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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Nanshan … kissed him

A black lamp was blinded, Chu Huan put an arrow on the bow string, on the side of the guard, Nanshan began to search for various traces on the spot.

Nanshan pulled a bush of leaves, and a snake that had become dry suddenly fell out of it. He paused slightly, squinting and staring at the dead snake under his feet. Long gone.

“Nanshan,” Chu Huan, who was on the side, suddenly asked, “Why is this forest so quiet that it doesn’t even have insects?”

Because the surroundings were too quiet, Chu Huan lowered his voice involuntarily when he opened his mouth. At this time, he should be glad that the person with him was Nanshan at this time, and he changed his legs to be soft and timid. Kneeling scared.

Nanshan picked up the dead snake on the ground. There was no wound on his body, and he still kept the action of opening his mouth to bite. It became a snake zombie with an open mouth. The place with his eyes had rotted.

Suddenly, a small night breeze blew around, and the branches twitched tremblingly. Rao was Chu Huan, and he couldn’t help making a subconscious aiming action. There are no exceptions. “

Suddenly, Nanshan saw a mark at the bottom of the trunk: “What is this?”

Chu Huan walked in through the light of the lighter and found that it was a sign-danger.

You don’t need to guess. It’s left by Ping Yuan. The question is whether there are other intelligent creatures here who can understand his warning signs.

Why did Yuan Ping draw the mark so low?

Has he ever lurked here?

Yuan Ping’s strokes are light and heavy, extremely hurried, and there are several sharp scratches next to it.

There were traces of pressure on the wet grass, and the thick bushes were peeled away. Chu Huan saw a deep mark in it, which was a trace of the toes stuck when the person was dragged away.

Chu Huan took a step back and looked towards the tree in the direction of the arrows coming from the tree. According to the clues, the situation at that time was restored—if Xiaofang, Bangmao, Dashan and Yuan Ping were all together at the time, Then when you come here, some unexpected danger must have occurred, forcing them to separate and hide.

Yuan Ping was lying under the big tree, and a person with a bow and arrow was on the tree, just diagonally. The position where Xiaofang’s hairband falls is at an angle to these two positions, so these four people should stand in a quadrilateral and be able to cover each other.

What did they encounter?

Are you still alive?

What made Yuan Ping so hasty to leave a simple mark?

Chu Huan believes that both the guardians and the gatekeepers are good at concealment. Why is it so easy to be discovered?

If … if it was just the big guy, why didn’t they find the two of them in the tree?

Chu Huan’s gaze slowly fell on the traces of the roots of the big tree that were caught by the claws. He suddenly fought a cold war-no, it was not undetected, I am afraid that he just left temporarily and made a mark.

So how many big guys are there in this silent forest?

Nanshan followed his gaze and immediately understood that he grabbed Chu Huan’s arm: “Go!”

Both men’s footsteps are extremely light, but they are still unbearably heavy in the silent jungle.

Chu Huan: “So this is a group animal?”

Nanshan: “No, it used to be a single one before, and when I took people down the mountain for a year ago, there was no such thing in this mountain.”

A world full of danger is not terrible, what is terrible is that the map of this dangerous world is actually changing with the ad in the subway window.

The gatekeeper usually does not go down the mountain gate, which is a dead house. The mountain guard is absent for more than half of a year, which means that they can’t even find a reliable guide.

Chu Huan had to bite the bullet and ask, “Where are their weaknesses? How to fight? How many eyes are blind? How fast?”

“It’s ‘eyes’ are harder than stone, not as fast as the sound beast, but it does not run slow, and the weakness is on the lower abdomen …” Nanshan paused, “Well, that’s it.”

“Where?” Chu Huan asked, and immediately responded. The whole person didn’t know where to go.

The last thing he regrets now is that he did n’t inherit the mantle of the “18-style yin and yin feet” of the majority of street gangsters.

The sound of footsteps suddenly came from a distance, still heavy, but it was far more rushed than before. There were many people coming, almost coming from all directions.

I ’m afraid it’s pointless to hide. The smell of these things is far more powerful than they thought.

Nanshan stopped and tied the two people’s wrists together with Xiao Fang’s long braid: “Close your eyes.”

Chu Huan picked up his bow and arrow away, took out the short knives and spikes, closed his eyes, the sound of vibration for a while, the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer, the roar of roaring patrol, and even the sound of his own heartbeat, all more and more Clear up.

“Don’t open your eyes no matter what happens.” Nanshan said to him.

Chu Huan’s throat moved slightly: “There is no blood here, no signs of struggling too much, is it possible that they are still alive … mm.”

Halfway through his words, he was suddenly blocked by something tender and Chu Huan stunned.

Nanshan … kissed him?

Nanshan finally couldn’t help doing what he always wanted to do, and with a few lines of action, he was able to get out of it—although it was released at a touch, no one even had time to recall it.

For a while, neither of them said anything. After Chu Huan was amazed, he suddenly found that Nanshan and his hand tied a little trembling imperceptibly. :”be careful.”

Between the speeches, the heavy, procrastination, but absolutely unslow footsteps approached the eyes, and a strange roar sounded twenty meters away, followed by the second, third …

The monster’s cries passed on like a relay.

The two people tied together blocked their vision, so they couldn’t see them—the whole forest around them was full of monsters with eyes all over their bodies. They were of different sizes, covered with eyes that were full of cold-blooded animals and erect pupils. All eyes are on the two people in the middle.

The two were in the shadows of trees, like a small boat caught in the ocean.

The endless monsters in the darkness will cause great pressure on people. Chu Huan and Nan Shan don’t even have extra cloth heads to cover their eyes. They can only rely on their willpower to carry the will to open their eyes.

The two sides froze for a moment. Suddenly, the original low roar suddenly rose, and the “buzz” slammed into the heart. Chu Huan clearly felt the muscles in the corners of his eyes twitch, but he still held back.

Several monsters seemed to have received the signal of the charge, and rushed towards them from several directions. With their eyes closed, it was impossible to tell which was ahead and which was behind. The rope helped by Chu Huan’s wrist was caught by Nanshan. Pulling it a little, Nanshan went straight to where the first roar came from.

It was probably the head of this group of monsters. When Chu Huan found that he was still trying to distinguish the environment and direction through hearing, Nanshan had locked the other party’s leader without any care, and did not leave himself a hard way to head back. Although Nanshan has always shown himself as a tolerant and even somewhat gentle patriarch, the things left by his mother in his bones have not disappeared.

Perhaps only at certain critical moments can people get a glimpse of some clues.

Chu Huan was stunned, and immediately followed, while trying to adjust his mental state, simulating and judging Nanshan’s next move. The two of them are now tied together, and no one can see them.

A puff sounded on the side of Chu Huan’s ear. Nanshan’s knife hit something. At that moment, Chu Huan concentrated all his energy on his ear. He turned his head subconsciously–Jin Shizhi The sound is the claw of the other party. However, the blade didn’t hurt the opponent. Chu Huan grasped Nanshan’s elbow and pushed his arm to push the arm, and the monster’s claws were pushed off by the two of them, and landed on the ground.

Chu Huan had no choice but to comfort himself. Although he could not cut it, he let it kick.

His ahq spirit hasn’t been able to go through. Suddenly, the back spine is cold-there are roars everywhere, footsteps everywhere, vibrations everywhere, which is almost the hearing system for people who are not blind. A mess, in this case, it is not intuitive to use but intuitive.

In the moment of physical warning, Chu Huan had jumped from behind and fell down Nanshan, the two rolled out together, passing by with a strong wind, and the huge claw of a monster fell down in the air and waved It was empty, just hitting the foot with a slap in the face.

Only a roaring roar sounded like a roar, the monster accidentally injured by his companion was out of anger, the ground moved to shake the ground with his paws, the muddy soil in the forest flew around, and Nanshan instinctively crossed the front , Sideways in front of Chu Huan.

Unexpectedly, this anger was not directed at them, and the two monsters were pinched into a mass on the spot.

Obviously, the commander felt that he had been slapped by his companion, and he decided that he would settle down and settle down. Then, the whole martial arts was staged, and the other monsters had no command for a while. They didn’t know where to go and they went after Some of Chu Huan and Nanshan were inexplicably fought with their counterparts, and some of them were spinning around unexplained.

Sure enough, even in such a Spartan world, God is fair, given the incomparable hard shell and the fighting power against the sky, it will inevitably deprive them of some of their brains.

The two of them groped with their eyes closed in the monster cluster, and the trees around them at this time were their best coordinates. Even though Chu Huan was intuitive and sensitive, he could not be used as an infrared receiver. It was an embarrassment.

A monster slammed into him violently. The tonnage of the gadget looked like a car. After being hit, it caused a car accident.

Chu Huan stumbled to the ground, and the monster’s claws swept over. Chu Huan was almost inevitable. He had to draw a sharp thorn in front of him. “Choke”, the triangular thorn was limited in weight, and it was broken. In two cuts, Nanshan pulled the rope violently, and forced him into his arms, but he was too strong in anxiety, and directly pulled the rope together.

When the rope broke, the two immediately separated inertially, and the monster’s claws rubbed Chu Huan’s back. Suddenly there was a fierce pain. Chu Huan instinctively stretched out his hand, and there was only an empty rope in his hand.


In the confusion, he seemed to hear Nanshan responding to his shout, but the specific location could no longer be judged

However, the hordes of monsters did not give him the opportunity to stay in place. The chaotic footsteps always vibrated his eardrums, as if he would come over and step on his feet at any time. Not wanting to become a sieve, he rolled under the feet of countless monsters, his shirt finally turned into a rag, and the freshly baked beggar eight bags of elders wore bohemian long-sleeved openwork in the wind, and finally touched Arrived a big life-saving tree.

He suddenly grabbed the tree with his fingers and could not see anything. He climbed up completely with the power of his fingers and felt that he was almost a gecko.

However, the monster refused to give him a second to breathe. As soon as he climbed a few meters high, he heard the movement of digging the roots underneath. Chu Huan bent down suddenly, and the backflip jumped down from the tree. Stepped on the back of a monster, and by the gravity of falling from the height, he stabbed the short knife into the thick and thick back of the thing.

The artifact that could split the wind finally did not disappoint him, but also his luck. The location of the knife was just the gap between the two pieces of nails. The short knife fell into the monster ’s flesh with a bang, and the thing was covered in a huge shock, almost Chu Huan threw it down, but the knife stuck inside and could not be pulled out.

Chu Huan scolded his mother, this is a joke!

While struggling to maintain his balance, he pressed his feet against the monster’s back, pulling the carrot like hell with the short knife. At this moment, the wind blew his clothes, and a monster saw his companion. Suffered, immediately pulled a knife on one side to help, slapped over.

There was a fishy wind in his paws, perhaps between life and death, which inspired people’s powerful potential. Chu Huan snorted and pulled the short knife alive, and then jumped and jumped from the monster.

Just listening to “Pouting”, the monster’s claws slammed into the air and directly pressed against the back of the companion. The long and sharp nails were just pressed down from the edge of Chu Huan’s poker, and Chu Huan immediately turned his head He jumped out without turning back. Sure enough, there was a roaring earth roaring behind him. The thick-waisted tree was blocked by the waist. Fortunately, he ran fast and was not crushed to the bottom.

Chu Huan: “Nanshan!”

This time, a little Nanshan’s voice could not be heard.

Chu Huan was suddenly anxious. At this time, it would be good to have a microphone. Even if there is not such a high-tech thing, it is okay to have a flat film number!

He thought: “Forget it, get out.”

Open your eyes.

At this moment, he heard a long, long horn-the horn of the flatman he had just been talking about.

Chu Huan didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. A crow’s mouth was unprecedented. His eyes hadn’t opened yet, and he faced the wind arrow everywhere.

It is simply a wolf before a tiger. Now he needs to choose whether to see the wolf or the tiger.

Of course, no matter how you choose, the biggest possibility is hell.

At this moment, the second horn sounded, Chu Huan escaped a paw, and heard the horn play a playful voice, and the dumb low-pitched tone sounded a loud sense, listening carefully, as if it was still clipped In the element of Suona.

Where is this brain damage?

Chu Huan tripped under his feet and almost fell under the claws of the monster.

He evaded a monster hard, so he jumped on a big tree and jumped straight down. His toes turned over a little on the back of the monster. His head was roared angrily by the monster he stepped out of the pit To chase down, his companion had pasted it with his paws, and it just happened to be on his head. He slapped the invulnerable head into his neck for more than half a meter.

He evaded the monster from danger, and ran away in the direction of the trumpet.

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