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Shan He Biao Li Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

Title : Dad, Are You Here To Take Me Away

I heard that when a person is dying, he will see a beam of light, and when he walks in, he can look back on the inexhaustible world. At this time, there is only a line between life and death too.

Chu Huan saw the light in the darkness.

He involuntarily took a few steps towards that side, and then realized what he was doing. He paused again, and looked down at his hand, his fingers fell over, as if there was something missing.

He was a little confused, and it took him a while to recall that the ring he had promised to live to be seventy to eighty, the ring, was gone.

Suddenly, those grotesque flowers in vain, large vines covered with spikes, and mountains of white bones flashed in front of him, and Chu Huan froze, touching two on himself, thinking: “So am I dying? “

I heard that when he was in the worst spirit, his face would occasionally reveal the look of wanting to jump upstairs. Chu Aiguo presbyopia was obvious, and he did not let go of his hand on the cliff very recklessly-but None of this means that he really wants to die.

How many people in the world really want to die?

In fact, most of them are just the difference between thoughts, or involuntarily.

Chu Huan glanced back blankly, and found that behind him was a heavy black, and he could no longer find his way.

In fact, it is strange to say that in one’s life, if one thinks of it and looks back, one must be in a situation where one can’t find the way to come.

Chu Huan was timid, but he didn’t want to admit that he dared to walk forward, melting into the light in a trance, Chu Huan closed his eyes and opened again, and found that he seemed to have returned to the small apartment where he had lived. downstairs.

There are supermarkets in this community, neatly delineated parking lots, green belts with property care, standing at the intersection, and you can see the traffic on the avenue behind the residential area, and further away is the subway station. Nanshan has longed for the “subway”.

He heard a softly whispered meow, looked down, and saw that Tami jumped from a tree, and wrapped his legs in a circle around his legs.

Chu Huan hugged the cat, rubbed his hairy little head, and then he seemed to feel something, turned around, and saw the mallet came to support an old man with weak legs and feet.

The old man’s crutches knocked tremblingly on the ground, thin and tall, like a bamboo chopstick trembling in the wind, while the mallet supported him perfunctoryly, while looking around with curiosity, as if Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden, busy He sighed and said to Chu Huan: “Heaven, good s**t, how come you have so many people here? Do you know this big group?”

Of course Chu Huan didn’t know — he lived here for three years, and he didn’t even travel with his neighbors.

He had no time to explain, and there were countless doubts in his heart.

“Brother, why are you here?” Chu Huan glanced at the mallet in surprise, then turned to the old man. “Dad, why are you here?”

The mallet didn’t answer, just smiled. The smile of Wen Liangxian was a bit sullen on his face.

Chu Aiguo flicked the mallet, threw his cane to the side, sat panting on the road teeth gaspingly, and looked at Chu Huan up and down with small eyes full of joy. Then he nodded contentedly, “You , It ’s also a bit doggie now. “

Chu Huan lowered his head and looked at himself, only to see that there was a pair of pants left on him, and one of the legs was still half-cut. From top to bottom, the image of each cell appeared very sharp. He smiled bitterly. Very inexplicable, so I raised my hand and rubbed my chin: “Ah, now you are getting more and more avant-garde, how is it over there?”

Chu Aiguo snorted: “It’s so cumbersome to be poor that raising a child is not as good as a dog. There is no one who burns paper every year.”

Chu Huan had just walked in front of him, and Chu Aiguo had beaten him with a cane in the wind and rain. Chu Huan “Ouch”, jumped on one leg, and at the other end he hummed with patriotism and did not dare to hide too far I had to sway from side to side in the same place: “Dad, what are you doing, Dad? I still have friends. You made people read jokes …”

His voice fell, the mallet had raised his hand, blindfolded himself consciously, and grinned at his teeth. It was really a talented and cheap embryo.

Chu Aiguo said, as if from his grief: “What about my daughter-in-law? What about my grandson? Just let you get rid of it, you can really do it, Chu Huan, I went over there, nobody It ’s up to you, right? You ’re lawless, mingled with a man—even if you don’t even feel a little guilty or struggling. What do you say you are? ”

Chu Huan: “…”

He didn’t hear the point of this blame, whether he said he shouldn’t disturb the base, or whether he should disturb a little.

Rough Patriotic painfully pumped Chu Huan from beginning to end, and became angry as a gourd, pointing at Chu Huan with a trembling heart, and said painfully: “There are so many big girls and wives in the world, which ribs are you? Why did you have to find a man if you got it wrong? You do n’t have anything on him, huh? “

Chu Huan slowly knelt down halfway, he lowered his head, took off his glasses, and slowly wiped with the corner of Chu Patriotic’s clothes. After a while, he smiled gently: “I don’t know, I’m crazy. . “

Chu Aiguo sighed.

Several figures suddenly appeared behind him, and Yuan Ping was among them—not the one born in the holy spring. This one also had a healthy, wheat-colored skin, and a piece of seven disapproval and eight. The face that is not angry … is that there is a shocking blood hole on the forehead.

Chu Huan glanced over each of them, and then asked softly, “Dad, are you here to take me away?”

Chu Aiguo raised his eyes: “Do you want to follow me?”

Chu Huan’s feet were empty, as if he had returned to the cliff. He hanged himself on a tree branch with one hand, and there was a bottomless abyss under his feet, and his head was floating in mid-air … he had known and lost people.

Before Chu Huan was surprised, he suddenly rolled up with an unbearable pain, as if the whole person was thrown into the oil pan to fry, he twitched around his body, but his fingers clasped the thick trunk. .

This long punishment seems to have just begun, the torture is endless.

It didn’t take long for Chu Huan’s arm to burst, and his muscles seemed to be broken, and blood was drawn between his fingers.

He heard Chu Aiguo said beside him: “If you feel pain and want to let go, then we will follow you.”

But Chu Huan didn’t know why. The more he tortured, the tighter his hand was to hold the big tree, and the green muscles on his back came to life. Chu Huan couldn’t think of himself. One day he would survive persistently under such pain and fight like this. After the death, I want to live.

“Nan … Nanshan …” When these two words blurted out, the name seemed to contain some kind of magical power, and Chu Huan couldn’t help shouting, “Nanshan! Nanshan!”

He didn’t know how long he had hung on that precarious branch, or how many times he had rolled the pan until his vision was blurred and the pain had become numb.

Suddenly, Chu Huan’s eyes were dark, his feet suddenly touched the ground, his bloody fingers were visible to the naked eye, and Chu Huan’s feet staggered, and suddenly turned back, seeing all the light shrunk into a mouth behind him Chu Aiguo was supported by the mallet, standing there and watching him quietly.

“I’m still afraid you won’t be able to survive.” Chu Aiguo said, throwing something at him, Chu Huan reached out and grabbed it-it was the ring.

“Go to you.” Chu Aiguo waved at him, “If you want to turn around, find someone to put on a pair of good-looking ones-don’t forget to burn some paper for me, and find your stepmother for money of.”

Chu Huan froze for a moment, watching the mallet support Chu Patriotic, about to turn around and leave, Chu Huan quickly grabbed him: “Wait, Dad, you let this brother go with me.”

The mallet patted the back of his hand: “I can’t go back, good bitch, you can take care of my son more.”

Chu Huan’s heart was ominous, and he grinned reluctantly: “Your family is in trouble, I don’t care, you go back.”

The mallet sighed and turned around. His chest faced Chu Huan. There was a huge blood hole there, like a broken door. Chu Huan was taken aback, but the mallet looked at him with regret. Good b***h, I really can’t go back. “

Chu Huan’s pupils shrank suddenly, and the mallet smiled, and said, “Our patriarch is going crazy. I’m afraid to keep you. Go.”

After he finished speaking, he slammed Chu Huan, and Chu Huan instinctively grabbed a hand in the void, but he caught nothing.

He seemed to have fallen from an infinite height, experiencing fierce water and a cramped skin cramp, and then it seemed that the soul of the other world had returned to the horizon. No, there was a mumble in the throat.

Nan Shan broke his locked jaws and passed a sip of water. Chu Huan was stunned and stunned, thinking, “This is true.”

He hadn’t had time to recover from the dead chaos, and he wanted to play a hooligan downhill, but unfortunately he couldn’t lift a trace of energy, only awake for a moment, and soon fell into a deeper coma.

He woke up and went to sleep, not knowing how long it had passed, but every time he opened his eyes, Nanshan held him tightly as if he had never let go.

When he finally regained a little consciousness, he found it was already dark outside.

Chu Huan was alarmed by Yuan Ping’s whisper. He heard Yuan Ping say to Nanshan: “Patriarch, please put him for a while, eat two bites anyway, and do activities. Isn’t he all fever-free?” “

Nanshan didn’t say anything, but the long hair that fell on Chu Huan’s shoulder moved slightly, and he should have shaken his head.

Yuan Ping sighed: “You can rest assured, really, this product is a cockroach, as long as it is not on the spot, he can’t die.”

Chu Huan couldn’t hear it anymore, ignoring his weakness and hoarse voice, and said hard: “… Take you away.”

The whole person of Nanshan shuddered, anxiously opened his forehead and shattered his hair, surprised and happy: “Chu Huan?”

Chu Huan lifted his shoulder a little, and felt a sudden pain.

“Don’t move.” Nanshan’s hands tightened and he quickly pressed him, “Do you want water? Are you hungry? Does it hurt?”

Chu Huan: “It hurts.”

Nanshan’s breath was stagnant.

Chu Huan felt like he had walked a long way before he came back. He was almost exhausted and exhausted. Seeing the man, but full of peace, he smiled softly and said almost inaudibly: Kiss me. “

Yuan Ping, who was forgotten on the side, tasted the taste of his mouth, and thought: “I am such a big man who is still poking beside me, when I am invisible?”

Even if the light bulb is ignored, it is still a neglected light bulb-Yuan Ping looked at Chu Huan, half-dead indignantly, and stood up.

Nanshan took a deep breath, attached to Chu Huan’s ear, and whispered: “When you come back with me, accept the blood exchange, OK? I don’t want you to swear, in the future, if you want to leave, just leave, say Nothing, OK? “

Chu Huan raised his hand and clasped his fingers tightly.

“You are stupid,” Chu Huan thought in his heart. “Why don’t you ask who I am for?”

Because of Chu Huan’s injury, they stayed in place for several days. Nanshan basically kept his eyes close to him. Until Chu Huan had basically recovered his ability to act, Yuan Ping finally caught an opportunity to speak with him alone.

“I have something to ask you.” Yuan Ping sat down on the side, seeing Chu Huan’s unanswered appearance, forcibly suppressing the nest in his heart, and kicking on his thigh, “Talk to you-what are you doing? … mixed with a man, your dad knows not to kill you? “

“Pumped, just two days ago.” Chu Huan raised a hand on his forehead, and after a while, he opened his lips, and almost unheard, “My dad is gone.”

Yuan Ping pulled out a piece of grass from the ground, pulled it into pieces, threw it on the ground, and was silent for a moment. He suddenly said that he could n’t think of what he said that day. meaning?”

Chu Huan didn’t think of it for a moment, and he hummed in doubt.

Yuan Ping: “‘There is no color in the air, no thoughts and thoughts, no eyes, ears, nose and tongue, body, colorless sound and fragrance touch’. My mother believed in Buddha. I heard her nag when I was a child. How did you know?

Chu Huan didn’t talk about it for a while.

Yuan Ping asked indifferently: “Aren’t you a good stud of materialism, do you bother with these gods and feudal superstitions?”

“I just said it casually.” Chu Huan said softly. He pursed his lips. His lips were chapped with a layer of skin and looked a little haggard. “Sometimes when people encounter something that cannot be solved, they will know that they are not Almighty, I instinctively want an explanation to help myself carry the past. “

Yuan Ping finished the whole dry grass, and then said, “For example, from the perspective of a certain religion, pretend that you are on a higher plane, pretend that everything you encounter in this world is the illusion of suffering to help practice There will be a strong man wearing an iron cloth shirt. “

Chu Huan smiled: “Is it the Soul Chicken Soup-unfortunately in the end, I can’t convince myself, I can’t believe it.”

Yuan Ping was silent for a longer time. After a while, he said aloud: “In the past two days … I didn’t see the mallet, so … don’t you ask?”

“I know.” Chu Huan said, “I saw him and asked me to take care of his son.”

Yuan Ping’s nose was sore, and tears were almost falling. He suddenly understood Chu Huan’s feelings for so many years.

He raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose fiercely, holding back his tears: “I didn’t do it for you, okay? I just did what I should do.”

Chu Huan: “I understand.”

With that, Chu Huan finally turned his head and looked at Yuan Ping. The two people’s eyes seemed to bump into each other lightly, and Chu Huan said: “I also did what I should do, although it took a little longer. “

He felt that a stone that had been stuck in his chest seemed to break suddenly, as if after a long period of time, he finally shook hands with himself and smiled.

Yuan Ping’s tears finally fell, but he felt embarrassed and wiped off quickly: “How are my parents?”

Chu Huan: “The aunt is gone, uncle … He insisted on going to the nursing home by himself, and the Pharaoh and I visited him occasionally.”

Yuan Ping looked away, his thick eyebrows shook for a moment, and suddenly asked: “Do you say that people have a next life?”

People have no next life, and both of their materialist stooges once believed in it.

However, as times passed, Chu Huan was silent for a long time, and he only answered: “Yes.”

Yuan Ping: “Can I meet again in my next life?”

Chu Huan cut the nail: “Yes.”

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