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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Title: Counterattack and Massacre Begins

Nanshan didn’t understand why he didn’t dare to look at Chu Huan eyes at that moment. Anyway, when he reacted, he had subconsciously avoided Chu Huan eyes. Soon, he felt that he was a little indifferent to such a sparkle, so he hardened. The scalp glanced back again: “I …”

Who knew that there was a slight pause, Nanshan had forgotten what he was going to say, and he was like a schoolboy who was suddenly called to ask questions when he was lost, and in his head was filled with a jar of water and everything was washed away. .

Nanshan thought urgently, “Say something, I have to say something.”

So he instinctively used his mother tongue to speak a swift word of the Li family, explaining in a concise manner: “Don’t you tell me you want to follow me? You can’t see it, how can you stand there? At every turn? Do you want to be detoxified again? I was taken aback by you … “

Nanshan’s words came to an abrupt end, because he felt that he was just talking about it, and he was talking nonsense. He moved his feet upside down, and it was even more embarrassing for a while

Fortunately, Nanshan’s Liyi remarks are absurd and unspoken, and the speed of speech is so fast that it almost escapes the gravity of the earth. Therefore, Chu Huan, a half-hanger, did not understand a word, and his ears were full of garbled characters.

I don’t know how to respond to a bunch of garbled characters at this critical moment, so I pretended to calmly say, “Okay, I know. You’re pretty sharp-mouthed-can you find a way to stop their horns?”

After asking this sentence, Nanshan finally had room to answer. He immediately felt as if he was relieved, and hurriedly picked up this step: “Too much, no.”

Chu Yan: “What if it’s just the one that just blew the horn?”

Nanshan hesitated, and quickly rejected the idea: “Although it can, but once they find that his horn can’t blow out the sound, there will be the next one on top of it, useless.”

Chu Yan: “Once the two sides fight, the situation will be very chaotic. It is unlikely that each of them will remember the entire sequence. I think they must just keep an eye on their previous person. In case the previous person dies, The latter person immediately took over the horn command. “

As soon as Nanshan’s eyes brightened, he immediately responded: “So the next person must follow the previous one!”

“Do you have a way to lead them to run?” Chu Huan asked in a low voice. “Once they are pulled and run, they must be chasing one after the other. You tell the clan to ambush. At the same time, you can start the attack, or attack. It ’s okay to leave the singular number, to kill the singular number, to kill six or seven people, and they will be messy. “

Nanshan listened, and whistled decisively, and several hidden clan members suddenly appeared around him. It seems that only the silly boy of the age of Dashan will make himself a living target. The older people are all experienced. When they were familiar with the terrain, they would immediately drill into the woods and grass behind the house, and no one could find them, but they could come out at any time to show their fangs and bite the enemy a piece of flesh.

Nanshan quickly explained what they were doing. Although he didn’t even say why, but relying on the prestige established in the clan for many years, the clan people had no objection and immediately acted separately.

Nanshan raised the patriarch’s scepter and handed it to Chu Yan: “Give me a fire.”

Chu Yan’s cigarette was thrown by Nanshan, but the lighter was still there. The scepter was easy to ignite. Once the different-colored flame on the top touched, he could not wait to jump out, emitting a striking halo.

As soon as the fire broke out, Chu Yan and Nanshan immediately avoided each other in two directions, as expected, the next moment, the “crazy dog” claws attracted by the fire had arrived.

The two walked out from both sides of the courtyard wall on two sides, and finally Nanshan glanced at Chu’s back with some anxiety.

Despite seeing Chu Yifang’s stab, he was still flustered and couldn’t help thinking, Wanfang was just luck, would he not be able to cut it next time? Even if it’s not luck, what if something unexpected happens?

This stopped Nanshan’s footsteps and was almost caught up by a “mad dog”.

Nanshan raised a hand in imagination. “Crazy Dog” seemed to take a severe slap, his neck twisted to the side, and “creak” broke and fell down heavily.

Nanshan reluctantly suppressed the bloody imagination in his heart, and he decided to believe in Chu Yi-because he remembered Chu Yi said that important things would never be nonsense.

But even though he was so determined, when he turned his head and found that the figure of Chu Huan disappeared, Nanshan was in a state of mind that he could not help seeing people, and he would go up and down.

Nanshan stabbed through a “mad dog” that ran to him, grabbed the flat man on the neck of the “mad dog”, tore him in half like tearing toilet paper, and threw it aside.

The flame on the scepter in his hand did not waver against the wind, and in the gloomy sky, a meteor flew across the sky, and there was room for a “mad dog” around the houses of the clan.

Because this monster is very reliable, the “mad dogs” group quickly led by the number, one after the other into a column.

The flat man who took the horn was about to sound the horn again, so that other companions would surround Nanshan, but felt that a stream of air was blocking his horn, and no sound could be heard.

Nanshan seemed to feel something and turned back to smile coldly at him.

The flat man was about to turn around to signal that the next person would take over the command, but then only turned back, and there was a sudden light in his eyes. I saw a trident spin down from a high point, piercing the “mad dog” behind him and the flat man on his neck with great precision.

Chu Yan pulled out his spikes, reached out to Nanshan in the distance and made a gesture of pretending to take off his hat. Then he ducked away from a wind arrow—the trace disappeared again.

Liyi people generally don’t wear hats. Of course, Nanshan did n’t know what his gesture meant, but he started to burn it for unknown reasons. Nanshan forced himself to devote most of his energy to the enemy behind him, leaving only a little space in his mind. , All gave Chu Yan the eyes with a smile.

Thinking about it this way, although he described perseverance and was not at all troubled, his bucket of 15 buckets of water was overturned together, causing a flood.

Seeing Chu Yi’s success, the ambush people immediately rushed out at the same time as Nanshan commanded. Several cold arrows were shot at the same time.

The command of the flat film man was really chaotic. At the same time, four or five horns blew, and the “mad dog” at the scene could not help but pause for a moment. I didn’t know which one to listen to.

Xiaofang took a group of people and killed them halfway, blocking the enemy’s column.

The Shouren and the flat film man who drove the “mad dog” suddenly got into a scuffle.

Two kicks placed his injured good brother Dashan behind the large white stone, gave him a small crossbow to defend himself, and then stood up to face the black monster coming from the wind.

He almost red-eyed, unknowingly moving in and out of the Mutai group, entangled and drew close.

It didn’t take long for the two kicks to catch two deep bloodstains on the chest and back. He couldn’t help but take a step.

Just this step, a “mad dog” Mutai rushed up under the command of the flat man around his neck, slammed into the back of the boy, knocked him to the ground, and stepped on His back.

The monster weighed a few hundred pounds, and when he stepped on it, he almost broke his bones alive, and the two kicks turned black before his eyes, and he sighed in pain.

Flat man: “Ah-haha!”

Following the command of his owner, the “mad dog” on two kicks opened his mouth wide and prepared a wind arrow to end the little ant under his feet.

The two kicks struggled and roared, and their fingers fell into the fine grass on the ground fiercely.

Suddenly, his back lightened abruptly, and his over-kick kick turned over.

A dark-colored three-pronged spiky sprang up inexplicably, the moment the “mad dog” opened his mouth, poked straight through its mouth, and penetrated his throat all the time. Immediately, the blood splattered three feet immediately, and he sprayed a face with two kicks. Unfortunately, the teenager was too surprised to close his mouth.

Second kick: “… oh.”

Chu Huan picked up a flat piece of people who shivered in one hand, and smeared the blood on the triangular thorns on his body. The flat piece made a hoarse and sharp voice. Chu Huan listened carefully, a little like The Liyi language is just that his voice is too ugly, and he speaks too fast, so he can’t understand it at Chu Yi’s level.

He researched and shook the flat man in his hand twice. The flat man fluttered in the wind, and made a sound of “纸 (Zhi*) ” like a piece of paper. Surprised and said to the second kick, “Hey, this thing is so soft!”

*T/N : Zhi is also the name for Paper

Second kick: “…”

Subsequently, Chu Huan tried to poke the flat man with a three-pronged thorn. He only heard the sound of “噗嗤 (Pu Chi:”, and the thing made a short scream, struggling and died.

Chu Huan wiped his hands and threw the body aside, and said with regret, “It’s not very strong, right?”

……if not? Would you like to use it as a pair of boots?

The second kicker looked at him the same, and nodded dumbly.

Chu Huan glanced at him, and pulled out a napkin from his pocket, he himself forgot which time he put it on while eating at a small restaurant outside, wrinkled with dregs, and couldn’t tell whether it was used or not. I have never used it. However, Chu Huan has already achieved this virtue, and he is so embarrassed that he is “tolerant of himself and is stricter than the legal person”. Ugh. “

During the conversation, another Mutai rushed at him, Chu Huan swept his side with a punch and twisted the head of the “mad dog” to the side. Before he could twist it back, Chu Ye’s short knife had been handed over. After that, he cut off the flat piece of human head on his neck. After watching the Spring Sister taking blood and brain plasma for poisonous sacs, the anatomical picture of the “mad dog” has been completely put into Chu’s brain. He You already know how to deal with this stuff with the least effort.

After solving the film man, Chu Yi refused to do a little extra work, and explained the second kick: “The silly big one is for you.”

Turn around and leave.

The second kick kicked each other for a moment with the “mad dog” who suddenly lost command.

“Mad Dog” Mutay: “Roar …”

Before the roar of the irritable ileum was finished, it was cut off the neck in half by the two kicks that jumped up.

The second kick felt that his inner self-esteem was sharply stabbed, and for a while he ignored the blood on the front and back, and rushed out bravely.

The “mad dog” who lost his command has become a piece of sand. Although brutal, he can’t organize a wind arrow. The mountain guards have been fighting these things almost since birth. The obesity was killed and the situation on the field quickly reversed.

Nanshan extinguished the flames on his scepter, and ran order: “Kill them all!”

The counterattack and massacre began.

Xiaofang immediately took a few people to form a blockade line under the mountain without letting go of a “mad dog” who leaked the net.

Chu Ying’s toes were poked on a “mad dog” that had just been killed by him. The flat man on the neck of the “mad dog” was shaved off half of his face by the knife wind he brought up, and howled on the ground. It has no fighting power, so Chu Huan did not care about it for a while.

He looked up and felt like he had entered the final cleaning at this time.

So Chu Huan was lazy, wiped away the knife and the triangular thorns, and put them away. While picking up the flat man, he thought about what he had done in front of Nanshan.

“I seem a little too unstable.” He reflected himself.

At this moment, Chu Huan heard a sudden shout from behind him: “Slut King!”

Chu Huan almost hesitated for a moment. When he turned around, he realized that he did not know when he was near the patriarch’s yard. A row of bear children protected in the yard were lying on the wall watching him, beckoning at him cheerfully.

Hua Guduo and her junior classmates asked each other, “How do you come here to play?”

Her junior class was quite pedantic, and Wen Yan quickly gave the answer in Mandarin.

Hua Guduo thought quietly to the other children and said, “I shout ‘one two three’, and then we call this together. Do you hear one? Two three-“

The children pointed at the half-life flat man in Chu’s hand and said in unison: “King of sluts, play!”

Chu Huan: “…”

Is this for fun? !!

Chu Yi glanced at the horse whip guarded at the gate of the patriarch’s home. He smiled shyly at him, and said, “Good bitch, all right.”

Chu Huan: “…”

This title almost called him out of communication desire.

The little bald head on the wall was particularly excited. In order to show that he was very familiar with Chu Yan, he was like an agile meat bug, twisted over the wall, and jumped down.

At the sight of this situation, Zhu Yi’s anger was gone for a while. He quickly threw the flat man who was dying to the cubs on the wall, and then, running on his own legs, turned and ran away.

The poor little bald rode on the wall without the village and the shop, and found that despite the fact that he and true love had died together, the essence of true love was still a scum. Seeing all the children set their eyes on themselves, he paused Juebei came from it, riding on the wall of the patriarch’s house, grieved and grieved.

When Nanshan saw Chu Huan came to him, his heart was immediately relieved. He was a real person, and realized that he was wrong, and immediately thought carefully why he was there.

Until Chu Huan stretched out a hand and shook him in front of him, Nanshan still looked at him blankly.

Nanshan opened his mouth and seemed to want to say something, but was dazzled by the reflection of the white gold ring on Chu Yi’s finger.

His eyes were frozen for a while, then darkened, and he finally regained his gaze, mutely silent. Nanshan held the patriarch’s scepter in one hand, and his body was covered with blood.

Chu Huan embraced his shoulders from behind and asked strangely, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Nanshan was a bit lonely. He gritted his teeth, regained his spirits a moment later, and reluctantly smiled, and asked Chu Huan, “how about I go to watch the gatekeeper, will you go?”

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