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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

“Phantom monkey? What is the phantom monkey?” Chu Huan couldn’t stand up a little. He sweated coldly on his body, blinked his eyes, and the sweat dripping on his eyelashes fell off. His eyes, but soon, he dared not even rub his eyes, because he found that each time he rubbed, there would be subtle differences in the scene in front of him, like a lot of “find different” pictures, frame by frame. Then, dazzled him, “Fuck … stay alert, don’t move.”

Yuan Ping heard his out-of-string sound, and simply wanted to wailing: “So it’s still an illusion, that flower hasn’t been subdued, just strategically concealed?”

Chu Huan didn’t answer. He tilted his head hard, and vaguely, he seemed to hear a heartbeat beating.

After hallucinations, is hallucinations again? This day really can’t be over.

Yuan Ping glanced at Chu Huan’s complexion and wanted to reach out and pat him: “Hey, I said, if you can’t do it, say it early.”

But before his hand touched Chu Huan, he was intercepted by Nanshan halfway. Nanshan stretched his hand around Chu Huan’s shoulder, and let Yuan Ping’s hand clap empty, seemingly unintentionally saying, “I will take care of him, Thank you. “

Yuan Ping: “…”

“I only heard the elder mentioning the phantom monkey. He said that it was not a living thing or a dead thing.” Nanshan carried a knife with one hand and placed it on Chu Huan with one hand, letting him rest on his body for a while , “But I don’t know what it looks like or how to kill it.”

“Can’t see, can’t listen, smell, taste, touch …” Chu Huan said with a bitter smile, whispered, “Can’t I ‘think’ next?”

Xiaofang’s eyes widened: “What do you mean?”

Yuan Ping listened, but looked at Chu Huan thoughtfully, then frowned slightly. He was about to ask. Suddenly, he saw a gray shadow in the corner of his eyes, flashing by lightning.

Yuan Ping didn’t have time to start warning. Chu Huan had reached out to draw the arrow from the waist of Nanshan. He took the bow and aimed at it in one fell swoop. The tip of the arrow “ding” sounded, it was clearly what was hit, but another look, but there Nothing was left, the arrow that fell to the ground stood there alone, head down, the tip of the arrow inserted into the soil strangely, and the tail feathers were still shaking slightly.

Xiaofang and Yuan Ping almost unanimously.

“what is that?”

“There is something!”

Chu Huan pulled out the second arrow cautiously. His back was injured. The muscles on the stretched arm were trembling faintly. A drop of cold sweat flowed into his mouth. He tasted it and found that even the sweat was not salty. With a sigh of relief, the voice came out of the throat almost inaudibly: “You also saw it.”

Someone has taught him a simple way to distinguish hallucinations from reality, and ask others if they see the same thing.

“I didn’t see it, it seemed …” Yuan Ping reached out and compared. “It’s so high.”

The height of the monkey.

Xiaofang: “Hairy body, thin and long tail.”

Monkey’s tail.

Nanshan supported Chu Huan without making a sound. In fact, he also glimpsed, but he was used to being more cautious.

What does it mean to be neither living nor dead?

What can survive in the waters covered with dead flowers?

If there is really a gray-haired monkey, why doesn’t it appear early, but not late, as soon as he mentioned the word “phantom monkey”, it appeared?

Several people were almost back-to-back, and there were silent silences all around. For a while, Chu Huan slowly lowered his bow and arrow: “I can’t find it.”

Yuan Ping asked gently: “Can you lead it out?”

Xiaofang: “How to quote?”

“We keep the gate …” Yuan Ping’s words paused, and he suddenly realized that he said the words “we gatekeeper” so smoothly, and there was almost no violation. “We … the gatekeeper thinks that bones and blood Are all things with power, they are commonly used in sacrifices, and can communicate between life and death. If the phantom monkey is really like the patriarch said, it is a thing that does not live or die, then I think it is not Can it be led out through this kind of thing? “

This sounds illogical and unreasonable. Fortunately, the scene itself is very unreasonable, and blood and bones are commonly used medicinal materials of the Shoushan people.

“Patriarch, will you paint the ‘blessings of birth’?” Yuan Ping asked in a sign.

“Birthday blessings are generally painted by the elders of the clan. Every time a newborn is born, he will draw a birth blessing on the child’s forehead, meaning to wish them rid of the infestation of disease and death. Without rushing to answer, I first explained it to Chu Huan carefully before nodding at Yuan Ping, “I will, why?”

“I have an idea, I don’t know if I can do it-you put blood and ashes together, here with me,” Yuan Ping pointed to his forehead. “Draw an upside-down birth blessing, I’ll go to the river The gray-haired monkey leads out, everyone covers, Chu Huan you are in charge of remote. “

“Get out,” Chu Huan vetoed him without thinking, “It’s your turn to command?”

Yuan Ping poked his chest, his face just stunned for his own use: “Disability, do your business well, leave the rest alone.”

A few years ago, this king and bastard were also in narrow alleys filled with black lights and rubbish, so they could not help but say that they were self-righteous, and said to him 25,800,000, “Do your own things, don’t worry about the rest.”

“I can’t do it if I say no,” Chu Huan interrupted him, saying one by one, “I can’t believe you.”

Yuan Ping sneered: “You don’t believe in yourself, do you?”

Chu Huan’s forehead twitched with blue muscles, and he wanted to pump him a big mouth, but before the hand was lifted, Nanshan grabbed his wrist.

“Can you trust me?” Nan Shan asked suddenly.

Chu Huan was startled.

“I’m different from him. Our family has never spoken to say anything.” Nanshan looked at Chu Huan quietly. Suddenly, he lowered his eyes, his eyelashes flickered slightly, and his palm slipped from Chu Huan’s wrist to his hand. On the palm, he put Chu Huan’s hand in his palm and gently tapped his chest. “The strength is big and small, but it comes from believing-Chu Huan, I don’t know what you think, even if You are not willing to give me a promise, and I am willing to be your person unilaterally, please believe me. “

Most of his Chinese seems to be taught by Chu Huan. The teacher is unreliable. He has not yet taught the sweet words. He can only express it in his own way.

Chu Huan was speechless for a while, and even the sticks that had been playing a joke for a long time were calmed down by Nanshan’s extraordinary solemn matter: “Clan, patriarch, you …”

Nanshan took Chu Huan’s hand, folded his hands together, closed his eyes, he bent down, touched Chu Huan’s hand on his forehead, and said something silently in his mouth, as if he had voluntarily burned it on it. A very heavy oath.

Next, he took the blood and ashes of the gatekeeper from a leather bag filled with various medicines, made a paste in his palm, and drew a weird symbol on his forehead.

“I will slowly approach the river bank. If the gatekeeper brother’s method is effective, the phantom monkey cannot be indifferent, but you must not keep up. Once it appears, kill it immediately.”

“Give me the arrow, and the tip of the arrow is dipped in blood.”

“What if the arrow doesn’t die?”

Nanshan glanced back at him: “I still have a knife in my hand.”

Chu Huan chased Nanshan without blinking, almost holding his breath on the bloody arrow.

Nanshan walked very slowly, and seemed to have thought about every step. The tip of the knife he held in his hand hung down, but he had adjusted to a posture that he could hack out at any time, every movement was natural … .

Looking at the back, Chu Huan suddenly stopped saying “If only a gun was given to me”, it seemed that he had forgotten the pain on his back that could not stretch the muscles, and the slightly trembling hand because of the injury was also a miracle. Stabilized in general.

Suddenly, a sharp hissing sound sounded, and a gray shadow suddenly jumped out.

Almost before the sound reached the people’s ears, Chu Huan’s arrow had gone off the string, and Nanshan’s sword also moved with the wind.

In a blink of an eye, a big monkey half-man tall was sealed with an arrow, this time the arrow was exactly the same, and almost at the same time, Nanshan’s knife was split on the monkey’s shoulder, he used it hard On the ground, the soft mud by the river was smashed into a pit by him.

Until this time, the anger raised by the crowd had not yet time to relax.

Yuan Ping took a few steps forward and probed his head and said, “Are you dead?”

Xiaofang patted Chu Huan’s arm vigorously: “Good b***h, good look!”

Chu Huan was staggered by him, but his eyes did not leave the big gray monkey.

Suddenly, he thought of something, his pupil shrank suddenly, and he staggered toward Nanshan: “Retreat, that’s fake!”

It’s not that Chu Huan hasn’t seen Nanshan hands-on. When Nanshan twisted Mutai’s neck in the dark, he was very clean and clean, and he would never drag the mud and water to the extreme.

So when a dangerous, unknown, high-speed moving monster rushes at him, will his first reaction be to slash his shoulder at that thing?

Does he still want to stay alive and come back to question?

At such a close distance, Nanshan’s knife will not be biased, and Chu Huan is confident that his arrow will not be biased. Then … only their perspectives have deviated.

But it was too late.

Suddenly, there was a dense, rustling sound on the ground, and the long-lasting rattan finally got their wish, and they introduced their prey into the dendrobium. Those rattans were densely and densely formed into a layer of nets at an unbelievable speed, and immediately separated the originally scattered people.

The white flowers growing on the rattan frantically secrete highly toxic nectar, and the rattan seems to be isolated from a film of water.

What about lighters? Yes, the lighter finally reached Yuan Ping.

Chu Huan’s thoughts only arose. Almost immediately, he heard Yuan Ping’s voice coming from behind the thick wall of thorns: “This can’t be done, lying trough!”

Xiaofang’s voice came from the other side: “What is it going to do? What about the monkey just now?”

The monkey is probably also an illusion, a group, Chu Huan put the short knife in his hand.

At this time, he heard Nanshan’s anxious voice: “Chu Huan? Promise me, and there is Dashan? How about Dashan?”

The voice of the mallet is a little far away: “I am carrying it on the mountain, rest assured!”

Chu Huan wanted to answer him “here”, but he suddenly found himself speechless, and the small walnuts hanging on his chest started to heat up without warning, and he heard the sounds of heartbeat again and again, as if the heartbeat Attracting him to a certain direction.

Suddenly, I heard a painful grunt from somewhere, and Chu Huan’s nerves tightened on the spot.

Who was injured?

Someone kept calling him, but the voice also got a little further away, and Chu Huan’s ear seemed to be separated by an invisible membrane.

A strong wind rolled around his neck, Chu Huan stooped and flashed for the first time, and a sneaky rattan almost flicked past him.

Then, the dense thorny cages around him shook up, and countless rattan hills swept over him with a tsunami, and Chu Huan struggled to dodge in the increasingly narrow space.

The back pain was about to split, and Chu Huan gave a low curse in his heart, and he did n’t touch them hard. He kept hiding for a while, dying and struggling against the rattan group, while saving as much energy as possible. Walk in a certain direction by feeling.

The strange heartbeat in the ear was too loud, and Chu Huan found that he could no longer hear other sounds.

There was no way ahead, he had to use his knife to cut a blood path by himself, and as he got closer to a certain direction, those rattans became more and more crazy, like trying to stop him.

Is there something sensitive about this thing? Thinking this way, although Chu Huan was embarrassed, he miraculously had the pleasure of playing rogues.

Unfortunately, playing hooligans must be prepared to be pumped to death.

Chu Huan was nearly strangled by a sneaky rattan, just lifted his hand to split, the broken rattan had not landed, and the second root chased afterwards, effectively pushing him into a dead end.

The third rattan came cunningly from the side and directly pierced Chu Huan’s heart. He finally avoided unavoidable, he could only curl up his body to the maximum, prepare himself for being stabbed, and try to avoid Open the key to avoid seeing Chu Aiguo on the spot.

Chu Huan had clenched his teeth, but the expected pain did not come. He fixed his eyes and saw that the sinister vines protruded sharp spikes, which could touch the walnut hanging from his chest, but was suddenly punctured. It didn’t move.

what’s the situation? Is this thing warding off evil spirits?

However, it is the situation where you live and die. Chu Huan didn’t investigate the reason. As soon as he caught the opportunity to turn over, he immediately arbitrarily split the murderous rattan in front of him into two halves. Siege.

The “walnut” on Chu Huan’s chest exuded a strange halo, like a faint but firm little lamp in the dark.

At this time, not only was he here, the entire dying flower shook violently, intending to kill the little bugs in the “belly”.

In contrast, the space between Dashan and the mallet is even smaller.

Dashan couldn’t see anything, the floral fragrance was so strong that he choked on vomiting, and the mallet had to carry him to hide from Tibet.

The leg of the mallet passed by itself. Although it recovered quickly, it was somewhat inconvenient. Especially when he was carrying the mountain, he was protecting the mountain while hiding. : “Patriarch! Patriarch!”

“Don’t care about me,” Dashan fumbled, grabbing his arm, and the habitually reticent boy said, “Go and meet with the patriarch, don’t care about me, you can’t go anywhere with me!”

The mallet didn’t have time to answer. At this moment, the wall of thorns in front of him was split with a knife, and the face of the mallet was just overjoyed. Before it was time to call out, Nanshan was pushed back to the other side by the newly grown thorns, and the flower was dead. Spare no effort to separate them.

Mallet: “Be careful!”

But he called others to be careful, but he made a move. A rattan stick came out of the ground unexpectedly and poked straight into the heart of the mallet. The mallet screamed and even fell with the mountain. Horse lying.

He rolled over with pain, but he grabbed the mountain tightly, stunned that he didn’t throw people out.

Everyone heard this scream, Nanshan was in a hurry, but the thicker and thicker thorn wall in front of him was always faster than he cut. Nanshan heard the sound of Yuan Ping and the rattan rattan, and heard Xiaofang shouting a mallet loudly. The name, but could not hear Chu Huan’s movements.

The mallet screamed and pulled the rattan stick out of his feet. The blood stained the ground. His voice was almost squeezed out of his teeth. There was a big invisible smile on his face. He said intermittently : “No … I can’t go anywhere without carrying you …”

At this time, there was a loud drink overhead-I saw a sharp fire light scraped into the air, it was Yuan Ping!

Yuan Ping still had a small pot of wine on his body. He wiped the wine on the blade and ignited it, as if holding a blaze of flame, the scorched smell diffused, and the rattan of the dead flower retreated to both sides.

“Come here! Hurry!” Yuan Ping shouted at them, “I’m so fucking left!”

Dashan groped around anxiously, and was suddenly hugged by his hands. He hadn’t had time to respond. The arm around his waist was like steel, and he threw him out irresistibly.

Dashan realized what his voice suddenly split: “Brother! Brother! Brother!”

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