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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 : What The Holy Spring Is Looking For Me? 

Each race will accumulate unique cultures and concepts in its long history. For outsiders, some of them may have resonance with them when they come into contact with them, and some may not understand at all. This is nothing, but others call it “holy” Everything is not to be tainted.

So Chu’s first reaction was to apologize quickly: “Sorry, sorry, this is not intentional …”

But he didn’t finish the sentence, and he died halfway. He saw the drop of blood falling into the spring, and the white foam bubbled up, spreading from one point, like a small explosion, After this tumult, a pale body slowly floated up from the water.

Chu Huan was nervous with convulsions, because he didn’t know what ghosts would come out.

The next moment, the man completely surfaced, blood dripped into his eyebrow, and his open eyes met Chu Huan gaze narrowly.

Chu Zheru was struck by lightning and forgot all his words in an instant.

That was supposed to be familiar … but because of the time that is difficult to trace back and insurmountable life and death, the face that seems strange, the water of Shengquan’s water gently covers it, and the person in front of him looks like a real person who can’t be truer. Dream.

The man stood in the water, first looking at the cave spring water and himself in surprise, then turned his doubtful eyes around, and finally cast it on Chu Huan After watching for a moment, he frowned and said stiffly, ” It’s you?”

Chu Huan felt that his throat was blocked by something, and he was speechless.

When the man saw his horrible expression on the grave, he felt a bit discouraged, so he said in a breath: “Hey, who is your crying face to hang?”

Chu Huan didn’t think about it, a word with a hoarse tone has blurted out uncontrollably: “I haven’t cried about your mourning, can you manage it?”

The two of them were like a pair of flammables, and they sparkled in a few sentences-although they were fighting.

Chu Huan voice faded, and he had already been punched heavily in the lower abdomen. He was almost caught off guard and almost didn’t come up. He took a few steps back and came back with a fierce close contact with the mountain wall. Chu Huan chest and back were a little stuffy, and Sha Shuo in the middle of the rocks followed a “thump” to fall.

Chu Huan heart suddenly rose into an unknown fire, and he raised his fist and greeted the other’s face.

The uppercut was in the middle, the man moaned, turned his face to the side, lowered his head to cover his face, and then spit out blood. He glared at Chu Huan fiercely, with an inexplicable hatred in his eyes, swearing that he did not share the hatred with his enemies, snarled, “Your dare to hit Lao Tzu’s face! Did my fuck touch your face? Ah? Chu’s, we are not finished today! “

Chu Huan words also picked up quickly, as if degrading the other party is his instinct that never degenerates: “hitting your shoehorn face is to give you a facelift.”

After hearing the remarks, the man seemed to hear the clarion call, and whether he was still naked or not, he would fight with him-it was clear that his face was more important than any shame.

The fist was stopped by a hand extended in the middle.

Nanshan frowned in front of Chu Huan, pinching the opponent’s fists into an impossibility.

Looking at it this way, Nanshan found that this strange new goalkeeper had thick eyebrows. Although his skin color was as pale as that of other goalkeepers, he was strangely without the water-ghost-like group temperament of the goalkeeper. Furious, full of puppets and owes.

The new goalkeeper glared at Nanshan: “Bear, who are you?”

The astonishment flashed on Nanshan’s face. He had been the patriarch for so many years, and he had never seen such an unusual gatekeeper. At that time, he was stuck in the other’s fist and pushed people back, saying, “You, It doesn’t matter who I am, hitting him means hitting me. “

“Who can you still force your face? Find a helper …” The new gatekeeper scowled and scowled, but when he looked closely at the “helper” of Nanshan, his expression suddenly became confused and gradually, He stole the hedgehog-like hostility, and whispered with uncertainty, “Are you … the mountain guardian?”

He finally blurted out the standard Liyi language, and Chu stunned it.

Nanshan said that the people who came out of the holy spring looked like they weren’t the same ones.

His lawsuit was poured down by a basin of cold water in the air, and it was immediately frozen into ice, and then he felt the hot pain in the lower abdomen.

Chu Huan bowed his head, leaning back against the cold and damp cave wall, bending his waist into a shrimp.

Lu Ge came over, first glanced at Chu Huan with a very complicated look, and then asked the new goalkeeper: “What’s your name?”

“… Yuan Ping.”

Ruger held out a hand at him.

The new goalkeeper stood for a while, held the hand, and then slowly seemed to have a taste, and whispered, “You are the patriarch.”

Ruger nodded. “Let’s get some clothes for you.”

The new goalkeeper followed Luge, and Chu Ji suddenly screamed his name in the same way: “Yuan Ping …”

Yuan Ping stepped back and glanced back at him. The anger that was ready to punch the crown seemed to have fallen back on his head. He felt that maybe he should habitually promise “Grandson, what is Grandpa?” Speechless.

He was even a little confused, and felt like he should be someone, it wasn’t, the world seemed to be the same, it wasn’t.

But then again, which is the “original” world?

He was so ignorant that he was taken away by Ruger. Chu Ye heard the keeper whispering around the mountain guards and the gatekeepers around him. It seemed to mention some “books”. There were too many strange terms. , Erlai was not in the mood to listen.

In fact, it was just a punch. Is it so painful?

To Chu Huan, obviously there is none.

But he just coughed against the wall, as if all the internal organs had turned over.

Nanshan raised his shoulders anxiously: “Are you all right?”

Chu Zheng grabbed Nanshan’s hand: “Don’t you say that the gatekeeper is coming out of the water? Doesn’t the gatekeeper need the memory of the spring? What is the memory of the spring? What is the gatekeeper? I don’t believe the gatekeeper can Restricted randomly, I … keke … “

His words were interrupted by his own cough. After a while, Chu Huan slowly let go of his hand, and Nanshan’s wrist was scratched by a noticeable red mark. He looked at the red mark for a moment, and then light Gently waved his hand: “Sorry, I’m not awake.”

Nanshan froze, reached out his hand tentatively, and gently lifted the bottom of Chu’s shirt. Seeing that he had no objection, he rolled the hem completely.

Chu Ping’s abdomen was beaten by Yuan Ping on the lower abdomen, Nanshan was unhappy with only a glance, and his voice was slightly cold: “Who is he?”

Chu Huan: “One …”

He couldn’t help but pause. What was it? One friend? Every time I meet, my friend who has been turned into a black-eyed chicken seems not so funny.

A love rival? Alas, it’s eight hundred years old, and the heroine has become a child.

So … a colleague?

I’m afraid Nanshan doesn’t understand what a “colleague” is.

But before he had time to answer, Nanshan suddenly blessed himself and asked, “Is that … the fierce fur ball?”

Chu Huan then remembered the nickname he gave to others, but did not expect to say casually, after such a long time, Nanshan actually remembered clearly, had no choice but to cry and laugh.

Nanshan’s brow tightened.

He was very uncomfortable, as if there was a stick somewhere, so that he didn’t feel well, and couldn’t find the crux for a while. Nanshan couldn’t help thinking that Chu Yan had never had a fight with anyone in the clan. The elders were so kind to him and never saw him lose his temper. Why is that person special?

He was so keenly aware of something different from the violent atmosphere of the two people just before—Chu Xi and this man must have a deeper entanglement than everyone else, and there must be countless others between them. It was found that only the parties had a tacit past.

Nanshan suddenly felt a sense of jealousy.

He had grown so large that he had never been jealous of others, and for the first time, he felt as if a fire was burning in his heart, which made him irritable and dry.

He lowered his eyes, and touched his fingers lightly on Wu Qing’s lower abdomen, and the warmth on his skin suddenly touched his fingertips. Before he could realize it, Chu Huan had already reacted greatly and avoided it. .

“Don’t touch, itchy … hiss … it hurts and itches.”

Nanshan’s fingers retracted in shock, feeling more blocked in her heart.

Fortunately, the elders came over at this time, and he dragged his feet to make Nanshan come back to life.

The elder looked at Chu Huan with an unpredictable look, and said, “The gatekeeper has continued for generations, and it has not been long before no new people joined.”

Then he turned to Nanshan, with the mouth corners twitching, showing the boss’s unwillingness to be picky: “Is that really what the man said in the holy book? The holy book must be old.”

“Senior,” Chu Zheng arranged his clothes, and asked Zhengzheng. “Isn’t it that the people coming out of the Holy Spring must have the memory of the Holy Spring? How could there be Yuan Ping? He is just like me, but an outsider. When? Been here? “

The elder man glanced at him quietly, and the broken wood cane that he just chopped lightly hit the ground, echoing “da da” in the cave, and then he slowly said, “I have lived so big, anyway, no Met this man. “

He said, squatting down strenuously, holding the water in the holy spring with both hands, and the water surface had calmed down at this time. In the soft fluorescence, it was still clear and the water flow leaked from the elder’s old fingertips: ” I don’t know if you find it, the people are dripping their blood, only you were found by the Holy Spring. “

After a short period of shock and confusion, Chu Zheng had completely calmed down. He tilted his head and looked at a pool of water. After hearing the elder’s statement, he suddenly felt a little panicked—as if the water was alive, he could See through his heart.

Chu Huan : “Why is Shengquan looking for me?”

The elder stared at him, and seemed to feel a little disrespectful.

Nanshan suddenly said, “My family has always had a legend that there was once a big rock on the mountain, which wrote the holy book of our tribe. The holy book says that we will go from immutability to decay, and then there will be A person who can ‘connect the past and the future, and connect the present and the end,’ will cross the river and bring us change … The elders in the family thought that my dad was that person. “

Chu Zhuo is unknown, so I didn’t hear that this had anything to do with my own question.

Nanshan added: “You may not know that, from the point of view of the gatekeeper and us, the holy spring is what keeps the past and the future.”

Chu froze, and then reacted to the other party’s implied meaning. He pointed to himself in surprise: “You wouldn’t say that person is me? I can communicate with the Holy Spring? But I didn’t say anything to him. “

“You have been thinking about someone in your heart, it must be someone you are willing to change with your own life.” The elder said rather indifferently, “If the holy spring can hear the thoughts in your heart, then It has its ‘memory’. “

Chu Huan face was strange, but the dark clouds on Nanshan’s face were almost frozen.

After a moment, Chu Huan asked confused: “Change? What can I change?”

Elder: “Who knows?”

Chu Huan then set his sights on Nanshan, but Nanshan, who had a bad temper, didn’t know what medicine he took, and actually stiffly avoided his sight, then left without a word.

Chu Huan whispered to the elder: “What happened to the patriarch?”

Elder: “Who knows?”

He snorted, and walked away in the face of his old and strong goat, seven dissatisfied and eight unscrupulous goats.

Chu Huan was sitting quietly by the holy spring alone. The hearts of the mountain guards and the gatekeepers did not know how big they were. He actually left him as an outsider in front of their “past and future” and looked at them side by side. Isn’t there any fear, isn’t he afraid that if he doesn’t want to drive into it, pee?

“People who communicated with the past and the future?” Chu Huan leaned on the stone wall, closed his head, closed his eyes, and silently listened to the sound of the water on his side, trying to receive a little brainwave from it, but the ears were almost cocoon He also failed to feel that Tan Qingbo had any desire to communicate with himself.

In the final analysis, Chu Yan still refused to believe everything he saw.

He was still trying to use his common sense to explain everything that happened, but it was just a half-hanger, thinking that he was almost confused, and still had a mentality.

Outside, the mountain guards and the new goalkeepers are cleaning the battlefield.

Inside, Chu Huan sat by the holy spring with his eyes closed and nourished.

Suddenly, he heard a snoring sound, Chu Yan opened his eyes and saw that the little viper did not know when he swam in. He looked at him with a small triangular head, and then twisted to the edge of the holy spring. Staggered left and right to admire his reflection in the water, leaning over and drinking.

Chu Yan’s eyes were stricken with his hands, and he slammed it up: “Don’t drink wildly, what if you drink the wrong pregnancy?”

The little snake wrapped around his wrist and spit out the snake letter in dismay.

Then Chu Yi remembered it and asked the snake, “Are you male or female?”

The little snake spit out the snake letter and stared at him with big eyes, and Chu Xuan opened his tail to check it by himself.

Unfortunately, his biological knowledge is limited, only to find out that he did not know the difference between male and female snakes.

For such a big hooligan, it was really intolerable. The little viper was finally provoked. He opened his mouth to show his fangs, and said with a “ha”, he wanted to bite, and tried to escape Chu Chu’s instinct to hide. Devil’s Claw, ran away in anger.

Chu Huan was then laughed, stood up and walked out of the cave. As soon as he came out, he saw a man leaning on the stone wall, as if waiting for him.

Yuan Ping.

Chu Xun stepped forward.

Yuan Ping looked up at him and said, “Hey, is there smoke?”

Chu Huan looked at him a bit and saw that he had put on his pants. If he looked at the back, he looked like an authentic gatekeeper: “You can smoke like this now?”

Yuan Ping frowned, seemingly tangled for a second, and then said angrily: “Take him, bring it.”

Chu Huan: “Oh, no.”

Yuan Ping: “…”

Even though Chu Huan and he are no longer the same person, the freshly released goalkeeper still firmly believes that there are no strangers with the surname Chu in the world.

Chu Huan came to him, a distance away from Yuan Ping, and leaned side by side on the rock: “How are you feeling now?”

Yuan Ping didn’t speak for a while. After a while, he lowered his head and grabbed his own hair-he was the only one with short hair among all the gatekeepers. It seemed a bit abrupt: “I don’t know. I feel like I should be a dead person. It seems to be another person. I remember some things before, and they are a little vague, but I know all the history of the “guardians” and “gatekeepers” clearly, and somehow know a foreign language. “

Chu Huan responded, his mood calmed unexpectedly, and he thought, “A man cannot be resurrected from death, he is not that person.”

Yuan Ping asked, “Are both the ghosts packed?”

Chu Huan: “I didn’t catch it for the first time, I just cleaned up a while ago.”

Yuan Ping frowned: “You waste.”

Chu Huan smiled and didn’t have general knowledge with him.

Yuan Ping paused and asked, “What about Lulu?”

Chu Huan “My wife, don’t call me that kind.”

Yuan Ping: “Fuck.”

Chu Yan raised his eyelid and glanced at him: “What’s exciting? People haven’t married me.”

Yuan Ping first stayed agitated, then immediately became irritable, turned around and grabbed Chu’s collar, yelling at him, “I’m all dead, but you still let others take advantage of it, you can still do this job. What can’t you order? “

Chu Huan was silent for a moment, and suddenly pushed Yuan Ping hard, and shouted back with a louder voice; “Who is there in her heart, don’t you know? You’re all dead, I chase her while I’m invading, I still person?”

Yuan Ping was pushed back two steps by him, sitting on the ground with one butt, looking up in shock at Chu Huan

Chu Huan pulled the collar that he had scratched and wrinkled, and gave Yuan Ping an evaluation of the conclusion of the coffin: “Wang Ba Dan.”

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