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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38 An Ambiguous Atmosphere 

But it was too late to retreat.

The moment the sound beast accelerated ashore, these beasts apparently ran to Yuan Ping.

The stone forest at the water’s edge is intricate and complicated like a labyrinth to humans, but for a large beast that is about three times higher than ordinary people, this labyrinth has become a crude two-dimensional pattern.

Yuan Ping didn’t look back. When he heard that the movement behind him was not right, he had already shrunk himself as much as possible.

He has no lack of speed or physical fitness, nor does he lack experience. He skillfully avoids waves of attacks by surrounding stones, but even so, the huge malice of the species gap still ruthlessly blushes him.

Yuan Ping was chased by those big guys.

The gust of sharp heads rubbed Yuan Ping’s scalp several times, and the sound of the large and small rocks colliding created an illusion of gunfire and rain.

It was awkward, the sound animal square step was impatient to chase this little ant, its beam-like tail protruded out, swept across the sky, and swept the stone forest into a flying sand.

Yuan Ping cold sweat all came down.

Lions and tigers, no matter how ferocious and terrible, can never bring such a great visual impact, presumably the eternal fear of human beings can only be reduced to two images-a reptile wearing a cold scale and a slime. Disgusting insects, especially when their size is unacceptable.

Yuan Ping felt that his adrenaline level was about to explode.

The sound beast opens its mouth wide, and stretches out snake-like teeth like a pickaxe, and Yuan Ping’s head is obviously the area where he intends to plan a blood hole.

Yuan Ping has pulled his own perspective to the maximum, but still can’t find a dead angle that can be avoided. In the moment when the beast of the sound animal bites down, in anxiety, he had to bite the bullet and not retreat to advance a large stone Tucked into its mouth.

The sound beast had a right bite, and only heard the “quack”, the half-height, a hundred-kilogram boulder was actually cut in half, and one iron tooth of the sound beast flew out together. Copper teeth.

Yuan Ping had a bad feeling at the time.

In fact, think about it, whoever gets a big tooth out of food will probably scream.

Sure enough, the next moment, the missing beast roared, and the invisible sound wave struck him as a chest. Yuan Ping unavoidable, and had to roll on the side, his arms around his head, and gave a hard blow. This doesn’t count, the roar sounded like a starter gun, and the other two sound beasts suddenly seemed to receive some signal and opened their mouths at the same time.

Chu Huan grabbed the bow in Dashan’s hand and jumped down from the hillside. He blew a sharp whistle, the sound beast was particularly sensitive to the sound, and immediately turned his attention to Chu Huan

Chu Huan first arrow has left the string.

But his hand was shaking, and the arrow missed.

His arrow drew the big nostril of the sound beast, which was absolutely inaccurate for thousands of miles. With a “hum” in Chu’s mind, the whole man was dead.

This is almost impossible for Chu Huan. With the excellent level of the bow in his hand, he can shoot an arrow into the eyes of a sparrow dozens of meters away, and the big eyes of the sound beast are as big as a human face. Why? Will it be crooked?

Chu Huan hands and feet became uncontrollably cold, his joints were stiff, and the cold sweat of his palms almost made him unable to hold the bow.

Yuan Ping’s consciously or unconsciously raised middle finger, as well as the silhouette that suddenly fell to the ground with unknown births and deaths, seemed to pull Chu Yong’s long-term memory away, and fell on him with his head and face still still fresh. Bloody smell.

“What am I doing?” He thought. “What the hell am I doing and why am I making such a low-level mistake?”

Of course, despite the arrow’s misalignment, the sound animal’s attention was still biased by him.

At this time, Nanshan had quickly passed through the stone forest. While the beast turned around, he picked up Yuan Ping and retreated quickly.

The three-headed sound beast immediately reacted, and was struck by the sound, and at the same time returned to God and rushed to the south.

Nanshan gave a low sigh, centered on him, and a hurricane-like air flow swept out. He was almost erupting. Within a short time, all the megaliths within a two-meter range were displaced, and the dragon swept towards the giant in front of him. beast.

The missing beast in the middle felt about the balance and felt the impact. He was hit three or four meters from the waist, and his bulky body fell on his companion, and the two beasts rolled into a ball.

Nanshan didn’t dare to hesitate, and immediately pulled Yuan Ping back from the hurricane. The physical fitness of Yuan Ping’s gatekeeper was fully demonstrated. After a while, he had been awake, but was only dragged by Nan Shan, and his feet were still a little bit stingy.

Nanshan: “Chu Yun, go!”

Chu Huan face was as pale as his knuckles. His knuckle fingers dangled from the bowstrings, his eyes flashed across Yuan Ping’s face, and he passed them sideways: “I will break.”

Nanshan heard that there was no pause at his feet, and he ran for a few steps, holding Yuan Ping up like a turnip, suddenly moving upwards, Xiaofang and the mallet at the top, both heads out at the same time, one side, holding it in full tacit understanding With Yuan Ping’s two hands, he acted acrobatics and hung him up.

Yuan Ping hadn’t stood still, and his body had already been explored. He rushed out to Nanshan and shouted, “You can’t control him! He’ll die if his mother is used to it. It would be better to let him stand and die here than to live in a pool. The mud is strong! “

Nanshan turned a deaf ear: “Go downstream, we will follow immediately.”

Dashan: “Patriarch!”

The patriarch no longer responded, and Nanshan headed back to Chu Yi.

As Nanshan himself left, the airflow in the place immediately began to dissipate, and there was no ability to fly sand and stones. The roar of the sound beast resounded, even if it was not directly faced, Chu Huan could still feel the kind of roaring shock.

His chest seemed to be struck by an invisible sledgehammer, but he did not do any protection, but once again, meticulously opened the bow of his hand so simple that it could be listed in the museum.

He was not deaf, of course, heard Yuan Ping’s words.

Once again, he thinks Yuan Ping is right.

A sound beast from the bottom of the ground out of the scope of the hurricane at a very fast speed, rushed towards Chu Ye, but Chu Ye’s feet seemed to take root, did not move, until the beast was close to him, The fierce breezy wind even infected his horns, and he saw his own howling reflection in the brownish yellow pupil of the sound beast.

The bowstring has been pulled too tight, and when it came out of the string, a nearly scream was issued, and the air that was melted out filled with desperate killing, the huge beast of the sound beast passed Chu Chu, huge The heads of snake-like and lizards suddenly rose high.

Chu Huan knew that it would instinctively make a sound.

The moment he opened his mouth before he could make a sound wave, he had a chance.

And this opportunity is fleeting. Even a half-second procrastination will make Sonic directly hit him. Chu Huan does not have the sturdy body of Yuan Ping’s gatekeeper. Such a big tonnage may very likely shatter his sternum on the spot. And internal organs.

The three arrows were already on the bowstring, but the sound beast suddenly raised his head by ninety degrees.

Chu Huan eyebrows twisted, this angle was very unfavorable to him.

But he had no choice.

In the light-emitting stone fire, Chu Huan jumped up from the boulder. At this moment, he suddenly felt that there was an airflow under his feet, and he held him up in a vain manner. It is trivial to say, like a gentle soothing.

But Zhu Chu’s spirit was shocked.


This recognition of “Nanshan is here” almost gave him some strength. In the next moment, when Chu Huan opened his mouth, the sound of the beast struck across the leg of the sound beast. Holding it in front of its bloody mouth, it pressed the head of the sound beast by gravity.

Only after contact, he had felt the terrible bite force, Chu Huan could almost hear the trembling of his bones, he did not dare to hesitate, suddenly released the bowstring in a rapid fall, the three sharp arrows relentlessly Poke into the throat of the sound beast.

Then he heard Nanshan’s voice: “Jump down!”

Chu Huan lifted his body without thinking, and jumped down. When he fell into the air, a huge, gentle air flow stopped him and caught him, and then a  arm hugged him tightly.

Sudden intimacy suddenly amplified Chu Huan senses, and then he noticed that Nan Shan’s elbow stuck to him tended to break his ribs.

However, before he could remind him, Nanshan let go of him.

Chu Zheng returned to God: “Let’s go, I will lead these two mutant crocodiles to the hinterland of the valley. You go after them downstream.”

Nanshan was full of gloom, without saying a word, not agreeing or disagreeing, and glanced at Chu Zhu with an expressionless expression. He led the way through the stone forest and went straight to the valley hinterland.

Chu Huan stumbled in place and quickly followed.

At this point, he had basically killed one of the three sound beasts, and there were two left. One of them was broken by Yuan Ping’s teeth. I don’t know why it was brave and unusually fast. If you go on like this, Chu Huan estimated that they could not reach the valley hinterland. Will be overtaken.

Chu Ye jumped and climbed to a higher place a few times, and turned back to be an arrow. This time, he was not abnormal. The screaming arrow hit the eye of the sound animal accurately. This is the most huge sound animal. After missing the die, I lost one eye and the whole face was asymmetric.

When not to growl at this time?

Chu Huan had already done a good job to experience the feeling of having a concussion after a car accident. Suddenly, Nanshan came out of nowhere and suddenly pressed him against Shilin. He raised his hand and pressed his neck to force his He pressed his head into his arms and carried him directly with his own body.

Chu Ye only felt that Nanshan could not help walking forward a few steps involuntarily. He heard Nanshan’s chest hurried and a rapid heartbeat, smelling the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance in his arms.

Nanshan seemed to snor, and then pushed Chu Huan forward vigorously: “Go, don’t look back, they will definitely follow the smell of people.”

Chu Huan seems to have tasted a special meaning, but at this time it is too late to talk nonsense, let alone think about it.

The two hurried through the sea of ​​stones and ran swiftly toward the hinterland of the valley.

The movement of two sound-meter beasts that are several meters high is not trivial. In addition, Chu Huan will deliberately make noises while walking. Soon, the hidden flat man in the hinterland learned of the existence of natural enemies, and the sharp horn sound became a film.

Due to the sensitivity of the sound beast to the sound, he suddenly fell into this noise environment, and suddenly became more anxious.

Although there are more flat film people here, they are not scaled and clueless, and their qualities are uneven. Some run fast and some run slowly.

The soldiers who ran fast divided into two lanes, and all the way yelled and screamed and ran towards the beast, and the other ran away and fled away. Only the old, weak, and sick were running slowly and unitedly, standing in the field uniformly. At a loss I don’t know where to go.

The monsters on both sides messed up.

A flat man saw two humans touching fish in muddy water at one glance, and was about to raise an alarm, but the horn was only half raised, and an arrow had shot through its dry throat.

As soon as he touched, Yinshou was caught in the sea of ​​flat people and “mad dogs”, and even Chu Huan and Nanshan were scattered.

Nanshan twisted off Mutai’s neck in front of him, and once he disappeared, the figure of Chu Huan disappeared. He suddenly panicked, no longer considering that he was still angry and didn’t want to ignore him.

He suddenly resented himself without any reason. Nanshan thought that if he hadn’t been involved in Chu Li himself, if he was on the side of the mountain gate, he hadn’t acted in selfishness. He wanted to keep him a few more times several times, and kept people until the shock period. , Even … if in the border county, if you don’t know how to recognize the wrong person, you have to bring the person back …

Nanshan unknowingly retreated to the edge of the hinterland. In order to find Chu Huan he hesitated to stand high and turned himself into a target.

Just then, he hit his ankle with a small stone. Chu Huan suddenly emerged from the mountain stream next to him: “Hurry up, what do you climb so high, come down, don’t leave!”

The two men hide their odor in the latent stream. The cat swims on the waist in shallow places, and swims directly in the deep, like two water mice that slide without hands.

However, the waterway is not easy. Every ten or so steps, they could hear a “slamming” sound. A flat man or a mad dog fell into the water, even if it was dead, sometimes he encountered a half-dead, but he still had to kill it. Mutai, one fell down, and the whole stream turned red.

Until the sun set on that day, the two talented people shrugged off the monsters in the hinterland.

The mountain stream reached the downstream and was about to flow into the rushing river. The two would not dare to walk in the water. Once the water was deep, there might not be anything inside. The two of them went ashore and were still dripping with water. Busy chasing people, rest first on the spot, dry clothes before talking.

Chu Huan cut off the soaked rag-like shirt, and bent down again, wringing his trouser legs too carefully, taking off the shoes and throwing them aside, and giving them a shape from left to right, and done all this He finally had nothing to do, so he carefully wiped the water off his spectacle lenses, and buckled them in the eyes that were not near-sighted. He seemed to be wearing a pair of armor that was impenetrable, and came to Nanshan in a grin.

Nanshan glanced at him, and saw the uncleaned drops of water dripping from his hair, flowing down the collarbone and chest, imaginatively sliding across the waistline and drilling into his pants. Look away.

Nanshan’s heart was simmered in the same pot, it was embarrassed, it was unexplained anger, it was inexplicable remorse, and it was boundless wandering. It was indiscriminately mixed in one place, and his fist heart was like a glue. Screwed into a mess.

When he didn’t speak, Chu Huan was a little embarrassed. He stood at the side of Nanshan, remembering the moment when Nanshan pressed him in his arms to block the attack of the sound beast, his face changed slightly, and Chu Huan finally squatted slowly. Going down, he said hard, “I’m not in good shape today, I’m in trouble, I’m sorry.”

His apology was jerky and unskilled, apparently lacking in practice.

Chu Huan is a narcissistic person. The narcissistic person is the most likely to slap his belly and amplify his own advantages. Even if there are occasional small mistakes, it is also an objective environment or someone else ’s problem. Innocent himself can be forgiven. What is an apology?

Of course, he’s much better now, because he has long turned against himself and hated because of love. He always had a sense of indebtedness in his heart. He couldn’t tell who he owed, but he was uneasy.

As if only to let him return his life to whom, he can rest in peace.

He couldn’t help but get stuck in this pathological perspective, feeling that everything was his problem.

When I saw the sound beast, why couldn’t I predict in the first place that they were running people?

What reason did that arrow shoot wrong?

Why can’t he be stronger and not let Nanshan feel so insecure towards him and always think he is vulnerable?

Nanshan finally raised his head from the state of eyes, nose, and mouth, and opened his eyes and looked at Chu Huan. He did not know the cause and effect, and it was difficult to figure out the deep meaning of Chu Yan’s sentence and body language. He followed his intuition.

Nanshan grabbed Chu Yi’s arm, and the skin tentacles were as cold as water. He tried to perch on his body, quickly grabbed Chu Yi’s back, gave him a touch-and-hold hug, and secretly rejoiced that he was soaked into a ball His long hair was tangled on the side of his head, and the curtain could block the redness that appeared in all places that shouldn’t be red.

Chu Huan was stiff, and he did not expect that the Nanshan patriarch was so informal in the broad daylight, but his eyes were thin, his pants were wet and affixed to his body, and he couldn’t cover anything, and he was exposed to Nanshan’s eyes , He had to forcibly hold his imagination together, pretending to just cough: “You … what are they waiting for us tomorrow?”

Nanshan heard his cough, and his throat was a little itchy, so he said dryly, “Near the middle reaches, I’ll let them go downstream, almost a day’s journey.”

Chu Huan nodded-they were originally running in the direction of the upper reaches of the river, and then temporarily diverted to the downstream, which is equivalent to going around a large circle, I am afraid that they will walk a few more days.

The shallow average water depth upstream can’t support this beast such as this beast. They must be for some reason. Just after they have migrated, they must go downstream to see what happened there.

These reasons Chu Huan knew well without asking, so for a while, there was nothing to say between the two. Suddenly, the two of them stood up at the same time and said in unison: “I’m going to ignite.”

The words collided and shut up awkwardly again.

Chu Huan felt that this time he wasn’t really imaginative, he really felt some kind of ambiguous atmosphere.

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