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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 33

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Title : Life Should Be Holy

As soon as Chu Min remembered the indiscriminate little white face like a bazooka, he was a bit scalp at that time, and could not help himself: “Me? I don’t…” 

As a result, the elder came over before he refused.

The elder’s age is not reflected in fighting and killing. He has been looking at the little cub inside the clan’s home wall, but he knows what happened outside.

Sometimes, if people fight together, their feelings will change subtly.

The elder’s nose was not his nose, his eyes, and his eyes narrowed. Chu hummed and said, “It’s over and over, I can’t keep up!”

Seeing that his liver was so vigorous, Chu Huan couldn’t help but say, “Did we accidentally dig this grandpa’s ancestral grave?”

However, although he did not care about the elder’s general attitude of two-hundred-and-a-half thousand, his face was still harmonious and showed no clue, because Chu Min knew in the heart that there must be a very important secret of the mountain guardians at the gate, old Although the goat showed his face, he accepted him as such.

The elder man raised his neck, his goatee trembled, and shouted, “Leave half of the people clean, and take the rest with you, come with me!”

As soon as he spoke, the people immediately followed him spontaneously, and Chu Huan had to follow it, and went down the mountain with the crowd.

The road down the mountain is not easy to walk. The stone steps here are old antiques, and they are very perfunctory. Some places even omit them. It is a kind of trail that “walks with too many people”.

The elders acted as a demon within a few steps. They reached out and pointed Chu Huan and Xiaofang next to him, commanding: “Can’t move, go and cut a bamboo pole and lift me.”

Chu Huan, who was lying innocent again, was speechless.

Chu Huan felt that he was unjustly going to drift into snow in June, and he didn’t want to turn the old girl’s girlfriend. Who would show the face of Yue Zhang Lao Taishan?

Not to mention whether there are any girls in his family, even if there are, who will abduct a goat’s daughter?

Chu Huan really wanted to throw back the elder Yi Zhiqi, and drank the old thing with a bear face, but read “Respect the old and love the young” twice in the heart, and finally he still swallowed and said nothing, rolled up his sleeves and prepared to be with Xiaofang for go to chop bamboo.

Presumably, it was Chu Xi’s habit of showing up in the past. When he was young, he was typical of “Jade and its appearance, and it’s defeat.” Don’t even look at the socks, but he’s not in a hurry. I have to sculpt it. Although he has already passed his silly adolescence, he probably hasn’t completely returned to his life, and there are still some traces. Anyway, this “beautiful stream” makes the elders unhappy.

The elder shook his skin and shook his two skinny and sturdy arms, trying to exhale a titan-like majestic momentum, and then stared fiercely at the only man in a coat, muttering Say, “Not a big girl, what coat do you wear?!”

The last word, Chu Huan, did not understand, but according to his guess, it probably means “mother gun”.

Nanshan couldn’t stand it anymore. He reached out a column of Chu Huan, and he didn’t refute the elders. He just took out the machete around Xiaofang’s waist, raised his hand a few times, and chopped down a thick bamboo, silently. The ground was cut clean, raised one end by himself, and threw the other end to Xiaofang: “Senior, come up.”

The elder was so angry that he couldn’t pull his old face in the end, but he was embarrassed to let the patriarch raise the slider in person under the eyes of everyone, and he slap angrily on the back of the mallet. Wait, please? “

The further down the road, the more rugged the mountain road. The body of the “mad dog” Mutayi is piled up all over the mountain. Occasionally, there will be some escapes. Cold arrows are often put out in the bushes. Outside of them are all young and mature. The mountain guards are amazingly combative when they face the ungrouped Mutai, and they have cleaned up these fishes without any surprises along the way.

They soon descended directly from the mountainside to the foot of the mountain.

Chu Huan saw a huge, naturally formed large cave tunnel.

Nanshan said to him, “This is Shanmen.”

This mountain can only go up on one side, and the cliffs on the other side are straight up and down. If you want to go up this side, you must pass the “mountain gate”. This is an excellent checkpoint.

Before Chu Huan had time to admire, the elder got down from the bamboo pole vigorously, and he drew his nose vigorously, silent, but his face began to look difficult.

Xiaofang suddenly yelled, “Aigu!”

He stepped forward and stepped out of the crowd, rushed to crawl and ran out, smashing the half-height grass.

The corpse hidden there immediately ran into the eyes of everyone.

It was a pale young man who looked like a vampire. His upper body was blurred in flesh and blood, and from the waist down, he was cut off by a sharp weapon, leaving only half of his legs hanging on his body.

The blood on his face was too dead to die.

On the way down the mountain, Nanshan told Chu Huan that the gatekeepers can’t leave the gate normally in one step. Only three days a year, when the gate is closed naturally, they can go through the gate in one direction and take a short rest in the Liyi tribe.

Otherwise, from the sun rising to the sun setting, as long as the mountain door is open, they must sleep all the time and be ready to face external enemies at all times.

Chu Huan could not imagine what would happen if a person could only take three days of rest and only three days of peace and leisure.

I can’t wait to get it in half every second.

Nanshan squatted and looked at the wound on the gatekeeper’s body. He said nothing, but reached out and wiped the blood on the young man’s face, closed his eyes, and patted Xiaofang’s shoulder.

The grass at the foot of the mountain is very wild, half of them are tall. As they walked through, they soon found more dead bodies, the gatekeepers, the “mad dogs”, and the flat people …

The dawn fell, and the grass was full of hidden sadness and sorrow.

Although I had a premonition, I saw with my own eyes that the crowd was still unacceptable. Xiaofang took several people from the corpse to search through them one by one, trying to find one who was breathing. Chu Huan followed Nanshan and the elders through the gate.

Then he was almost shocked.

The towering mountain gate silently faces the direction of the rising sun, and the faint light of dawn hits the huge blue stone, reflecting a layer of faint halo.

A gatekeeper leaned on the top of the mountain gate. His messy long hair blocked his half of his face. He stared blindly at the direction outside the mountain gate. His stiff and cramped hand was still holding an airless one. “Crazy dog” Mutay.

The knife in the gatekeeper’s hand was inserted into the “crazy dog” throat. There was a black hole in the middle of his own throat, and it was thought that it was caused by wind arrows.

His blood tightly adhered to himself and Shanmen, and his standing posture was unwavering persistence and loyalty.

Under the mountain gate, the mountains and the mountains are dense and dense, all of which are “crazy dogs” and flat people’s corpses, overlapping each other, without seeing the grass, a day and a night have passed, while the continuous river water is still flowing with stripes.

The ancient battlefield on the hillside that seemed to be roaring and screaming, like a ghost on earth.

Only then did Chu Ye understand how many of the enemies surrounding the mountain are today.

Without the blocking of this gate, they would not be able to face it.

The elder closed his eyes and muttered something. He said that the ancient sacrifice Chu Chu couldn’t understand, as if he was parting with the soul in the air.

At this moment, a clan suddenly yelled and ran in: “Patriarch! Patriarch! Ruger still, and anger …”

Nanshan turned around and ran, and Chu Zheng hesitated, but did not keep up.

The elder glanced at him: “What are you looking at?”

Chu Huan stood in the middle of the mountain gate, looking out at the borderless world, and suddenly asked, “What’s outside?”

After listening to the elder for a while, there was only two of them left. He rarely missed the voice of Chu.

After a while, the elder said, “There are some mountains like here, the mountains are angry, there is no lifelessness, people can live on it, and there are places where lifelessness is more than angry, people cannot live. Turning to death is called ‘sinking’. If there are many sinking places, you will produce many things you can’t imagine. They will come to snatch anger, and we will have to fight until one side kills the other. Speaking? “

Chu Huan: “Either you die or I live.”

The elder skin smiled at him with a smile, and said yin and yang strangely: “You have everything there, and you can’t do anything about it. I still think that’s ridiculous.”

Chu Huan didn’t answer, but Quan Dang didn’t hear.

After a while, he asked again: “The mountain guard now, what do you do?”

“Follow me.” The elder said, and turned towards the tunnel.

After entering the gate, the elders did not go straight along their way, but took Chu Yi into a twisty hill cave. Chu Yi pressed the lighter and lit it with a small flame. I saw it and murmured twice, that is, “trouble outsider”.

Later, Chu Huan heard the sound of Ling Ling’s water.

Soon, he found that the lighter was useless.

The stone room of the cave came to an end, and Chu Kun saw a lake. A soft milky halo naturally appeared on the lake water, which illuminated all four directions. The water surface seemed to float a thin layer of green smoke, which made people see After that, my heart gave birth to a certain feeling of comfort and tranquility.

Chu Huan paused: “This is …”

The elder answered, “In your words, it is called Shanquan.”

Chu Huan: “…”

What an obsolete sentence.

The elder said, “It is the essence of the mountain, and you call it the holy spring, too-oh, they are here.”

The sound of footsteps came from the cave, Chu Huan turned back, and saw Nanshan bring people in. Several people carried Luge, who once had a relationship, but did not see the big snake.

This time, Ruger didn’t blaze because he didn’t see Chu Huan at all.

He can’t see anything.

When the guardian found him, he was entangled in the middle of the big snake he raised. The big snake was pierced with wind and arrows. He had been dead for a long time, and left Ruge with a breath.

Ruger’s eyes were closed, and along the corners of the eyes were dry blood. Only the shallow and rapid undulations on his chest made people see that he was alive.

Ruger seemed to hear the sound of water, tilted his head slightly, and opened his mouth slightly, but made no sound.

Nan Shan grabbed Lu Ge’s shoulder, carefully lifted his stained long hair behind him, and whispered into his ear, “Ru Ge, the Holy Spring is here, have you heard?”

Ruger raised a hand in difficulty, grabbed Nanshan’s clothes, and squeezed hard.

Nanshan said, “Okay, I’ll let you see the next patriarch.”

After he had spoken, he went to the water and knelt down, and pierced the front of the patriarch’s scepter into the water.

There was a ring of ripples in the water silently, and Chu Ye saw that the top of the scepter submerged in the water had condensed into a flame-shaped bubble.

The elder on one side also knelt down, with his forehead resting on the shore, in a five-body position. His mouth began to chant incomprehensible mantras, and the calm water surface soon rumbling with his high and low voices, and a strong and powerful wave burst.

Nanshan bit his finger and dropped a drop of blood into the mountain spring.

The blood coagulated into the water and did not disperse. It became a small ball and was wrapped in a strange bubble. Then, the water surface suddenly boiled, and a large number of bubbles were generated violently.

Immediately, “wow”, something broke out of the water, Chu Huan was taken aback, thinking that there was a monster, he thought of the mutant crocodile that would emit an infrasound wave, and the hand on his side immediately tightened and moved back cautiously. Half a step.

However, Chu Huan was shocked to discover that it was a person coming out of the water.

The emergence of a person from the water was not enough to shock Chu Huan. The point is that this person looks almost exactly like Lu Ge.

He is full-length, standing on the water with his feet suspended, floating quietly there, his pale skin flashing with water, like a finely-crafted doll with a little red between his eyebrows, as if he had touched Nanshan’s talent The drop of blood dripping into the water.

Gradually, the redness infiltrated into his brows, and he opened his eyes, his eyes moved slightly, and that’s how he came to life.

Chu Huan eyes wandered back and forth between the people in the water and the people on the shore, and the worldview was once again shaken by devastation.

What’s going on? Someone “grown out” in the water? A Ruger “grows out” in the water?

But the one on the shore hasn’t sighed yet, which one of them is Luger?

He once joked that the gatekeepers were born of mitosis, but never thought that they were born of human clones!

The cloned device is still a pool of water, an unknown species of wood, a drop of blood, and an … goat-faced old man?

So is the gatekeeper an artificial person or not at all?

Nanshan beckoned to those in the water: “Rug, come here.”

With only a breath left on the shore, Lu Ge tilted his head slightly, struggling and stretched out a hand. Ru Ge in the water stepped across the water like a wind, walked ashore, and kneeled on one knee in front of the current gatekeeper patriarch.

Two equally pale hands were held together.

There was a relieved smile on the face of the current gatekeeper clan Wolverine, and then his head sank suddenly, leaning softly in the arms of Nanshan, and the hand held by the aquatic man also relaxed.

Holding the hand of a new life, he went to death.

Next, the Li people went to the river one by one, biting their fingers, drops of blood dropped into the water, and one after another came out of the water.

Some of them have a drop of blood on their brows, and some have several drops of blood on their brows. Among them, Chu Huan saw Aigu near the mountain gate, and saw an unknown young man nailed to the mountain gate …

They all walked behind the new Ruger and stood quietly in a row.

I don’t know when Nanshan, who was close to Chu Huan, said, “That’s how the guardians came.”

Chu Huan eyes haven’t left the lake yet, he asked like sleepwalking: “How come? Is it resurrection? Or … copy?”

“No,” Nanshan said, “I miss it.”

Chu Huan turned back in doubt. At this moment, he met Luge’s gaze not far away. Ruger’s eyes were still not very friendly when he looked at him. However, the original kind of breath was gone.

The new Luger didn’t rush over to shout and kill, but stared at Chu Zhu with a sullen expression.

Chu Huan asked subconsciously: “Miss?”

“The guardian adds his own thoughts to the blood, and it will awaken the holy spring’s memory of that person. The two effects will create another person. The gatekeeper is born from generation to generation.” Nanshan said, “But you The person you miss is different from what he really is, and the memory of the Holy Spring is combined, so the new person and the original person are not the same although they are very similar-in fact, we are the same , Although children may look like parents, they are not the same person. There is no one in the world. “

Chu Yun involuntarily brought the words of Nanshan in the clouds into his own ethics. I thought, according to this, is the holy spring the mother, and these mountain guardians by the river are fathers? Those born with a few drops of blood, because of the miss of several people … just have so many dads?

This idea was almost ridiculous. Chu Huan quickly shook his head and shook it out. It felt that such a birth method could not be called “reproduction” at all, and it was inappropriate to use the old social ethics.

The mountain guards who were still outside came in in twos and threes and moved the original body of the gatekeeper to the holy spring.

The two groups of people washed the dust of the deceased by the holy spring, organized their remains, and stripped the tainted blood of their bodies, as if to respond to the phrase, “The stripe is really clean.”

Nanshan himself cleaned his dead Luger’s hair and tied his long hair into a neat bundle.

From beginning to end, no one spoke, they seemed to be performing a quiet and solemn ceremony.

Chu Huan stood beside, seeing the tail from the beginning, he never felt like he is at this moment, and thought of “life should be sacred,” and therefore a kind of unspeakable guilt came out.

Until the end of this long cycle of life and death, the new gatekeepers gradually dissipated under the leadership of the new patriarch, and the mountain guardians had to take away the dead bodies in accordance with the usual practice.

Chu Zheng returned to his heart, and found that he had been motionless for a long time, and his legs were numb.

Nanshan pulled him: “We’re leaving.”

Chu Yi answered, but he turned around, and suddenly, immersed in the splash of the lake’s boiling rhyme, a drop just hit his hand. Chu Yi just experienced a war just now. He didn’t even scratch the oil skin, and at this moment there was a small wound on the back of his hand.

The water dripped on the skin as if it had life, and immediately penetrated into his wound, and the already stopped blood was rolled out.

Chu Huan: “Ah, I admit the wrong person …”

He didn’t know what would happen to the blood of this outsider when he fell into the water. He quickly reached out to wipe, but the water droplets wrapped in blood beads were very clever.


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