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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

The gatekeeper keeps guarding the lonely mountain behind him all the year round. All outsiders are enemies to a certain extent for them, so they are xenophobic, even if they look in the face of the mountain guardian.

Chu Ye also carried a mysterious aura, and only stayed under the acquiescence of the gatekeeper’s patriarch Ruger. Many gatekeepers looked at him curiously, but due to the patriarch’s cold face, he did not dare to talk.

If the life of the keeper is simple, then the life of the keeper is boring.

They are more tidy and have stronger fighting power. They are always in a state of waiting and standing, and the gatekeepers are more like real soldiers than half of the Liyi mountain guardians living in Taohuayuan.

In the evening, Nanshan took some grain from the mountain, washed wild vegetables and ham, cut them into pieces, and threw them out of the pot in order.

The pot is the kind of big guy who can be used as a bathtub. Presumably the elder Tang who stewed it on the top is hanging on a rack with a big fire underneath. It doesn’t care about putting it first and then putting it on. Grain, vegetables and meat are so thickly boiled into a pot of miscellaneous stew, various ingredients are broken, rotten, unripe and unripe, and love is boundlessly bound together.

A gatekeeper stood side by side, picking up a handful of coarse grains, and the wind rolled in the sand, and the staple food at night was available.

Fortunately, there are some small dishes in addition to the staple food. There are several small fires next to the big pot. The gatekeeper cleans up the newly caught beast, then chops a few knives, forks it with a sharp fork, and bakes it on the fire. There are also some roots and stems of plants like potatoes and sweet potatoes, which should be local specialties. They are dug out of the soil and do not wash even when they are washed. They are thrown into the fire with the mud and battered twice after baking. , Will reveal the scent of Jiaoxiang inside.

To put it bluntly, the daily life of the gatekeeper is quite wild—in Chu Ye’s opinion, “wild interest” simply means being rude.

However, unknowingly, Chu Huan has learned to stop using his narrow perspective to measure the lives of others, and he has not tried to quantify the meaning of the gatekeeper’s existence.

Although the language of the two sides still cannot be seamlessly connected, in the subtle way, Nanshan’s perspective has unknowingly affected him.

Chu Ye found that when he asked about the meaning of “alive”, he actually didn’t expect any answer–because if someone told him that meaning was “bland, chai rice, salt and salt”, he would feel the other person muddled, and if others told He has a clear, even noble goal, and he feels it is a false sky.

The reason why he asked, in fact, it was just in the emptiness and confusion, to find a place for him to look like a philosophy.

Nanshan said to him, wherever it exists, there must be reason.

Of course, this is not absolute, and there is some “existence” that makes no sense-for example, when Chu Huan was looking for a corner to sit down in a low-key manner, a group of people led by mallets enthusiastically yelled at him: “Good bitch ,come here!”

Chu Huan never hoped that he would be deaf.

Yuan Ping laughed beside him like a dog’s tail flower trembling in the wind. After she laughed, she followed him indifferently.

Chu Huan said angrily, “Why are you following me?”

Yuan Ping spread his arms in two hands: “Follow the fun of picking up music. I have to count on you to live this joke for the rest of my life.”

After listening to the first half of the sentence, Chu Huan wanted to plug it back into the holy spring. He heard the second half but said nothing.

The words “the second half of my life” seemed like a sudden knife, and I took a cold shot at him, and the flesh and blood was suddenly unbearable.

In the second half of my life … what will Yuan Ping do?

Is life and death trapped in the mountain gate forever?

When Yuan Ping saw his face suddenly change, he asked unclearly: “Why is your face like he is eating shit again? Moody, I find you have become more and more nervous recently.”

Chu Huan said nothing in silence, thinking he was right.

Chu Huan sat down, no longer in a mood of trouble, took a rough meat that was passed to him by others, filled it in his mouth mechanically, and ate unappetizingly, without appetite.

Surrounded by chaos, adults and children scrambled, howling and calling one after another. Suddenly, the two kicks that were sitting on one side seemed to have nails under the buttocks, and they just swayed in place. In the end, his face flushed and he couldn’t bear it. He stood up suddenly, and the cat ran out with his legs around his waist.

The mallet had a pair of out-of-time sharp eyes, and he caught a glimpse of the movement of the second kick, and immediately opened his throat to advertise for him: “Hey, why are you going?”

This throat stone shocked everyone’s attention, and saw that the two kicks kept the movement of bending down to 90 degrees, and in the eyes of the eyes, stood up into a fashionable statue, blushing quickly Can go to bullfighting.

Second kick: “I … I my my … that go!”

The mallet asked knowingly, “Which one is that?”

Chu Huan remembered that he accidentally sprayed the blood of the “mad dog” on the young man’s face.

The bitch king timely showed a meaningful smile, and looked at the lower half of the second kick.

The second kick is like a rabbit who has been poked in the buttocks. Both hands cover the crotch with an open hand, making a strange noise: “I’m peeing! What’s wrong with peeing? Smile and laugh!”

In the laughter of the crowd, the young man felt almost ashamed of power loss and humiliation, and ran away half-heartedly.

Nanshan immediately seized this opportunity. He wrapped his deliberate core with an innocent and innocent face, and followed the words without saying: “If there is a person we like here, we can be in the clan and Engagement under the witness of the elders. “

What he refers to as a “marriage contract” does not mean “marry an appointment for future marriage” in Chinese, but refers to the marriage itself. The Liyi tribe guardians regard marriage as a kind of undeniable vow.

Chu Huan glanced at Nanshan, and his mood would be better. For the time being, he had a lot of thoughts and a little chat interest: “We can’t do it. Our little cubs are underages. They are still preparing for the college entrance examination. The Civil Affairs Bureau will not issue certificates and will not give up. “

Nanshan asked, “What if I meet someone I like?”

“Humbling,” Chu Huan said with a grin, and Huyou said, “I was found to have broken my dog’s leg by my parents, and my teacher had found it to write a check—it was a mistake to repent.”

For the first time, Nanshan was not curious about the bizarre life on the other side of the river. He felt that he had found a breakthrough, so he quickly asked, “Have you ever written a check?”

Chu Huan saw an opportunity to brag, and he waved his hand and said, “How is that possible? I was the standard ‘boy in white shirt’ at that time. Do you know what that means?”

Yuan Ping: “It’s the cheapest, the most fake, and the most reportable male bag in the class.”

Chu Huan picked up a bone and fired it on his face. Then he seemed to think of something and said to Nanshan, “Don’t tell me, I really wrote a copy.”

At this point in Nanshan’s heart, “writing check” seemed to be equivalent to “in love”, and his fists drew close to him suddenly.

“Of course it wasn’t because of early love that was caught in such a nasty incident.” Chu Huan slowly added the next sentence, “I was because of killing the people, and using my spare time, I opened a spoon for a famous fool …”

The bones came with a strong wind, and there was a strong murderous intention like the new hatred. Chu Yu hid his head sideways and did not look angry. Yuan Ping said: “There are always people who like to pick curse.”

Nanshan found that the prepared topic had been taken out of Chu Qian by thousands of miles, and the remedy was enough.

But today it has reached this point, he really does not want to go roundabout, and intends to ask directly.

Nanshan repeated the words in his heart several times, trying to put on a pretend relaxed state, but always felt that he could not do anything.

One person cares about the extreme, and when he has reached the extreme, he always seems a bit contrived. Nanshan notices his unnaturalness, but has forgotten what he considers to be “natural”.

He secretly tortured himself.

As soon as he saw that he looked different, he wiped his hands and touched Nanshan’s forehead. “Are you all right? Did you get hurt just now? Don’t get infected.”

Nanshan was touched by his paw to become a frightened raccoon, his body stiff and motionless.

Chu Huan frowned, palm pressed to the side of Nanshan’s neck: “Why does the pulse jump so fast? Could it be poisoning?”

Nanshan stared blankly into his eyes, and suddenly felt that he might really be poisoned.

Until the elders rescue him.

The elder was sitting next to the cauldron, and the image was blurred with water vapor. He knocked on the side of the pot with an iron fork: “I said Patriarch Nanshan, Patriarch Lugar, I think we should talk about the business first, and finish the business Let the brothers who are not on duty today have a drink, okay? “

Nanshan Yiji Ling woke back to his normal state, quickly avoided Chu’s hand, and whispered: “It’s all right.”

He and the gatekeeper’s patriarch, Ruger, came out of the crowd, and everyone surrounded them, and the crowd and the venue were just trained, and the trained raven was silent for a moment.

“Although the filmmakers and Mutai have been living in groups,” Ruger said without hesitation and nonsense, straight forward, “but I have never seen such a large-scale siege before, so there may have been new places nearby. Or something drove them here. “

Nanshan went on to say, “If that’s the case, we can’t passively stay on the mountain now. This time it’s Mutay. What’s next?”

The elder twisted his goatee: “Old rules, the gatekeeper will follow one or two. The main manpower comes from us.”

The mountain is the source of life for their two clans, so no matter what happens to the gatekeeper, they must not leave the gate. This is the rule left by the ancestors. Whether it is cleaning or investigating the surroundings, it is the task of the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper is the most. Send one or two people with you.

When Yuan Ping heard it, he immediately raised his hand without fear: “I’m going! I can go!”

Chu Huan groaned: “I’ll go too.”

Chu Ye is certainly not for fun.

The world is in peril. He didn’t even see it. Now that he has seen the tip of the iceberg, he can’t stand by anyway. He can’t see Nanshan struggling here year after year. He can’t see Yuan Ping guarding a mountain door.

He must have as much information as possible, even if he is ultimately powerless to take them away, and to be able to fulfill his beautiful aspirations for Nanshan, at least to a certain extent, it can reduce the death rate of the mountain guards … and the gatekeepers.

But with such a response, Nanshan wanted to be crooked.

This wasn’t the case in Chu Li in the Liyi tribe. He didn’t ask much and didn’t care. He even understood some of their language, and pretended to be incomprehensible because he was too lazy.

Why is it suddenly positive at this time?

Nanshan couldn’t think of any other reason besides Yuan Ping.

But now is not the time when the patriarch should be thinking wildly, Nanshan quickly pulled back his sagaciousness, forcibly left it on the matter of exploring the border, and his eyes swept over his tribe, and he was very efficient in positioning his staff Set aside all matters after leaving—the mountain is an unprotected world, which is quite dangerous. Since Luge cannot move, as the patriarch of the mountain guardian, Nanshan must be a soldier.

The elders drank a potpourri soup in the bowl with a heavy heart: “I’m afraid we have to be prepared to kill all the enemies, this ‘winter’, sad …”

Everyone was silent for a moment.

As it happened, Er kicked his feet and stomped his pants, and came back from the forest with a flushed face. It seemed that he was going to sneak into the crowd. As soon as he took a step, he was stopped by the bad-hearted people. A few The man seemed to want to adjust the atmosphere, and he showed a white tooth and laughed around the two kicks: “So fast.”

Two kicks kicked in the past, several people scuffled together.

Nanshan exhaled a stale gas, beckoning to the people of the two ethnic groups: “It’s over, let’s get up!”

Ruger shook his head: “Only one person on duty today is allowed one bowl …”

This kind of people who were always disappointed was suddenly abandoned by the masses. The people of the two ethnic groups rushed together and coaxed Ruge’s voice in the hustle and bustle of the ocean. There is a way to get drunk today.

The second kick was dropped by a few guys on the ground, and it took a while for him to get up out of breath, and he was not angry. He silently arranged his clothes and sat with a bowl of wine. The cover of the wine bowl secretly looked at the girl sitting on the other side.

The teenager didn’t know how to hide it, and was soon seen by someone with a heartfelt desire. A new round of coaxing and crushing came over, and the two-foot kick, the unearthed early love teenager, could not find a place to dig into.

The little girl heard the movement, looked back, and laughed. The second kick seemed to make up her mind. He gritted her teeth and drank the wine in the bowl.

Jiuzhuang encouraged people, and kicked in the crowd’s coax, striding towards his sweetheart.

Nanshan Yuguang glimpsed, and found that he was actually beaten by the second kicker, and immediately he didn’t know where the gas was coming from. He drank the wine in the bowl and turned back to Chu Huan.

Chu Huan picked up the wine jar and filled him, but Nanshan didn’t touch his lips.

He looked at Chu Huan with a strange gaze, “It’s dangerous to visit the sinking ground, otherwise I won’t take someone in person, do you know?”

Chu Huan liked his solemn appearance, and at first glance he felt that his heart was crisp.

Nanshan pursed his lips nervously: “What if something happens to your family, what will happen to your family?”

Chu Huan gave a pause, and the smile on his face faded. After a while, he lowered his eyes: “I have no loved ones.”

Nanshan: “Are there no wives?”

Chu Huan laughed at herself: “It’s still in her mother’s belly.”

For a moment, Nanshan felt that his heart was jumping out of his throat. He heard the sound of his arteries beating wildly, and felt that the world was blooming around him.

He asked, “So … that, is there?”

Chu Huan followed his gaze and saw that Erji kicked his feet and said something clumsily in front of the little girl, and then said, his own face turned red first, scratching his ears and not knowing what to do, little girl Although his face was flushed, but much more generous, he was laughing very quietly.

Chu Xi couldn’t help but smiled with the youth and girls. He wanted to shake Nanshan’s hand, but felt abrupt, so he put the empty palm into his pants pocket and said to Nanshan, There are many more ways to call them. The literary names say ‘lovers’ and ‘lovers’, the ambiguous names are ‘lovers’, the simple names are ‘objects’, and the usual names are men and women … Oh, and you like others, but others do n’t like you, that kind of single love. ”

Nanshan was so full of brains that he had to worship under the name of Chinese, which has many names.

“The subject is not.” Chu Huan glanced deeply at his unrequited love object, took a deep breath, removed his gaze without any trace, at least in the blinded eyes of Nanshan, he No flaws.

Then Chu Huan said: “There is only one unrequited love.”

Nanshan could hardly digest the news for a while.

Since it is unrequited love, then he still has a chance. It should be good news, but this “good news” is really not happy at all.

Nanshan asked dryly, “On the other side of the river?”

Chu Huan avoided his gaze, stared at the wine in his bowl and said, after a while, the corner of his mouth turned into a smile: “In my palm.”

Nanshan had a hard time understanding the deep meaning in the three words “in the palm of his hand”, and he could only interpret the literal meaning thousands of miles after he stayed there.

In the palm of your hand, isn’t that a bean?

People like beans … that should be small and slim?

Nanshan Fang’s hot heart was poured with a bowl of cold water. He responded casually, and silently walked away by bending down to serve the soup.

This topic is too sensitive, Chu Yi a little regretted after speaking, for fear that Nanshan see a little clue, so he was lost for a moment.

When he reacted, Nanshan was no longer around. Chu Yong looked around with a bit of worry and didn’t find it, so he had to go back to the flat slope in front of the mountain gate, while drinking and thinking.

Then he saw Yuan Ping who had been drunk in turns.

Yuan Ping gave people a lot of trouble to climb again and again, and it was already difficult to stand on both feet. Chu Yi stretched his feet and gave him a sting, and said with contempt, “Look at you.”

Yuan Ping rushed up and hugged his leg, his eyes scattered.

Chu Zheng was about to kick him off, and suddenly, he heard Yuan Ping’s slang.

Chu Huan froze suddenly. For a long while, he squatted down slowly, grabbing Yuan Ping’s shoulder with trembling hands: “What did you say?”

Yuan Ping: “Mom …”

Yuan Ping grabbed Chu Yi’s placket, staggered, almost unable to open his eyes, and then he stuck himself up, his face twitching randomly between Chu Yi’s chest and neck, his mouth full of nonsense: “Mom, I miss you, mom … Dad, don’t be angry, um, don’t be jealous, I miss you too …”

When he was awake, he had asked about work, the girl, and even the cat, but he didn’t dare to mention it.

Chu Huan slowly reached out and grabbed his back, listening to him “dad” and “mum” barking for a while, speechless, had to raise his eyes and looked at the sky.

There is nothing to hope for, but he is afraid that as soon as he lowers his head, tears will fall.

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