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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

Title : The battle of Plants vs. Zombies

Translator Note : There are some word with the “*” it’s because when I have do the Translator I had two words that even with multiple check didn’t sounded right. 

“Are you afraid of fire? Can you burn?” Chu Huan’s voice was low when he asked. He did it subconsciously, as if afraid of being alarmed. As he intervened deeper, unconsciously, Chu Huan had born some awkward awkwardness to the world.

Yuan Ping is very uncertain: “This … I only know there is such a thing, or is it the first time I see … should I be afraid of fire? Or try it?”

Everyone ignored his opinion collectively, Xiaofang asked Nanshan: “Patriarch, I heard from the elderly that the dead flower grows quickly, and a vine can spread a large area. If we don’t remove it, maybe it The longer the bigger, the more and more wild animals will be rushed to the upstream in the future. Now it is Mutai surrounding the mountain. Will it be the eye-eating beast surrounding the mountain? “

As soon as he opened his mouth, several people looked at Nanshan in unison.

Nanshan hesitated for a moment. After the mountain gate was reversed, the most important thing the mountain guards had to do was to patrol the mountain. First, they would have a thorough understanding of the various conditions in the mountain area, and then they would clean the mountain area throughout the winter. The mountain will be visited once again in the coming year, which leaves the gate to the gatekeeper.

The range of mountain patrol is generally about ten days. When you arrive at the place, there are several large steles left by the predecessors. Every time the guardian arrives at the stele, he will remember the day of his arrival. This is an old example.

In terms of distance, this time they only walked halfway along the mountain, but they have met a large number of flat people, sound beasts, and even eye eaters that have never been encountered …

Now, it is the dead flower that even Nanshan has heard only in the legend.

Why did the vain flower bloom here for nothing? Nanshan has a feeling-this time, I am afraid that they can’t reach the stone monument on the border of Xunshan.

He shook his head: “No, don’t shoot outside, leave.”

Everyone suggested what to do, and the decision was made to decide not to do. Therefore, although Nanshan did not elaborate the reasons, everyone swallowed the objection when he saw his speech.

Chu Huan subconsciously let other people walk in the broken position. When he left, he looked back inadvertently. The large white flowers blurred his eyes, and Chu Huan felt that his eyes suddenly appeared suddenly. In view of the symptoms of astigmatism, all the scenes in the field of vision have a circle of ghost images.

He stepped in and rubbed his eyes again, and the phantom disappeared.

The mallet walking in front turned back: “Good sl**, what’s wrong with you?”

Yuan Ping shouted impatiently: “Yes, b**ch, what are you doing?”

Chu Huan responded absently, chased after a few steps, and said casually: “I was just a little dazzled, nothing.”

“You just change your name to Chu Daiyu.” Yuan Ping said, “Or will you give you a snickers?”

Chu Huan said blankly: “Go away.”

He used to be a man who nearly fell off a cliff and fell to his death. For a while, Chu Huan always suspected that he had hallucinations and auditory hallucinations while he was staying. He was particularly sensitive to this aspect.

Chu Huan always felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t say it for a while.

The people quickly passed through the waters where Dianhua was located, and left Laoyuan in one breath until they turned around. There was no trace of Xiaobaihua at all. Several talents were relieved and stopped for a rest.

The mallet itself slammed on its feet and ran for a long time holding the mountain. At this time, it was almost exhausted. He released the mountain’s crutches and sat on the ground with his buttocks: “I haven’t encountered these things when I was hiking the mountain every year. This is still half way, patriarch, you said that you will not be close to the ground in front? “

Xiaofang: “Don’t fart, how could the ground fall …”

How could the sinking ground be so close, if that were the case, wouldn’t they become the only island in the world?

However, he glanced at Nanshan’s complexion, and suddenly couldn’t speak anymore.

Nanshan didn’t say anything. When he encountered inconvenience or poor answers, he would stare at a place of silence. He used to stare at the harmonica to silence. Now his eyes have a new trust-he starts staring at Chu Huan. .

Gangmao inspected his words and felt that he had said something he should not have said, and quickly asked in a hurry: “Patriarch, has anyone ever been to the ground?”

“Yes,” Nanshan said. “I heard the elders mention it before. It was still a few decades ago. A warrior from the tribe left the mountain gate alone and said he was going to visit the dead ground.”

The mallet quickly asked, “What about later?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t come back,” Nanshan said, glancing at the distant mountains behind him. “But after so many years, it’s probably dead? I originally thought that when one day in the future, I’m not a patriarch, I have to be like him. Look at the border as well. You see, people, flat people, eye-eating beasts, sound beasts … we squeeze on so many hills all day and night to slap on the big site to survive. Feeling. If one day will die old, I want to see for myself what is outside before I willingly close my eyes. “

All passionate life must contain the relentless pursuit of freedom——

It is a pity that he played the piano completely against the bull. As a qualified mallet, the mallet could not understand the feelings of their patriarch. He also cleverly grasped the keyword: “Why did you want it? Don’t want it now?”

Nanshan: “…”

He was speechless and had to give the stick a foot, and then glanced at Chu Huan like a thief.

There was a new dissatisfaction in his mind, thinking: “Why should I be so sneaky?”

But Chu Huan didn’t pay attention to their conversation. He was frowning, his eyes widened, and he slowly scanned the surrounding environment, as if thinking about something.

The mallet was very dissatisfied when he saw that he did not respond, and quickly went to provoke some. He poked Chu Huan, pointed his finger not far away, and said, “Did you see a tree hole? Avoiding the wind and avoiding people–ah , Shudong is a good place, where my kid was born. “

Chu Huan had been concentrating on what he had missed. He was so forgotten by the mallet. He glanced at the shit stick with a discouraged glance, and said in mandarin: “No wonder, I think your son have a wooden life. Bear and monkey. “

The mallet heard a question mark in the forehead, but Chu Huan inadvertently glanced in the direction he was pointing: “What kind of eyes? Where is the tree?”

The mallet: “It’s there, why can’t you see it?”

Chu Huan looked at the direction of his fingers, and turned his head seriously to look at the mallet. When he confirmed that the mallet really did not mean any joke, a thin layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared in the palm of Chu Huan’s palm.

He suddenly remembered what he had missed.

Chu Huan stood up and held Nanshan’s shoulder as he turned around. With his consternation, he put his nose on his long hair and smelled it carefully.

His scale suddenly zoomed in. Yuan Ping and the mallet were taken aback. After the surprise, they felt like they were not full and coughed in unison like chicken feathers.

Yuan Ping knew in his heart that he felt unacceptable at first glance, shouting at his neck: “It’s still a day in the sky. Hey! Some people have trouble paying attention to their qualities!”

Chu Huan’s face suddenly became ugly: “Watch your size! Shut up!”

He found he could not smell the osmanthus in Nanshan’s hair.

There is the smell of plants, the smell of water, the smell of earth … but no human taste.

It turned out that this was where Chu Huan had always felt something was wrong-they had rushed on the road for so long, the wind and water walked, and there was not much blood and sweat, but he could not smell the blood and sweat at all.

just like……

It was as if everything he smelled in his nose was simulated by something stiff.

“Illusion,” Chu Huan glanced around. “I’m afraid we haven’t left that white flower.”

Nanshan’s expression was abrupt: “Don’t go around, come over, sit down, and form a circle.”

Several people immediately surrounded them, sandwiching the mountains invisible to their eyes.

“Everyone talk about what you saw.” Nanshan said, “I’ll come first. I saw a mountain on one side and a river on the other. The mountains and fields are full of fresh grass, and the fish in the water are tumbling and playing normally. Did not see the tree. “

“I didn’t see the tree either,” Chu Huan said, and then added, “Even the grass is a few sparse roots, and there are basically no.”

Xiao Fang raised his hand out of thin air: “I saw a big tree over there, no tree hole.”

Yuan Ping swallowed: “I didn’t see any fish in the water.”

The mallet: “I saw a few trees over there, withered, and a big hole in the middle.”

“I …” The invisible mountain suddenly opened, “Patriarch, I smell the fragrance of flowers.”

For a time, everyone looked at each other, and no one said anything.

For a long while, Yuan Ping raised his hand tremblingly: “I … I have a suggestion, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time, let’s leave at the speed of the girl.”

Xiaofang: “Where?”

Yuan Ping’s mallet raised his hand at the same time, pointing in two very different directions: “Over there.”

Then they looked at each other, and each felt the chill of the back spine.

Nanshan calmed down unusually, but the patriarch ’s affairs must be personally involved in the most dangerous things. He is obviously more experienced than anyone else in dealing with such scenes: “Do n’t panic, it does n’t matter, tell me where you see the water, is it that side?”

This time, everyone’s opinions were finally unified back.

Nanshan: “Okay, now away from the water, all back away-Chu Huan gave me your small square box-all back, hurry up!”

I do n’t know why, every time Chu Huan said something, everyone would be scared out of him with goose bumps, but Nanshan was just the opposite. Maybe the patriarch was used to it, every word he said had weight, bring With a sense of calm that can press the heart back into the stomach.

Chu Huan handed him the lighter: “What are you doing?”

Nanshan came straight down: “You also step back.”

Nanshan stared at Chu Huan until he saw him retreat ten steps away, before turning his head to face the water. He glanced around, picked up a wooden stick from the ground, opened the lighter, and lit it Got up.

At the moment when the fire lighted up, the ground seemed to be wound with a clockwork, tumbling and trembling, and a very angry roar came not far away, and the wooden stick in Nanshan’s hand suddenly had life, violently from He broke free in his hand and formed a fire stick in the air, dragging a comet-like flame, and smashed his head with his face.

Chu Huan wanted to stop at the moment he ignited, but it was too fast. It was too late. He could only rush on Nanshan and press him on the ground by inertia. Then he passed it on his back. There was a sharp burning pain, but Chu Huan’s elbow didn’t hold up and fell directly on Nanshan.

It turned out that the wooden stick was not a stick at all, it was a huge vine with thick human wrists, covered with small thorns like thorns, like an invisible monster, burned out of Nanshan by a fire .

The vine that was on fire was tossing around in pain, like a whip pulled out of a flame, leaving a blood mouth extending from the right shoulder to the left waist on Chu Huan’s back. A layer of skin, leaving black marks on both sides of the wound.

Chu Huan was suddenly dark in front of him, and he slammed a scream into his throat, thinking to himself: “His grandma’s, this must be seven mature!”

Nanshan suddenly felt his back was pumped, the pain in his imagination was more real than the real one, almost splitting his body in half, and the pain in his chest was numb.

He hugged Chu Huan and dragged him back for ten meters. There was a roar in Chu Huan’s ear, and after a good focus, he barely stood up straight and looked back—just across the river. Where is the net of dead branches on both sides of the strait, clearly a behemoth, a giant vine octopus tentacles like a group of demons dancing wildly, the thorns above are glowing with blood, and the small white flower with the vine roots is very pitiful and scary .

Yes, it spit out deadly nectar pitifully.

Chu Huan gasped for a few breaths, as if trying to calm the pain with a deep breath. After standing firm, he barely squeezed out a smile: “It’s okay, it’s not a problem, just sterilize and relieve the pain.”

Nanshan’s complexion was not as good-looking.

Yuan Ping slapped Xiaofang’s shoulder in a casual manner: “Brother, who did we just say we are burning? I think we should!”

The fierce hairy monkey has been scared into a dumb thumb monkey.

The mallet quickly picked up the invisible mountain: “Patriarch, run or fight?”

Nanshan lowered his eyes and took a deep look at the cruel wound behind Chu Huan. A anger burst into his heart, and the evil fire burned the shyness in his heart into a ash, and his chest was filled with unbearable killing. meaning.

Nanshan lowered his head, and his chin rubbed on the side of his neck, which was already covered with cold sweat, and his movements were very gentle, but his hands were shaking tremendously-such a wound, he still could not smell a little scorched or bloody taste.

“It’s staring at us, we can’t run away.” Nanshan said.

Then he reached out to wipe the cold sweat from Chu Huan’s forehead and said with a loud voice: “Fight.”

His voice had just fallen, as if to respond to his provocation. The dead branches of countless dried flowers with huge rattan broke out of the ground, and he planned to give some color to these prey that dared to resist.

Yuan Ping felt that he was kicking and kicking, and his feet could not be stopped at the same place. He pulled out a half-moon-shaped machete and cut it against the barbed cane. He cried while shouting, “Patriarch, you are a real blood man, But how the hell is this! “

The rattan is not invulnerable, but the wildfires are endless and the spring breeze is blowing again. They grow faster than they are cut. Soon, the dead branches with dead air weave a thorny cage over the sky.

The wound on Chu Huan ’s back hurt him so much that he wanted to roll it, but the pain just reassured him, indicating that the spikes on the rattan did not spend the kind of poisonous blood and throat, and he pulled out a short knife to cut a piece of vine He said with a grin, “If this thing is really a plant, I will only be a vegetarian in the future.”

The rattan cut by him happened to be caught in Nanshan’s hand. Nanshan lit with a lighter and raised his hand to the thorn cage.

The almost airtight vine was instantly stunned out of a hole, and the dead flower gave a hoarse roar again.

Chu Huan’s eyes lit up: “I’m really afraid of fire!”

Nanshan raised his hand and threw the lighter to him, Chu Huan put it in his hand, his left and right hands matched seamlessly, a series of actions to cut fire and set fire.

Yuan Ping: “This and this!”

The lighter quickly spread in the hands of several people. They came by a fire company by the river and built a battle of plants against the zombie version of the Red Cliff.

The fire quickly rose into the sky, and the dead flower was like a big octopus entangled in the water, hysterically spreading its teeth and claws.

In front of Chu Huan, the astigmatic phantom of Fang Cai appeared again. He was stunned. Then, the cruel rattan suddenly retreated and dived into the water. The fire crashed into the water and burned for a while. Finally it was still a fire. Not allowed, disappeared in the green smoke.

The flower is in vain.

After being quiet for a while, Yuan Ping first asked: “Is this a fight?”

Chu Huan said coolly: “Did you find that there is no smell now? The smell of water and plants has disappeared, and we have completely lost our sense of smell.”

Xiaofang was sitting on the ground with his ass, and his hands were still trembling: “No matter what, when I go back, I must blow it with them. I have seen the dead flower-no one has heard of it, no one has seen it. ? I’ve seen it! “

Nanshan said nothing, and stood on the spot with a very alert posture-yes, I am afraid that even the elders of the clan have never seen the dead flower. Everything about this kind of murderous thing is hearsay. Besides that, he still listens Legend of another thing.

Phantom monkey, can’t smell.

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