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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 45

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Chapter 45

Yuan Ping waved his hand, and the half-foot-long flame on the blade flew around with his wide-opening and closing movements. Although the rattans were afraid of the fire, they still eagerly tried to surround him. When the fire was extinguished, it would be a brain Revenge back.

Yuan Ping lowered the mountain, protected him within the range of the long knife, and handed his arm to the mallet: “Brother, give me your hand!”

But it was too late.

His little pitiful alcohol burned too fast, just like a fleet of fireworks, and there was only a ray of green smoke, and the rattan that he forced back out immediately made a comeback, crazy. In a counterattack, the huge rattan pushed the knife in front of him, and the back of the knife hit his own chest heavily. Yuan Ping choked in his throat in one breath, and even backed up three or four steps, his chest suddenly bruised.

He looked up in agony and saw the tide-like rattan tumbling in front of his face, pierced the chest of the mallet in an instant, flesh and blood flying.

Yuan Ping’s cheeks were cold, and it seemed that blood was splashing on it, and he was dreadful, and the murderous rattan sealed the road in front of him, and he couldn’t even see the silhouette of the mallet.

… Vaguely just the one who was deformed by the strange power of the rattan, with thousands of thorny rattans on his chest, and a three-foot-deep silhouette was drawn brutally on Yuan Ping’s heart.

The real name of the mallet is “Hard Pillar”, which is quite similar to Chu Huan’s “Huan”. The names of the two people sound very upright, but the people are invariably look crooked, each has its own thing.

He can’t count, but he has a lot of hands when he goes up and down. There is a son who is very likely to be in trouble. He was born in a tree hole in the field. He always takes this matter out of his mouth and hangs it in his mouth. …

Dashan was desperately rushing towards the vicious and cruel rattan wall, and the palms groping around randomly did not know to dodge, and was soon scratched by the spikes on the rattan.

Yuan Ping stopped him while struggling with the cruel plants with one hand.

He feels that he has missed each other, left and right, almost no time to stop to mourn for a moment, holding his chest to explode.

In Dashan’s cry, the mallet didn’t respond.

Under the guidance of the heartbeat, Chu Huan has gone a long way without knowing it.

When he noticed, he found that one foot was submerged in the water. Chu Huan did not know if he had a fever. Although he stood in the cold river, his body seemed to be getting hotter. After hearing, he seemed to lose his sense of direction again in the canopy of the sky.

Chu Huan’s tympanic membrane was so painful that he seemed to be struck by the thunderous heartbeat.

He found that he had reached the place where it was “black under the lamp” for the dead flower. It was close to the root of that thing. Even the thinnest rattan had thick legs, and their long tips could extend to the far shore. , But it is not convenient to return to their roots.

Chu Huan stood in the water and saw the vines surging in vain and madness-he was almost in the dead end of the rattan attack.

In the midst of that, the heartbeat that kept beating kept him here without incident. Chu Huan couldn’t help but stretch his hand and touched it on the small “walnut” on his chest. The walnut glowed red, but the strange thing was not Dazzling, like a blaze of fire, he saw through his fingers, Chu Huan couldn’t help but whispered, “Is this really a holy thing?”

He waded carefully through the water, and walked to the root of the dead flower, thinking about how to get rid of it while walking, but the first thing that struck him was not the ugly root of the dead flower buried under water, but a shock. Of bones.

The bones exposed outside the dead flower turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, which is nothing. This is the dungeon of the corpse. I saw that the bones stored here are of a complete race, and they were originally of different shapes and sizes. , But they were unified by rattan to form the same shape. Chu Huan looked around. A large piece of bone was only half a person tall, and each was thin and light like a piece of paper, hanging in a row. The skull was flattened and twisted. , With a black hole in his face, a broken jaw … and a black hole in his mouth.

The same across species.

The white-flowered rattan connects them together and hangs on the water like a circle of clothes hanging on the rope.

The surface of the bone is also covered with a faint phosphorescence, which at first glance looks like a strange green hair.

Like a group of green-haired monkeys silent in the dark.

Green hair … monkey?

Chu Huan fought a cold war fiercely. He did n’t know why he had this idea in his heart, but when the word “monkey” flashed out of his mind, he suddenly had something wrong. Euphoria.

Even Nanshan had never seen a real phantom monkey, Chu Huan stared at the group of white bones, and suddenly an incredible guess came out-if the phantom monkey is not a living thing, nor a dead thing … is there a possibility … maybe a phantom Monkeys are not monkeys at all, but are these bones that are symbiotic with plants and transformed into monkey-like bones?

In his stunned scene, Chu Huan suddenly heard a sound similar to the play of a child or a small animal not far away. The sound was like a wave of water, flowing from far and near, from small and large, from all directions , And soon filled his ears.

Chu Huan did not act rashly. He knew that if his guess was correct, then he was probably the one closest to the hallucinogen. What he saw, heard, and felt might be all false.

Nanshan said, “Phantom Monkey” can’t smell. Chu Huan thought about it. He bent down a bit and cut his trouser legs into two pieces. Half of them were soaked in water, and the other half were originally there. Dry cloth on the water.

Chu Huan covered the wet half outside and covered his nose dry, avoiding direct contact with the unidentified river. Then he closed his eyes, stood still, and held his breath for a while, until the laughter of auditory hallucination Finally it gradually dissipated.

This is when Chu Huan revisited the core of the dead flower.

At this time, I didn’t know if it was out of self-consolation. Chu Huan felt that his facial features were finally clear, and the heartbeat that had always been in the shadows was gone. Chu Huan saw the plant’s huge roots rooted under the water, like a fierce monster .

Chu Huan squeezed his short knife and slowly approached the group of white bones. He looked at the “green-haired monkey” for a moment. He looked at the deep eyes of the white bones. For a moment, there was a trace of doubt in his heart-this pile of broken bones is really legendary Phantom monkey?

This unreasonable suspicion caused Chu Huan to frown, and the ghost was so disappointing that he slightly took off the rag in his hand, and a strange smell suddenly poured into his nasal cavity-as if it were fishy, ​​and the fishy smell was strange. It ’s sweet, sticky and sultry, and took a sip of it, Chu Huan felt his bones were crisp, like the warm fragrance of the lover in the bed tent, and the light fishy smell contained in the sweet is even more Leaving people with just the right daydream … He was distracted and felt as if there was still a slight osmanthus smell inside.

Chu Huan bit the tip of his tongue fiercely, and covered his nose again with a hand that wanted to hold him dead-if he didn’t, he would have a nosebleed.

What the fragrance brought was not physical agitation, but some kind of extremely strong psychological hint. Chu Huan realized that if he continued like this, he would construct an illusion according to his own heart, just like Nanshan just said. With the three words “phantom monkey”, with only a shadow that is not clear, they have automatically substituted the image of a monkey.

The lighter was not on him, Chu Huan thought about it, and put up a short knife, slashing towards the bone closest to him. It was a skeleton of a flat man, held by countless filaments, like a small puppet, the thin line was suddenly Chu Huan chopped off the small half, and the skeleton naturally lost its balance. It swayed left and right, making the world’s most wonderful convulsion. Even the teeth on the skeleton were trembling with gurgling, It seems as if the bones are spirited, don’t mention many people.

Chu Huan felt disturbed when he looked at it. He cut off all the filaments on the skeleton in a few strokes, and the skeleton fell into the water with a “pop”.

Chu Huan was taken aback-the skeleton here is actually instant, melts into the water, and quickly dyes a small piece of water into green.

He knew in his heart that if he walked here, he would not be able to go back. No matter whether these green things were poisonous, he could only go forward. Chu Huan didn’t drag the mud and carried the water. After clearing his direction, he cleaned a large piece of bone cleanly and cleanly. The water under his feet became greener and greener. At the end, the green was almost black.

Chu Huan felt like he was soaking in a large piece of rape soup.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of people wading into the water behind him, Chu Huan turned around alertly, and at a glance he saw Nanshan, who was also in shabby clothes.

Nanshan’s hair had become tangled, blocking half of his face, and there were several blood stains drawn by spiked rattan on his chest, which looked quite shocking.

Chu Huan was taken aback: “Don’t come here! This has …”

Unexpectedly, Nanshan saw him immediately and ignored everything. He ran to Chu Huan without saying a word. His long hair was caught by the rattan. Nanshan didn’t look at it. He raised his hand and pulled it. Broken, as if not knowing the pain, just anxiously.

He didn’t know what was tripping under his feet. He stumbled suddenly and almost fell in the water. Chu Huan was so scared that he didn’t commit a heart attack. He quickly took a step forward and grabbed someone in his hand.

The color of the water under his feet was Wu Qing, but Chu Huan’s face was bluer than that of water. As soon as he lowered his head, he felt terrified. He bent down and hugged Nanshan out of the water.

Nan Shan’s broad shoulders and narrow waist can be described as what is necessary, of course, not a male hemp pole, but Chu Huan does not know whether he cares about chaos or what, he only feels that the weight in his hand is unexpectedly light.

He was angry with Nanshan for the first time, and he roared angrily: “I told you not to come, can’t you hear me?”

Nanshan just hugged him silently, not speaking.

At this time, Chu Huan once again smelled a sweet smell with a fishy smell, which was initially greasy, but was gradually suppressed by the smell of osmanthus mixed with grassy grass on Nanshan. Next, the rag in his hand no longer knows where it fell.

He was alert in his heart, but before he took shape, the man in his arms stretched out his hands and wrapped his neck.

Nan Shan’s tongue was slightly exposed, and he licked it gently on his chest.

Chu Huan was excited and subconsciously refused, but Nanshan raised his head and looked at him deeply.

As soon as Chu Huan saw his eyes, he forgot everything on the spot. He knew in his heart that the occasion was wrong. He was so irritated that he couldn’t restrain himself. Chu Huan let the people in his arms bit his clavicle sideways and gnawed at it. Nanshan’s cold limbs that had just been taken out of the water were wrapped around him like snakes.

Chu Huan knew that something was wrong, but he couldn’t resist it. He seemed to suffer from skin hunger and thirst. Every inch of skin contact was like a long drought, and he could arouse his most instinctive desire.

Nan Shan reached out his finger, slowly rubbed his lips, and then came up …

At this moment, a sudden sharp pain came from Chu Huan’s chest, as if someone was holding a red iron on his chest and thumped hard.

Chu Huan didn’t stand firm on the spot, even stepped back a few steps, his internal organs rolled over, he turned his head and vomited blood on the spot.

I saw that the blood turned into water, and it was black.

Chu Huan’s chest was extremely hot first, a spit of blood spit out, and it became extremely cold-it was a chill from his bones, and he shivered subconsciously.

The lingering fragrance of osmanthus dissipated, and when I looked at it again, the hand curled up on his chest by “Nanshan” was obviously a deformed hand bone.

Chu Huan: “Fuck!”

In this way, he jumped from the upside down to the upright hair without any excessive, the adrenaline level roller coaster straight up and down-there is no Nanshan here, he clearly holds a deformed bone in his arms.

The mouth of the bone contained a flower that could not be tasted and was sent to him with a smile.

Chu Huan was not good for the whole person. He pressed the bone into the water until he watched it turn into a bowl of spinach soup, and his heart rate had not stabilized.

Chu Huan felt that in his life, although he could not do all the four things, but the “noble and cold” shelf was still properly managed. He never expected that one day he would become dissatisfied and fall into the temptation … I was almost tempted by a pink skull, and I really don’t need to see anyone!

Chu Huan held his breath and moved the hand holding the knife handle slightly, and the joint made a gurgling motion.

He was like a cat with a stomp on the tail. He was completely irritated by the dead flowers and white bones. He showed extraordinary efficiency. He traversed the white bone forest fiercely and cleaned wherever he went.

As his movements became more arrogant, and the dead flower became more and more agitated, just as Chu Huan stepped the last skull in front of his eyes into the water, the dead flower was probably intolerable, determined to sit and die as soon as possible. Heart bug.

It turned from the broken meridian to the whole, and the thick rattan retreated inconveniently, pressing Chu Huan into the water at any cost.

The mouth and nose are connected, and the water is not good.

Chu Huan shuddered when he remembered the bones that had broken his legs alive. He preferred to carry those vines through the arrows and didn’t want to swim in the water like a fish in a straight line to death.

Fortunately, this plant is too huge for human height. In the end, the tail is big and the turnover is not effective. Chu Huan only followed a gap and flexed sideways to the root of the dead flower.

The big rattan autumn wind chased behind him like fallen leaves, and Chu Huan didn’t turn his head back. He drew out his short knife and wedged furiously into the roots of the dying flowers. Like oil.

The rattan rattle set off a huge wave in the river like crazy, and a large rattan broke off itself alive in order to roll up Chu Huan.

Those long, short spikes dragged into Chu Huan’s body with a force of force, and with the strength to pull him down, Chu Huan clung to the handle of the knife, and the tarsal maggots were generally in vain A huge wound was scraped from the root of the tree.

Just then, Chu Huan suddenly heard Yuan Ping’s voice: “Catch!”

Immediately afterwards, an arrow almost wiped his face and shot into the root of the dying flower. The dying flower shuddered again, and Chu Huan saw that the tail feather of the arrow was hung with his excellent quality lighter.

Chu Huan seemed to have lost his pain. He pulled his wrist with the rattan in a saw-like manner. It took a long time to raise a hand hardly until his teeth were almost chewed and the tip of his tongue was full of blood. The bean-like sparks flashed in the ghostly river water, and Chu Huan threw the lighter hard on the oleoresin from the tree roots.

He decided to gamble-this thing is flammable.

This time he made the right bet and he shouldn’t die.

Danghua uttered an earth-shattering roar, and Chu Huan felt that he had been lifted up ten meters.

The fire that he had set was uncontrollable, and the greedy fire tongue swept away everything around him.

The whole tree was dying on all fours, Chu Huan finally glanced at the sky at the last glance.

The root of the rattan that was rolling him was burned in half, losing vitality, and could no longer support the weight of the adult body. Chu Huan was empty, and he still held it tightly with his last strength. Short knife.

Chu Huan thought that if he fell into the water, he would stab himself, and the blood splattered three feet on the spot, which was better than becoming a “phantom monkey”.

He had no other ambitions, and wanted to be a person while he was alive, and to be a normal dead person after he died.

However, he did not plant one end into the water, and Nanshan caught him again.

Chu Huan saw that this Nanshan seemed to be more embarrassed than just that one. Not only was he embarrassed, but his eyes were crimson, and there seemed to be a fire in his eyes. Nanshan hugged him and passed through the burning rattan and roaring root , The body is warm and strong, not as sticky as a snake, nor as cold and light.

Chu Huan thought vaguely in his heart: “Peony is dead, even a ghost …”

Before the word “Fairy” appeared, he lost consciousness completely, and the knife in his hand slipped into the water with a splash, and the ripples splashed.

The fire was skyrocketing, and he was covered in bloody flesh, and six of them were not clean.

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