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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Chu Huan Has Become a Guy?

As soon as the sun sank, Ruger stood up. He seemed to habitually raise his hand, but there was no serpent responding to him. Ruger froze, curled his fingers a little lonely, and then he leaned over and picked up. With his own weapon, he embarked on the gate of the mountain gate.

As soon as he moved, the on-duty gatekeeper didn’t need to call, and all of them followed in twos and threes.

Other people who have no mission have basically become drunk, and some are still awake. They staggered to the ground, set off fires, and scooped up the little cubs one by one. The adults must have been accustomed to drinking blood, not afraid of eating and sleeping in the wind, one by one drunk, and rolled on the ground, and they fell asleep holding the jars of wine.

He lay on his back on the grass with a straw in his mouth.

The night sky here can not find the Beidou, the North Pole, and the Orion’s “golden belt”. There are only a lot of disorderly and unrecognizable stars.

Chu Huan didn’t know what season it was. No signal was received on the glasses, and even the compass was useless.

But Xinghe is still brilliant.

Chu Huan felt that he might be too narrow-minded, and having a chicken feather in his heart could make him turn around, so he had to admit that no matter how ambitious he was in his youth, his nature was not someone who could do big things.

Someone sat down next to him. Chu Yi first thought it was Nanshan, and turned his head expectantly, but saw the old goat’s face of the elder, and suddenly fell from a dream to a nightmare.

The elder looked at the corners of his eyes and mouth, and sat next to him with a look of debt, as if the next moment he would be asked to sign a painting to sell himself to pay the debt.

Chu Xun frightened with one hand to support the ground, sat up half, and lowered his voice and asked, “What advice do you always have?”

The elder stared at him, took something out of his arms, and raised his hand on him.

It was a thin thread woven into a rope with fine techniques, but for a long time, Chu Huan could only vaguely observe its black, which is now different in shades, to vaguely judge that it also had colorful youth.

There is a hung under the knot …


Chu Min held it in his hands, and hesitated for a moment, feeling that he had only learned a little, and he really couldn’t see who the first name of this rare object was, but as a walnut, it seemed a bit small.

Its diameter does not exceed two centimeters in diameter, is round, and the surface is densely covered with gullies, and it has already been coated with a layer of pulp. It is red and crystal clear. If it is not very light, it is almost like agate.

Chu Huan asked: “This is …”

The Elder said : “This is the holy relic of my tribe.”

Heirlooms can be so shabby.

The elder also added: “The tribe of the mountain keepers has two holy things, one is the patriarch’s scepter, and the other is it. It is the holy fire of our tribe recorded in the holy book. It is said that when the holy fire burns, all the lost reborn.”

Chu Huan didn’t understand. He turned the “walnut” upside down and looked at it for a long time. He didn’t study it, so he frowned and said, “That should be called a burning substance. How can it be called” fire “? Is the holy book reliable? “

The elder snatched the walnuts with a beard and stared at Chu Huan with his hands: “Fire!”

Chu Min reached out the lighter from his pocket, and clicked and handed it to him: “How can the holy relic be casually clicked …”

The word “dot” faded, and Chu Zhuo stopped.

The elders put the “walnut” on the fire and burned it, and soon it was enveloped by the lighter’s flame. Then the flame was sucked in by the “walnut” little by little, and the round little thing became more red.

Chu Xun removed the lighter incredibly, reached out to touch it, and the tentacles were as cold as water, condensing the simplicity and wonder that were lost in time.

The elder laughed strangely and shook the “walnut” in front of Chu Huan like a dog fighting, and said yin and yang strangely: “You are patient, you have the ability, you know everything.”

Chu Huan was speechless, and quickly converged his arrogance that he accidentally leaked: “What do you mean by showing me this?”

“Let you hold it.” The elder threw the walnut into his arms again. “Since you are the man in the holy book, you should hold it. Maybe you can find the opportunity to burn the flame.”

Chu Huan held a small walnut for a moment and sighed, “Sir, aren’t you afraid that your holy book is old and confused? You are not afraid to give me such an important holy thing, I will be like Are you the same? I haven’t given you a word of promise. “

The elders clicked and tapped their legs with a cane, and said casually: “If the holy book says fate, then we can’t resist it. If the holy book is nonsense, then we can even worship it. It ’s useless to come. Who has seen the Holy Book? For so many years, the stones have been flat, and they are all word of mouth. No one knows the real or the fake? What do you guys call this? What is it? “

Chu Huan: “Nothingness.”

“Well, it’s nothing.” The elder glanced at Chu Huan…”No wonder the patriarch assured me that you are not the same as the last one. I think he is right, you are much more stupid than the last one.”

Chu Zhuan realized that there were only two paths before him, one was to let it go, and the other was to seek trouble.

And he couldn’t let it go like the elder with gray hair, so he had to worry about it.

After the old goat mocked, he patted his ass and walked away. Chu Yun compared the walnut to his neck. Even though he was not a clean fetish, but for holding this thing-this one was touched by countless people in his arms. Things-hanging on themselves, still a bit difficult to accept.

So he got up silently to find a water source, turned the rope over and washed it three times, and then hung it around his neck rather disgustingly.

Before the day dawned, Chu Huan closed his eyes for a moment, and then he got up and moved around the forest.

When passing through a dense forest near the mountain gate, Chu Huan suddenly heard a “slap” behind him. He instinctively flung forward, his shoulders touched the ground and unloaded, and he rolled swiftly, concealing himself in a large tree. Behind the tree.

I saw a small stone on the ground, hitting his footprints.

Chu Huan: “Yuan Ping?”

Lin Ping’s cold voice came from: “If only I had a gun in my hand, your head is already a rotten watermelon. What is going on with you?”

Chu Huan eyes darkened.

Although he knew that he was no longer at its peak, this was also the first time someone pointed out mercilessly in front of him.

Yuan Ping moved quickly between the trees while talking.

Chu Huan didn’t move. He leaned back on the trunk and half-knelt on the ground, listening quietly.

Suddenly, Chu Yong pulled out the short knife from his trouser legs, and swiftly moved to the top of his head, listening only to the sound of Choke, a bitter metal impact sounded. Chu Huan held Yuan Ping down from top to bottom. However, he felt that his arm strength was unsustainable.

Chu Huan gritted his teeth and lifted his shoulder. He removed Yuan Ping’s knife sideways and leaned to the side by himself.

Then he supported himself with his elbow as the fulcrum, and stood up.

Yuan Ping confronted him indifferently one meter away.

The arm muscles of Chu Yong’s arm holding the knife were unconsciously cramped.

“My strength and sensitivity are indeed stronger now than before.” Yuan Ping said expressionlessly, “but there is absolutely no such big gap, Chu Huan, what have you been doing for years?”

If someone asked this question half a year ago, Chu Huan probably wouldn’t be touched.

He was living a retirement home at that time. Perhaps in the future, he would find a spare time job in the society. One day, he would burn himself to death, or he would end up with a boring life in aging and boredom.

If not two ghosts re-enter.

If not, he was destined to let go.

if not……

But now he has to bring Yuan Ping out anyway, no matter how he can’t bear to stand by and let Nanshan face this kind of world.

Responsibility for silence is like a whip, drawing a little hidden spirit from his mud-like life.

Therefore, Zhu Rong did not respond to the opponent’s provocation, but just stretched his fingers and pressed his own arm, retracted the short knife, pulled out the army stab, and Shen Sheng said, “Come again.”

When the sky started to lighten slightly, when the clan people awoke and sobered, Chu Huan was already sweating heavily.

Yuan Ping’s degree of authenticity is basically a match with Nanshan’s. Even if it is an exercise, he can also create the effect of your life. Both of them have created multiple sharp scratches on each other.

Chu Yi was a bit miserable. At one point, he did not have a rapid self-healing function. At the other, a stab wound was placed on the side of his neck.

Yuan Ping left affection and replaced with others. It is estimated that he could splatter on the spot.

As the guardians of the mountains prepared to leave, Nanshan reappeared after a night of mysterious disappearance.

Just one night, he seemed to have become a lot silent. Nanshan was originally young and pure, like a bright and eye-catching new rosewood material, but overnight, it seemed to be polished by a layer of sinking. Convergent and heavy shell.

Xiaofang knows how to lead the way, and this is obviously not the first time for them to do this.

Suddenly, Nanshan clasped Chu’s shoulder and turned open his collar, turning out the dangerous scar: “What’s going on?”

Chu Yan originally wanted to fool the past, but at this moment, Yuan Ping glanced back at him proudly. Chu Yan’s straight-lined normal thinking suddenly flickered into a fork, and he reached out and pointed at Yuan Ping: “He scratched.”

Yuan Ping’s expression suddenly changed from complacent to shocked, staring at the accused Chu Yan, almost astonished, as if he couldn’t believe he could just speak.

Nanshan stayed for a while.

Nanshan actually asked it knowingly. He could see the trace of the knife wound at a glance. He immediately guessed it. Although he couldn’t help but ask a lot of words, he was actually ready to be passed by Chu Huan. Prepare-It’s like someone who knows that the water in the house is going to stop for a day, or can’t help but turn on the faucet and wait.

However, he did not expect that the water came in advance without greeting.

Chu Huan pulled back his collar and straightened, and said with a smile: “He has no claws, and it is better to be scratched by him than by some crazy dog ​​or wild dog, right?”

Nanshan frowned, glancing at Yuan Ping with a slight warning, and stopped asking.

However, Yuan Ping suddenly felt weird, especially Chu Yi’s later explanation, which always made him feel as if he was looking for something.

This situation is so familiar, Yuan Ping remembers vaguely as if he had seen it before. He went all the way to one side, while alerting the surrounding environment at the same time, while deliberately scrutinizing the behavior of Chu Yifang.

Yuan Ping wasn’t the kind of person who was very meticulous, and usually didn’t pay attention to the details of life. However, at this time, his sixth sense sent him a sharp alert, reminding him that something was wrong.

On the mountain road, Yuan Ping’s footsteps suddenly abruptly, he remembered!

He remembers that Chu Huan has always been a particularly capable person, like a peacock with an open screen. He is on a full-range show every moment, from small to large, and only a person who knows this can see through the bright bald hair behind him. butt. For such decent things like losing, smashing, and fighting, Chu Huan would rather hide it in his crotch than others.

There is only one exception-that is, every time Chu Huan fights with herself and hangs a lot of colors, he will intentionally or unintentionally shake a circle in front of Lulu, implicitly report something, and use the goddess’ sympathy despicably in order to achieve coquettishness and discredit. The opponent’s dual purpose.

The mallet walking behind Yuan Ping saw a sudden step in his footsteps and asked in wonder: “Godkeeper brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Yuan Ping cleaned up his slumped expression, shaking his head dullly.

However, his inner world has been shocked by a crazy idea.

The patriarch of Shoushan is equal to Lulu?

So the shameless Peacock Chu is chasing the gate patriarch?

But … But if people’s hair is softer, that’s also a man!

He just went out and died, and when he came back, Chu Huan has become a guy?

How can this cold world become so good?

In such a complex psychological activity, everyone has approached the valley hinterland.

In order to prevent being detected by all kinds of monsters with sensitive noses, when they were traveling on the mountain road, they always tried to go against the wind and the current. At this moment, Xiaofang, who led the way, suddenly raised her hand and blocked the crowd’s way: “Shh- listen.”

They hid behind the mountain wall, raised their ears, and heard low voices coming from the wind. It’s flat people.

Nanshan made Xiao Fang wink, Xiao Fang jumped up, the big monkey climbed up from the boulder, lay on the ground carefully, and lifted a few mountain rocks lightly.

He only glanced at him, his face changed.

I saw in the hinterland that there were flat people and “mad dogs” Mutai gathered here, surrounded by a circle to guard the realm, the middle is old, weak and sick, it looks like a large number of fugitives, Thinking of the battle the night before, Xiaofang suspected that they might be in the same race as the flat people who came to the mountain and were waiting for news.

Xiao Fang quickly reported the news, and Nanshan took a decisive decision: “Detour, don’t alarm them.”

Everyone held their breath.

In order to get around this hinterland, they had to walk towards the river.

The huge sound of water quickly filled people’s eardrums, and the water flow was so swift that white foam splashed. Chu Yong was worried about how they should cross the river, only to find that they thought too much—the river was even more uneven.

Near the river, they found a Mutai’s body.

Dashan: “Patriarch, will you take a look back?”

Nanshan raised his hand and pressed: “Don’t act lightly. Mutai rarely moves alone. If there is no other body, he may be dragged away and eaten.”

Chu Huan adjusted his glasses and turned on the telescope mode-this one works, he took off his glasses and handed them to Nanshan: “use this.”

Except for Yuan Ping, other ethnic groups used this expensive and expensive object with all kinds of exaggeration and caution, and inquired curiously from Chu to ask if they would carry it all year round, and whether they would be dizzy when walking.

Just when they wanted to do further research, the research project was ruthlessly stopped by the patriarch, and Nanshan took back his glasses squarely and handed it to Chu Huan: “Go back and say, don’t waste time.”

The tribe had to hold back their curiosity, whispered for a moment, and reached a common conclusion.

It’s still a noun that Chu Huan couldn’t understand, but he didn’t want to pass it anymore at this time. He reached out and dragged Yuan Ping: “Hey, are they talking about a mutant crocodile?”

Yuan Ping put his hand out impatiently: “Know what you say, don’t know less, the crocodile in your house looks like that? That’s called” Sound Beast “, it’s very aggressive and anti-attack. Can make sonic attacks. “

…… It really is the kind of “mutant crocodile” he encountered.

Before Chu Yi swept away, she could understand and pretend to be in a passive state. She meditated on the pronunciation of the voice of the beast of the Lishui tribe, repeated it to Yuan Ping, and asked with an open mind: “Is that what you said?”

Yuan Ping spared no effort to greet him and said, “You have such a talent for language. You are about to catch up with the gorilla.”

Chu Huan looked very different, didn’t quarrel with him or refute, but carefully corrected his pronunciation.

In order to learn a little bit of the language of the Yi people, he could tolerate even Yuan Ping’s bitterness.

Chu Yi’s abnormal load of humiliation saw Yuan Ping’s whisper again in his heart. He looked at Zhu Yi suspiciously, and then looked at Nanshan, wondering: “What is he doing so seriously? It is not true Are you guys? “

Just when he was in doubt, Nanshan came over, wondering whether it was Yuan Ping’s illusion. He suddenly felt some kind of oppression from the friendly and handsome patriarch of the mountain guardians.

Yuan Ping immediately made an instinctive evasive action, and he jumped from where he was: “I … I’m going to that, that water to explore the road.”

Nanshan smiled at him and nodded: “Okay, be careful.”

Yuan Ping immediately crawled toward the river and approached the river, walking and still wondering, why should I hide?

He was full of doubts and depression. He came to the river by the shadow of the mountains and saw the Mutai’s corpse close-up-his lower body flew away, revealing the dazzling white bones under the carapace, terrible. His mouth was open, and his chest was sunken in a strange way, as if the bones and the internal organs were shattered under the hard skin and meat.

At that time, Yuan Ping had an ominous hunch. At this time, he saw Chu Yan gesturing at him from afar—there were three at three o’clock in the river behind him.

Yuan Ping erected a middle finger at him, not yet head-to-head. He didn’t put three sound beasts in his eyes.

He leaned out his side from behind the boulder that was covering him, and the river that was rising and falling washed the rocks here very smoothly. Yuan Ping stretched his neck and took a breath.

I saw that it was not an ordinary “sound beast”. One was at least the size of the giant snake that Ruger had raised before, and three were side by side. Coming out of the river, the black was pressing like a row of moving hills.

Yuan Ping: “…”

He turned his head and frantically rushed at Chu Zhu, and then he dived into the stone forest by the river like a snake.

This one hasn’t gotten their knees high, and they’re going to run a fart!

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