-to-defend terrain. The only problem was that the “mad dog” Mutai was too restrained , The whole body was inserted into a hedgehog by arrows, and as long as he was not dead, he could still roll up physically and mentally, and waved his claws to continue to rush forward.

Chu Huan did not participate in the battle, and stood beside Nanshan honestly, while observing when these black “mad dogs” spit arrows were used, while observing these strange enemies.

At the moment, the arrow of the mountain guardian is pushed down regardless of cost, and the enemy is walking up with the corpse on it. Chu Yu therefore infers that the wind arrow of the “mad dog” has a range.

Nanshan certainly understands this, so that the tribe can light up all their bows and arrows as much as possible in a short time, and weaken the enemy’s combat power as much as possible.

Once the opponent is close enough, the guardian’s bow and arrow will be useless, and then it will be necessary to fight close combat.

The “mad dogs” who fight on their own are limited in their lethality. How can these flat people like scarves be able to organize them?

Chu Huan touched the short knife that Nanshan gave him, and sighed again, just like a gun.

The few rifles left by the older generations could still be used. The problem caused by the age is not a problem for Chu Huan. The problem is that the bullets have been destroyed by this group of folks from the Yi family.

It is the south and the water, and the climate is already humid. In addition, some bear children secretly take out the bullets to play games while the adults are not paying attention, and let them walk through the water and soil. Gunpowder has long turned into cumin powder.

Within the range, give him a gun, even a folk soil rifle, Chu Huan dare to say anything absolutely crushed wind and water arrows.

One way is that the big sand hammer can’t hit the small ants, and the knife in the sky can’t stop the death squad.

Despite the fierce firepower of the mountain guards and the blessing of unknown cyclones, they still couldn’t stop the “mad dogs” who were all over the mountains from fearing death. They fell down in pieces, howling to get up again, and the number of getting up was reduced on a large scale. It didn’t take long for the “mad dogs” to survive.

And at this time, as expected, the enemy was too close, and the ranger entered the range of the “mad dog” wind arrow.

I saw a flat film man suddenly come up with a weird horn, and blew “whine”, the sound echoed in the valley, echoing the echo, a kind of creepy low euphemism.

All the mad dogs stopped at the same time and opened their big black holes together.

Nanshan should be aware of this. He had been prepared for a long time, and he quickly seized Chu Huan and avoided a piece of rock: “Everyone at the height comes down!”

The clan people skillfully searched for shelters, scattered around to avoid, and then the surrounding air seemed to be twisted. The thin clouds on the mountainside were stirred into a huge vortex. The boulder was loose and the flying sand was walking. Destroyed.

The so-called “wind arrow” hit a stone, armor, and cold iron weapon, and the “ping pong” suddenly made a loud noise, or someone who was hiding slowly and was cut through the skin. The blood that came out was all ominous black.

In fact, Chu Zheng couldn’t understand how “poison in the wind” is a poisonous method, wouldn’t it cause respiratory infection? But he did feel the passing air flowing with him from time to time.

At this point, the advantages of long-range attacks have become disadvantages, and only idiots will try to rebuild their crossbow.

Nanshan decisively ordered: “Kill, kill first …”

The last word in his remarks, Chu Mao, has not heard of it, but this does not prevent him from understanding that Nanshan refers to a flat man riding on the neck of a crazy dog.

“Crazy Dog” moved extremely fast, without arrow suppression, and climbed up in no time.

Da Shan, a gimmick, rushed to the roof regardless of his sullen head, flew up, carried an iron crossbow, and screamed, “Kill them! Kill them! Revenge! Revenge!”

This dumb guy is talented and amazing, and a man can actually carry a huge crossbow that weighs hundreds of pounds, and a thick javelin-like arrow swept out, turning the front of the flat which was preparing for the second trumpet. The filmer shot a pair through, and flew out, hitting three or four “mad dogs” successively.

At the same time, another flat film man has come near, picking up the horn and receiving the interrupted sound, the Mutai group again issued a blood-sealed hurricane, and Dashan almost became a living target.

The roof of the young man’s feet was completely lifted down. He fell off the roof with a few blood holes in his body.

The mallet and the second kick kicked one side at the same time, facing the invisible weapon, and dragged him behind the big white stone.

Chu Huan leaned sideways, leaning against a wall without moving. His fingers rubbed the cold knife’s cold handle slowly and steadily. It seemed that he was not sitting in the middle of a bloody siege but sitting idle in the afternoon.

Chu Huan noticed that every flat film had a horn around his waist. They didn’t need to communicate with each other. They seemed to follow a certain conventional order. One died and the next one would be connected immediately.

Since it is an unknown creature, it is not ruled out that inflated people use infrasounds or ultrasounds that are not captured by human ears, but on-the-spot communication may not be so fast and efficient, so Chu Yan guessed that there must be some sort of arrangement of flat people order.

The second trumpeter was shot and killed by a sudden emergence of spring. She flickered. She was an assassin, but she killed faster and the enemy replaced faster.

The third horn continued, without any interruption.

The closer the distance, the greater the lethality of the group’s wind arrows. Nanshan suddenly moved Chu Yan to the side-where he was standing just now, a large watermelon pit was cut out by the wind arrows.

Chu Min raised her eyebrows slightly, feeling the adrenaline soaring after a long absence.

But the more urgent the general situation, the more indifferent his face appeared, but Nanshan didn’t understand his abnormal habits.

Nanshan saw that he lifted his hands and took off the glasses on the bridge of his nose. He folded the temples in a hurry and put them in his pocket. He didn’t know what to say about him.

He acknowledged that Chu Huan sometimes behaved like a “ferocious mammoth,” but he did not expect his reaction speed to be as slow as a real mammoth.

Nanshan has a special origin. Although blood has given him unparalleled strength, he also gave him an innate burden. Although he was an elder, he was condemned to allow him to inherit the patriarch’s scepter, but his unbridled youth It is still under suspicion. Nanshan has not mentioned it with others, and no one else has known how he was accepted by the tribe when he took the patriarch’s scepter at the age of fourteen.

As a patriarch, he must be fair and selfless, and he has developed the habit of treating things outside his body as dung, and has never had the concept of a so-called “treasure”.

Therefore, in this short moment, he could not comprehend his almost anxious gain and loss.

Nanshan was accustomed to dealing with these neighbors. When he heard the wind, he knew where the wind arrow was heading. He could easily avoid it, but he saw that Chu Yu’s foot was like taking root, standing unconsciously, and the sharp wind arrow The situation was approaching, and the intention of killing almost shook his hair …

Suddenly, Nanshan’s mind fluttered and hugged Chu Huan.

He tried his best to extend his arms to protect Chu Huan, and used his back to face the sweeping wind blade. The sharp arrow had reached his back. Nanshan’s hands were tight. He knew this arrow in his heart. In order to pierce his armor, he has made plans to use flesh and blood to resist.

But at this moment, Chu Yong’s short knife suddenly released his hand, the knife handle shortly hit the stone on one side, and the bounced blade hit the unseen wind arrow unbiasedly, pushing it away vigorously, Nanshan felt The armor at his back was swept aside, and a sound of thin and long friction was issued. He immediately hesitated, turned around, grabbed the knife handle, and dragged Chu Chu sideways to a small building.

He met Chu Huan eyes.

Chu Huan eyes seemed a bit complicated and weird. All of them flashed through, leaving only a piece of softness in the end. He said, “What are you doing?”

Nanshan was a little embarrassed for unknown reasons, and he returned the short knife to him for a reason, staggering the topic: “Your knife was thrown very accurately, no worse than Spring sister.”

Chu Huanraised an eyebrow on one side: “Young man, I can live to this day, but not by sucking blood and peony.”