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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Chu Huan’s throat moved slightly, but Nanshan was staring at him … or rather, he was staring at him, like a cheetah staring at his prey, his eyes didn’t move.

Even though they always have some obstacles in speaking and communicating with each other, their behavior and expressions are universal, and Nanshan’s eyes make Chu Huan’s heart palpitate.

His chest was suddenly hot, and the blood flowing through was not spared. Without exception, he was heated to scalding. He felt that his heavy bones were suddenly lighter by two pounds, and his feet were rootless, almost floating into the air.

Chu Huan forgot about where he was in a trance, and suddenly the surroundings were like a spring, and he couldn’t restrain his heart from rippling.

He stretched out a hand slowly and paused in the air for a moment, as if waiting for Nanshan’s permission.

Nanshan said nothing, letting his hands rise up inch by inch, patrolling his face.

However, Chu Huan never had Meng Lang, and his untimely gentleman’s disease suddenly recurred. He just rubbed Nanshan’s face very gently with the back of his hand, as if brushing a little dust on the peerless treasure, and then naturally There was a smile on the ground.

Silently, all disguise, carelessness, and carelessness have been removed.

Like thin frost and snow quietly melting in the morning light.

Nanshan grabbed his hand, and the strongness of the young guardian of the mountain-keeper was self-evident. His palm was like a red iron tightly clamped with some kind of desperate heat.

Nanshan held his hand tighter and tighter, trying to say something, but before he could say it, he suddenly changed his face, suddenly released Chu Huan’s hand, and without a word turned and jumped into the cold mountain stream .

The white snow was splashing, Nanshan sank himself into the water, and the water almost passed his chin. He opened a pair of eyes that seemed to jump 100,000 mountains and all the beasts and birds in it, and no longer covered the ambition in his eyes. Nanshan stared at Chu Huan’s longing, and his black and bright eyes moved with him, looking a little bit jealous.

Chu Huan was stunned for a while, and then he felt that his body was also slightly warm, and he remembered just that section of the waterway where he was often confused by the blood of the “mad dog” Mutay.

On the first day, Chu Huan also followed the joke that the second kick in the gaze in front of everyone was Maotou. I didn’t expect the retribution to come so fast. Mutai’s blood is a bit sweet and fishy, ​​as if somewhat similar to deer whip and deer blood, and it is a little stronger than those, but it is not as magical as the “aphrodisiac” in the martial arts novels.

However, Chu Huan has not been a teenager with a flesh and blood. He has stood on the cusp of cold rumors for many years, and has been soaking in the water for so long. Even if he accidentally drank a few sips of blood, the effect has always been limited.

Just looking at Nanshan, he felt a little impetuous.

Chu Huan washed his face on the cold mountain stream, and the two looked at each other, and they were both embarrassed.

Chu Huan couldn’t help but laugh out loud, at the same time, he was up and down a few times, suddenly loosen and tightened, and finally finally restored the normal adult man’s mind, calmly stabilized.

After all, he is not desperate, he can be young and wanton age.

Chu Huan did not intend to, nor did he have the energy to play with anyone, and never regarded Nanshan as an affair. He felt that he probably liked it from the first sight of Nanshan, and he loved it for a long time.

Chu Huan felt that he had no long body, and the greatest disappointment he could give the other party was to be cautious from the beginning.

He cleaned up the firewood neatly. Fortunately, the waterproof function of the lighter did not drop the chain, and the fire was lighted up without much effort. Chu Huan put his hand on the fire in a false way, feeling that Nanshan’s eyes followed him throughout the journey.

Chu Huan’s eyes jumped over the flames and said to Nanshan in the water, “Come up when it’s cold, and you know what’s going on, don’t be embarrassed.”

Nanshan moved in the water, it is estimated that it had not cooled down, and had to continue to soak in the water.

The dry food they brought with them was all in Dashan. The two of them ran for a day and were hungry.

Fortunately, in addition to being rich in wild monsters on the mountain, there are many normal wild animals. Chu Huan listened for a while and keenly caught a sudden movement in the mountain forest. He quickly picked up the bow and arrow and pulled the bow to shoot the arrow. At the sound of “Pouting”, a pheasant bird was shot through the neck and fell down.

Chu Huan grabbed the big bird and shook it toward Nanshan: “Is this poisonous?”

Nanshan shook his head.

Chu Huan: “Okay, go up a little bit.”

Then he drove the big bird through the flowing water in the mountain stream quickly, cleaned it up, put it on the fire and roasted it.

The sky was dimming, and Nanshan, soaked in water for a long time, suddenly asked: “Why did you miss the arrow today?”

Chu Huan’s movements in his hand, he instinctively did not want to answer, but also knew that he could not evade these questions cowardly forever, after a while, he said: “Panic.”

Nanshan’s eyes fell: “Because of Yuan Ping?”

Since Chu Huan opened this mouth to him, he came down calmly. He nodded, cut a few knives on the bird with a knife, and put it on the fire to slowly roast.

Nansan acid was disdainful and concealed, at a glance: “Why do you panic when you see him?”

Chu Huan looked up at him with a smile, and Nanshan came into contact with his intriguing eyes, and the fire in his body suddenly reached his face. He immediately wanted to bury himself in the water and bury it in half. I felt like I was teased by Chu Huan’s eyes.

“What am I doing evasively?” He thought of it, suddenly straightening a bit, exposing his broad shoulders and chest, leaning against the shore.

Chu Huan said: “I’m so scared to see him? I’m still not used to it. I often forget that he is dead. As soon as I see this new gatekeeper , I feel like I’m back a long time ago … Well, I should slowly accustomed.”

Nanshan looked at him closely. I don’t know why this time, Mutai ’s blood had a particularly great impact on himself. He looked at Chu Huan ’s body covered by clothes all the year round, and looked at his lips moving slightly between his words. Drooling, it seems that my heart is scratched by a small brush, and I can’t scratch the itch.

He didn’t know if he was hungry or what happened. Looking at Chu Huan, he suddenly had the idea of ​​”want to try”.

Realizing his crooked mind, Nanshan immediately relied on his strong willpower to take back his gaze decisively and asked rudely, “What is your ‘marriage contract’ over there?”

“It’s very troublesome,” Chu Huanzi carefully turned the barbecue on the fire and adjusted the fire according to the distance. “First, go to a place called the Civil Affairs Bureau to register, and let the family send you a small book to prove that the marriage is established- —Oh, of course, only one man and one woman ’s marriage is registered there, and the others are temporarily out of their control—then I will send invitations, invite friends and family, book hotels, and host the wedding ceremonies … “

Nanshan started to think about what he was doing carefully with his description, and was almost stunned by these red tapes in the end.

“In short, it takes a lot of money to hold a wedding. For a long time, sometimes I need some people who specialize in this matter to do it for me, but …” Chu Huan turned the barbecue and smiled gently. “Even if it’s so serious and so troublesome, there are still many people who got married and divorced.”

Nanshan: “What do you mean by divorce?”

Chu Huan thought for a while: “According to your words, should it be ‘dissolution of engagement’?”

Nanshan anxiously said: “How can the marriage contract be dismissed? That is a life and death contract.”

Chu Huan raised his eyebrows and said a bit self-deprecatingly, “That’s over, we estimate that many people will die in a day.”

The two were on the land and the water. In response to the huge cultural differences, the two people were speechless for a long time until Chu Huan roasted the meat to the outside.

He carefully picked the best piece of meat first, broke it down, and carefully covered the bones at one end with thick leaves, which was convenient for human hands to take.

Nanshan finally crawled up slowly from the water before turning into a water ghost. He sat down on the side of Chu Huan with a coolness, took the roasted big bird meat, and still asked him where he was. A world that I do n’t understand: “Why are they all lifted?”

“There are all kinds of reasons,” Chu Huan said. “Overall, either you can’t survive, or who has someone else in your heart.”

As Chu Huan said, he remembered Nanshan’s parents.

A man with a personal charm, but not a good thing, wandering around the border alone, with a level of research beyond ordinary people, and a certain degree of pharmacology and medicine, through the elder ’s description, the man ’s slaughter against the gatekeeper sounds Unlike a momentary intent, the time and place are all well-rounded. It should have been a long-term plot. He has the characteristics of boldness, carefulness, cunning, coldness, and strong mobility.

All of the above, with regard to that person’s identity, Chu Huan felt that the most reliable guess was the drug criminal who fled to the border.

But he didn’t mention it with Nanshan, but he felt that the woman in the story was a pity. If she didn’t have that unreasonable restraint, she could pick herself up first, then kill and bury.

But … it seems to be different.

No matter how hospitable a nation is in this environment, can it allow the next patriarch to marry an outsider who has no roots? How can there be no pressure from the same race to conclude such an oath of coexistence and death?

Chu Huan could imagine her desperation and intense temperament.

Maybe even if she can be alone, is she not willing?

Nanshan no longer spoke. He seemed to be trying to live up to the chef ’s intentions. He gnawed the meat that Chu Huan ripped to him wholeheartedly, and waited for the bones to be gnawed cleanly before he said again, “I still don’t understand.”

Chu Huan: “Because you have too few people here.”

There are too few people, and life is too hard. For example, a person who is hungry for a whole day can eat meat without salt, and can devour it like a delicacy, but those who are full of food all day long, even if they occasionally encounter a pleasant mouth, they may be able to give it one. Eat two more bites.

In the middle of the night, the clothes were dry, and neither of them dared to close their eyes in such a place.

Chu Huan opened the conversation box and guided the topic skillfully. Nanshan finally relaxed slowly, and put away the involuntary and even aggression in his eyes.

The two seemed to have returned to the time when Chu Huan had just arrived at the Liyi tribe. Every day, they went to the patriarch’s courtyard to find Nanshan to chat with ease and pressure.

Just as Nanshan patiently corrected Chu Huan’s pronunciation of a Liyi language, his voice was unexplained, and Chu Huan immediately reacted with a stunned expression.

The sound of water-the sound of water is wrong!

Suddenly Nan Shan made a retreat gesture to Chu Huan, which was the same as that of Chu Huan and Yuan Pingyao in the daytime. Chu Huan was stunned. He and Yuan Ping remembered every movement in their eyes.

A behemoth suddenly appeared in the river water, Chu Huan and Nan Shan had been hidden in the woods on the bank of the river.

The two climbed up into the middle of the tree one after the other. Chu Huan opened the leaves of the layers. The night affected his vision a little. He was planning to open the telescope function, and a hand suddenly laid in front of him.

“Don’t read it,” Nanshan said quickly, “can’t read it.”

Chu Huan is very inexplicable, will he still have long needles after reading it?

Nanshan covered his hand with one hand, wrapped his hand over his shoulder, grabbed his arm, almost lying on Chu Huan’s ear and said, “This is not a sound beast, it is …”

He spoke, realizing that Yuan Ping was not here, and neither of them could accurately translate the two languages. He had to jump over the unexplained nouns: “It is covered with eyes, and even a glance at a distance can hurt , Serious blindness, and may die. “

Chu Huan’s thinking is very mature-that is, he has his own knowledge reserve and formed thinking mode, which makes him able to work in many situations, but there are disadvantages. For example, he will be rigid, and once the new things he contacts are not consistent with his old cognition, he will have some obstacles in accepting them.

What is “covered eyes”? So which organ is it really used to achieve visual function? Can’t it be 360 ​​degrees full angle?

And what’s the matter of not having visual contact? glare? A mental attack caused by optical illusions?

Chu Huan couldn’t imagine it and couldn’t understand it. He was just about to ask.

Nanshan: “Hush.”

The humming motion came slowly, Chu Huan closed his eyes, and his sense of touch and hearing became particularly sensitive. He heard the leaves tremble and the wind rustled like a wind. And something extremely heavy is walking under the tree step by step, the speed is not fast, when passing by their tree, Chu Huan heard it stopped.

There was silence all around, as if the wind and time had stopped, the two couldn’t help holding their breath.

Is it moving?

The whole body is full of eyes, where is it looking?

Did it find them?

Chu Huan’s hand slowly touched the triangular handle in his arms.

Suddenly, the big tree, which was difficult to surround by four or five people, shook the whole, and then there was the sound of a sharp hard object scratching the bark.

Chu Huan’s hand was almost inserted into the bark.

Is that thing climbing up? Or does it want to push down this big tree?

When people are invisible, the imagination can be extremely rich, especially Chu Huan feels that Nanshan grips his palm slightly sweating.

The sound of scratching the bark is getting louder and louder, Chu Huan has clasped the prismatic thorn tightly, and is ready to put it at any time.

Just as the cold sweat on Chu Huan had risen and fallen twice, the movement suddenly stopped.

After a moment of silence, the heavy and procrastinating footsteps of Cai Cai made people re-sound like an amnesty.

It took a long time before Chu Huan exhaled lightly and caught Nanshan’s hand across his eyes: “Let’s go?”

Nanshan put his hand down: “When you go, it consumes a lot every step. Generally, you don’t like to move places, and you can’t reach places as high as the mountain gate. It is not common for us.”

Nanshan said this, his eyes sinking: “But we will die every time we run into it, and there are no exceptions. This is how my Azu died, so Ama became the patriarch when she was very young.”

Chu Huan: “Agressive?”

Nanshan: “Cannibalism-go, let’s go as soon as possible.”

The two quickly jumped off the tree, and Chu Huan saw the big footprints on the ground-nearly one meter wide and one and a half meters long, and stepped the soft ground in the forest out of a thick pit, which weighed at least one An off-road vehicle, and there is a row of thin and deep holes in front of each paw print, which seems to be the tip of the claw.

Chu Huan glanced at the roots of the tree, and it seemed that the thing stopped just to grind his claws.

The bottom of the old tree was hollowed in half, sawdust flew across, and the layers of overlapping annual rings were exposed in the wound.

For a moment, Chu Huan didn’t realize the little helplessness of being human anymore.

He was full of sighs, and suddenly saw a string of eye-opening ropes in the broken wood and grass.

Chu Huan burst out in his heart at that time. He stepped up and picked it up. He was afraid to admit his mistake. He looked through it a few times and saw that there was a half braid attached to the knot.

This piece of thread and hair are Xiaofang!

Although both the guardian and the gatekeeper have long hair, men generally neglect to care. Only Xiaofang, like a little girl, braided a colored rope into the braid, so Chu Huan was particularly impressed by the coquettish braided rope profound.

Nanshan glanced, and his face changed.

The tail of the braided rope was cut by a sharp weapon, probably a weapon carried by the people who defended the mountain.

Nanshan pulled up a bush, and saw a dart studded with an arrow.

It is the bowman of the mountain guard.

As an illiterate with very limited cultural level, Xiaofang must not have the ambition to become a monk, then …

Either this is his warning, or he has …

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