Shan He Biao Li Chapter 4

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Chapter 3 Here

Chapter 4

Three months later.

An off-road vehicle is here, the car is very wild, and on the rugged Panshan Road, the feeling of the f1 stadium is generally high, and I can’t wait that the four to leave the ground at the same time.

The maintenance of Panshan Road is not easy. Here, it is remote, and it is conceivable that the road is a bird.

I saw that the road surface is like a pockmark face. When it rains, it has to be a human landscape with “small lakes and stars”. The road is on the side of the mountain next to the rocky mountains. The mountains and the rocks are gathered together to form a large-scale landslide. On the far side of the mountain, there is a cliff. There is no obstruction for half of the bricks on the side of the cliff. From the probe in the car, you can see the small river with nine bends and eighteen bends at the foot of the mountain. There are several dangerous houses in the distance. On the mountain side, it seems to be very beautiful.

The road is dangerous, to the narrowest place, the body flickering, less than 20 cm away from the cliff, as if flying over, ready to go.

And driving the madman with a hand on the pistol, imaginary on the steering wheel, although the car opened into the third, the expression is still easy and freehand.

The mountain wind follows the open window gap and blows his hair to the magical dance. When he gets off the bus, I am afraid that there will be a far suburban county killing Matt.

In the sound of the traffic noise of the buggy and the sound of the super-mary mushroom, there is also a subtle struggle. I saw a man tied to the co-pilot by the big flower. The forehead is full of sweat. I don’t know if it’s scared or not. The rag that was cleaned by the car was full, and the eyes were full of horror.

“Hey, I’ll hear you back.”

The cockroach who was driving the car said with a little smirk that he couldn’t tell the truth. He looked at the man who was scaring the urine on the vice-driver. The relatives used the butt to knock on the other’s head twice: “Received ,speak.”

On the other side, Pharaoh quickly said: “The action is cancelled. You immediately bring people back and return. I will say it again. The action is cancelled. The devil is obviously their abandoned son. The target of the big ghost is you. Huo Hui may be here. “

I took it easy: “Rebellious.”

The old king was stagnation, and after a while, he returned to God and hurriedly whispered: “Where is Huo Hui now? Where are you?”

He smiled and asked: “Oh, he is next to me, take a ride with me, do you want to talk to him?”

Pharaoh was silent for a moment, listening to him so bottomless, it seems to be letting go: “You actually … your kid, how do you know?”

This time, the big and small ghosts entered the country. They planned to dying and escorting a batch of arms at the bottom of the pressure box to the east. In fact, their escort route can bypass China and suddenly change the road because of the news of the embarrassment. Ghosts hate big hate, there is no second person besides him.

In the past three years, in order to protect the embarrassment, he only has contact with Pharaoh, and his days have lived in abundance. However, the wise man must have a loss, strict confidentiality, and can not stand someone to find him.

Regardless of whether it is the government or the terrorists, this action has devoted a lot of power. They all know that this time is true, and they will live without death. They will either completely remove the two ghosts and stalk them, or watch them resurrect.

As the general manager of the action, Pharaoh is cautious and makes people scream. He has lived in his office for a long time. The two people have repeatedly scrutinized all the details in advance.

Up to now, they have cleared out three or four problematic people internally and are accepting an isolation investigation.

They should be prepared to be seamless, but…

But in fact, if the two ghosts are so good, then the Asian countries will never let them run for so long.

Now, the two large ghosts have been successfully detained. The Chinese have seized all the arms, and according to the informant’s news, they have found the foothold of the little devil. They are divided into two groups. Lao Wang takes people to intercept the imp. He was ordered to search for the big ghost. This time, the net was only the last one of the “two ghosts”. I didn’t expect it to be a scorpion.

Is there a traitor inside, and is it more depressing than this?

The off-road vehicle thrilledly turned a huge corner, and the rear wheel slipped and screamed in a sharp contrast. It was in stark contrast to the dangerous traffic. It was not too light, not warm, and almost in line. The tone: “Oh, this one, we can’t tell, it’s just a feeling, my profession is a ghost, so I have a ghost with them.”

Lao Wang: “Take a cock, then why don’t you talk about it, what do you do now… Wait, the surname is ,, you won’t leave me again!” (Translator Note : Take a Cock in the sense of be one men) 

I ignored his roar, didn’t panic, and explained a few words to myself: “I won’t be awkward, no matter what, I know which one is a ghost? The killer of others is used in the blade.You have to get a knife to test it out – again, you see, this time the big ghost is trying to kill me, he will not hesitate to drag out his coffin, we are really fake, so I can match them to the net. It’s good.”

Pharaoh knew, and the cold sweat suddenly came down. The two ghosts entered the southwest border. After strict argumentation, they chose the location of the killing and avoided the smoke. The terrain here is complex, although it can be positioned, but for a while, their people can’t catch up with it.

The small glasses are slowly swaying, the appearance of an honest and honest bastard, the key moment is really not worthy of the six parents. Pharaoh recalled the group of people that he brought out in the past, and now there is only one left in the fruit, if he also…

“No matter what you want to do, bring me back, immediately, right now, now!”

He smiled: “Don’t tell me, I rarely pull hatred so stable, miss this time, it is not good to brush.”

Lao Wang: “…”

He wanted to blow the head of the small glasses.

Hey: “And it’s too late to say this now – there is a bomb under my car, you know?”

Pharaoh screamed out: “What?”

Two fingers clasped a small chip, inserted into his own temples, and gently pressed, his flat lens immediately jumped out of the local satellite image, a line appeared in the corner. Small print: readable, loading, please wait.

He bent his eyes and glared at the traitor Huo Hui, who was stunned by the side. The empty hand simulated a gesture of undressing thanks: “Things are done well, Huo Huixiong, you undercover is more meticulous than I was. Thank you for the representative organization.”

After loading, a cluster of small red dots appears on his lens.

“Maybe they are afraid of not killing me, there are thirteen or fourteen in front… Fifteen waiting for me to collect the corpse.” He said to Pharaoh cheerfully, “Remember what we discussed before, they are afraid we use helicopters and heavy weapons, and the inevitable in the towns in the north, there must be a batch of arms. There is a big episode today, and they are not allowed to find ways to get into the middle of the people. I have let the brothers go there. If it can be cleaned up, there is no help for the big ghosts today.

Pharaoh: “You…”

The path interrupted him: “You can rest assured – contact later, I am going to prepare for the bombing.”

Lao Wang: “Wait…”

I have already cut off the communication without any explanation.

Two minutes later, the off-road vehicle drove into a mountain area and suddenly lost control. It turned over from the entire side of Panshan Road and exploded in midair. The earth-shattering bang blew up the birds in the whole forest and turned the cliffs. Smoke is rolling.

As soon as the car turned down, a long whistle rang, and the boulder under the mountain forest on the mountain suddenly appeared a lot of people, apparently ambushing here for a long time.

There are eight people in the forest, and there are seven stones on the slope below, with fire-fighting tools in their hands.

The second explosion of the car will take place within five minutes. Just five minutes is enough for them to get close quickly. Once the explosion is over, the other party can immediately determine that there is no one in the car.

Sitting behind a large stone on the edge of a cliff, I found a pocket watch from my arms.

The red dot on the glasses reminds him of the general direction of the enemy, but he knows that this is not all – the big ghost is never in the field of vision of the glasses, but with his understanding of the big ghost, the other party must be on the scene.

With his army thorns on his back, the tip was stuck in the throat of the traitor who was tied up by the five flowers. The man’s mouth was blocked tightly, and he did not dare to make a sound.

His hand is very artistic, his palm is a little thin, his fingers are slender, his nails are clean and tidy. Huo Hui knows that his hand is extremely stable. As long as he has a little thought in his heart, the three-legged thorns that are not amazing are immediately Will find a blood hole in his throat.

He didn’t know why he didn’t leave him in the exploded car.

I took a cigarette from my pocket and put it on my mouth. I was afraid of exposing the position. I didn’t have a point. I just smelled it.

“Do you know that Wang Ge has a daughter?” He seems to mention it casually. His tone is not salty or light. It seems like a chat between colleagues. “Specially like people, when I was young, I played with my family. Other silly girls took stones and cut grass leaves. Or just throw two worms into the bowl and pretend to be fried octopus. The supporting roles that we have been temporarily caught to play with the little hoe have to pretend to be delicious, and the second one is out – she is different, she plays again. Seriously, the things we eat are placed in a clean bowl, with milk, and sometimes a spoonful of ice cream.”

When I said this, my mouth slightly smiled, but my eyes were clear and indifferent.

“Too much for be a disaster, just for her, we are stupid to be forced to get a big from childhood, singled out the group have done it, he with a bunch of hooligans blocked me in the alley, take the steel pipe to interrupt. After I had a leg, a fracture, and lived in a hospital for a summer vacation, I was almost paralyzed. After I was discharged from the hospital, I shot him into a concussion on a brick. He stitched six stitches on his forehead and broke his life for a lifetime. That stupidity has become more and more arrogant. I am more handsome than him. What do I do for him, and he has him. It seems that he can’t sleep without pressing me.”

He lifted the thorn in his hand slightly, and the cold blade gently touched Huo Hui’s chin. He seemed to be able to smell the bloody smell in the groove.

Hey: “What did you guess later?”

The traitor still stuffed a rag in his mouth, and even if he guessed it, he couldn’t say it.

He said in an understatement: “When I was fighting ghosts, I was almost exposed. He and several brothers wanted to cover me…”

His voice suddenly stopped, his eyes lowered slightly, and the corner of his mouth tightened into a straight line.

“I finally got a stupid pressure on the head, and I have to end up with his cat ancestors.” Under Huo Hui’s cold sweat, he faintly removed his gaze and stared at the glasses with the standard of the beast. My own pocket watch seems to be a bit indifferent, and there is a bit of a slap in the face. “Hey, I can’t figure out why, why do you sell your life to the big ghost? Are you stupid than stupid?”

Huo Hui certainly couldn’t answer it. He stared intently at Yan Qingjun’s side face, thinking that he was going to put himself in this place. After he retired, he didn’t appear in their sight. Huo Hui is not familiar with him, but this does not prevent him from hearing the legend of this person… terrible legend.

“The little devil once said to me triumphantly, he said that the reason why these people can not be defeated is because they are so badly unscrupulous, can not use their poles -” the thorns in the traitor. 

The light on the neck was awkward. “But then the devil was scrapped by one arm and two legs. You and I was tied to this by my five flowers. I don’t know if he is right or not.”

He said that he slowly raised his head and looked at Huo Huisen’s smile. Even the glasses could not resist him as if it were a real kill.

How high the mountain is, how strong his killing is, and the traitor who was tied up by the five flowers was suddenly empty. He was shrouded in the killing, almost thinking that he was dead.

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